The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion

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After shrugging his shoulders, Gang Dalei said, “All right, the old bastard is waiting for you.”

Under Gang Dalei’s guidance, Su Yu landed on top of a giant rock. Apart from the sloppy old man, there were two young men present, who wore ancient clothes, with a Qin character embroidered on their collar bands.

“Little brat, you are finally here. Let’s not waste anymore time, and we shall set off now,” the sloppy old man commanded, not even taking time to exchange greetings. He only looked at Su Yu profoundly, revealing an unfathomable smile, before he swept everyone along and set off.

When Su Yu reacted, he was already atop a white cloud, which was flying at a shocking and unusual speed. The speed of the white cloud was so fast, that it caused everyone to click their tongues. It was as if they had really travelled ten thousand miles in an instant!

What shocked Su Yu was that, when he was swept into the cloud, he actually did not react at all! The Fairy Realm was so frightening, that the Immortal Realm could not surpass it.

After calming down, among the two young men with their collar bands embroidered with a Qin character, one of them who was young and aged around nineteen years old, and he examined Su Yu fastidiously, and whispered softly, “You are the Black Snow Devil King, who we have waited half a month for painstakingly? Humph, your abilities are normal. However, you are very snobbish.”

The cloud was merely tens of Chinese feet big, and even the softest whispering could be heard. Hence, it was clear that the young man was saying it for Su Yu to hear.

Su Yu turned his head, as he swept his eyes past the young man slowly. The young man looked normal, and his forehead had had a tumor on it since his birth, which looked like a green horn.

After glancing sideways at him, Su Yu withdrew his gaze, as if nothing had happened. He then started to think without answering him.

“What kind of expression is that?” At once, the green-horned young man became displeased. In his eyes, Su Yu’s expression was extremely arrogant.

Not only did Su Yu not answer, he closed his eyes. Having seen that, the young man was furious, fuming, “Do you think that you are someone extremely powerful?”

The sloppy old man, who was by the side, hid within the cloud, sleeping soundly. As for the other side, Gang Dalei, whose whole body was enshrouded by light, seemed as if he were meditating, and so, he did not stop them either.

Only the twenty-five-year-old young man beside the green-horned young man frowned and berated, “Shut up!”

The green-horned young man became stunned at once. Although he looked at Su Yu furiously, he did not dare continue talking.

“You must be the famous Black Snow Devil King. Rather than hearing about you, it is indeed better for us to meet. I am Qin Jiuyang, and this person is a younger brother of my clan, Qin Yushan. If he has offended you, please forgive him.” The speaker, Qin Jiuyang, was a handsome person. His whole body was filled with a manly aura, and he was also a modest person.

Even though he was in the realm of Half God, he still apologized to others. From that, it could be seen that he was open-minded.

Su Yu opened his eyes, then cupped his fists, saying, “Mister, you flatter me. Compared to the Qin family of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, who is a wandering martial artist like me?”

Qin Yushan was shocked. As for Qin Jiuyang, he wore an interested expression, as he said, “I am indeed from the Qin family of the Eight Great Ancient Clans. Brother Black Snow has good judgment.”

Su Yu laughed indifferently, “A genius of Half God with the surname Qin. Apart from the Eight Great Ancient Clans, I cannot think of any other forces that could nurture such outstanding talents.”

In actual fact, Su Yu was a bit shocked. He was actually going on a journey with the Eight Great Ancient Clans, so he was a bit surprised.

Qin Jiuyang paid this no attention, and laughed freely, “I hope that we could help one another in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

“Mister Qin should be the one to guide and support me,” Su Yu said modestly, as he closed his eyes.

Qin Jiuyang smiled, and did not continue talking.

“Brother Jiuyang, why did you stop me just now? This person considers everyone to be beneath his notice. Hence, why did you treat him nicely?” Qin Yushan asked secretly, as he felt indignant.

Qin Jiuyang answered nonchalantly, “Never judge a person by his appearance. If you underestimate him, you will suffer losses in the end! Since this person has been chosen by Elder Jiu to carry out that task, he must have his own strengths. Hence, it is really very foolish of you to provoke him for no reason! Moreover, talking from instinct’s point of view, although your cultivation is above him, if both of you really fought, you might not be able gain a lot of benefits from his hands.”

Qin Yushan laughed sardonically, “Brother Jiuyang, aren’t you boosting his morale and reducing your own courage? Although I am foolish, I have gone through the best training since I was young, and I have also fought countless life and death battles. No matter how weak I am, I am not someone who can be compared with a random, average guy.”

Qin Jiuyang frowned, and did not attempt to continue in persuading this younger brother of his clan. Qin Jiuyang understood well that, for this younger brother of his clan, when talking about natural endowments, within the whole Qin family, apart from him, no one else could compare with this younger brother.

Although this younger brother of his clan was a Human King, he had the experience of fighting a Half God, and had also exchanged a few moves with them. Among the Human Kings of the same generation within the clan, no one could match him. Hence, he felt arrogant. If he did not get the daylights beaten out of him, he would not learn anything. As a result, it was meaningless to continue talking now.

After a few days.

The white cloud swept past millions of miles of land, then descended upon an extremely precipitous barren mountain in the middle continent. The mountain was unusually steep, and its body was slanted, as if it were about to collapse at any time.

Layers of white clouds surrounded the area halfway up the mountain. If one were to look down, he would realize that he was atop a ten thousand Chinese feet tall steep cliff.

At that moment, strange giant birds whistled past. Gang Dalei, who was training, responded to the giant birds by suddenly having the feeling of one who is just waking up. He then grinned, “We are finally here. Damn it, even my buttocks feels numb.”

The group of them jumped down in succession. Gang Dalei then carried the tipsy sloppy old man down, throwing him onto the ground casually!

“Ouch! You ought to be hacked into pieces!” the sloppy old man exclaimed, grumbling at the immediate pain. His tipsy feeling disappeared completely, and he opened his mouth to properly berate Gang Dalei.

Gang Dalei gave a hum furiously, “Old bastard, cut the crap. Activate the spell to let us enter quickly.”

The sloppy old man glared at Gang Dalei ruthlessly, while rubbing his now bruised buttocks. He then weaved signs with one hand, and struck the void in front of him.

The void, which clearly had nothing, fluctuated suddenly, and a purplish golden big door filled with charms appeared silently. The door emitted an extremely ancient aura, and a feeling of many years having passed since the primeval ages could be felt.

The sloppy old man’s expression turned slightly serious, as he said, “I can only open this door for five breaths’ time. The four of you must enter within that five breaths’ time.”

Su Yu was shocked. With the power of the Fairy Realm, he could only hold the door for five breaths’ time? The sloppy man put down his wine calabash. He had a strict and serious expression. A lump of shocking vital energy then came out from his body with a whooshing sound, which then became a pair of giant hands that pushed open the purplish golden door in front of him.


The purplish golden door opened up a bit, and a lump of spiritual energy, which was three times thicker than the outside world, blew against everyone.

“Go in quickly!”

When the door was opened, only one person could enter at a time. The sloppy old man’s face turned red, showing that it was extremely strenuous to keep the door open. The expressions of the four of them turned cold, and they entered the door in succession with a flash. Lastly, it was the sloppy old man’s turn, and he entered with a flash as well.

Without vital energy to keep the door open, the purplish golden door closed with a thumping sound, then immediately changed into nothingness after that. Su Yu only felt that something was revolving below his legs. He then staggered a bit, before landing on a chilly ground.

When he opened his eyes to take a look, they had appeared in a bronze giant public square! All sides of the public square contained statues of different shapes. The statues were all young people, who were not older than twenty-five years old. In particular, there was a fourteen-year-old young lady among them!

The statues were all emitting frightening auras, and they were minimally Human Kings. Moreover, a few of them had surpassed Human King, and they had faintly achieved the Fairy Realm! Also, uncoincidentally, that fourteen-year-old small girl was the one who had achieved the Fairy Realm.

Su Yu was shocked. As he stared at the hundreds of statues, he had a slight feeling that he was suffocating, as he said, “These statues are the strongest martial artists, who have appeared in the history of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Every statue represents the strongest martial artist of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion during that particular generation.”

Su Yu glared at that fourteen-year-old young lady, as he said in disbelief, “May I ask Elder Jiu, which generation does this fourteen-year-old girl belong to?”

The sloppy old man looked at the statue of the young lady, and he could not conceal the tiny bit of shock within his expression, as he answered, “She is the previous generation’s strongest martial artist.”

“Then, why have I never heard of our Zhenlong continent having such a talented and unmatched young lady?” Su Yu asked, as he could not understand.

The other three of them present also found this unbelievable. The young lady in front of them had actually achieved the Fairy Realm at the age of fourteen! What kind of frightening talents was that?

“Who told you that she was someone from the Zhenlong continent?” The sloppy old man’s eyebrows twitched, as he asked.

What? Su Yu and his group of people were shocked. If she were not someone from the Zhenlong continent, was she someone from Jiuzhou?

“That’s right. It is as you have all guessed. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion does not belong solely to our Zhenlong continent. This is actually Jiuzhou’s legacy! In every ten thousand years, a tiny bit of weak shadow would descend upon our Zhenlong continent. Hence, it is due to us being fortunate, that we have the chance to enjoy the legacy of Jiuzhou once!”

“The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion has descended hundreds of times in Jiuzhou. However, in the Zhenlong continent, it has only descended twice!” The sloppy old man had just revealed the innermost secret that was not known to anyone.

As the sloppy old man continued to speak, his expression turned solemn at once, “In our Zhenlong continent, because of the restriction of the universe, no one could make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was your only chance! The King of Darkness, who you are all familiar with, as well as the first Void World King, had both made their breakthroughs to the Fairy Realm in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Apart from that, throughout the ages, no one belonging to the Fairy Realm was born in the Zhenlong continent. Hence, all of you should understand the significance of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion this time around.”

After hearing what was said, a few of those present started to breathe rapidly. This was the only chance to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm!

After thinking for some time, Su Yu said seriously, “Elder, if that is the case, we would definitely come across strong martial artists of Jiuzhou within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! May I know how strong they are? Is there anyone of the Fairy Realm?”

The sloppy old man laughed, “Good question! There are extremely high requirements to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Firstly, the person cannot be older than twenty-five years old. Next, his cultivation base must be below the Fairy Realm. Once he exceeds this limit, he would be transported out forcefully. Hence, all of you need not worry about there being strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

When everyone heaved a sigh of relief, the sloppy old man laughed all of a sudden, then said, “However, within the hundreds of statues, if there is nothing unexpected, not a single genius of the current generation of the Zhenlong continent can defeat any of them.”

After hearing what was said, everyone’s expression changed slightly. Qin Yushan’s whole face was filled with dissatisfaction. Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei started to ponder in succession. As for Su Yu, he was staring at the hundreds of statues.

Every single one of them was the strongest martial artist who had participated in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! Their abilities had reached an extremely frightening level, and were incomparable to a normal martial artist of Half God. Since it was the sloppy old man who had said such words, his words must not be a lie.

At that moment, the space opposite them fluctuated, and seven figures appeared. They were the Seven Lords of Darkness!

Su Yu’s pupils turned serious, and he looked at the two persons at the first and second position! Bai Luo, and Shen Ying!

Bai Luo wore a green robe. He looked scholarly and refined. His whole body’s aura was concealed, and he looked like a normal person.

As for Shen Ying, he wore a red robe and emitted a strong aura. As soon as he appeared, he gave others an unusual feeling, which signified that he had appeared.