The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Blasting Away The Heavenly Disaster

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All that could be heard was the earth-shattering roar of the lightning, crumbling the entire reef. The coral Su Yu was on sank continuously into the ocean. In the blink of an eye, the reef island had been completely destroyed.

The lightning that bounced into the waters instantly killed every living creature in the ocean within a 100-mile radius. At that moment, floating corpses covered the ocean.

As for Su Yu, who had plunged into the water, he was continuously assaulted by the bolts of lightning. His body was nearly blasted into shreds.

At the critical moment, the crystal in the black armor released a bolt of vital energy, activating the armor. The armor released a black protective veil. Even though the lightning was powerful, it was unable to reach Su Yu, vanishing within the protective veil.

But there was an opening at the heart area of the armor! The lightning circled around Su Yu, but a good ten percent of the lightning attacked Su Yu through the opening in the armor.


Su Yu immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his flesh turning bloody. He nearly lost consciousness. The crystals that were forming in his Dantian trembled violently, showing signs of shattering!

Su Yu was frustrated beyond words. Breaking through to Heaven Master had invited a Heavenly Disaster! But what made his expression change was that the black clouds in the sky showed no signs of scattering. Instead, they released two more bolts of lightning! His expression turned grave. One bolt had nearly caused his breakthrough to fail. If it were two bolts of lightning, he might not even make it out of this alive, much less succeed in his breakthrough!

Clenching his teeth, Su Yu had a thought. He activated the hair-like storage treasure he had obtained. Within it were four middle-grade divine artifacts. Su Yu threw all of them out.



Two of the divine artifacts were instantly destroyed! But because of this, the lightning was dispelled.

But Su Yu had no time to relax. The dark clouds in the sky gathered once again, releasing three bolts of lightning at the same time! Three bolts! It was trying to drive Su Yu to his death!


The remaining two divine artifacts were destroyed. All that was left was an unobstructed bolt of lightning, descending onto Su Yu!

At the critical moment, Su Yu fought through the pain and took out a spiritual ruler. It was the divine artifact Xin Wuhen had used to summon the souls of beasts! When the two collided, the soul of a beast flew out from the spiritual ruler, pouncing at the lightning. The two of them canceled each other out. The beast was destroyed by the lightning; the spiritual ruler also split into two halves with a crack. The spiritual ruler was destroyed!

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu manically forced the crystals to fuse. But the dark, scattering clouds grouped together once again! Furthermore, it harbored yellow lightning, its power far greater than before. It had an electrifying energy, its destructive capabilities alarming!

As he observed this scene, Su Yu’s killing intent shot through the roof. He noticed a familiar aura within the lightningHeavenly Wrath!

The heavens were stopping him from stepping into the level of Heaven Master! It looked like the Pure Divine Decree Su Yu had cultivated back then, the Heavenly Eyes, had angered the ruler of the other world, and Su Yu was now facing this great obstacle as a result.

A rebellious intent rose within him. He clenched his teeth, the fire and ice origins from his body welling out together.


With an earth-shaking roar, a 50-zhang thick lightning dragon descended and charged toward Su Yu who was under the ocean. The fire and ice origins turned into two-ten zhang pillars of light, rising into the sky toward the lightning dragon.

The collision was silent. The lightning dragon shrunk in size, but the power of the two origins was devoured by the lightning dragon that harbored Heavenly Wrath! The will of heaven that was determined to stop Su Yu from breaking through was incredibly strong.

As if sensing the crisis, the crystal of vital energy from the armor quickly released a large amount of vital energy, utilizing 30 percent of its vital energy in an instant! A half-zhang thick light shield enveloped Su Yu’s body.


With the furious crash of the lightning dragon, Su Yu seemed to have taken a fierce blow. His body was like a cannonball, being shot to the depths of the ocean floor. A metallic taste rose in his throat as his organs felt as though they had flipping in his body.

Many of his bones also showed signs of being fractured, and the crystals in his Dantian nearly shattered under the violent tremble. Su Yu quickly protected his Dantian without saying a word and gathered the scattering crystals together once again. But at that moment, an opening was once again visible in the chest area of the protective veil! The ever-present lightning entered through the opening.

Boom, boom

Destructive blasts erupted from within the armor. Su Yu’s flesh was already bloodied and burned, but his body now started to rot after being struck once again, his injuries deep enough to show bone.

These were merely external injuries, but the overbearing lightning from the Heavenly Disaster did not stop there. Instead, it entered Su Yu’s body and continued on its path of destruction, destroying everything it passed! Booms were heard from within his body, his flesh splitting open with every sound.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu was on the brink of death! His consciousness grew hazy, his soul trembling violently.

At this moment, the Nine-Dragon Cauldron started shaking, spilling out ten drops of red liquid. The White Dragon that had been crystalized one-third of the way instantly became crystalized one-third more!

The rest of the red liquid entered Su Yu’s bloodstream. Suddenly, the overbearing bolts of lightning grew as tame as a mouse facing a cat. Wherever they passed, the violent bolts of lightning from the Heavenly Disaster became tamer. It was as if the red liquid was a ruler demanding authority over them.

In the blink of an eye, the red liquid had passed through every part of Su Yu’s body. His destroyed body was being regenerated at a visible rate. His skin recovered in an instant. It was as if he had not suffered a single injury.

Finally, the last of the red liquid seemed to have sensed something, flowing toward Su Yu’s Dantian. With its nourishment, the shattering crystals started to gather once again.

A moment later, the shards had gathered to form a thumb-sized crystal silently revolving within the Dantian. The crystal was a sign of a Heaven Master!

A comfortable feeling coursed through Su Yu’s body. Feeling the strong ripples of spirit energy in his Dantian, Su Yu’s body was filled with an unimaginable power! He felt capable of facing off against a Human King fightereven without relying on his physical strength.

Surveying the surroundings and noticing the rubble that had entered the ocean with him, Su Yu had a look of hatred in his eyes! If he was not in possession of multiple divine artifacts, plus the armor he had obtainedin addition to the help from the Nine-Dragons Cauldron at the critical momenthe would have died there and then!

Hatred welled up in his chest. Su Yu took to the skies, breaking past the surface of the water.

The scattering dark clouds gathered once again! Green lightning, far more horrifying than the yellow lightning, was brewing!

“Begone!” Su Yu shouted.

He had a decisive look in his eyes. He opened his mouth and took in a breath of spirit energy. A 10,000-zhang “Bing” appeared!

The destructive soundwave charged into the dark clouds. The gathering clouds shook under the might of the giant soundwave and were destroyed along with the brewing lightning bolt!

Far away, at the island of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds, two figures stared in shock at this scene. “The Heavenly Disaster has been dispersed!”

But at that moment, the dark clouds started to form once again.

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold. He retrieved his silver bow. It had been 80 percent refined and was almost able to unleash its full power! As he pulled back the bow, a three-inch-long arrow of spirit energy appeared.

Su Yu let go. A green arrow of lightning pierced through the dark clouds, and the clouds of disaster dispersed once again.

But the Heavenly Disaster seemed intent on destroying Su Yu. The clouds gathered again just as quickly as they had dispersed. But another arrow of spirit energy pierced through the dark clouds once again!

There seemed to be a furious roar coming from the other world. The dark clouds gathered again, faster than ever! Su Yu did not hesitate, shooting out an arrow and scattering the dark clouds. His face was laced with an icy killing intent.

“I’ll destroy every cloud of disaster that appears!” he declared. “I would love to see what you can do about that!”

The dark clouds continually gathered, but each time they were blasted away by Su Yu. It lasted nine rounds before finally, the lightning no longer gathered again. But from the sky came a bolt of icy killing intent, piercing through Su Yu. The power of the killing intent seemed to have come from the entire world itself; it was laced with the power of the heavens.

Su Yu did not fear it. Looking up in the direction of its source, he let out a cold laugh and said, “What are you looking at? No matter who you are, I will destroy you the day I step into heaven!”

Su Yu had seen through so-called “heaven” after he experienced the Heavenly Disaster that came along with the Heavenly Eyes. There was no such thing as heaven. There was only the figurehead of heavena race that lorded over the human race. They called themselves heaven and suppressed the breakthroughs of the masses, treating the people of the Zhenlong Continent like pets they reared. If any humans were not subservient to them, they would punish them using the power of lightning.

Why would Su Yu fear such a heaven?

As if replying to Su Yu’s challenge, a more intense bolt of killing intent descended suddenly.

Su Yu let out a cold laugh. “What else can you do other than stare at me? A bunch of trash!”

If those people could kill Su Yu, they would have done it a long time ago. Why wait until now?

Ignoring the killing intent, Su Yu turned to face the other direction, searching for a quiet place to consolidate his cultivation level. He wanted his condition to recover over these five to six days before he made his way to the island of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds.


Su Yu had not yet descended to the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds when a figure of light made its way toward him. It was Gang Dalei. This man had always been quite straightforward and had helped Su Yu along the way.

Gang Dalei laughed, stepping forward and patting Su Yu on the shoulder. “As expected, you have broken through to Heaven Master,” he said.

Su Yu let out a humble chuckle. “This is all due to your help, allowing me to find enough Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

Gang Dalei laughed. “You need not be humble. The power of your breakthrough a few days ago was extraordinary. I was truly in awe.”

Su Yu was shocked. “A few days ago? I broke through half a month ago Was there someone else who broke through here a few days ago?”

Su Yu had noticed that Gang Dalei had an intelligent glint in his eyes unlike the crass version of him he once was. It was clear that Gang Dalei was not as boorish as he seemed.

Hearing this, Gang Dalei had a weird glow deep in his eyes, but his expression was that of surprise. “Was it not you?” he said. “What a coincidence. I thought it was you!”