The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Going To The Dangerous Place

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However, at some point, that light green thunderbolt had dispersed into various part of Su Yu’s body! It was still theredestroying the life force in Su Yu’s body at a speed that was difficult to notice!

By Su Yu’s estimates, in less than five days, his life force would be completely destroyed. If he had not noticed it just now, it would have been too late!

Thinking about that, Su Yu was shocked. Without hesitation, he started to expel the light green thunderbolt. Apart from the purple thunder, Su Yu also rotated his spiritual energy. Using the purple thunder and his spiritual energy, he gathered the light green thunderbolt that had dispersed, but the thunderbolt from the Cosmos Thunder Sword was especially stubborn. After a short while, Su Yu found it difficult to suppress it!

After one whole day, only 10 percent of the thunderbolt was gathered near his Dantian, and a great portion of the remaining thunderbolt was still wreaking havoc in his body. A number of his internal organs had been injured and were on the verge of being destroyed.

During the whole process, he was experiencing extreme painful continuously, and it was getting difficult to bear it. Fortunately, his body had been modified by Sheng Ge. Even though the thunderbolt was mixed with his flesh, his flesh had a strong resistance to it. Hence, his body was still in a stable condition.

This battle of resistance went on for six days before Su Yu heaved a long sigh of relief and opened his eyes. The light green thunderbolt that had spread to various parts of his body was gathered near his Dantian. It had become a light green thunder ball the size of a pinky finger, but it still required a huge amount of Su Yu’s spiritual energy and all his purple thunder to suppress it. Otherwise, the moment he released the restraints, the light green thunderbolt would attack his body again.

Su Yu was pale. His whole body was exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was in a horrible condition. He felt like he was about to faint.

What a menacing, lurking danger! he thought. If I do not think of a way to get rid of this thunder ball, I may die before I even make a breakthrough to Fairy Realm.

Su Yu forced a smile, but it was not difficult to see that his eyes were filled with seriousness.

That thunder ball was Su Yu’s hidden burden. However, as he had it under control at the very moment, it would not be an urgent matter. This caused Su Yu to heave a sigh of relief.

After catching his breath and returning to his maximum condition, Su Yu effortlessly took out a silver bow. Although the bow was a middle-grade divine artifact, its power was extraordinary. It was, however, unable to keep up with the dangerous situations he found himself in. Hence, the only thing he could do was continue refining it.

Previously, he had managed to refine 20 percent of the bow. There was still the remaining 80 percent that he was unable to refine. After thinking, Su Yu took out the last five drops of the 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid to cleanse the silver bow.

With a flash of his mind, Su Yu extracted five drops of his own blood and mixed it together with the 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid. He then started to cleanse the silver bow. The silver bow shook even more vigorously compared to the previous times, and the bright silver light it emitted grew dazzling.

Su Yu was shocked. He rotated his spiritual energy to enshroud the secret room so as to avoid attracting the attention of outsiders.

“Is it too much to refine so much of the bow in one go?” Su Yu muttered, licking his lips excitedly. He could feel that refining this much of the bow would bring about an unprecedented power. At the very least, he could unleash 70 percent of its power!

Just thinking about 70 percent of the power of a first-rate, middle-grade divine artifact was enough to make people feel excited.

The process to refine the bow was unusually slow. After four whole days, a resonant dragon roar could be heard from the silver bow, which meant that the refining of the silver bow was complete!

Six drops of blood came out from the silver bowone droplet more than the five droplets Su Yu had expected! This time around, Su Yu had managed to refine 60 percent of the silver bow in one go! The energy his blood contained was far superior to what it had been in the past. Hence, he managed to refine an additional 10 percent of the silver bow.

The original 20 percent of the silver bow he had refined, plus the new 60 percent resulted in 80 percent of the silver bow’s potential power! Even the bow’s original owner might not be able to control it better than Su Yu!

Moreover, after refining 80 percent of it, Su Yu’s sharpened senses could feel that a frightening aura was hidden within the bow!

“Could it really be as Yun Yazi said?” pondered Su Yu. “That there is a frightening arrow sealed within the silver bow?”

Unless he could completely refine the silver bow, the silver bow would forever remain in a sealed state. This caused Su Yu to be even more intrigued. What kind of divine arrow was it that it could cause Yun Yazi to shower praises upon it?

Ten days’ time had passed. Su Yu stored all the items in the secret room and shook his sleeves. His figure turned blurry, and he disappeared.


“Shopkeeper Qi, I am sorry that I am late!” Su Yu said as he entered the Golden Light Pavilion. There were already a few young ladies who led him to the backyard.

“Haha! You are not late.” Qi Ming smiled. He did not mind. “There are still two hours before the appointed time. We are the ones who are early.”

With a sweeping gaze, Su Yu discovered that there were two other people sitting in the room calmly. One was a red-clothed young lady. She wore a draped scarlet skirt to showcase her slender figure. At the same time, it made her beautiful face look free and natural. The red-skirted young lady’s crystal-like pupils examined Su Yu. After some time, she removed her gaze from Su Yu, disinterested in him.

The other person was a young man in black armor. He was about 24 or 25 years old. He had an aquiline nose and slightly sunken eyes. A ferocious dragon’s head was carved on his armor. Moreover, the shoulder plates were lined with spikes, making him look especially ferocious.

The abilities of both of them were extraordinary. Both were strong martial artists at the level of Heaven Master. But their auras were not similar to that of a normal Heaven Master; it was comparable to the aura of the Rakshasa in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.

“Shopkeeper Qi,” said the man in black armor, “the strong fighter we have been waiting for is this inexperienced little kid?”

Qi Ming smiled warmly. “I have forgotten to do the introductions. Mister Black Snow, these two persons are Miss Xin Wuhen and Mister Zheng Bing. They are the people who will be going with us.”

“Black Snow?” The beautiful eyes of the red-skirted young lady, Xin Wuhen, who had been disinterested in Su Yu a moment before, could not help but fill with surprise. She examined Su Yu again, and doubts appeared on her face.

That armored young man also revealed a thoughtful expression. He frowned. “Are you the Black Snow Devil King?”

Black Snow. Such a strange name had never appeared beforeuntil it started to reverberate across the continent a few months prior. Moreover, it was rumored that the Black Snow Devil King was an Immortal Level Four Peak, which was similar to the cultivation base of the person in front of them.

They took another look at Su Yu. Gray Dragon Coffin, bronze-masked, and blood-red hair. Who else could it be but the Black Snow Devil King?

Su Yu responded calmly. “Why?” he asked. “Do I need to give my particulars for this journey to look for the Undead Herb of the Netherworld?”

Qi Ming pretended to be shocked. “So! You are the famous Black Snow Devil King! My eyes are bad. I did not manage to recognize you. Please excuse me for my lack of manners.”

Su Yu smiled. He had not intentionally hidden his identity, and he found it difficult to believe that Qi Mingthe man in charge of the Golden Light Pavilionwould be unable to recognize him.

Without exposing Qi Ming, Su Yu said, “May we set off now?”

Qi Ming smiled and looked at Xin Wuhen and Zheng Bing. “Do the two of you have anything to say?”

Xin Wuhen had an apathetic expression. “Let’s set off now.”

As for Zheng Bing, he looked at Su Yu deeply. “Humph! Killing a few Heaven Masters is not a big deal. For me, killing you would be as easy as killing them!”

“I am ready anytime,” Su Yu replied casually.

Qi Ming laughed. “In that case, let’s set off now. I hope that after reaching this dangerous place, all of us can work together!”

After his speech, he took out a flying divine artifact, and everyone left in a boat.

As for that painting on the wall, it suddenly caught fire on its own and burned on its own. It became a lump of ashes which drifted away on the breeze as unfathomable, grim laughter resounded within the room, carrying on at leng