The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Ice And Fire Origins

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At once, the vortexes in front of Su Yu’s body exploded quietly, and a great amount of space energy overflowed.


Su Yu’s sleeves touched the space energy, and a shocking scene appeared. Those sleeves actually disappeared on the spot!

Yes. Completely disappeared! They did not merely turn into something else, like ashes, or nothingness. Instead, they just disappeared on the spot.

If the space energy had touched Su Yu’s body, there was no doubt that his body part would have been taken away by the space energy on the spot. As for the great amount of space energy which now remained, it was still more than enough to tear Su Yu into pieces, causing his corpse and bones to become nonexistent on the spot!

However, after exploding a vortex, Bai Luo gave a groan, and his expression was a bit pale. In such a dangerous situation, Su Yu would become even calmer. Without even thinking, he emitted cold energy casually, and attacked the vortex at the top of his head. It looked as if he wanted to break the vortex into pieces, in order to make his escape.

Bai Luo sneered, “If my Space Vortexes are destroyed so easily, the people defeated by me would feel it was unfair!”

However, that cold energy which had been shot into the vortex earlier, now disappeared, never to be seen again. Su Yu looked at all these changes, and understood.

He then weaved signs quickly, and said apathetically, “That might not be the case. There is a limit to how much energy the space can contain. As long as the power of the moves exhibited exceeds the amount of power that the vortex can withstand, the vortex will fall apart naturally!”

Bai Luo’s pupils shrank ferociously, and a tiny bit of shock flashed past his face. The people listening took notice of Bai Luo’s expression sharply, and so they understood immediately.

Su Yu was correct! Bai Luo’s move could indeed be broken.

“If the Space Vortex is so easy to break, do you think that I would wait for you to do it?” Bai Luo gave a hum apathetically.

Without thinking, Su Yu said coldly, “If I am not wrong, there is a limit to how much space energy you can exhibit. If all your space energy is used to create a vortex, perhaps only someone of the Fairy Realm can destroy the vortex. However, you have split your space energy into nines, and the space energy that every Space Vortex contains is ten times weaker. Hence, the power of a Half God should be able to destroy it.”

“Come out!” With this shout, Su Yu’s body glowed with a red light, and a reddish green clone appeared.

The clone’s whole body was filled with the extremely strong Fire Origin. Although it looked like it did not have any aura, it made everyone shudder with fear.

The palms of the bright red figure came together, and a fireball, which was spiraling rapidly, was created between the palms. The power of the Origin had come out!

Bai Luo had a slightly serious expression, as he said, “Although the Origin is strong, you are a bit too full of yourself, if you think that it can be used to destroy the Space Vortex!”

“I am here as well!” Su Yu said nonchalantly, ashe stood side by side with his clone. His fists came together, and a pale-colored ice ball, which was spiraling rapidly, was created as well.

“Humph! You have not achieved the Origin yet, and it will be useless against me”

“Is that so?!” Su Yu said apathetically. The Ice Divine Herb beside his Dantian released a huge amount of cold light abruptly.

The ice ball, which was spiraling between his palms, emitted a frightening aura at once! Its ripples swept past the middle of the public square, and the five stone pillars froze with a cracking sound. The expressions of the group of people atop the stone pillars changed greatly, and they used their spiritual energy to protect themselves.

“Ice Origin! His ice techniques have achieved the Origin as well!” Atop the stone pillars, sounds of people’s gaspings could be heard.

If a person wishes to hone an element to its highest level, thus achieving the Origin, he would need to put in a lifetime’s worth of effort, as well as a great amount of luck. However, the Su Yu in front of them, who was not older than seventeen years old, had successfully achieved two kinds of Origins! If news of this matter were to spread, it would definitely cause a mighty uproar in the Zhenlong continent.

Su Yu’s real body was the Ice Origin, and his clone was the Fire Origin. The two energy balls created by the Origins of two completely opposite elements respectively, were now spiraling rapidly.

“Go!” Su Yu shouted.

At once, the two energy balls revolved around each other, and were shot into the Space Vortex at the top of his head. The space within the Space Vortex responded by alternating between white and red in color. The two colors alternated continuously, and glowed quickly.

The whole Space Vortex shook continuously as well. Moreover, it expanded and contracted quickly, like a heart that was beating extremely fast!


Possessing the two energy balls of two completely opposite elements, the Space Vortex now disappeared on the spot. Having made an opening, Su Yu took advantage of the opportunity to escape, before those remaining space energies had the chance to splash onto him.


After the second Space Vortex was destroyed, the face of Bai Luo, who was already a bit pale, turned red. He then opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood.

However, it did not stop there. A sharp Ice Spear appeared below his feet abruptly.

Even though Bai Luo was injured, his reaction was still extremely fast, as he moved tens of Chinese feet away. However, even though he was still in the sky, all of a sudden, a fireball, which spiraled rapidly, rose up from the bottom!

Bai Luo’s expression changed. With a grab of his five fingers, the remaining seven Space Vortexes disappeared at once. The space energy within the Space Vortexes returned to his body instantly, was emitted quickly, and spread around his entire body’s surface. When that fireball struck the Space Vortex on his body’s surface, it disappeared.

However, when Bai Luo had just started to relax, a blood red ghost face rose from up the bottom, then moved to bite toward Bai Luo ruthlessly.

Bai Luo’s expression changed greatly, as he realized that there was actually a third attack happening! As he was taken by surprise, his small legs were bitten by the ghost face ruthlessly.


After giving a painful roar, part of the space energy on Bai Luo’s legs was swallowed up! Moreover, a small part of his flesh had been bitten off! That blood-colored ghost face was chewing the flesh greedily, and it was emitting a thick evil energy, too.

“Evil Ghost Energy!” Bai Luo’s face turned extremely gloomy. After he had stopped bleeding, he retreated a thousand Chinese feet away, and stood glaring at Su Yu with extreme hatred.

Everyone gasped coldly. It was actually the Black Snow Devil King, who now had the upper hand!

Long Wuxin frowned, commenting that, “All the moves of Black Snow Devil King are troublesome. Even normal Half Gods might die at his hands.”

Gang Dalei laughed loudly, adding, “Interesting. The Bloodline of the Evil Ghost of this brother of mine can swallow all the cultivation bases and flesh in the world. As Bai Luo’s space constitution is part of his bloodline, it can be suppressed by the Evil Ghost Energy.”

Su Yu withdrew his Bloodline of the Evil Ghost, and his crystal clear eyes could not help but reveal a tiny bit of evil energy, as he said, “This is nothing much. Are such abilities worthy enough, to dominate the Empire of Darkness and command the world?” His mocking words, which ignored his feelings, resounded across the open and spacious public square.

Then, Bai Luo flew into a rage, seething from shame! Bai Luo had come to a conclusion that, with his magical space powers, among the people on site, there would be no one of the same generation, who was sure that he could defeat Bai Luo. However, contrary to expectations, Su Yu suppressed him, making it difficult for him to unleash his full strength!

“Humph! Enough!” Bai Luo gave a cold hum, as he activated his space energy again.

With his Soul Eyes, Su Yu saw through all the changes in the surrounding area. He was able to find out which area’s space was unusual, with just a glance. Hence, before the Space Vortex could finish forming, he was able to avoid it.

And yet, the Half God’s ability to sense the universe was very advanced. Hence, Bai Luo could feel Su Yu’s attack frequently, beforehand, and thus, avoid it in time.

The both of them pursued and escaped from one another, their figures interlocking. Ice Origin, Fire Origin, and magical space powers all clashed in a small environment, extremely, and intensely. However, both of them could not do anything to one another!

Qin Yushan looked at Su Yu with respect, now convinced from the bottom of his heart. As such, he could not help but ask, “Brother Jiuyang, if you were to fight with Su Yu, how confident are you that you would win?”

“How confident am I?” Qin Jiuyang talked to himself now. If it were moments ago, Qin Yushan would ask how many moves of Qin Jiuyang’s could Su Yu withstand. However, at the very moment, Qin Yushan was asking if Qin Jiuyang had any chances of winning, were he to stand before Su Yu.

“Lose more, and win less.” After thinking for some time, Qin Jiuyang said those five words slowly.

Surprisingly, Qin Yushan did not rebut against him, but nodded his head instead, conceding that, “The Black Snow Devil King is indeed unusually strong.”

At that very moment, the both of them had exchanged over a hundred moves. Between the both of them, none of them could completely overpower the other person.

Then, suddenly, a voice could be heard at the bottom of the public square…