The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Mysterious Heavenly Map

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Her face revealed a tiny bit of fear, as if she had discovered something amazing. She knew she was in imminent peril, so, summoning all her will to survive, she grabbed her chest, taking out a snow-white ruler from the void.

The ruler was glittering and translucent. It emitted a great spiritual pressure, and it was a first-rate middle grade divine artifact, not a bit weaker than the Mountain River Dragon Bow. At that moment, a virtual shadow of a snow lion, the size of a palm, surrounded the top of the snow-white ruler. The ruler was still in an activated state, and it was obvious that it had been used just moments ago.

The old man within the painting was shocked: “Spirit of the Dead Summoning Technique? A first-rate middle grade divine artifact, and an ordinary Heaven Master. Your identity is a bit extraordinary.”

Xin Wuhen did not open her mouth. Instead, she activated the spiritual ruler, causing that snow lion, which was of the size of a palm, to change magically, becoming a hundred Chinese feet tall in an instant!

The aura that it emitted was much stronger than that of a Heaven Master. It had achieved the level of a real Human King!

It was no wonder that she could break the four layers of the seal in one go. After giving a ferocious roar, the snow lion went toward the soul attack, flying overhead with another roar.

The old man within the painting had an indifferent and joking expression. His figure stood with his hands clasped behind his back, and he did not shake in the slightest bit.

However, that soul attack passed through the snow lion quietly. The Human King snow lion then gave a cry, its big, virtual shadow dispersing into crystals, before disappearing into the void.

The momentum of the ripples of the soul attack did not decrease, as it struck Xin Wuhen, who was unable to avoid the attack in time. After giving a horrible shriek, Xin Wuhen held her head, while uttering painful groans. After that, her face struggled, as she revealed an extremely painful expression.

Suddenly, her body split open strangely, transforming into pieces of spiritual energy! Only her Cicada Cloaked Wings and spiritual ruler fell deep into the oceanic trench.

The old man within the painting had a slightly serious expression, as he shouted,“Incarnation of a Half God!”

At that moment, Qi Ming flew out from the cave, catching the two falling treasures. He then saw that the old man’s expression was a bit serious, and he could not help but ask in shock, “Master, where is Xin Wuhen?”

The old man within the painting muttered to himself for some time, then said in a serious voice, “Can you tell me how you found this woman again?”

Qi Ming knew that something was unusual, so he said briefly, “She was a martial artist, who was passing through the Blue Waves Island. I thought that she was alone, and was traveling. Hence, even if she died here, she would not attract much attention. As such, I invited her to join the team.”

After he had finished listening, the gaze of the old man within the painting glowed with mixed feelings for a long time. After that, he swung his sleeves, saying hastily, “Leave this place at once! We are temporarily not worthy enough to provoke this woman! Be it the Spirit of the Dead Summoning Techniquem which had been lost since ages ago, or the cultivation base of Half God, the force behind her is not a force that I can provoke! There is a high chance that even her name, Xin Wuhen, is fake.”

“If not for my coming across a great disaster, and my cultivation base falling to my current level as a result, would I be afraid of an insignificant Half God?” The old man within the painting questioned, as he frowned and hummed lightly. After that, he entered the picture scroll with a flash.

Half God? Qi Ming realized something. From the beginning to the end, the Xin Wuhen, who he saw, was actually her incarnation!

An incarnation alone was already so strong. If her real body descended

Without hesitation, Qi Ming rolled up the picture scroll, as Ghost King changed into a fragmentary shadow, and escaped.

Meanwhile, on an island somewhere in the ocean, within a cave, there was a cold woman, who sat with her legs crossed. She looked beautiful, wore a delicate, unlined long gown, and looked extremely similar to Xin Wuhen!

Suddenly, Xin Wuhen opened her beautiful eyes, which overflowed with coldness. Although those beautiful eyes were as clear as water, they were also filled with extreme frigidity. Hence, she gave others an even colder feeling.

“Humph! Soul Body According to what I know, only strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm could allow their souls to leave their bodies!” Xin Wuhen’s face was filled with coldness, as she spoke. “Consider me being the careless one, since I have fallen into your trap. However, if my main body comes across you, I will destroy your soul and body completely!”

After her speech, she closed her eyes again, determining not to head toward the oceanic trench to take revenge. She knew that, after the other party realized that it was just her incarnation, it would be impossible for them to stay at their original position.

Within the Ghost King’s body, there was an abundance of ghost energy. When Su Yu fell into the Ghost King’s body, icy cold ghost energy entered his body at once, causing his already stagnant spiritual energy to not be able to revolve at all. Hence, he could only allow the ghost energy to contaminate his body.

His body gradually became colder. In no time, his blood would turn cold as well, and eventually, stop flowing completely. As such, his life would cease to exist.

Su Yu was overwhelmed, as his current situation was tremendously dangerous! If he did not use his spiritual energy to protect his body quickly, he would not last longer than a cup of tea’s time!

However, the suppression resulting from the ghost energy was extremely strong. Not to mention that the spiritual energies, even thunderbolt, which was specially used to suppress them, were sealed as well.

In such a situation, how could he revolve his spiritual energy to protect his body?

At such a critical moment, a ray of spiritual light flashed through Su Yu’s head. A black light flashed in his chest, and a piece of broken black armor glowed before him.

The armor was old, and its pattern was simple. Hence, it was not an item of the current modern generation.

At the chest area of the armor, there was an extremely big hole. It looked like something had pierced through the armor and crushed the wearer’s heart, resulting in the hole.

Su Yu touched the armor subconsciously. As he did so, an extremely hard feeling surged within his heart. When he used a bit of strength, not only did he not manage to pinch the material of the armor, he felt pain in his fingertips.

Su Yu was shocked. His body had achieved the level of a Human King. However, the armor in front of him was so hard, that it was obviously different from normal armor.

After examining it carefully, Su Yu realized that, at the most central portion of the armor, there was a notch. A scarlet crystal was inlaid into the notch. It emitted warmth, which drove out the coldness within Su Yu’s body.

When he touched it slightly, the crystal emitted a tiny bit of scarlet energy! Su Yu was stunned. After that, he was shocked, exclaiming, “This is vital energy!!”

The crystal actually contained a considerable amount of vital energy that the Zhenlong continent did not possess! At the same time, it was as if the black armor was had been triggered. It shook with a buzzing sound, and emitted layers of black light.

When the black light spread, the ghost energy, which was surrounding him, was completely annihilated! Even the ghost energy within Su Yu’s body came out from his pores, before dispersing.

Su Yu was delighted that things were turning out better than he had expected! His eyes flashed, and he was wearing the armor. At once, the ghost energy surrounding him retreated quickly.

“Breathe! That was close! Luckily, I had this armor!” Su Yu said, as he stroked the mysterious armor, feeling that he was extremely lucky.

If not for him having kept the armor, without anyone knowing, at the cave entrance, he would have been in an extremely dangerous situation. However, the matter had not yet come to an end. Now, finding out how to leave his current location was the most important thing to do!

Su Yu swept his eyes past the area, discovering that his current location was a self-created space, which was tens of thousands of Chinese feet broad. However, it was filled with ghost energy, and his Soul Eyes could not see through the ghost energy. Hence, he would definitely need some time to find the exit.

With the armor now protecting his body, Su Yu felt a lot more relaxed. He then groped the ghost energy, patiently and carefully.

However, after searching for a long time, he only managed to touch soft and wriggling walls, leaving him, thus, unable to find the exit. Su Yu was also slightly worried about the light of the crystal in the middle of the armor, as it was gradually becoming dimmer, allowing the ghost energy to gather around him again.

“Seems like this armor cannot hold out for long. I must leave here quickly!” Su Yu said secretly, now feeling quite anxious.

At that moment, Su Yu saw a white light flashing past. When he turned his head to take a look, he discovered an incomplete scroll, which emitted a gentle white light, and was drifting about within the ghost fog, like water flowing!

The light that it emitted was extremely strange. It could actually pass through the ghost fog, illuminating a vicinity of a hundred Chinese feet! Su Yu’s eyes flashed, as he then flew over and caught the scroll. Looking at it carefully, he saw that the scroll contained a map.