The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Evil Destroying Silver Eyes

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The Thunder Sword swiveled within the Cosmos Mirror. With a thought, it could be unleashed to destroy the three people present.

Su Yu’s insolent words secretly shocked these three. The atmosphere was tense, Long Juexin’s eyes filled with killing intent.

Shifting his gaze, Zhao Wuji raised his hands. “Alliance master, I think we should reconsider. If we really attacked, wouldn’t it be seen as killing someone for his treasure? This goes against our principles.”

Qiu Ningshui, who had remained silent all this while, slowly stood up as she let out a sigh. “I think we should stop here. I did not approve of this method of taking someone else’s treasure to begin with. No matter how justifiable our reasons are, it is ultimately still something a thief would do.”

Long Juexin was slightly shocked. The two of them were protecting Su Yu! His sinister expression changed, and he let out a cold grunt. “We’ll drop this for now. I’ll ask you one last thing, Black Snow Demon King. Have you seen my son? He went missing while searching for you.”

Su Yu said without expression, “I could only focus on fleeing for my life when I met the Asura and did not notice your son. Are there any more questions?”

Long Juexin’s expression turned cold. “You speak the truth?”

With a faint laugh, Su Yu said, “I have said all I needed to say. It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not.”

Zhao Wuji noticed that conflict was about to break out between the two of them once again and anxiously intervened. “Alliance Master, Feiyu is a cautious child. He might be hiding somewhere in the Dragon Abyss and waiting for an opportunity. I have already arranged for someone to meet him at the island of the Dragon Abyss. Once there is news of Feiyu, we will certainly be notified. You need not worry so much, Alliance Master.”

Long Juexin’s expression relaxed. He looked deeply at Su Yu before he left.

After he left, Zhao Wuji shot a smile toward Su Yu. “Hehe. Cabinet Master Qiu and I can only help you so much, Black Snow.”

How would Su Yu not notice that the two of them were protecting him? Without them, Long Juexin would already have attacked him.

Su Yu cupped his hands to thank them. “Thank you,” he said. “I am grateful.”

Zhao Wuji waved his hand and let out a chuckle. “No need. We were against Alliance Master Long’s decision anyway. Helping you was a simple matter. Furthermore, the two of us should be the ones thanking you.”

Su Yu was confused.

“You perhaps do not know that I was born in the Hundred Territories Alliance and Cabinet Master Qiu is from the Phoenix Cabinet,” Zhao Wuji said. “We could not interfere with the changes occurring on the northern continent because of our status. You destroying the North Continent’s Alliance was teaching them a lesson for us. You were able to use your power as an individual to kill so many powerful fighters. It was no simple feat, indeed. The title of the most powerful fighter on the northern continent must belong to you.”

Su Yu suddenly thought back. The Phoenix Cabinet Master had said that there were many powerful fighters from the northern continent in the Heavenly Law Alliance.

“You flatter me,” Su Yu replied humbly. “I was merely being rash and was lucky that I was not killed.”

Qiu Ninghshui looked at Su Yu, calmly saying, “You need not be humble. You deserve to be called the most powerful fighter of the northern continent.” Slowly standing up, she took out a white bottle of elixir from her sleeves. “I heard about how you helped Xianer in the Dragon Abyss. Take this bottle of elixir as repayment from Xianer.”

Zhao Wuji looked at the elixir with a little surprise, laughing as he said, “Cabinet Master Qiu has taken a liking to you. This is an elixir she created. The Frost Moon Dew Pill is able to restore your spirit energy. Even we seniors have to beg for it. You sure are lucky, lad.”

An elixir that could restore spirit energy was rare indeed! Su Yu received it with gratitude. To be able to restore his spirit energy during battle would put him in an advantageous position.

Nodding slightly, Qiu Ningshui said, “If you have no other matters, stay and rest in the Heavenly Law Alliance. This place is expansive and has a richer concentration of spirit energy than the outside world. It is immensely suitable for cultivation.”

Su Yu raised his brows. “I appreciate the gesture, but I have important things to settle nearby, and it would be inconvenient for me to stray too far. Furthermore, Alliance Master Long is biased against me. I don’t think that I should stay for too long.”

Thinking for a moment, the two of them did not stop him, “If that is the case, take care of yourself.”

After saying this, they turned to leave.

“Senior Qiu, please wait for a moment!” Su Yu had a glint in his eyes as he stopped Qiu Ningshui. “I have another thing I wish to ask of you.”

Zhao Wuji was a little surprised but naturally left.

“What’s the matter?” Qiu Ningshui looked back and asked.

Su Yu took out the Death Horn and the five drops of 10,000 Soldier Liquid, handing them over at the same time.

“This is” Qiu Ningshui’s gaze flickered as she tried to understand Su Yu’s actions.

“This is for Qin Xianer,” said Su Yu. “There is nothing more suitable for the Death Horn than the Phoenix of Death constitution. I hope that you can pass this to Xianer.”

Qiu Ningshui stared deeply at Su Yu, her eyes filled with a complicated glow. “Can you tell me who you really are?”

This person was not merely protective of Qin Xianer. An advanced level Divine Artifact would invite competition from even a Half God, yet he was willing to give it to Qin Xianer freely.

Su Yu calmly said, “It is not important who I am. What is more important is that you hand it over to her when the time is right.”

“Are you not afraid that I would keep this for myself?” Qiu Ningshui shot back.

“If you cared about the Death Horn, you would not have stopped Long Juexin.” Su Yu placed the two items on the table, cupping his hands in respect. “Please, senior.” After saying this, he turned to leave.

“Wait” Qiu Ningshui hesitated for a moment, looking at the Death Horn. Finally, she sighed. “Fine! I’ll accept this favor for Xianer! Do you need to cultivate the Dragon Abyss Elixir? I am quite good at elixir cultivation. If you trust me, you can hand the Dragon Abyss Fruits over to me and come back to collect the elixir in about half a month.”

Su Yu was elated when he heard this! Even Zhao Wuji wanted this lady’s elixirs. It could be seen that her cultivation techniques were above average! Without any further consideration, Su Yu handed the Dragon Abyss Fruits over to her.

“Also, let me see your eyes.” Qiu Ningshui walked over, extending two fingers and placing them on Su Yu’s eyebrows.

A cooling energy entered Su Yu’s eyes. His eyes, which had been without normal sight for some time, started to see a bolt of light from the darkness! But the light disappeared quickly.

Qiu Ningshui’s expression was serious. “How could you have injured your eyes so badly? The wound seems to harbor a shred of Heavenly Wrath. I have never heard of this!”

Silent for a moment, Qiu Ningshui lowered her head and did not speak. She wrote a note filled with the names of several weird ingredients. “The loss of sight due to Heavenly Wrath is very different from normal blindness. Ordinary elixirs would not help. Even I cannot salvage this.”

Su Yu was slightly disappointed, but he had not harbored much hope to begin with. Even a Fairy Realm like Sheng Ge could not help him, much less Qiu Ningshui.

“But” Qiu Ningshui’s tone changed. “I have once read about something called the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes in an ancient book. It is rumored that these eyes can fight against the wrath of heaven. If you can cultivate such a divine eye, I think that you can use it to combat the power of the Heavenly Wrath and dispel the remnant of the Heavenly Wrath in your eyes, regaining your sight!”

“Evil Destroying Silver Eyes?” said Su Yu. “How do I cultivate that?”

Qiu Ningshui said in a low voice, “It is not difficult to cultivate these eyes. As long as you have a foundation in eye techniques, your eyes can contain the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. I have the formula to turn your eyes into Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. What is truly difficult is acquiring the ingredients! There are three main ingredients: the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl, the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, and lastly, the Blood of a Real Dragon!”