The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 433

Chapter 433 The Sacrificial Altar And The Ferocious Ghost

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With a gloomy whistling sound, the 100-foot-tall giant tiger shadow crashed into the second layer of the seal with a roar. The thin layer of rippling water started to shake considerably. However, it was not vigorous enough for it to break.

Xin Wuhen continued to weave signs. Black shadows of more giant tigers appeared from her back at the same time and crashed into the seal with furious roars. After withstanding the force of nine black shadows of giant tigers, the second layer of the seal broke with a cracking sound!

Xin Wuhen returned expressionlessly and breathed in a mouthful of air. It seemed like she had used a considerable amount of her spiritual energy.

Now it was Zheng Bing’s turn.

What caused Su Yu to be slightly stunned was that Zheng Bing was actually a strong martial artist who practiced ice techniques! As soon as he took action, the whole seal shook violently; his attack was not weaker than Xin Wuhen’s in the slightest bit.

Qi Ming revealed a serious expression. “Mister Zheng’s skills are impressive! It seems your ice techniques are about to approach the highest level and emit the energy of the Origin, right?”

Zheng Bing ignored Qi Ming’s question. He focused on gathering cold energy on his palm, attacking the seal continuously. Just half a cup of tea’s time later, the third layer of the seal was broken!

Similarly, Zheng Bing had used a considerable amount of his spiritual energy. Just three layers of seals alone had caused three seniors on site to use multiple moves!

Qi Ming wore a delighted expression. “The last layer of the seal might be quite strenuous for Mister Black Snow alone. The three of us should help him. With that, we should be able to break the seal quickly!”

Xin Wuhen had nothing to say. After she recovered, she went over of her own accord.

However, Zheng Bing was a bit unwilling. “Humph! In the end, I’ll still need to help.”

But Su Yu, who was closest, shook his head. “No need. I think that I alone am enough.”

After staring at the last layer of the seal, a tiny shock flashed in Su Yu’s eyes. With the Soul Eyes, Su Yu discovered that on the other side of the seal, there was a suit of broken black armor floating about. It was emitting an extremely strong spiritual pressure which was not weaker than the Mountain River Dragon Bow! The broken black armor was definitely a valuable treasure!

Qi Ming was stunned at Su Yu’s insistence to attempt to break the seal alone, but he did not stop him. He chuckled, saying, “We might as well let Mister Black Snow try first. There is no harm in us taking action to help if he fails.”

Zheng Bing was elated. He curled his lips, stood at his original position with his hands clasped behind his back, and did not move forward.

As for Xin Wuhen, she considered the matter, then spoke up. “Mister Black Snow, it might be difficult for you to use your abilities alone to break the seal. Why not let me join and help you?”

After her speech, she went over with a flash.

Not good! thought Su Yu.

This woman might have realized something unusual!

Su Yu was slightly anxious. After thinking for some time, the Ice Divine Herb Seal within his Dantian released a pale, icy light. A bit of extremely cold energy descended abruptly and surrounded Su Yu’s fists.

The expressions of Qi Ming and the cold and arrogant Zheng Bing changed at the same time, and they spoke in astonishment as one.

“Ice Origin!”

Only by honing ice techniques to their greatest level could one attain the Ice Origin. On the entire the Zhenlong continent, there was no one who had achieved the Ice Origin. Its power was unimaginable!


The last layer of the seal did not even shake much; it broke easily.

A layer of rippling water swept across the area and faded away. Dust that had laid dormant for 10,000 years flew out from the cave entrance. Hence, the cave entrance became shrouded as a result.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Su Yu quickly sucked the broken armor floating along the cave entrance into the Cosmos Mirror!


At that moment, Xin Wuhen’s delicate body flew over. With a wave of her big hands, the dust and sand were swept away, revealing the clear cave entrance. Doubt flashed in her eyes. She turned and studied Su Yu. However, she did not say anything after that.

Qi Ming and Zheng Bing flew over with different feelings. The only thing similar was that they also looked at Su Yu. Both were filled with fear! Based on his ability to break the seal so effortlessly, Su Yuwho appeared the weakestwas actually high above the three of them!

“Mister Black Snow’s name is not spread for no reason, it seems,” said Qi Ming. “You have actually managed to emit the energy of the Origin by honing your ice techniques to its greatest level. I look on you with increased respect.”

Qi Ming praised him continuously but intentionally distanced himself away from Su Yu by 50 feet.

Su Yu said modestly, “It was merely luck. How is it possible for me to be on par with the three of you? Since the seal has been broken, let’s enter quickly.”

Seeing that Su Yu was hiding things about himself and that they would be unable to uncover his true abilities, they could only enter the cave together.

Straight away, they sensed thick, bone-piercing ghost energy. The cave was not deep, and after meandering for a few thousand feet, they arrived at an extremely spacious palace. It was 10,000 feet broad. The stone walls were decorated with many emerald green luminescent pearls that glowed in the dark, illuminating the whole palace to the point that it was bright green. This only made the ghost energy thicker.

In the middle of the palace was a sacrificial altar that was 10,000 feet tall. Around the altar were hundreds of stone pillars carved with unfamiliar symbols, and every pillar was connected to a black steel chain.

The closer they got to the sacrificial altar, the thicker the ghost energy became. By the time they reached the center of the altar, the ghost energy was so thick that an indistinct black color could be seen. Layers of black-colored ghost energy floated about back and forth.

Small, blackish-green herbs thirty inches long could be found growing from the floor, which was covered by the black ghost energy. There were about seven or eight of them!

“The Undead Herb of the Netherworld!” said Qi Ming. “I can’t believe there are actually so many of them!”

All four of the treasure hunters were shocked at the sight.

Two figuresZheng Bing and Xin Wuhenflew over quickly to pick the Undead Herb of the Netherworld. Qi Ming did not move. Su Yu, however, began retreating!

“Mister Black Snow?” Qi Ming said. He looked toward Su Yu surprisingly, and his tone was a bit strange. “The Undead Herb of the Netherworld is right in front of us. Why are you not picking it? If you go in late and both of them pick all of it, it will be many times more difficult for you to acquire the Undead Herb of the Netherworld from their hands!”

Not only did Su Yu not move to pick the plants, but his expression became serious. He retreated frantically, racing for the entrance of the palace!

After Zheng Bing and Xin Wuhen, who were flying toward the sacrificial altar, noticed Su Yu and Qi Ming’s strange actions, their hearts skipped a beat. Their expressions changed, and both of them turned their bodies forcefully. They retreated instead of advancing, even though they were hundreds of feet away from the top of the sacrificial altar!

Suddenly, sharp, ear-piercing whistles of ghosts could be heard from the sacrificial altar. The sound was dismal and evil.

Su Yu, who was about to reach the entrance, felt his whole body’s spiritual energy freeze abruptly. He toppled forward. Fortunately, his body was strong and his reaction time was fast. He did a break-fall by rolling forward and succeeded in landing gracefully. After that, he ran from the palace without ever turning back!

Back in the palace, the expressions of Zheng Bing and Xin Wuhen changed abruptly. They retreated hurriedly, but at that moment, the black symbols carved on the 190 stone pillars, which stood towering like a giant atop the sacrificial altar, emitted a black liquid, causing the pillars to emit a great amount of black light!

Two stone pillars suddenly flew into the sky and headed toward the two of them!

Zheng Bing’s eyes widened. His hands weaved mysterious signs and created three ice clones around his body! The three clones stood in front to block the attack while he escaped like a madman!

However, the stone pillar swept past the three clones. The clones were shredded like pieces of paper. Zheng Bing’s real body, which had escaped, was struck by the stone pillar. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and the spiritual energy that protected his body was destroyed.

At that moment, dozens of black tentacles as thick as fingers plunged into Zheng Bing’s body. With a horrible shriek, Zheng Bing’s body was sucked dry, and he turned into a desiccated corpse!

In an instant, a strong martial artist who was approaching Human King fell!

“Click, click, click How long it’s been since I have enjoyed something so delicious!” said a voice from deep inside the sacrificial altar. It laughed grimly and clicked its tongue again. “Click, click, click”

Rumble, rumble

The sacrificial altar shook and fell apart, revealing a giant black shadow within the altar! It was 10,000 feet tall, and its whole body released frightening murderous energy!

The black shadow looked like a human being with the exception of its head which was a combination of three heads! The two outer heads were wizened like dead beings that had been fossilized. The middle head was similar to the Asura’s facegreen-faced and long-toothed with threatening ghost energy.

Its dark red eyes looked ferocious and glowed with a joking expression. “Hehe! Another bunch of fools who came here for the Undead Herb of the Netherworld!”