The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 441

Chapter 441 The Heavenly Disaster Descends

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Within the warship.

After resting for half a month, Xia Jingyu managed to replenish her spiritual energy and physical strength. After bidding farewell to Phoenix Master Qiu, she hesitated slightly, before coming to Qin Xianer’s room.

“Sister Yi Yu!” Seeing that it was Lord Yi Yu, Qin Xianer threw herself into Yi Yu’s arms with a delightful expression, smiling like a spoiled child.

After getting along for half a month, they had grown closer to one another quickly. Xia Jingyu could not do anything about it, however, when she looked at the petite Qin Xianer, she had mixed feelings.

“I am here to say goodbye to you,” Xia Jingyu said, as she caressed her head. Her actions were as if she were pampering her, and she sighed.

Qin Xianer’s eyes turned gloomy, and she felt a bit lonely. However, her loneliness was quickly concealed by her optimistic smile, and playful words, “Hehe, we will be able to see one another soon. Master has said that she would let me enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. I would then be able see Sister Yi Yu there.”

After hearing what was said, Xia Jingyu smiled as well, saying, “Train properly. If we meet at the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, we might draw our swords against each other. When that time comes, I will not hold back.”

“Hehe, Sister Yi Yu has not seen me fight before. Would you be able to defeat me?” Qin Xianer laughed mysteriously as she spoke.

“Also…” Suddenly, Qin Xianer remembered something and took out a black book from her pocket clumsily. It was the Starry Star Heavenly Book, which recorded everything that Xia Jingyu had seen and heard, ever since she had come to the continent. The book was sealed, and had not been opened yet, meaning that Xianer had never opened it before.

“Sister Yi Yu, you should give this book to Brother Su Yu personally,” Qin Xianer said, as she handed the book over. Her eyes were crystal clear, and filled with smiling expressions.

Seeing that the book had not been opened secretly, Xia Jingyu looked at Qin Xianer even more gently. After remaining silent for some time, she did not take back the book, but instead, she laughed with relief, saying, “What I could see is already all inside. I do not know whether I would survive the journey this time around to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. If you are able to stay alive, please help me to pass this book to Su Yu.”

Qin Xianer’s jade nose wrinkled, as she said, “Sister Yi Yu, you are too nice to Brother Su Yu.”

Xia Jingyu smiled. However, bitter feelings surged within her heart. No matter how nice she was, was there any use? In this life, they were not fated to be together.

However, when she lowered her head and looked at Qin Xianer’s nave face, tender affection beat jealousy. Hence, Xia Jingyu could not help but mock, “Xianer, don’t you feel anything, even though I am treating Brother Su Yu like this? Aren’t you scared that Brother Su Yu would be snatched away by me?”

Qin Xianer was stunned, and she slanted her head to one side seriously. After thinking for a long time, she questioned in reply strangely, “Why does Sister Yi Yu want to snatch Su Yu away? Does Sister like Brother Su Yu as well?”

Xia Jingyu’s face turned slightly red, and she forced a smile, asking, “What if I really liked Brother Su Yu? What would you do?”

After hearing what was said, Xianer closed her mouth, and her small hands held the Starry Sky Heavenly Book tightly. She lowered her head, as if she was struggling and hesitating about something. After a long time, she lifted her head, then, forcing a brilliant smile, she said, “You can like Brother Su Yu together with Xianer. Xianer doesn’t mind, really.”

Xia Jingyu revealed a smile with tender affections. She then squatted down and caressed Qin Xianer’s head. How could she not tell that Qin Xianer was struggling and hesitating?

In the world, which woman would be willing to share her man? Qin Xianer probably could not bear to reject her, due to the Starry Sky Heavenly Book. Hence, she would rather put up with it, and agree against her will.

“Don’t worry. Sister has someone who she likes as well, so she will not snatch Brother Su Yu away from you,” Xia Jingyu chuckled.

With that, Qin Xianer’s face turned red. She lowered her head, then walked affectedly and shyly away, saying, “I really don’t mind”

However, her voice became softer and softer, showing the guilt within her heart. Xia Jingyu laughed, and did not say anything. After thinking, she took out ten complete Dragon Abyss Fruits from her chest.

Previously, during the fight with the Asura, she had obtained them on the sly, and she now had an extra twenty pieces of it. Qin Xianer looked like she still lacked one or two Dragon Abyss Fruits. Since extra Dragon Abyss Fruits were useless, she might as give all of them to Qin Xianer before leaving.

“I shall give you all of these. Before entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, do your best to make a breakthrough to Heaven Master. With that, you would then have the power to protect yourself.”

Qin Xianer was extremely delighted, saying, “Thank you Sister Yi Yu!”

After getting acquainted with each other, Qin Xianer did not stand on ceremony, as she accepted all the Dragon Abyss Fruits in one go. Apart from one fruit, which she placed into her left pocket, the remaining fruits were placed in her right pocket.

Xia Jingyu was a bit surprised, asking, “Xianer, I have a question, which I have wanted to ask since that time in the Dragon Abyss. Why did you separate the Dragon Abyss Fruits that you have obtained into two pockets?”

After hesitating for some time, Qin Xianer closed the door and windows tightly, mysteriously. She then poured out all the Dragon Abyss Fruits in her two pockets.

The left pocket contained mostly incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits. The right pocket contained ten complete Dragon Abyss Fruits, which had been arranged neatly.

Xia Jingyu then understood, which caused her to smile and praise, “You are smart. More than half of the effects of the Dragon Abyss Elixirs manufactured from incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits are lost. By separating the Dragon Abyss Fruits like this, you are able to ensure that the most complete Dragon Abyss Elixir is made.”

To her surprise, Qin Xianer sat in front of the table, protecting the Dragon Abyss Fruits, which now filled the table, as if she were protecting a treasure. After that, she exerted her strength to shake her head, then said, “That is not the case. The incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits are for me, and the complete Dragon Abyss Fruits are for Brother Su Yu.”

She continued, “Since Brother Su Yu is training alone, he must not have good resources, and it must be very strenuous. Hence, I wish to give the best to Brother Su Yu. Hehe. Also, I still have a lot of remaining elixirs, which are used to increase cultivation base from Master. When the time comes, I will give them to Brother Su Yu as well!”

As Qin Xianer spoke, her small face brimmed with a light of happiness. At that moment, when Xia Jingyu looked at her smiling, she felt that it was extremely dazzling, and she was extremely shocked.

Among her two pockets, one was prepared specially for Su Yu. She had brought Su Yu with her all the time.

Xia Jingyu smiled. Her smile was weak, and she mumbled to herself, “There is really no chance for me”

She had thought that Qin Xianer’s feelings toward Su Yu might weaken over time. If that happened, she would still have a chance. However, after seeing such a scene, she felt a sense of loss within her heart.

“I hope that both you will be happy. Goodbye, Xianer,” Xia Jingyu did her best to smile, as she bid farewell, while waving her hands.

However, when she turned back, she added another sentence secretly, “Goodbye, Su Yu.”

When Xia Jingyu left the warship, feelings of loneliness surged within her heart at once.

Seeing that the Zhenlong continent’s prosperity on Su Yu’s behalf was their agreement, and that it was also a chain, which would bind them for a long time, she had handed the Starry Sky Heavenly Book over.

When she saw that Qin Xianer still had deep feelings, she suddenly thought that, perhaps Su Yu and she no longer had anything that bound both of them together. The only thing left was for both of them to forget one another, returning to their own native rivers and lakes.

Atop the ocean, Su Yu had been rushing to his destination for three days continuously, and he was about to reach the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. However, with a flash of his figure, he did not return to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds immediately. Instead, he landed on an island reef.

“There are still five to six days before the agreed timing. Before that, I must take care of my gains.”

For the gains during his previous journey, he had successfully obtained the rare Undead Herb of the Underworld. Apart from that, he had also obtained a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring!

The power of the item still remained clear and distinct in his mind. That fierce and tough Ghost King was also sealed by the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring firmly. Hence, to Su Yu, who was targeted by the Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring had come at just the right time!

However, it was a pity that the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring had already been refined by the old man within the painting. Su Yu had also used up his Ten Thousand Soldier Spiritual Liquid completely, leaving him unable to refine the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring.

If he used the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring forcefully, it would no doubt be less powerful, making it difficult to unleash the power that could frighten the Ghost King. Apart from that, Su Yu also obtained a Mysterious Heavenly Map. That old man within the painting had used every possible means, and had also made many preparations, to obtain this item.

Hence, it was most probably an extremely important item. However, it was a pity that Su Yu did not know its use at the moment, and could only keep it for the time being.

Lastly, it was the black armor. That vital energy crystal, which was inlaid into the notch in the middle of its abdomen, indicated that the broken armor was not something that the Zhenlong continent possessed. Moreover, the armor was usually hard. Although it was incomplete where the heart area was exposed, it could still be regarded as superb armor.

However, Su Yu did not know how strong its defense was, and so he needed to test it with actual combat. So, Su Yu, who always kept all his items properly, easily found and took out the Dragon Abyss Elixirs.

Looking at the completely black Dragon Abyss Elixirs, Su Yu’s eyes were filled with anticipation. His cultivation base had stopped at Immortal Level Four Peak for a long time, and it was now time for him to make a breakthrough!

After taking a deep breath, adjusting himself to his best condition, he opened his mouth and swallowed the elixir. At once, a lump of bone-piercing, gloomy and cold energy entered his Dantian.

Within his Dantian, the spiritual energy, which had liquefied due to the compression of the gloomy and cold energy, gathered continuously. Hence, this resulted in his Dantian experiencing extreme pain, which in turn, caused Su Yu to grit his teeth and emit crunching noises.

Droplets of sweat, the size of a bean, streamed down from Su Yu’s face, which was gradually becoming paler. At that moment, after the liquefied spiritual energy within his body had been compressed to the maximum, changes started to appear!

Within the liquefied spiritual liquid, tiny bits of weak crystals were compressed out gradually. It was the Spiritual Energy Crystals!

As time passed, more Spiritual Energy Crystals were formed. At that moment, in the sky, a dark cloud had formed. Flashes of lightning could be seen faintly. The lightning was roaring continuously, as if it were preparing for something.

Su Yu could feel it. He then lifted up his head, looked into the sky, and his expression could not help but be changed.

“Of all the times, this must come now!”

The Su Yu of that very moment was using all his strength to make a breakthrough. Hence, how would he have additional spiritual energy to handle the thunderbolt, which had just now appeared for no reason?

Tens of thousands of miles away.

A sloppy old man stepped on a giant rock, while slanting to one side, as he was forcing alcohol into his mouth tipsily. Suddenly, his expression turned serious, and he looked toward the horizon with a stupefied expression.


A sound, which echoed throughout the sky, could be heard, as two young figures showed themselves together at the same time. The pair wore simple clothes and accessories, and a Qin character was embroidered on their collar bands intentionally.

“Elder Jiu, is someone trying to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm?”

The speaker was a young man, who was the leader, and had a cultivation base of Half God! Moreover, he was not older than twenty-five years old!

Such talents could be said to be frightening!

After staring for some time, the sloppy old man shook his head slightly, replying, “No, that person is making a breakthrough to Heaven Master.”

The young man, who was the leader, was shocked, saying, “Elder, wouldn’t Heaven Masters also result in the Heavenly Disaster? This is a bit unimaginable!”

The sloppy old man laughed, “This is also my first time seeing it. It should be some brat, who ought to be punished by Heaven. Forget about it, and wait for that little kid to come back with ease.”

The two young men bowed down, agreeing with the sloppy old man. They then stood at one side, with utmost deference, and did not make any more noises.

It was then, that Su Yu reached his critical moment…

At that moment, the liquefied spiritual energy within his body had all changed into bits and pieces of weak crystals. Under the compressing effects of the elixir, the crystals were gradually coming together.

However, at that moment, the thunderbolt, which took a long time to prepare, finally descended with a roaring sound. A rumbling, loud noise could be heard. Then, a one hundred Chinese feet thick thunder dragon descended with a roar, as if it wanted to destroy the whole island reef.

Su Yu, who was deep inside the island reef, was moaning and groaning. He reacted quickly, using the broken armor to cover his body. The thunderbolt also descended at that moment, with a loud crash.