The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Snatching The Golden Dragons

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Bai Luo’s expression changed, and he did not dare be careless. He withdrew the space energy that he had released into his body, thus creating a giant Space Vortex on his body’s surface. That was Bai Luo’s trick to protect himself, and as such, he could be said to be undefeatable.


However, a purple fragmentary shadow soon came. As it touched the Space Vortex, the Space Vortex was annihilated, after only being able to hold out for a short time. A dark palm then attacked Bai Luo’s chest mercilessly.


Sounds of bones breaking could be heard abruptly! Bai Luo opened his eyes wide, spit out blood wildly from his mouth, and his body flew out of the public square, like an incomplete thread.

The sloppy old man’s gaze turned serious, as he waved his big sleeves to catch Bai Luo, who was still flying. His old pupils were glowing with surprise, and he stared at Bai Qi, asking in a deep voice, “Are you someone from the Zhenlong continent?”

His speech caused the whole place to be terrified. For such words to come out from his mouth, it meant that the purple-robed man in front of them was a strong martial artist, who was at the same level as the sloppy old man!

Bai Qi laughed, replying, “I am not interested in a bleak and desolate place like the Zhenlong continent. Don’t worry.”

The sloppy old man’s eyes glowed again, as he sat down, saying, “I hope so.”

Everyone was shocked by how strong Bai Qi was. As for Su Yu, he could confirm that this strong martial artist of Half God level, whose body was unreasonably strong, was none other than the Ghost King!

When he recalled that he was pursued by the Ghost King, Su Yu could not help but tell himself that he was lucky. The Ghost King’s abilities were more frightening than he had expected.

By accident, Su Yu touched the Cosmos Mirror in his chest subconsciously. Within the Cosmos Mirror, laid a bloody arm.

“It seems like not using this arm of the Ghost King was the wisest decision!” Su Yu said secretly.

Although he had made an agreement with the Ghost King to work together, Su Yu was still extremely wary of him. Hence, how could Su Yu use his arm recklessly? If Su Yu had no guarantee that he could suppress the Ghost King, he would absolutely not try to use that arm.


Suddenly, a fourteen inch-long golden dragon appeared at the top of Bai Qi’s head! As for the dragon-shaped tattoo below his feet, the sixth tattoo, which was not yet unsealed, glowed abruptly! Moreover, even half of the seventh tattoo was triggered! His fight had actually resulted in such an effect!

At thst very moment, an indistinct voice could be heard in the public square: “The sixth layer of space has been unsealed. The Mysterious Heavenly Battles shall come to an end.”

The sudden voice caused the whole place to be stunned.

“Why did it end? We have not had any duels!” More than fifty percent of the people on site had not fought even once yet, so no one had foreseen that the Mysterious Heavenly Battles would end so abruptly.

The sloppy old man reacted, his face turning serious at once. “Humph! Do you think this is fair? In the Mysterious Heavenly Battles in Jiuzhou, everyone had the chance to duel with everyone else on site, to ensure that the dragon-shaped tattoo is unsealed to the maximum,” he commented.

“However, in the Zhenlong continent, the duels were stopped forcefully once the sixth tattoo was unsealed, in fear of the people of the Zhenlong continent’s using even more of their resources!”

The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion seemed as if it was influenced by someone, which resulted in it being extremely unfair to both sides. Looking at the current situation, if they had continued to fight, it might even be possible for the seventh dragon-shaped tattoo to be unsealed.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard in the public square again: “Since six tattoos have been unsealed, everyone can be transported up to the sixth level. Now, we shall confirm the situation of every stone pillar.”

“First stone pillar, twenty inches.”

The stone pillar, which had accumulated the most golden dragons, was naturally the Seven Lords of Darkness. Bai Luo himself had fifteen inches, and Lord Yi Yu had obtained five inches. In total, they had accumulated twenty inches.

“Second stone pillar, sixteen inches.”

That was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s accumulation. Long Wuxin had obtained thirteen inches from two matches. Moreover, Long Feiting had defeated Qin Yushan, in order to obtain another three inches. Hence, they had a total of sixteen inches.

“Third stone pillar, fifteen inches.”

Su Yu alone had obtained fifteen inches. Qin Jiushan was defeated in his fight, and Su Yu had won three consecutive matches. Hence, their ranking was as such.

“Fourth stone pillar, fourteen inches.”

Bai Qi had obtained fourteen inches with one match.

“Fifth stone pillar, zero.”

The Four Great Ancient Clans had merely fought one match. Moreover, since they lost the match, it was natural for them to be at zero.

“In view of that fact that many people on site have yet to fight, for fairness, in the next hour, all of you can fight another in order to snatch the golden dragon! The person who is defeated will have half his golden dragon taken away. After an hour, there will be a check for the group with the longest golden dragon, and the official rankings will then be released.”

At once, the expressions of everyone on the five stone pillars changed. That meant that, among the five stone pillars, a complicated fight was about to unfold.

The most important thing was that the public square did not announce any rules. That meant that killing people was fine as well.

The sloppy old man’s eyes were filled with a grim laughter, and a tiny bit of resentment filled his face, as he mumbled, “Humph! If the geniuses in Jiuzhou are human beings, then, are the geniuses in the Zhenlong continent inferior to beasts?”

Anyone could tell that such a call to action was clearly asking the people of the Zhenlong continent to kill one another.

“All of you, listen up. It is all right for you to snatch the golden dragon. However, you cannot kill anyone. If anyone violates this rule, don’t dare blame me for being heartless!” The sloppy old man gave a cold hum.

Su Yu was grateful. If he did not say anything, the public square would definitely be stained with blood later on. After hearing what was said, the expressions of the people atop the five stone pillars changed. After all, who dared not listen to the warning of a person of the Fairy Realm?

“Begin.” A voice could be heard within the public square.

However, the people within the public square were unusually quiet, and no one took action. The Four Great Ancient Clans did not have a golden dragon. Hence, it was natural that no one attacked them. However, with their abilities, they were not hostile toward any of the forces at the four other stone pillars. Hence, no one cared about them, and they did not dare to provoke others.

As for Bai Qi, he had a frightening body. So, who was not fearful of him?

He looked as if he were uninterested in the snatching competition. Moreover, no one dared attack him, and he was too lazy to care about others. Hence, he sat down with his legs crossed, only concerned about himself.

His actions caused everyone on site to feel at ease. If Bai Qi wished to fight for the first position, there were probably only a few people on site who could take him on.

Currently, only three stone pillars, consisting of the Heavenly Law Alliance, Seven Lords of Darkness, and Su Yu, remained. All of them were examining one another.

The stats were as such: Long Wuxin’s thirteen inches-long golden dragon, and Long Feiting’s three inches-long golden dragon; Bai Luo’s fifteen inches and Yi Yu’s five inches; and Su Yu’s fifteen inches. Among everyone on site, only those people possessed golden dragons.

Everyone exchanged looks. Bai Luo’s eyes brightened up, and he took action abruptly. His target was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Long Feiting!

Among the group of them, it would be difficult for him to snatch Su Yu’s golden dragon in such a short amount of time. Hence, he was only minorly certain that he could indeed attain Long Feiting’s golden dragon.

A Space Vortex could be seen appearing quietly behind Long Feiting, as Bai Luo’s palm attacked him outrageously. As Long Feiting was taken by surprise, his expression changed abruptly.

“Humph!” Long Wuxin, who was at one side, gave a cold hum, tapping toward that direction casually. A virtual shadow then glowed behind her, and emitted a great amount of golden light.

Countless divine weapons flew out from the ancient small box, and over hundred divine weapons swept over. That Space Vortex, which contained all the space energy of Bai Luo, actually shook vigorously abruptly.

Bai Luo felt pain, and withdrew his hands quickly. He had a surprised expression on his face. The power of that ancient small box was too frightening.

A mere hundred divine weapons already had such a power. If all the one thousand divine weapons within the ancient small box were each released, what kind of frightening power would that be? Moreover, it was also hard to say whether Bai Qi could match the thousand divine weapons’ power.

After all, in front of Long Wuxin, Bai Qi admitted defeat directly. Still, there was no doubt that she was the strongest person on site!

“Originally, I had wanted to snatch the Black Snow Devil King’s golden dragon, and fight with him at the same time. However, since you have attacked, then I shall take on this difficult job, and snatch your golden dragon away first!”

With a loud sound, the ancient small box released a great amount of golden light. This time around, two hundred divine weapons came out. Bai Luo’s expression turned serious. As he avoided her attack hurriedly, he cleverly used the space energy to provide him with additional protection at the same time.

However, in front of Long Wuxin, Bai Luo only had the ability to block her attacks. Taking advantage of the opportunity, where Long Wuxin was occupied, the Seven Lords of Darkness had a tacit understanding, as they attacked Long Feiting together!

Long Feiting forced a smile, as he gave a warning, “Xianer, stand to one side, and do not take any actions. Now is not the time for you to take action. Conserve your spiritual energy.”

As Long Feiting spoke, he faced the joint attacks of the five Lords alone. The remaining five Lords were fine. Even if he were to face Lord Qing Zhu, he had completely no fear. Only Lord Yi Yu, who was ranked number seven, was frightening.

At once, Long Feiting was attacked from all sides and became at a disadvantage in an instant. As for Yi Yu, she weaved signs quickly, and was about to unleash a big move to injure Long Feiting fatally.

Long Feiting poured out endless grievances. However, at that moment, two incarnations flew over abruptly, and swept the five Lords away in an instant. At the same time, a red-haired fragmentary shadow came with a long ice sword, and the long ice sword was pointed at the forehead of Long Feiting.

When Long Feiting took a look, he laughed bitterly, succeeding, “I admit defeat.”

The person opposite him was Su Yu!Having seen that Su Yu’s fighting capabilities were not weaker than Bai Luo, how could he be so lucky?

At once, the three inches long golden dragon on top of his head shrank by one third. As for the golden dragon on top of Su Yu’s head, it increased from fifteen inches to sixteen inches. He had become the person with the longest golden dragon at the moment.

After finishing everything, without hesitation, Su Yu turned his body and returned to the stone pillar. Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang were standing on Su Yu’s left and right respectively, in order to protect him.

“Two big brothers, thank you for helping me,” Su Yu thanked them with a smile.

Gang Dalei laughed loudly, “Why are still standing on ceremony with me? The longer your golden dragon, the earlier we can be transported over, and will be able to occupy the better places.”

Qin Jiuyang also nodded his head slightly, while smiling kindly. Both of them did not possess a golden dragon. At the very moment, no matter how hard they tried to snatch the golden dragon, it would still be extremely difficult for them to get into the top three. Hence, they might as well help Su Yu to achieve his aim, and thus, gain his favor.

The Seven Lords of Darkness could not help but be stunned. They were inextricably involved in getting Long Feiting’s golden dragon. However, in the end, the Black Snow Devil King got the better of them.

Yi Yu laughed sardonically, grumbling in a flirty manner, “Mister Black Snow, you have really not taken our former friendship into consideration.”

Her argument caused the four other Lords to have a strange expression. The impression that Lord Yi Yu gave them had always been one that was graceful and calm, and they did not expect her to have such a flirty side. As if she had realized that she had lost control of herself, her face beneath the water vapor turned slightly red.

As for Su Yu, he smiled, saying, “Haha, if we are talking about taking our former friendship into consideration, Lord Yi Yu, why not give me your golden dragon, and help me achieve my aim?”

However, Yi Yu did not dare to act rashly again, saying, “Haha, I have wished to have a duel with Mister Black Snow since a long time ago.”

“No! This person has great fighting capabilities. If you fight with him one to one, the risks are too huge!” Qing Zhu’s expression changed at once.

However, Yi Yu said apathetically, “If I don’t fight with him one to one, the risks are even greater.”

The gazes of a few Lords swept past Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei, who had never fought at all, and their hearts felt cold at once. If they were to attack, just them alone would obviously be unable to hold their ground.

“No problem,” Su Yu said, as he nodded his head in agreement at once.

He also had thoughts of having a duel with this woman, since a long time ago…