The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Physical Body Of A Fairy Realm

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“100 moves are over,” read the words floating in midair. “This match is considered a draw. Please withdraw.”

The two engaged in battle were not surprised, naturally retreating to their stone pillars. Half of the sixth dragon-shaped tattoo under their feet lit up. The two of them had clashed for a long time, but only half of the sixth tattoo had been illuminated, much to the surprise of everyone present.

“This battle is already at a higher standard than a battle between two Half Gods,” Long Feiting exclaimed in shock, “but it is only enough to cause half the tattoo to light up. Could there be an error in the sensors?”

Beside him, Long Wuxin’s eyes were trained on Su Yu. “That’s not the case. We can see that based on the transformations above their heads.”

The six-inch-long gold dragon on Su Yu’s head instantly doubled in size, reaching 15 inches in length. Its body sparkled in gold, splendid to the eye.

On the other side, Bai Luo’s dragon also grew by nine inches, reaching 15 inches in length. “The increase in the size of the dragon was far greater than after the battle with Qin Jiuyang,” he said, “which indicates that the battle was much more intense. It is not a sensing error. Instead, it just means that opening the sixth door is much more difficult than we imagined.”

The sloppy old man’s eyes had a bright glow. “The abilities of this generation of fighters are much stronger than the generation 10,000 years ago. Only a few battles in, and these martial artists have already managed to open half of the sixth tattoo. Based on this trend, it might be possible for them to open the sixth tattoo.”

Long Juexin was shocked. His gaze was filled with caution as he looked at the Black Snow Devil King. This person had hidden a powerful set of abilities. It was unexpected indeed. Thinking back to that day at the Heavenly Law Alliance, he now realized that if he had really attacked Su Yu, he might not have been able to neutralize Su Yu.

“The two shall retreat,” read the words in midair. “Based on the rules, a draw means that both parties have lost their challenging rights. The stone pillar that has been in the fewest battles shall send a representative to challenge an opponent.”

Up till now, only the purple-robed man and the people from the Four Great Ancient Clans had not been in combat.

Speedily, a person flew down. He had long green hair, and his eyes were unusually small. It was a genius from the Shi clan. He had the aura of a powerful Human King, and his abilities were no weaker than those of Long Feiting.

He surveyed the surroundings. When he scanned past Su Yu, he immediately looked away without hesitation. Even though the Black Snow Devil King had taken the treasure of the Shi clan during the wedding, he had no intention of fighting him. The Human Kings already categorized Su Yu as operating on the level of a Half God fighter.

Finally, his gaze landed on Qin Yushan. He had just opened his mouth when the court issued a warning: “The person who is issuing a challenge for the first time cannot choose someone who has been defeated.”

After these words were said, the green-haired man’s expression turned ugly. He started once again to choose someone who was relatively weaker. His gaze finally landed on the person ranked seventh of the Seven Lords of Darkness, Lord Yi Yu.

“You!” he shouted. “Come down and battle me!”

The Seven Lords of Darkness looked amused. Yi Yu let out a faint laugh before floating down from the stone pillar. Her figure was elegant, and her movements were grateful.

“All right, then,” said Lord Yi Yu. Her clean hands each formed a seal, preparing for the battle. “Strike.”

“I am Shi Jie,” said the green-haired man. “Pardon me for offending you.”

Shi Jie had just finished his words when his figure disappeared into thin air. Not many could capture Shi Jie’s actions.

“What fast movement techniques!” said Long Wuxin, wearing a look of admiration as he stood atop the stone pillar. “He lives up to the reputation of the Shi clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans. His mastery over movement techniques is unrivaled.”

The rest of the fighters gave exclamations of shock. Even Su Yu was a little surprised. He could only see a blurry, jade-colored afterimage despite using his Soul Eyes. Shi Jie’s speed may have triumphed even the Half Gods present here. When comparing movement techniques alone, he might have been ranked first.

In the blink of an eye, the 100-zhang distance between them had been closed. Xia Jingyu, also known as Lord Yi Yu, had virtually zero time to react. Her hands were still in the position of her initial seals. All that could be heard was Shi Jie’s low grunt as he said, “It’s over.”

A palm shot out from thin air, chopping down on Yi Yu’s neck. But at this moment, Yi Yu’s lips formed a faint smile, her fingers shifting in rapid succession. The water vapor around her body suddenly thickened, forming multiple water dragons that entangled her unguarded opponent.

Shi Jie was shocked. He formed new seals without hesitation and somehow managed to use his movement techniques to avoid the entanglement of the water dragons. But Yi Yu had already formed new seals in negligible time. A veil of water descended from the sky, turning into a cage as it slammed toward Shi Jie.

Yi Yu did not give Shi Jie any time to react before she unleashed another attack. Shi Jie’s expression changed as he reacted instinctively to defend himself against the first attack. As he defended against it, ten different attacking techniques charged toward him from multiple directions.

Shi Jie was flustered and blasted away at them. But it was not over. Nearly 20 attacks descended on him once again.

The entire arena was filled with Yi Yu’s attacks. The glow of the water reflected in all directions, surprising many.

Shi Jie turned pale, his skin crawling. “I admit defeat!” he quickly cried.

His figure flashed and was sent back to his stone pillar.

“Lord Yi Yu is victorious,” announced the words of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

A five-inch-long gold dragon appeared above Yi Yu’s head. It was a battle nearing the level of a Half God. The Seven Lords of Darkness all snickered and commented among themselves. “Interesting. You had to choose Yi Yu out of all the people you could have chosen! Other than Bai Luo, no one amongst the Seven Lords of Darkness can stand up against her.”

Everyone present was shocked. The horrifying speed at which she had formed her sealsas well as the ability to use 30 different techniques in such a short span of timeawed them all.

Yi Yu surveyed the surroundings, her gaze falling on Long Wuxin. “We are both female cultivators. Let us spar.”

Long Wuxin was the female genius touted as the one nearest to the Fairy Realm. She had a look of interest as he said, “I might not have had any interest if it was someone else challenging me, but you are interesting, indeed.”


Long Wuxin had been sitting still, but in the next moment, she was already standing in front of Yi Yu with her arms behind her. Her long robe billowed, devoid of wind. An unprecedented, powerful aura suddenly welled outward from her body. She was like an emperor that had descended upon this world.

“Strike,” she said. “I’ll give you three seconds.”

Yi Yu’s expression was calm. “Three seconds is enough to determine the victor.”

Yi Yu formed seals with both hands, once again using that godly speed, shocking everyone in the arena with her countless attacking techniques. In just three seconds, there were 90 techniques all over the arena. They were comprised of countless varieties of attacks, dizzying to the eye, filled with shocking power. Amongst the attacks were even some Stage Three immortal-level techniques!

All 90 attacks shot out at the same time. It was equivalent to 90 Human Kings attacking at once. Even Bai Luo, Qin Jiuyang, and Gang Dalei, spectating from atop their stone pillars, felt shocked. Even they would have some difficulty defending themselves against such an attack.

But Long Wuxin was calm. Battle intent circled in her eyes. A blurry shadow suddenly appeared behind her, taking the shape of a giant chest.


The chest opened, and a blinding gold glow filled the surroundings. A boundless powerful aura billowed out of the chest. Its destructive power, radiating into the surroundings, was enough to make one’s skin crawl. Even Su Yu felt a little pain in his soul when he looked at it with his Soul Eyes. But despite the blur, Su Yu could see clearly what was happening within the chestthere were countless divine artifacts inside! More than 1,000 divine artifacts filled every corner of the chest!

Yes, more than 1,000 divine artifacts!

“Kill!” Long Wuxin commanded, pointing out a finger.

Several hundred glimmering divine artifacts flew out of the chest. Each of them was filled with a startling battle ability. With a sweep, Yi Yu’s 90 attacks instantly scattered!

Yi Yu’s face turned pale as she looked at the shimmering chest. She could not help but offer praise. “It is rumored that the Heavenly Law Alliance has an ancient chest able to store divine artifacts that had appeared during the millennia,” she said. “But the ancient chest possesses a powerful intelligence. It’s said that it cannot be tamed by anyone. To think that you have successfully controlled it.”

The sloppy old man also had a gleam in his eye. “Wow. Even Fairy Realm fighters like us might not be able to control that thing, but this lass has managed to tame it despite only being a Half God!”

If news of this spread, it would shake the continent. A divine artifact that even Fairy Realm fighters could not control What level was that artifact?

The hearts of all the geniuses present shivered when they faced the absolute pressure brought about by the ancient chest.

“I have lost,” Yi Yu said as she gave a polite smile. She elegantly returned to the stone pillar.

A ten-inch dragon instantly appeared above Long Wuxin’s head! Su Yu’s dragon had only reached 15 inches after three battles, but Long Wuxin had reached that length with just one battle. Her battle ability was nothing to be looked down on. But the tattoos under their feet did not move much, maintaining the level of being half awakened. There needed to be a greater challenge if they wanted to fully awaken the tattoo!

Long Wuxin looked at the mysterious, purple-robed man and said almost absent-mindedly, “You. The purple-robed man over there. Come down. Only you can battle me out of everyone present.”

This person had not yet fought. Even his name was a mystery.

“I admit defeat!” he said, admitting defeat without hesitation.

“Bai Qi admits defeat,” announced the pavilion. “Long Wuxin is victorious.”

Long Wuxin’s golden dragon grew three inches longer.

“Next, the stone pillar that has not engaged in combat shall come down and do battle.”

Out of the five stone pillars, only the stone pillar of the purple-robed man, Bai Qi, had not done battle. He did not have the chance to admit defeat this time.

“Since I have no choice but to attack, I shall give it a try,” said Bai Qi. He let out a sigh, flying down rather casually. He pointed toward Bai Luo. “Come down.”

Bai Luo’s expression fell. This person did not have the guts to battle Long Wuxin, yet had chosen to challenge him. To Bai Luo, this was clearly a slight to his abilities.

“All right, I’ll fight you!” Bai Luo said, and he flew down.

His feet had just landed when a space vortex appeared behind Bai Qi. An unexpected fist stuck out from the vortex, launched toward his body.

The attack was awkward, sudden, and incredibly merciless. But Bai Qi seemed to have anticipated this. He did not move. Instead, his lips formed a cold, mocking smile.


Bai Luo had succeeded in his sneak attack, mercilessly crashing onto Bai Qi’s back. A huge thud could be heard, followed by a dull grunt!

But Bai Qi was still standing at his original position, not moving an inch. The person in retreat was Bai Luo!

A streak of blood fell from Bai Luo’s lips. His eyes squinted to slits as he exclaimed in shock, “Your body impossible! Unless you are a fighter of the Fairy Realm!”

Bai Qi grinned scornfully. “You won’t know for sure until you try again.”

His body turned into a purple afterimage, attacking Bai Luo with his physical strength alone.