The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Fighting Against Bai Luo

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Actually, when Su Yu stamped on Lord Shen Ying with the flames of the Origin, there was no way for Lord Shen Ying to survive. Hence, the Seven Lords of Darkness did not take action.

Lord Shen Ying, who was ranked number two among the Seven Lords of Darkness, was killed just like that! The whole place was deathly silent.

Bai Luo’s expression turned gloomy, as he stated, “You have killed him.”

Su Yu raised his eyes indifferently. He looked at Bai Luo, face to face, with a delightful expression, instead of a fearful expression, as he said apathetically, “Yes, I have killed him, and I have killed him deliberately! If you wish to take revenge, you can find me anytime!”

His words, and the words that Bai Luo used to defend Shen Ying, took shape, competing with each other brilliantly.

Bai Luo’s expression became even gloomier, as he responded, “All right! I will take your life, later on!”

Su Yu had a calm expression. “I am ready any time,” he challenged.

“The Black Snow Devil King wins.”

After a voice was heard among the Tattoos of the Nine Dragons at the bottom, the fourth dragon was unsealed. Su Yu alone had unsealed three tattoos! At the same time, the golden dragon on top of his head changed from being three inches long to six inches long.

“Two consecutive wins. According to the rules, the Black Snow Devil King will step down for now. Another person from your stone pillar will fight the next person.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu flew back to the stone pillar. The way that everyone looked at Su Yu had indeed changed!

At that moment, not many people doubted his reputation of being the strongest martial artist, apart from the Half Gods. Ever since he had managed to kill Lord Shen Ying casually, which Human King could still fight him?

Qin Jiuyang’s pupils were filled with respect, as he said, “Brother Black Snow, you have hidden your abilities so deeply. You have actually managed to achieve the Fire Origin!”

The power of the Origin could cause considerable damage to Half Gods as well!

Su Yu smiled modestly. “I am just lucky,” he demured.

As for Gang Dalei, he laughed instead, saying, “He might have even achieved the Ice Origin.”

Although those words felt like mocking words, Qin Jiuyang’s heart felt chilly, as he kept those words in mind.

“Brother Gang, would it be me, or you?” Qin Jiuyang stopped thinking and asked.

According to the rules, Su Yu had won two matches. Hence, it was natural for them to have the authority to determine who should fight.

Gang Dalei laughed, as he wondered aloud, “Be it you or me, is there a difference? Our opponents are only those two people.”

As Half Gods, they would naturally not get down from their high horses to fight the Human Kings.

“If that is the case, I shall go,” Qin Jiuyang said, smiling as his gaze moved between both Long Wuxin and Lord Bai Luo. In the end, his gaze landed on Lord Bai Luo.

“I have heard that you have just made a breakthrough to Half God as well, which is similar to me. Hence, it is very fitting for me to fight you,” he said.

Bai Luo’s eyes brightened up. “This is what I have wished for as well!” he responded.

The two of them flew onto the public square. They stood a hundred Chinese feet away, looking at each other for some time.

“Qin Jiuyang.” Qin Jiuyang announced his name with seriousness.

Lord Bai Luo’s whole face was filled with indifference, as he addressed his opponent, “Jiuyang, please go ahead and attack. If you are able to last more than ten moves of mine, victory shall be yours.”

Qin Jiuyang’s eyebrows twitched slightly. However, he did not feel that he was being humiliated. Instead, since Lord Bai Luo had spoken as such, he must be very confident, with many cards to play.

“If that is the case, then I shall not stand on the ceremony,” Qin Jiuyang said, daring not to decline.

Clang, clang

Qin Jiuyang took down the jade hat on top of his head and his black long hair both hung down loosely and gently. Unconventional and unrestrained fierceness were then added to his refined and cultivated temperament at once.

He then took out an extremely long and thin hairpin from the jade hat in his hands. The hairpin looked extremely normal, however, after inserting spiritual energy into it, it released extremely strong spiritual pressure. Impressively, it was a first-rate, middle grade divine weapon.

“Be careful.,” Qin Jiuyang said, as he tossed the divine artifact on his palm into the sky.

At once, ninety-nine illusions of hairpins appeared in the sky! Every hairpin looked extremely real, and there was no difference between them and the real hairpin. The illusory hairpins also emitted a spiritual pressure that was not weak.

When Qin Jiuyang tapped his finger, the ninety-nine hairpins became like a pear blossom rainstorm, which covered the top of Bai Luo’s head. Those hairpins, which were difficult to differentiate between the real one and the fake ones, had astonishing power.

Su Yu was shocked. How could a divine artifact be used like this?

Bai Luo looked at the ninety-nine hairpins, which were shot toward him, calmly. He then commented to say, leisurely, “A decent divine artifact. Although the hairpins look like illusions, every single one of them is real! If I had treated a portion of them as illusions, I would have died tragically.”

After his speech, he extended a finger to draw a circle in front of him. After that, a shocking scene appeared…That circle generated a vortex, and the numerous hairpins, which had rained down from the sky, were all swallowed up by the vortex.

Qin Jiuyang’s expression changed. Not only did Bai Luo manage to see through the secret of the hairpins, he also managed to deal with them so easily! That strange circle actually swallowed all the hairpins directly.

“What kind of cultivation technique is this No, this is not a cultivation technique… This is a constitution! The constitution created by the innate space talent can swallow all creation!” Qin Jiuyang said seriously.

Bai Luo laughed, then spoke nonchalantly, “Your judgment is commendable. However, you are only half correct. My space constitution does not merely swallow things. It can also move things!”

Qin Jiuyang was stunned. His expression changed immediately, and he moved a hundred Chinese feet away from his original position!

Whiz, whiz, whiz

And the moment he left, a vortex appeared quietly behind him, then closed, shooting the numerous hairpins out from it as it did so!

That was Qin Jiuyang’s attack! Bai Luo had used his magical space powers to return his opponent’s attack!

Qin Jiuyang’s face turned serious, and he was about to take action. However, his expression changed abruptly again.

Without hesitation, he moved another thirty Chinese feet away! A vortex had appeared on his back. However, what came out was not a weapon, but Bai Luo’s palm!

When one observed carefully, he would discover that Bai Luo was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. From Qin Jiuyang’s angle, he would naturally be unable to notice that Bai Luo’s hands had been enshrouded by a vortex.

Su Yu was slightly shocked. He also possessed magical space powers. However, people had mistaken these as being innate space talents. At that very moment, when he saw Bai Luo personally, he realized how frightening the real innate space talents were!

He could even distort his body parts easily, transporting them to another space to attack. It was really extremely frightening.

“Oh? Your reaction is not too bad,” Lord Bai Luo commented, along with an apathetic laughter.

Qin Jiuyang felt even more stressed now. After thinking for some time, he sucked in some air, and said, “It seems like I can no longer hold back.”

He plugged out a long hair from his head, then wrapped it around his little finger. After that, Qin Jiuyang muttered extremely jerky words, again and again.

When the words left his mouth, Su Yu felt uneasy, as well as feeling a strong emotion of detest. Everyone on site revealed the same expression as well, but did not understand why they did so.

However, looking at Xia Jingyu, she waved her soft white hands, and a thin layer of rippling water covered her body. With naked eyes, one could see that, on the rippling water, waves were forming continuously, as if something invisible were attacking the rippling water.

After seeing Qin Xianer and Su Yu, Xia Jingyu passed on a message: “Among the Eight Great Ancient Clans, every clan had something that they were good at. The Yue clan specializes in controlling demonic beasts, and the Tu clan specializes in cleansing divine weapons. As for the Qin clan, they specialize in curse techniques.”

“The curse techniques do not originate from the Zhenlong continent. As for where they came from, that is in the process of being researched.”

As Su Yu admired Lord Yi Yu’s knowledge, he was also shocked. What were curse techniques?

As Qin Jiuyang recited his curse, the hair on his finger disappeared strangely, suddenly changing into nothingness! However, at that next moment, that hair actually re-appeared on Bai Luo’s little finger!

Bai Luo’s indifferent face finally changed slightly. Without thinking, he destroyed the hair into tiny pieces. However, a mark of the hair that had been wrapped around his little finger was left behind.

“A strange secret technique,” said Bai Luo, immediately stopping his underestimating of Qin Jiuyang. As he reacted, a vortex appeared at the bottom of Qin Jiuyang’s feet!

A lump of spiritual energy then shot out abruptly. The strange thing was that, Qin Jiuyang smiled, not even attempting to avoid the attack.

The bottom of his feet was shot at once. A groan could be heard, which signified that the bottom of his feet must have been pierced through.

However, Lord Bai Luo’s expression changed, and his face became a bit distorted. That was one caused by intense pain.

When he lowered his head to take a look at his wound, there was a bloody hole on his right leg’s sole, with the blood flowing out continuously. As for the sole of Qin Jiuyang’s leg, it was safe and sound!

Su Yu’s pupils shrank slightly. The curse technique’s strangeness was really impressive. It was evident that, the person who was injured moments ago, was Qin Jiuyang. However, his injuries were totally passed on to Bai Luo!

A tiny bit of furiousness appeared in his eyes, and Bai Luo gave a cold hum, admitting, “All right! I was careless! I shall not hold back anymore.”


At the space surrounding Qin Jiuyang, nine vortexes appeared abruptly, blocking off all paths of escape. Qin Jiuyang frowned slightly. Even though Lord Bai Luo knew that by injuring him, his injuries would be returned to him. Hence, what were the intentions of Bai Luo’s actions?

Bai Luo’s face turned cold. He took out nine dazzling fine steel needles from his chest, every needle being of the same level as a middle grade divine artifact! When he tossed the steel needles into the sky, weak space energy appeared around the nine steel needles, enshrouding them.

When the steel needles appeared again, they appeared in the nine Space Vortexes, which sealed Qin Jiuyang. The nine steel needles were shot out from nine different directions, desirous of piercing through Qin Jiuyang and killing him!

Bai Luo said coldly, “Every technique can only be used when the user is alive. If the user dies, the technique will be deactivated as well. Hence, if I kill you in an instant on the spot, the technique will be dispelled naturally, and your injuries will naturally not pass on to me!”

Qin Jiuyang’s pupils shrunk. It was obvious that his secret had been discovered.

“Stop, I…” Feeling that he would die, Qin Jiuyang surrendered on the spot.

However, Bai Luo’s eyes were filled with murderous intents. The steel needles were shot with a speed that was twice as fast, and it pierced through Qin Jiuyang’s heart, without giving him any opportunity to surrender!

It could be seen that Bai Luo was an extremely cruel and ruthless person! However, what caused Bai Luo’s expression to turn serious, was that the body of Qin Jiuyang, who he had killed, turned blurry, actually changing into a scarecrow the size of a palm! The nine steel needles had pierced through the scarecrow!

As for Qin Yushan, who was beside Su Yu, the scarecrow on his hands disappeared, replaced by Qin Jiuyang, who suddenly appeared from the void!

That was another kind of curse technique!

The fight between the both of them had caused Su Yu to widen his horizon. In particular, Qin Jiuyang’s curse techniques had caused everyone to be overwhelmed with admiration!

If the person, who had been trapped by the hair, did not possess the abilities to kill Qin Jiuyang instantly, he would probably be killed by Qin Jiuyang. Moreover, even if he could kill Qin Jiuyang instantly, Qin Jiuyang still had a puppet substitute, a strange technique that could save his own life.

Everyone on site then looked at Qin Jiuyang with fear! Even the way that Long Wuxin looked at Qin Jiuyang became filled with tiny bits of fear. Although Qin Jiuyang was defeated, no one dared question his fighting capabilities!

Of course, Bai Luo’s innate space talent was abnormal as well! In particular, he had unleashed nine Space Vortexes continuously, in order to seal his opponent. After that, since his opponent was unable to move, he used nine steel needles, which were divine artifacts, to kill his opponent.

If not for Qin Jiuyang’s magical power of substitution, which he had used to save his own life, the moment one was trapped, it would have been the same as having a death symbol imprinted upon him.

As this was exactly what was expected of strong martial artists of Half God, it was not good to provoke any of them!

“Lord Bai Luo wins.”

As for the Tattoos of the Nine Dragons on the ground, the fifth dragon brightened up abruptly. Moreover, at the top of Lord Bai Luo’s head, a six inches long golden dragon appeared.

“I have only unsealed one dragon?” Bai Luo revealed a thinking expression, and he was obviously not satisfied with the end result.

For the fight previously, looking at its level of intensity, it should have been way above Su Yu’s fight. However, what was unexpected, was that the end result was not satisfying.

A bright light flashed past the sloppy old man’s eyes, which he commented upon, saying, “Oh, the fifth dragon has been unsealed. Not bad, this is stronger than that time ten thousand years ago. After this, let’s see if the sixth dragon can be unsealed. Once it is unsealed, the resources found at the place, after being transported, can barely be compared to the resources of the geniuses in Jiuzhou. With this, there is then a possibility for a few of them to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm.”

The whispers in the public square ceased abruptly, as Bai Luo raised his head. After that, it was Bai Luo’s turn to pick his opponent! For those furtive space secret techniques, anyone who came across it would die!

“Bai Luo, how about a match with me?” Gang Dalei opened his eyes. The light on his body surface dispersed slightly, revealing his real body, faintly.

Even though Su Yu and Gang Dalei had known each other all this time, Su Yu had only just seen his incarnation, and had never seen his real body with his own eyes.

“Hehe! Your stone pillars have fought enough. It is time for us to fight.” Long Wuxin swept her cold eyes over him, not allowing for any explanations.

Bai Luo ignored the both of them, and his icy cold eyes looked at Su Yu directly, challenging, “Do you still think that you are lucky? Even without me reminding you, you should know that it’s time for you to come down!”

The person who he wanted to fight was no doubt Su Yu! Moreover, it was a fight with the intention to kill!

“Whom are you talking to?” Behind Bai Luo, a voice could be heard abruptly.

Bai Luo turned his head to take a look, and was slightly shocked. Su Yu was actually behind him!

When he looked at the Su Yu atop the stone pillar again, he turned blurry, and dispersed gradually. It was actually a fragmentary shadow!

“So fast!” The pupils of Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei shrank at the same time. Although they were beside Su Yu, they had not noticed Su Yu’s movements!