The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Chapter 434

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The Ghost King shifted its gaze to look at Xin Wuhen as she flew backward. They were both Heaven Masters, but this lady’s movement technique was unusually alarming!

Even though her expression was grave, she was incredibly calm. She took out a thin transparent cape from her sleeves and covered her body as her right hand formed seals. A pair of wings materialized by the wind appeared behind her. With a flicker, the air around her moved. Her body seemed to teleport as she flew back 100 zhang.

That strange stone pillar roared but did not hit anything. Continuously flickering, she successfully escaped 1,000 zhang away, arriving at the entrance of the hall. Furthermore, the cicada-like cape that she draped around her glowed slightly as her figure strangely turned into nothingness. Even her aura was gradually erased. She had concealed herself.

The Ghost King looked at the entrance of the hall, slightly surprised as it said, “Wind Spiritual Constitution. Hehe! A rare spiritual constitution indeed. Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong place. If you were at Jiuzhou, you would have a magnificent constitution for cultivation. In the Void World, even the best spiritual constitution would have much difficulty breaking through the barrier to the Fairy Realm. Also, that lad just now seemed to be able to look past the altar and spot me while I was still sealed. Interesting indeed.”

The ghostly face laughed. After which, its gaze floated toward Shopkeeper Qi, giving up on pursuing the others.

Qi Ming had a weird look on his face. He did not fluster, nor did he appear surprised. It was as if he had long known that there was a horrifying fiend in the altar.

“Hehe!” The ghostly face let out a laugh.

Two stone pillars struck down on both sides, closing in like a pincer around Qi Ming. Qi Ming’s expression was calm as he took out two Broken God Amulets. With a flick of his wrists, he tossed them out.

The amulets that contained a power equal to a Human King exploded, turning into two extremely powerful swords that struck mercilessly at the stone pillars! With a loud explosion, the stone pillars were forcefully suppressed. But multiple tentacles shot out from within the stone pillars, enveloping the two longswords.

A strange scene ensued. The two longswords were being devoured by the tentacles!

Qi Ming stood with his hands behind him. He did not have an expression of fear. Instead, he appeared to be happy. “That’s right!” he said. “You are the Ghost King that had been sealed by the Gui clan! It is rumored that the bloodline of the Evil Ghost of the Gui clan had been born from the Ghost King!”

To be able to devour even the two swords made out of energy, the devouring powers of the Ghost King must have been much more overbearing than the bloodline of the Evil Ghost, which was merely able to devour flesh and cultivation levels.

The Ghost King’s blood-red eyes squinted. “Interesting. You seem to know my history! I wonder what kind of confidence you have to dare to stand before me!’

With a creak, the two stone pillars shot out 100 tentacles toward Qi Ming. Qi Ming drew in a shallow breath before taking out a red amulet from his robes. Atop it flickered a layer of lightning.

Qi Ming creased the amulet, causing it to explode. A ball of lightning escaped from the amulet, and a ten-zhang long lightning snake hissed as it struck toward the stone pillar.


The tentacles that could easily devour energy turned into smoke when they came in contact with the lightning snake. The rest of the tentacles retreated on instinct, not daring to touch the lightning snake.

“Using lightning-based techniques to counter ghostly objects?” growled the Ghost King. “You are quite prepared. Unfortunately, these amulets that harbor lightning are the most difficult to cultivate. I would like to see how many of those you can use.”

With a thought, the Ghost King sent ten more pillars charging in. Even though the lightning snake could counter ghosts, it was unable to hold its own against the combined attack. It scattered with a retching gag.

Qi Ming’s expression faltered. “Humph! You need not cause a commotion. You are merely a remnant of a ghost after being sealed for so long. You are not worthy of controlling the body of the Ghost King! Activating ten stone pillars is your limit!”

After saying this, he took out five red amulets and split them open. Five blood-red lightning snakes roared as they emerged, colliding with the ten stone pillars.

Within the cave outside the palace, Su Yu’s expression was sinister as he stood at the cave’s main entrance. In the short amount of time they had been inside, the four layers of seals they had broken earlier had regenerated!

They were trapped within!

Furthermore, upon closer investigation, Su Yu’s expression turned even more ugly. It was three times harder to destroy such a seal from the insideprobably a measure to prevent the ghosts sealed within from breaking the seals and escaping.

“It is not impossible to break the seals with my power,” Su Yu muttered. “It should be enough if I use all of my power, but there might not be enough time!”

His heart sank as he heard the explosions behind him.

He had noticed the 1,000-zhang monster the moment he saw the altar. The horrifying aura, on par with Sheng Ge, had caused Su Yu to retreat without hesitation! But it seemed that he was too late.

At that moment, Su Yu had a thought. He turned his head and looked ten zhang to his right, saying coldly, “Miss Xin, why must you hide since you are here?”

It was an empty space, devoid of movement.

Su Yu creased his brows, shooting out a bolt of spirit energy with his finger.


A fair palm suddenly extended from the empty space, crushing the bolt of spirit energy. Following which, Xin Wuhen’s figure gradually became clearer.

Her cold expression was laced with surprise. “I belittled you. To think that you can look past my concealment!”

Waves of shock gripped her heart. Her Cicada Cloaked Wings had very powerful abilities of concealment. Even a Half God would not be able to easily discern her position, much less an Immortal Realm Level Four! But Su Yu had discovered her presence with a mere look!

“Miss Xin, the situation is dire,” Su Yu said pointedly. “We cannot second-guess one another right now. What abilities do you have that can quickly break this seal? We do not have much time left.”

Xin Wuhen’s expression changed slightly. She went silent. A moment later, she said, “There is a way to break this seal quickly, but I need some time.”

Su Yu replied, “If you need more than a cup of tea’s time, you need not say any further.”

Xin Wuhen lifted her brows. “Why? Are you confident that you can break the seal in a cup of tea’s time?”

She was quite doubtful. When they had first entered, the four of them combined had used a cup of tea’s time to break the seals. How could Su Yu alone break all four of the sealsthree times stronger from the insidein a cup of tea’s time? This Black Snow Devil King was mysterious indeed.

“No,” mumbled Su Yu. “What I meant was that we might only have a cup of tea’s time.”

Xin Wuhen stared at Su Yu, then nodded. “I do have an idea. I might be able to break the seals in half a cup of tea’s time. But I need complete concentration. I cannot be affected by anyone.”

Su Yu was thrilled. “If that is the case, I will try my best to buy you the time.”

With a flicker of his gaze, Su Yu retreated quickly, moving forward through the cave to watch the battle on the altar from far away.

Xin Wuhen was a little unwilling, but now that it had come to this, her only choice was to go all out.

Her expression changed multiple times as she clenched her teeth, activating her spell on the spot. Her long, black hair fell from her head, revealing a head of long, white hair hidden beneath it! The aura she released quickly rose from that of a Heaven Master to that of a Human King approaching a Half God!

On the other side, Su Yu watched in awe. Just who was this woman?