The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 452

Chapter 452 High Grade Spiritual Artifact

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Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang looked at each other, then at Bai Luo who, had his hands busy dealing with Long Wuxin. There was a sparkle in their eyes. The two of them quickly appeared before Bai Luo, not to strike him, but to work with him against Long Wuxin!

If Long Wuxin defeated Bai Luo and obtained half his golden dragon, she would have a 20-inch long golden dragon. If that were the case, she would be the undisputed champion! The stone pillar they were on would also reach first place!

Long Wuxin did not feel angry. Instead, she let out a heroic laugh. “You came at the right time! This is the only way I can fight to my heart’s content!”

With a creak, the ancient chest behind her exploded with gold light!

On the other side, Su Yu and Yi Yu fought one on one as promised. Yi Yu used her previous techniques, utilizing her incredible speed to form seals and using multiple techniques at once. Ten different water-based techniques fused into one, resulting in power close to that of a blow from a Half God.

Su Yu had a faint smile. “Great!”

Su Yu opened his mouth and released a firebird created by the Fire Origin. The firebird harbored an intense temperature. A great deal of the water vapor in the water-based techniques dissipated.

Yi Yu, however, was not flustered. The ten techniques were merely being used to buy her some time. She was preparing many more techniques.

“Hehe” Su Yu let out a faint laugh.

Yi Yu’s expression changed. A fountain appeared beneath her feet, instantly propelling her high into the sky, avoiding an attack aimed at her feet. She had just left when chilly energy flashed at the spot where she had been standing. The entire fountain immediately turned into a transparent icicle.

The icicle crumbled, filling the sky with countless shards of ice, assaulting the nearby Yi Yu. She seemed to have predicted this, flying away from the fountain in advance. She floated in the sky.


At this moment, the shards of ice grouped together to form a long arrow, suddenly rocketing toward her body. Yi Yu was caught off guard. She had no choice but to give up on the seals she was forming to form new ones. Ripples of water shone around her. When the arrow of ice hit her, she turned into a ball of water and dripped onto the ground.

Her body reappeared 100 zhang away, her face a little pale. It was a technique that could preserve her life, but it took a massive toll on her spiritual energy.

Su Yu seemed to have somehow predicted the path Yi Yu would take. He shot out a ball of ice toward her even before her figure had not completely materialized. Her eyes widened, and the ripples of water shone around her again as she disappeared a second time. But this time, she reappeared atop the stone pillar.

“There is no need to fight anymore,” Yi Yu said, glancing at Su Yu with a look of great injustice. “I am not your match.”

She had thought that she would be able to hold her own against the Black Snow Devil King after breaking through to Heaven Master, but he was too powerful. He had not given her any time to form sealsjust by using his ice-based techniques alone.

Yi Yu creased her nose, letting out a soft grunt. “You won. Humph!”

The five-inch golden dragon above her head shrunk by two-fifths. Su Yu’s 16-inch golden dragon grew to be 18 inches long.

The battle was over. Su Yu looked at the battlefield where Gang Dalei was at. He was shocked! Long Wuxin was suppressing the efforts of the three others combined. They could only defend and did not have enough energy to retaliate! There were minor injuries all over their bodies. They had exhausted a good portion of their energy, and their faces had grown pale.

On the other hand, Long Wuxinsuppressing three Half Gods single-handedlyappeared completely relaxed. This lady was more powerful than anyone had expected.

Long Wuxin’s cold expression was replaced by a face hardened with battle intent. “Haha! It’s more interesting this way. I have not fought like this in a long while.”

Su Yu tried to hide his shock. Even though this woman was not as strong as the Ghost King, she was getting incredibly close. Her abilities placed her in the top class of Half Gods.

A sound announced from the court. “An hour is up; the spar is over.”

The group stopped fighting. Qin Jiuyang bitterly adjusted his messy robes. Even Gang Dalei felt a little disappointed. But when Su Yu looked at Gang Dalei, he found that the divine glow around him was still incredibly thick, impenetrable by his Soul Eyes. This indicated that he still had unspent energy left.

Su Yu was curious as to Gang Dalei’s true appearance. He had known him for some time, but he had never once revealed his true body.

“The first stone pillar achieved an 18-inch gold dragon.” This was naturally Su Yu’s group. “The second stone pillar, tied for first, achieved an 18-inch gold dragon.”

Two inches had been taken away from Lord Yi Yu’s golden dragon. Thus, their stone pillar could only be tied with Su Yu’s pillar.

“The third stone pillar achieved a 15-inch gold dragon.”

One inch had been taken away from Heavenly Law’s Alliance Long Feiting’s golden dragon.

“The fourth stone pillar achieved a 14-inch gold dragon. The fifth stone pillar achieved zero.”

The positions that had changed the most was Su Yu’s stone pillar, rising to first from the third position.

“Individual battle results. First place belongs to Su Yu with an 18-inch gold dragon. Second goes to Bai Luo with a 15-inch gold dragon. Third belongs to Bai Qi with a 14-inch gold dragon.”

After saying this, three balls of light appeared in the tattoos, propelling themselves toward the three people. Su Yu reached out with his hand. The ball of light scattered, revealing two divine artifacts. One was a full gold dagger, radiating an unusual spiritual pressure. Su Yu grinned in surprise, elated to realize he was holding a top-notch middle-grade divine artifact!

He looked over at Bai Luo and Bai Qi. They had both received normal middle-grade divine artifacts. Even though Bai Luo, having placed second, received two artifacts, normal middle-grade divine artifacts were not very useful to a Half God.

Realizing that Su Yu had a top-notch divine artifact in his hands, Bai Luo’s expression turned sinister. It wasn’t that Su Yu had received a top-notch divine artifact; it was the fact that the divine artifact had never once been refined! Unrefined divine artifacts were incredibly rare on the Zhenlong Continent. Immense luck was required for a person to obtain an unrefined divine artifact that suited them. That was true even for someone with Bai Luo’s status. His set of iron needles had all been refined by someone else.

Su Yu had a look of joy. This golden dagger was technically the first divine artifact he could call his own. The rest of his divine artifacts had all been refined by someone else or were currently being refined by him.

Without hesitation, Su Yu infused a shred of his blood essence into the dagger, refining the golden dagger on the spot. With the fusion of the blood essence, the golden dagger formed an invisible connection with Su Yu.

A strange, cold aura entered his brain.

Golden Scale Dagger. It is forged using Golden Scale Minerals and can cut through steel as if it were mud. It is famous for its sharpness. After fully refining the dagger, it can cut anything under the level of spiritual artifacts.

Su Yu had an idea. He tested the dagger against the black armor he had on. He pointed the dagger gently against the armor. Su Yu was shocked. A small white spot appeared on the black armor. The armor was equivalent to a half-manufactured spiritual artifact, but a cut had been formed in it easily!

The dagger lived up to its name of being able to slice any divine artifact lower than the level of a spiritual artifact. But the Golden Scale Dagger was only an accidental gain. What made Su Yu more excited was the second item!

“Heavenly Flower Liquid!” he said.

A liquid that was able to erase any imprints in divine artifacts under the level of a spiritual artifact. The Heavenly Flower Liquid was stored in a bottle as thick as an arm. It was enough to refine more than one divine artifact, much to Su Yu’s excitement.

The sloppy old man glanced over. After he saw the jade bottle in Su Yu’s hands, his expression turned grave. “Is that a jade bottle made using the Heavenly Flower Jade?” After he confirmed this, the sloppy old man could not help but exclaim in shock, “That makes more sense! It would be ridiculous for the champion to get a measly bottle of Heavenly Flower Liquid. The real reward is the Heavenly Flower Bottle itself. This lad is quite lucky indeed. If news of the Heavenly Flower Bottle had been released ahead of time, I would think that Long Wuxin would not have been so easygoing. She would have used all her efforts to get first place! Also, that ghost would not have simply observed from the side.”

Bai Qi’s gaze floated over to the jade bottle in Su Yu’s hands. His dark red eyes flickered ferociously. “A Heavenly Flower Bottle! That is the true reward?” Regret flashed on his face, “If I had known that that was the true reward, I would have struck long ago!” He let out a cold smile. “But no matter. It would seem that this lad does not realize the significance of the Heavenly Flower Bottle. I can always take that for myself later.”

“You will now have half a day’s time to recuperate,” announced the pavilion. “In half a day, you would be sent to the sixth level of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion based on the ranking of your stone pillar.”

Whoosh, whoosh

Multiple bolts of light enveloped everyone present. This light had a very powerful defensive capability, separating them from the outside world. This ensured that there would be no disturbances whilst they were recuperating.

Su Yu could not ask for more. He seized the opportunity to recover his spiritual energy and stamina. He then took out the Heavenly Flower Bottle, his eyes glowing with excitement. He had several treasures on him that needed refining. The first was the black armor, and he was about to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which was fraught with danger. Ensuring that he would stay alive was his highest priority.

With a thought, Su Yu poured down a drip of the Heavenly Flower Liquid. At that moment, the black armor crackled. Streaks of black blood essence flowed out from within.

Su Yu was shocked. “Black blood Could this be the armor of the Ghost King?”

Thinking back to how he had used the armor in front of the Ghost King, Su Yu grew cautious. He took out a small jade bottle and used it to store the blood essence of the Ghost King.

The Ghost King, who was recuperating at the other stone pillar, suddenly opened its eyes. He let out a dull grunt, fury filling its eyes.

“Great!” he bellowed. “Just great! You dare to refine my item!”

Su Yu deliberated for another moment before deciding to continue the refinement process. A drop of Heavenly Flower Liquid seemed to be far from enough to cleanse this item. He used another drop, and another shred of the Ghost King’s blood essence flowed out, which Su Yu also collected. He did this five more times and had used a large portion of the Heavenly Flower Liquid, but the armor was finally cleansed. Su Yu had managed to collect a full bottle of the Ghost King’s blood essence!

Looking at the nearly depleted Heavenly Flower Liquid, Su Yu felt a bit of regret. He quickly infused his own blood essence as an offering, effortlessly refining the armor. A message appeared in his brain.

The Eternal Stone King Armor. High-grade spiritual artifact. This was cultivated using the bones of a Divine Master and is incredibly sturdy. It can block any attack from anyone below Divine Master, including attacks from Fairy Realm fighters.

Su Yu’s heart thumped wildly. Divine Master? What realm was that? Was there a realm more powerful than the Fairy Realm?

Anyone who could break through to the Fairy Realm would already be a godlike existence within the Zhenlong Continent. What kind of level would a Divine Master reach? Furthermore, the grade of the Eternal Stone King Armor was far higher than Su Yu anticipated. It was not only a spiritual artifact but a high-grade spiritual artifact!