The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Heavenly Mysterious Battles

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His narrowed eyes suddenly discovered the presence of those opposite them. But his gaze only stopped at Qin Jiuyang’s body for a brief moment before he froze at sight of the sloppy old man.

“Oh?” he said. “Interesting. You are able to enter this area even without the King of Darkness helping you? Could it be that you have prepared a heaven-worshipping ceremony and entered here successfully through that?”

Bai Luo’s expression was calm, not humbling himself despite being in the presence of the old man. “Paying my respects to Elder Jiu,” he said.

The old man glanced at him, meaningfully saying, “Not bad. Merely a step away from the Fairy Realm. You are quite close to Long Wuxin of the Heavenly Law Alliance! Seize the opportunity in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion to break through. This way, you wouldn’t be letting down the King of Darkness, who has been meditating for 100 years.”

Hearing this, Bai Luo’s pupils dilated. No one knew whether the King of Darkness was dead or alive. The sloppy old man’s words implied that the King of Darkness was still alive.

With their gazes flickering, the Seven Lords of Darkness stood quietly to the side, not saying another word. Of the seven, Xia Jingyu looked at Su Yu with a little surprise.

Su Yu seemed to have the same feelings. Even though her face was hidden by the veil of water, it was as if he could feel her charitable smile. He returned the smile on the spot.

But his gaze did not shift from Bai Luo and Shen Ying! The two of them had deep animosity for Su Yu. They had not paid for what they had done!

It was at this moment that another ripple appeared in the space. It was a black-robed elder, bringing with him several people.

Su Yu was shocked. The black-robed elder was the first Void World Kingthe ancient fighter who had been freed from the tomb! Now, he was merely a corpse controlled by Long Juexin, using his powers as a Fairy Realm fighter to open the large door.

A string of powerful fighters entered. There were three juniors. One was a beautiful lady surrounded by an ice cold aura. Her beauty was otherworldly, but her eyes were merciless. If looks could have killed, she could have struck a man dead from 1,000 miles away. Her cultivation level was also terrifying, reaching the level of Half God. Furthermore, she was an above-average Half God!

Following her was a Human king fighter, his features similar to Long Feiyu, extremely handsome and charismatic.

Lastly, was Xianer. In the days since he’d last seen her, she had also broken through to Heaven Master. Her large eyes were currently surveying the surroundings. When she saw Su Yu and Lord Yi Yu, she waved her hands in surprise.

Long Juexin glanced over and noticed Su Yu’s presence, his eyes filled with a cold glow. But when he noticed the drunk, sloppy old man, his expression changed. Collecting himself, he paid his respects, “Paying my respects to Elder Jiu!”

The Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance had to lower his status before the sloppy old man.

The sloppy old man waved his hands. “You need not stand on ceremony. Focus on nurturing Long Wuxin down the right path.”

Long Juexin understood, silently walking back.


At this moment, space rippled once again. Another large group of figures entered. It was the Four Great Ancient Clans!

Other than the destroyed Tu clan and Yue clan, the Gui clan that had not arrived, and the Qin clan that came with Su Yu, the rest of the clans had all arrived. The Shi, Ming, Wan, and Li clansFour Great Ancient Clanshad arrived.

There were only a few seniors among them. The rest were the most exceptional disciples of the clan. Each clan had sent one disciple, and they were all Human King level fighters. There were no Half God level fighters.

At sight of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, the Seven Lords of Darkness all showed killing intent. The Empire of Darkness was not on friendly terms with the Eight Great Ancient Clans.

Space rippled again, and a mysterious man wrapped from head to toe in a purple robe stepped into space.

The sloppy old man squinted before he let out a dry laugh.

Su Yu’s heart moved as he silently watched the purple-robed man. The purple-robed man seemed to sense something, glancing in Su Yu’s direction. The vast arena turned darker in the blink of an eye.


The atmosphere could be described as friendly. Even the animosities of the past did not escalate in front of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Two days later, with a buzz, the surrounding area closed in.

The sloppy old man shone with a gold light. He surveyed the surroundings and declared, “The time period allowed for entering this space has closed. It looks like we are the only ones entering this Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

Su Yu creased his brows. The most powerful fighters of the continent had basically all arrived. Only the Gui clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans could not be found. How could they have not paid attention to such a grand affair?

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Space rippled once again. Strange, giant stone pillars suddenly appeared in the center of the field. The ground at the center of the stone pillars was surrounded with nine dragon-like pictures.

“Let’s make our way up the stone pillars,” said the sloppy old man. He waved his hand, bringing the three of them up on one of the stone pillars. But he remained on the ground, smiling as he looked up at them.

Long Juexin grunted. “The three of you should also occupy one stone pillar.

Long Wuxin, Long Feiting, and Qin Xianer flew up onto a stone pillar.

The rest of them observed the situation and understanding the rules, occupied one of the pillars.

The field seemed to have a certain sensory ability. Each powerhouse occupied one stone pillar, and it looked like there were multiple factions: the faction Su Yu was inthe same faction the Seven Lords of Darkness were inthe faction the Heavenly Law Alliance was in, the faction the Four Great Ancient Clans were in, and the faction the purple-robed man was in. There were five factions in total. Those that were on the stone pillars were the juniors. The accompanying seniors did not follow them up.

Suddenly, the five stone pillars circled the ground. The nine dragon pictures shuddered slightly, revealing words floating in midair.

“In Heavenly Mysterious Battles, each stone pillar has to do battle with the other four pillars. The intensity of the battle will determine where this space is transported to. The more intense battles will mean that the participating talents are more powerful, and the space will be transported to a place with richer materials and resources.”

“The nine dragon pictures under you will provide an appropriate reaction to the situation of your battles.”

“The records of your individual battles will also be used to rank you. Those that are in the top three can receive a middle-grade divine artifact that has not been refined. The person in second place can receive two artifacts. The person in first place will not only receive a middle-grade divine artifact but also a Heavenly Flower Liquid. It can erase the imprint of any divine artifact.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s pupils dilated. The divine artifact as a prize was already good enough, but the winner could also obtain a Heavenly Flower Liquid! The Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring in Su Yu’s hands had not been cleansed due to the lack of the 10,000 Soldier Liquid. If he could obtain the Heavenly Flower Liquid

But surveying the surroundings, Su Yu was a little discouraged. There were four Half Gods. It would be to obtain first place. Also, judging by their expressions, they were also moved by the prize for the first-place fighter!

The sloppy old man had a look of disdain. “The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion sure knows how to pick its rewards based on the area! The Heavenly Mysterious Battles in Jiuzhou rewarded its top three fighters with a high-grade divine artifact. The first-place fighter even received a half manufactured spiritual artifact!”

They were both attracted by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, but it was clearly not fair.

“The Heavenly Mysterious Battles begin now. You can choose which stone pillar you wish to do battle against.”

The atmosphere atop the stone pillars turned tense.

“Brother Jiuyang, let me go first!” Qin Yushan said with a glint in his eyes, raring to go.

Qin Jiuyang replied, “Which opponent are you going to choose from the stone pillars?”

Qin Yushan was very confident, shooting his gaze at the mysterious purple robed man. “I’ll battle him!”

Unexpectedly, Qin Jiuyang retorted without hesitation. “No!” he said. “He is extremely dangerous. Even I am not confident of winning against him.”

Qin Yushan’s expression changed. Just how powerful was this lone purple-robed man?

Shifting his gaze, Qin Yushan looked at the Heavenly Law Alliance. “I have long heard of the name of the Heavenly Law Alliance,” he said, pausing to give a cold laugh. “I can’t wait to see how far your abilities run!” He swept his gaze over the three of them before locking it on Long Feiting at the middle.

Qin Jiuyang nodded slightly. “You can try.”

With joy on his face, Qin Yushan pointed confidently at Long Feiting. “I am Qin Yushan. I wish to spar with you.”

Long Feiting did not expect anyone to challenge him. He froze for a moment before letting out a grunt. “I am Long Feiting. I will accept your challenge!”

Long Wuxin said without expression, “If you do not defeat someone of this caliber in ten moves, a heavy punishment awaits you!” This lady was harsh indeed.

Long Feiting’s heart shuddered, but he did not show any disrespect. He flew down from the stone pillars and landed on the ground in the middle of the five pillars.

Qin Yushan let out a cold grunt, propelling himself downward with a leg. The ground shook with his impact. Several cracks spread outward from where he landed.

Qin Yushan took out a Nine Jointed Leather Whip from behind his back. It was a middle-grade divine artifact that had been fully refined. It released a strong spiritual pressure.

“Make your move,” Qin Yushan said.

Long Feiting grunted as he folded out his Cosmos Fan, revealing a painting of picturesque scenery.


Qin Yushan was calm, injecting his spirit energy into his Nine Jointed Leather Whip. At that moment, the leather whip started to glow with a green light. It looked like a beautiful object made of jade.

The long whip crashed down. An afterimage undetectable by the human eye brought about a sharp explosion in the air. Its power was shocking, nearing that of a Half God! But his opponent, Long Feiting, was not flustered. He flicked his wrist gently. A giant mountain flew out from the Cosmos Fan. The mountain was lifelikeincredibly similar to the real thing.

A strange pressure suddenly descended. The ground on which Qin Yushan stood began to sink, and his face turned red. It was difficult to free himself from such a strange technique.

The confident Qin Yushan became furious, flicking the Nine Jointed Leather Whip with his palm as he let out a fierce shout. The whip that was heading toward Long Feiting changed its course, turning back to whip the giant mountain instead.

A loud boom erupted, and the giant mountain crumbled into countless shards of rock. But Qin Yushan had no time to relax. His opponent moved his Cosmos Fan once again, conjuring a long river that crashed down on Qin Yushan.

Qin Yushan’s resolve finally broke. “You are too arrogant!” he shouted. “Soaring Nine Dragons!”

Qin Yushan’s wrists contorted, writhing speedily in many directions. The whip in his hands spun like a spiraling dragon. A giant tornado rose with the whip, enveloping the long river and deflecting it away.

But at that moment, three giant mountains crashed down from the sky without warning.

The mountains came so suddenly that Qin Yushan was caught off guard, and he was suppressed by the three giant mountains in an instant. His face turned an ugly red, his body pressed to the floor, unable to move.