The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring

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As they attempted to break the seal at the cave’s entrance, the battle raging at the sacrificial altar became white-hot.

It was no doubt that Qi Ming possessed countless valuable charms. However, the Ghost King controlled ten stone pillars and seemed undefeatable. After fighting for some time, Qi Ming’s expression gradually grew unpleasant. The number of thunderbolt charms in his sleeves became fewer and fewer.


He extended his palm and took out three thunderbolt charms. They were his last three!

“Hehe!” chuckled the Ghost King. “Your preparations are impressively sufficient! 20 thunderbolt charms. Even on the Zhenlong continent, I have never seen anyone with more than 100 thunderbolt charms. Quite shocking!”

Qi Ming’s expression soured. It had taken him close to 20 years’ time to collect those charms, gathering them from every part of the continent. He had not expected to use up all of them in a mere half a cup of tea’s time. The Ghost King’s fierceness greatly exceeded his expectations!

Although those 20 thunderbolt charms had destroyed about half of the Ghost King’s stone pillars, they had not injured his body at all. If things went on like this, Qi Ming would not be able to hold out for long!

Qi Ming gritted his teeth, turned back and shouted loudly, “Miss Xin! Black Snow Devil King! If you do not take action now, how much longer do you plan to wait? I am unable to hold out for much longer!”

Su Yu had mixed feelings. He was naturally unwilling to fight with the Ghost King head-to-head. However, Xin Wuhen needed time! And if Qi Ming were defeated, it would be even more difficult for him to deal with the Ghost King alone!

After some time, Su Yu made up his mind. He changed into a fragmentary shadow and flew over.

That Ghost King sneered. “You are walking right into the trap!”

A stone pillar flew toward Su Yu quickly with 100 tentacles dancing crazily on it. Instinctively, Su Yu took out his silver bow and drew the bow back, producing a long arrow burning with flames.


The arrow with raging scarlet flames pierced through the sky and shot forth ruthlessly. But those 100 tentacles were filled with eagerness instead of fear. They surged crazily and enshrouded the arrow. The raging flames on the arrow were extinguished with a puff, and the arrow was swallowed by the tentacles.

Qi Ming huffed in annoyance. “Mister Black Snow, ordinary attacks are useless! This Ghost King is the Gui clan’s ancestor. He is able to swallow almost all kinds of energies of the Zhenlong continent easily. Only lightning is his natural enemy.”

Su Yu’s eyes flashed. It was as if Qi Ming already knew he was proficient in lightning techniques. Yet, when Su Yu used the identity of Black Snow Devil King on the north continent, he had never once used lightning techniques. This person had known that Su Yu possessed lightning techniques and that was why he had purposely brought Su Yu here! Qi Ming must have already known about the sealed Ghost King within the sacrificial altar but deliberately concealed the information!

Su Yu became vigilant and took precautions secretly. His face took on a calm expression, and he hummed slightly. “Is that so?”

However, after the raging flames of the enshrouded arrow were extinguished, the arrow’s real body was revealed; it was an arrow that was created by a purple thunderbolt!

The tentacles wrapped around the arrow were taken by surprise, and more than half of them were annihilated in an instant! In no time, the lightning spread to all quarters, and a huge amount of smoke billowed through the palace!

The Ghost King’s face turned stern. “A hidden lightning technique. I see!” The Ghost King looked at Qi Ming again, glaring at him. “Humph! Your preparations are indeed sufficient! The boy’s lightning techniques are quite high in levelquite close to the Origin!”

Qi Ming was shocked. Lightning techniques that were approaching the Origin? Not only did the Black Snow Devil King master his ice techniques to the point that he had attained the Origin, but his lightning techniques were approaching the Origin as well! Plus, he still had fire techniques, and they seemed quite strong as well! He had cultivated three different elements, and all three of were at exceedingly high levels!

Although Qi Ming was overjoyed that Su Yu’s lightning techniques were stronger than he had expected, he still felt slightly uneasy.

Casting aside his uneasiness, Qi Ming swung his hands and tossed out the three charms. He then shouted in a low voice, “Mister Black Snow! Please help me to buy some time so that I can exhibit a secret technique to kill this Ghost King!”

Su Yu was shocked. Qi Ming actually possessed the ability to kill the Ghost King?

The Ghost King was not weaker than Sheng Ge by much! The Ghost King was just a remnant of a soul, and there was a limit to how much power he could unleash. However, he was still at the level of Half God, which was just below the Fairy Realm. In spite of that, Qi Ming was actually confident that he could kill him. Hence, Su Yu was quite shocked.


Qi Ming took out a gold-colored ring from his chest. Closely written Sanskrit words were carved on it. The whole ring gave off a feeling that it contained a great amount of Buddha qualities. A layer of indistinct divine light appeared and vanished continuously from the ring.

The Ghost King’s face hardened, and he gasped coldly. “A valuable Buddha-type treasure! Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring!” He could not suppress the fear on his face. However, after staring at it a moment, the Ghost King heaved a sigh of relief and sneered. “How can valuable Buddha-type treasures appear in the Void World? It is a defective item! It has lost more than 90 percent of the Buddha qualities!”

However, Qi Ming laughed grimly. “Even though only 10 percent of the Buddha qualities remain, it is more than enough to seal you.”

The Ghost King frowned. “Humph! Only if you possess the ability!”

After his speech, the ten stone pillars attacked them together!

Su Yu’s eyes flashed. He drew the silver bow continuously and shot out ten arrows in a moment. The thunderbolts that the arrows contained forced the ten stone pillars to retreat.

Qi Ming heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. He then spat out a mouthful of blood and let it drip onto the golden ring. The ring emitted a great amount of golden light at once, and sounds of the Buddha resounded across the area. Shadows of indistinct Buddha surrounded the top of the golden ring.

With Qi Ming inserting spiritual energy constantly, the golden light shone even more brilliantly, and the sounds of the Buddha grew sonorous. Those shadows of the Buddha gradually became clearer.

The 10,000-foot-tall body of the Ghost King trembled and emitted black smoke continuously. The Ghost King’s face took on a painful expression.

Su Yu was shocked. What was that golden ring? How was it so much more effective than his thunderbolt in suppressing ghosts?

With a ferocious roar of the Ghost King, ten stone pillars flew up and headed toward Qi Ming. “Die for me!”

Su Yu followed a set pattern. He stood at a safe distance away and shot thunderbolt arrows continuously. Although the stone pillars were extremely powerful, they were unable to crush the thunderbolt arrows!

The Ghost King’s dark red eyes overflowed with hatred at once, and he stared at Su Yu coldly. “Little kid, if you stop interfering in my affairs, I will spare your life. If not, after I have regained my powers, I will let you suffer a fate worse than death!”

Dismal, ghostly whistles and the Ghost King’s vicious glare caused Su Yu to tremble with fear. But Su Yu’s hands did not stop. Instinctively, he kept firing. There was no way to find out if the Ghost King would keep his promise! Even if he were to keep his promise, his promise was not to kill Su Yu; he did not promise not to cripple Su Yu’s cultivation base. After all, it was difficult to believe that the Ghost King would let Su Yu goa warrior who possessed lightning techniques that could suppress the Ghost King.

Su Yu would not compromise, and the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring on Qi Ming’s hands was about to be activated!

A ferocious light flashed past the Ghost King’s eyes, and he gave a ferocious roar. “Little kid! You are courting death! Even though I have taken 10,000 years to accumulate, I am about to be extinguished by you!”

His most pressing concern at the moment was to kill Su Yu first. He could stop Qi Ming after that!

Rumble, rumble, rumble

That unmovable 10,000-foot-tall body actually walked out from the sacrificial altar! Although its movements were stiff, it was moving!

Qi Ming gasped in astonishment. “You You can control this body? Impossible! You are just a remnant of a soul!”

The Ghost King gave a deep hum. “After accumulating for 10,000 years, it is enough for me to be able to control this body slightly. This is more than enough to kill the both of you!”

The Ghost King took a step toward Su Yu! His steps were odd and contained some space techniques. Although Su Yu had stayed thousands of feet away, in an instant, that giant head was directly in front of him!

A pair of blood-red, malicious ghost eyes like two colossal mountains loomed right in front of Su Yu’s eyes. That ferocious mouth with interlocking, protruding fangs came down on Su Yu like a yawning chasm!