The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 453

Chapter 453 A Hundred Times Slower Time Flow

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Su Yu had experienced the differences between low grade divine artifacts, middle grade divine artifacts, and high grade divine artifacts. Among the spiritual artifacts, the differences between their grades might be even more shocking.

The grade of the Eternal Stone King Armor was so high, that it was extremely frightening. If it were placed in Jiuzhou, it would definitely not be an ordinary treasure.

Su Yu felt excited. He had really obtained an impressive treasure.

When he recalled that he had used the Heavenly Flower Liquid moments ago, he felt even more at ease. However, when the spiritual artifact was used to destroy items with spiritual qualities, it was damaged, and it had fallen to the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact.

With the Su Yu of the current moment, it would be impossible for him to repair the armor, even if he wanted to. However, even if that were the case, to Su Yu, it was still a rare treasure!

After refining the armor, Su Yu could use his consciousness to control the core of the armor, the Vital Energy Crystal. It was a crystal formed by vital energy. The crystal contained an extremely huge amount of vital energy, and it was something extremely important in Jiuzhou.

As for the Eternal Stone King Armor, its defense was shocking. If Su Yu could unleash the vital energy within the Vital Energy Crystal, the armor would have stronger defense capabilities.

After Su Yu refined the armor, he could control the releasing of vital energy of the Vital Energy Crystal at will. It was not like the past, where the vital energy was released only after he was attacked.

Su Yu suppressed his excitement forcefully, keeping the armor. After pondering for some time, Su Yu considered whether or not to wash away the blood that the sloppy old man had left behind on the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

However, this thought flashed past his mind, then disappeared straight away. Such an action would offend the sloppy old man. As their agreement had yet to be fulfilled, removing the blood so hurriedly would be considered a bit impatient.

Su Yu’s eyes brightened up, and he took out the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring! Without thinking, Su Yu took out a drop of the Heavenly Flower Liquid.

When the Heavenly Flower Liquid seeped into the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, a layer of golden blood containing thick Buddha qualities came out from the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring. The Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring only required a drop of Heavenly Flower Liquid!

“Oh, could this be the blood of that Soul Body?” Su Yu clicked his tongue in wonder, as he kept the drop of golden blood that contained Buddha qualities.

After finishing that, Su Yu refined the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, without standing on any ceremony.

“Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, is extremely effective in suppressing ghosts of the Fairy Realm, and its power is dependent on its Master’s cultivation base,” he said, in awe.

Being a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, it was an item of the same grade as the Cosmos Thunder Sword! Su Yu was delighted that things were better than he had expected! With the golden ring, if he came across evil ghosts, he would no doubt be a lot safer.

When he took a glance at the Heavenly Flower Liquid again, only two drops of it were left. After thinking for some time, Su Yu took out his silver bow and a set of needles.

The effects of the Heavenly Flower Liquid were more than ten times stronger than the Ten Thousand Soldier Spiritual Liquid. Just a single drop of it was able to completely cleanse a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!

Hence, if he used it to cleanse the silver bow, which was already eighty percent refined, it would be a waste. Moreover, the remaining two drops were just able to completely refine the whole set of steel needles. So, if he used one drop to refine the silver bow, only half of the needles could then be refined.

Su Yu pondered this for some time. According to what he knew, a complete set of divine artifacts could only be used in a complete set to unleash its full power. If he only had a portion of the set of the divine artifacts, its power would decrease greatly.

After thinking it all over again, Su Yu had no choice but to keep his silver bow, and decided to cleanse the nine steel needles. After a long time, the cleansing process was completed, and he had also successfully refined the nine steel needles.

“Nine Yin-Yang Needles… They were born out of the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. When combined with the secret technique of the Nine Yin-Yang, they can unleash the power of a high grade divine artifact, which is close to that of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! If the user manages to obtain materials to raise the grade of the Nine Yin-Yang Needles, theoretically, the Nine Yin-Yang Needles can achieve the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, and there is even a fixed chance of achieving the level of a spiritual artifact.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s heart went pit-a-pat! It could unleash the power of a high grade divine artifact? Moreover, a secret technique of manipulation, not yet known to anyone else, was hidden within the set of the divine artifact?!

Su Yu realized that his choice moments ago had been extremely wise. Without thinking, he made the best use of his time immediately, choosing to cultivate the secret technique of the Nine Yin-Yang.

The secret technique required mental perception through sensory organs. The key factor in cultivating the secret technique successfully, lay in how to allocate spiritual energy to the nine steel needles, such that all of them were balanced.

The secret technique had specially mentioned a main point: The stronger the martial artist’s soul was, the better the effects of the training. The reason was that people with strong souls had stronger senses of perception, was that they could better balance their spiritual energy.

After going through training to hone the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air, Su Yu’s soul had surpassed people of the same cultivation base as him. When compared to Half Gods, he was not at a disadvantage in the slightest.

If not for the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air being stuck at Stage One Top Class, and thus, being unable to make a breakthrough to Stage Two, even after a long time, Su Yu’s soul might have already achieved the level of Fairy Realm. With such a strong soul, cultivating the secret technique of the Nine Yin-Yang Needles could naturally be achieved without much effort. Thus, in less than six hours, he managed to cultivate it successfully.

“Up!” When Su Yu shouted, the nine steel needles shook with a buzzing sound, linked up with one another, and revolved at the top of Su Yu’s head.

“Quick!” With a command, all the steel needles changed into fragmentary threads, danced around in the sky, and flew about randomly in all directions , leaving no openings at all.

In an unguarded situation, it would not be strange for a normal Half God to be pierced by the nine needles, thus dying on the spot. This was definitely a set of divine artifacts that was rare.

Su Yu kept the steel needles, as he longed for more pleasure. The Heavenly Flower Liquid had helped him greatly, allowing him to have a great boost in his abilities.

Buzz, buzz

The light membrane shook slightly, as it split open. Then, a voice which caused everyone to feel nervous resounded within the public square: “The transportation to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion shall begin now!”

This was the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which only descended once every ten thousand years! This was an opportunity that had never existed before in the Zhenlong continent! The only chance for them, the martial artists of the Zhenlong continent, to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, was now here, right in front of them.

The stone pillar that Su Yu was at, as well as the stone pillar that the Seven Lords of Darkness were at, emitted a brilliant silver light at the same time, enshrouding all the people on top. After that, the whole space shook vigorously. The stone pillars then shot a silver beam out, which penetrated the peak of the wall of the public square.

The top of the peak of the wall was filled with stars and constellations. At that very moment, with the aid of the silver light, it looked like a vast Milky Way, broad and magnificent.

When the silver light penetrated the peak of the wall, a rippling fluctuation appeared, surrounding the silver light. As for the public square, Su Yu and his group of people, as well as the stone pillars, disappeared.

After one hour, it was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s turn. And next, it was Bai Qi.

The sloppy old man took a glance at Bai Qi deeply, a tiny bit of concern appearing in his eyes. His eyes’ expression then changed continuously for a long time. In the end, he gave up, saying, “Forget it. The region in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion is vast. There is a higher chance of him meeting strong geniuses of Jiuzhou, compared to Dalei and his group of people.”

“You guys are the last of it. As your abilities are limited, stay at the sixth level and don’t go too far away,” the sloppy old man continued, casually reminding the remaining Four Great Ancient Clans.

The group of them nodded their heads hastily. There were a total of four of them, each being the strongest martial artist of their clans. There were three men and a woman. Apart from Shi Jie, there were two men, and a woman who had not fought yet.

“Ming Fei, hold onto me tightly,” Shi Jie said, while looking toward the woman beside him. She was the woman from the Ming clan, and had a supple and graceful carriage, causing her looks to be outstanding. Between Shi Jie and she, there was a marriage contract that was not known to outsiders.

The woman known as Ming Fei nodded her head coyly. She grabbed Shi Jie’s sleeves, and laid on his arms shyly.

At that very moment, the stone pillar was activated, and silver light glowed gradually. The sloppy old man swept his eyes past the four of them for the last time. Suddenly, his gaze was fixed onto Ming Fei, and his pupils shrank gradually.

Under the silver light, Ming Fei’s body surface revealed a layer of black color involuntarily. In a normal environment, she did not look unusual. It was only because of the fact that the silver light at her current location was special, that that layer of inconspicuous black color appeared!

“Heavenly Ghost!” The sloppy old man’s expression changed abruptly. He slapped the table and jumped up in anger. His figure moved ten thousand Chinese feet, grabbing toward Ming Fei.

Ming Fei’s embarrassed expression disappeared instantly, replaced by a sneer, “Old bastard, just noticing it now is too late!”

Whoosh, whoosh

That silver light membrane blocked the sloppy old man, keeping him outside extremely easily.

“All right! I was careless. Even though you have managed to mix yourself in with the Four Great Ancient Clans, I did not manage to notice you at all!” The sloppy old man’s eyes were glowing with coldness, and he blamed himself.


A black light glowed on Ming Fei’s body, and a layer of thick ghost energy appeared on her face. Sheng Ge’s petite face then appeared slightly.

“Hehe. I bet you didn’t expect this. With the secret technique of the Heavenly Ghost, I have possessed this woman! In order to keep you in the dark, I restrained myself from taking the action to kill that little kid called the Black Snow Devil King, even though it was an extremely good opportunity for me to do so.”

“However, he is still not too far away from death. If I come across him after entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, I will definitely tear him to pieces!”

As she recalled what happened on that day, where she was actually deceived by an insignificant junior of the Immortal Realm, she felt indignant and uneasy. After her speech, with a flash of the silver beam, they were sent into the stars and constellations.

The sloppy old man’s expression turned serious, and he was extremely concerned: “A mysterious ghost is already dangerous enough. With the appearance of another Heavenly Ghost, the journey of Dalei and his group of people will be dangerous and unpredictable.”

After thinking for a long time, the sloppy old man sighed for a long time, then he said, “I hope that they can raise their abilities quickly. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion has extremely strong senses of perception. If one’s cultivation base were revealed to be of the Fairy Realm, he would definitely be transported out. Hence, if the Heavenly Ghost suppressed her cultivation base to Half God, they might have a chance to escape.”

Long Juexin’s expression turned serious as well: “It’s that Heavenly Ghost! This is bad, they might be in danger.”

In no time, the people within the public square were weighed down with anxieties. After looking once around around the area, the sloppy old man gestured in disapproval, and said, “We shall all wait here with ease. They will return in two years’ time.”

“Two years… If the elders did not participate in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion before, it would be difficult to believe that the time flow in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was ten times slower than in the Zhenlong continent!” Long Juexin exclaimed in astonishment.

According to the experience of the people who had gone in before, they had only stayed inside for two months. However, when they returned, they realized that two years had passed in the Zhenlong continent!

The sloppy old man laughed strangely, wondering aloud, “How is that strange? This is just the time flow within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. The time flow of the world of Jiuzhou is a hundred times slower than Zhenlong continent!”

“Even though ten thousand years had passed in the Zhenlong continent, in actual fact, only a hundred years had passed in the Jiuzhou continent.”

“What? A time flow that is a hundred times slower?” Everyone on site could not help but click their tongues.

The sloppy old man pointed at the statues of the strongest martial artists in history, saying, “Looking from Jiuzhou’s perspective, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which appeared just a hundred years ago, would actually appear once every year. After a hundred years, there would just be a hundred statues. As for ten thousand years ago, the people of our Zhenlong continent were drawn in by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, coincidentally, for the first time. From Jiuzhou’s perspective, that was just a hundred years ago, when the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion appeared for the first time.”

He continued his explanation, “With that, it is not difficult to tell the difference in time flow, between the world of Zhenlong continent and the world of Jiuzhou. Hence, the hundred times difference in time flow is not something that is incomprehensible.”

After hearing his words, everyone clicked their tongues continuously, and they were filled with curiosity toward the world of Jiuzhou. What kind of world was it?

Returning back to Su Yu, he felt as if the sky and earth were spinning. After that, all of a sudden, spiritual energy that was so thick that it was shocking, blew against Su Yu directly. The amount of spiritual energy at his current location was at least ten times more than that of the Zhenlong continent!