The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Walking Off With Something On The Sly

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The old man within the painting sat down with his legs crossed. In front of him, a glittering Buddha Pearl was floating about.

Atop the Buddha Pearl, many Sanskrit words were inscribed. The hearts of the people that the Buddha’s halo swept past, would instantly calm, causing the people to prostrate themselves in worship as a result. It was as if the souls of the people were cleansed by the Buddha.

As for the spiritual pressure that the Buddha Pearl emitted, it was extremely shocking. The pressure was way above the level of a divine artifact, even able to compete with that of the Cosmos Thunder Sword. Also, in comparison, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring was inferior to it.

When the Buddha Pearl’s golden light shone on the Ghost King, who had been sealed, the Ghost King’s body became distorted, leaving him in even more pain. Moreover, his whole body also emitted a strong ghost energy.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. When was he ever unconscious? He merely had a ferocious and strict expression!

The old man within the painting sneered, “Have you stopped pretending to be unconscious? When the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring was used to deal with normal Ghost Kings, it would naturally cause them to become unconscious, and to not wake up for eternity. However, you are not a normal Ghost King. How could I have overlooked this fact?”

The old man within the painting had already known that, after being sealed, the Ghost King was deliberately pretending to be unconscious, as he waited for them to lower their guards. The Ghost King would then take advantage of that opportunity to take action.

The Ghost King shouted in pain, “Who exactly are you? Not mentioning the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, you have possessed the Buddhism Relics. It is impossible for even real disciples of Buddhism to possess two semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts!”

The old man within the painting said calmly, “You do not need to know this.”

After his speech, he tapped his finger on the Buddha Pearl. With a whizzing sound, the Buddha Pearl drilled into the space between the Ghost King’s eyebrows.

“Ah!! You wish to use the Buddhism Relic to control me! Don’t even think of trying it!” With a ferocious roar, a Ghost Vortex appeared on the space between the Ghost King’s forehead, stopping the Buddha Pearl from entering with all its might.

The old man within the painting wore a mocking smile, as he gloated, “You overestimate yourself!”

The old man within the painting rotated all ten of his fingers, and the Buddhism Relic turned into a glittering ball. The glittering ball destroyed the vortex as it entered it.

Then, the old man within the painting stopped weaving signs, and finally was able to catch his breath, saying, “This Buddhism Relic will exist in the world within your body. As long as I feel like doing it, the Buddhism energy within the Pearl would explode, turning you into ashes in an instant! Hence, from now on, you should know what to do!”

The Ghost King wore a face filled with deep hatred. However, there was even more fear within his face.

After struggling again and again, he lowered his head with dissatisfaction, saying, “Greetings to Master. I am Qing Gui.”

The old man within the painting smiled. “Very good. You are as expected of a ghost, who has trained for many years. Life is more important than dignity. It seems like I do not need to explain this logic.”

The Ghost King was filled with hatred. However, his face was no longer filled with disrespect, as he said, “Qing Gui doesn’t deserve your praise.”

“Humph! I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry. After I have returned to Jiuzhou, I will naturally spare your life. Now, please do your best to help me enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and I will seize the opportunity to return to Jiuzhou.”

The eyeballs of the Ghost King rolled, and he was extremely deferential. “I will listen to Master’s instructions,” he pledged.

“Yes. Now, I am waiting quietly for my other servant to retrieve the Mysterious Heavenly Map within your body!” The old man within the painting said indifferently. After thinking for some time, he said,“I will first remove the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring on your body. I am just a Soul Body, and I need some protection.”

“Master, thank you very much!” The Ghost King was wild with joy, and stood behind the old man with respect.

The old man within the painting nodded his head. When he lifted his head again, and gestured, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring on the Ghost King’s body loosened gradually. The Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring then became a golden ring, the size of a palm again, and floated amidst the void.

At that moment, when the old man within the painting was about to lift his hand to catch the golden ring and keep it, a Ghost Vortex appeared on the Ghost King’s abdomen.

The old man within the painting was slightly shocked, wondering aloud,“Eh? He is faster than I expected. How has he managed to find the Mysterious Heavenly Map so quickly?”

However, the gaze of the old man within the painting soon turned serious!


Big, raging flames rushed out of the vortex, then headed toward the old man, who was very close to the vortex. At the start, the old man was shocked. After that, his expression turned cold at once. “Humph! I have really underestimated you. You did not die, even after being in the Ghost King’s body for three days!” he exclaimed, flummoxed.

After his speech, an invisible ripple passed over. It ignored the raging flames, passing through them via the void, before heading toward the person within the vortex, who was about to come out.

With a horrible shriek, a bright red figure staggered out of the vortex. After that, it cracked open the ground and escaped quickly!

The old man within the painting saw this and said, slightly shocked, “He is actually not dead, even after my soul attack?”

Even the soul of a strong martial artist like Xin Wuhen was destroyed in an instant. Without hesitation, the old man struck the ground with his palms. His whole body was then launched upward, and he rushed into the sky with a shocking speed, setting out to chase the person who was escaping.

However, at the moment when the old man left, another vortex appeared on the Ghost King’s abdomen! A red-haired young man, who wore a Moon White Long Robe, came out wildly.

At the moment he came out, he grabbed the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, which was drifting about in the void, without hesitation. After that, he changed into a fragmentary shadow, before escaping into the sky.

However, at the moment when he was about to crack open the ground, a wind shadow flashed past his head! A half transparent old man stood with his hands clasped behind his back in the sky. He looked down coldly, as he sneered, “A trick to make a feint to the east and attack in the west. You actually tried to use a trick like this?”

Su Yu’s clone did not manage to fool him!

“If you had hidden yourself in the world, within the Ghost King’s abdomen, I would have been unable to do anything to you. However, since you have come out, you have dug your own grave!”

Without hesitation, an invisible spreading ripple was shot out from the old man’s eyes. It was this ripple, which caused Xin Wuhen’s incarnation to be killed in an instant.

Su Yu was taken by surprise, unable to avoid the soul attack. However, what caused the old man’s expression to change abruptly, was his own soul attack, which was as if it had disappeared, leaving him feeling that his attack had not harmed Su Yu’s soul in the slightest!

“Who are you?” The expression of the old man within the painting turned serious, as he abruptly asked. At the same time, he ordered the Ghost King to take action secretly!

The Ghost King’s blood red eyes flashed with a ferocious light. His ghost claw swung downward abruptly, and a frightening power. which was only inferior to the Fairy Realm, swept across the area.

Su Yu’s whole body felt cold. Without thinking, he exhibited the Short Distance Wings, then flew into the sky.

The expression of the old man within the painting turned gloomy. When he pressed his hands down ruthlessly, a soul attack, which was a lot stronger than the previous soul attack, changed magically into an invisible giant palm, which thrusted itself toward Su Yu’s soul fiercely.

However, what caused the old man within the painting to be shocked, was that Su Yu’s figure merely shook, as he rushed over, as if nothing had happened!

Hence, the old man’s soul attack was completely useless against Su Yu. Seeing this, the old man was extremely shocked, and he set his intentions to getting away subconsciously.

As for Su Yu, he saw that he had a chance. Hence, he flew to escape. In an instant, his figure disappeared into the sky.

“Qing Gui! Catch him immediately!” The old man within the painting commanded, with a gloomy shout.

Qing Gui’s eyes brightened up. A pitch-black dark cloud appeared below his feet at once, then carried him away with a frightening speed. As for the old man within the painting, his eyes flashed, but he did not give chase. His eyes were glowing with surprise, as he wondered, “Could that young man be a puppet? My soul energy is actually completely useless against him!”

“Looking at this, there was a high chance that Qi Ming had been killed. As for the Mysterious Heavenly Map, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that it had landed in his hands and the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, as well! This is absurd. That young man actually walked off with my Buddhism Relic slyly as well!”

The old man’s face was filled with thick murderous intents, as he said, “The items that I have put in so much effort to prepare, have all been stolen by that little kid! If not for the fact that I could only use soul attacks, I would definitely exterminate him with my own hands!”

Atop the ocean, there was a pair of wings, with a misty green light, which ripped open the horizon. Behind the wings, was a dark cloud, which ripped open the horizon, and was giving chase wildly. A person and a ghost were running from, and pursuing, one another respectively, atop the vast ocean.

The Ghost King grinned hideously, saying, “Little kid, I have sunk to a level, where I have become someone’s slave. This is all thanks to you, so now I want your body torn into thousands of pieces!”