The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Master Tianxuan

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“That ghost is strong. Even with the addition of Senior Sister Yu Chan, and the four of us teaming up, we are not completely certain that we can be victorious. If it were the disciples outside the Sanctum of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, then there might still be a tiny bit of hope. The three of them have really dug their own graves!” Junior Sister Ye sneered.

The three of them did not continue pursuing Su Yu and his group of people. Instead, they waited for a cup of tea’s time, until a short-haired woman, who wore a jade-colored skirt and carried a golden small tree, which was as rough as an arm, flew over.

“Senior Sister Yu Chan!” The expressions of the three changed, and they went over to welcome her respectfully. Even the cold and arrogant Yang Jian revealed an extremely respectful expression.

Yu Chan wore a jade-colored skirt, and she had short hair. Although it was clear that hers was the face of a woman, she looked swift and fierce, which showed that she was also highly trained. Her eyes were extremely sharp as well, and she discovered that the three of them were acting strangely with just a glance. So, she asked, “What happened?”

Yang Jian was ashamed, explaining, “Senior Sister Yu Chan, three wandering martial artists had used heretical curse techniques to enter the Evil Ghost Valley secretly.”

“They had entered secretly? Humph, it should be you guys being unable to stop them, right?” Yu Chan’s expression turned cold at once, upon hearing this.

The three of them became talkative. However, they did not rebut against Yu chan.

“Senior Sister, although they have entered successfully, we do not need to be too worried about it. According to their cultivation bases, entering the Evil Ghost Valley is as good as giving the Ghost King more nutrients. At best, they can only exhaust ten to twenty percent of the Ghost King’s fighting capabilities. With that, we can gain an advantage, without doing anything, and thus, lower our risks as a result. Hence, why not?” Yang Jian provided this explanation.

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan’s gaze turned cold abruptly, and she berated strictly, “Shut up!”

“Even though you are inferior to them, you still have the face to give excuses for yourself?” Yu Chan was especially strict, saying,”Because of this attitude of yours, where you treat everything lightly and consider yourself always in the right, the three of them managed to take advantage of you!”

The bodies of the three in front of her trembled, and they lowered their heads deeply, feeling both ashamed and furious. In actual fact, Yu Chan was correct. If they did not underestimate Su Yu and his group of people, and thus, went all out, they might be able to prevent Su Yu and his group of people from getting their ways.

“Pursue them immediately. Although they are wandering martial artists, there is no guarantee that they do not have some tricks to draw that ghost away. If the transportation is delayed, it is still alright for us to have fewer resources from the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. However, the important thing is that we will ruin the important affair of Senior Brother Yidao! He is a real disciple outside the Sanctum. If his affair is delayed, do all of you think that you can continue to stay in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands?”

After hearing these words of Senior Brother Yidao, the expressions of the three of them turned extremely unpleasant, and one could faintly see the great fear within their eyes.

“Senior Sister, we recognize our mistakes,” the three of them said, as they calmed down completely, before quickly teaming up to give chase.

As for the other side, at the place where the Four Great Ancient Clans were,

there stood an extremely big peak on a chain of mountains, the ground of which was filled with bodies. The bodies’ clothes and accessories were all different, and they were not those of people from the Zhenlong continent. However, all their cultivation bases were Half Gods! In particular, there were even strong Half Gods like Bai Luo!

In the middle of the corpses, there was a beautiful woman. Her whole body glowed with black light, and Sheng Ge’s virtual shadow appeared indistinctly.

The woman’s beautiful face revealed a deep and grim laughter, as if to say, “This group of you, if you follow me, there will surely be some benefits. This woman’s body can be returned to all of you any time. From now on, all of you shall be under my command. If not, humph!”

The few people, including Shi Jie, respected her enough to imply that they had accepted her conditions.

“Let’s go.” The beautiful woman took a step forward. In front of her was actually a transportation spell!

At another area.

Atop a lake, Bai Luo was leading the Seven Lords of Darkness into the lake.

“Luckily, the transportation spell here is concealed deeply, and even people from the Zhenlong continue do not know about it,” Bai Luo said, while he looked at the bottom of his feet. Gazing at the transportation spell that was hidden deep at the bottom of the lake, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The pockets on Qing Zhu’s waist were bulging out, and his chest also contained a few spiritual herbs, which emitted a considerable level of spiritual qualities. His face was filled with happiness, and it was obvious that the sixth level of the Divine Pavilion had allowed him to have great gains.

“Bai Luo, as we are going to the seventh level of the pavilion now, can we stop there for a short time? The resources over there are definitely extremely shocking,” he requested.

If the sixth level were already like that, then the seventh level might contain even more precious resources. Bai Luo looked at Yi Yu, who was quiet and not saying anything, calmly. He then said indifferently in response, “We shall head to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion to complete the King of Darkness’ task first! After setting up the great sacrificial spell, all of you can move about freely by yourselves!”

After his speech, the group of them entered the lake, and left via the transportation spell.

At a Heavenly Ancient Tree.

The giant tree had already been chopped off a long time ago. It had an extremely long diameter, and it was thirty Chinese feet broad. Moreover, an extremely complicated tattoo was carved on the tree.

On the sides of the spell, there were figures on both sides, which were confronting one another. One side was Bai Qi, who was alone! As for the other side of the spell, it was Long Wuxin and Qin Xianer! As for Long Feiting, who could not be seen anywhere, there was a high chance that he was left behind at the sixth level, like Qin Yushan.

“Hehe, little female doll, if we continue to confront one another like this, none of us can do anything to one another! Since there are no scores between us, and our motives in coming to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion are different, why do all of us not just use the transportation spell together? With this, no one will suffer losses. Otherwise, if either of our sides uses it first, the other side will have to wait for half a month.”

After hearing what was said, Long Wuxin whose back was glowing with a virtual shadow of an ancient small box, nodded her head coldly, agreeing, “No problem! However, I advise you to not get any weird ideas.”

As the strongest genius of the Mysterious Heavenly Battles, the power of her words was extremely frightening.

“Naturally,” Bai Qi laughed.

Both sides entered the transportation spell at once, and were transported safely. At some random place in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, a fifteen-year-old little girl, who was unusually adorable, was sitting with her legs crossed.

In front of her, there was a compass, which was spinning, and its needle was revolving quickly as well. The compass looked like it was unusually difficult to operate, and the expression of the small girl was a bit pale. Suddenly, the compass stopped and pointed to a certain direction.

The little girl revealed a delightful expression, exclaiming, “Found it! That Heavenly Ghost’s aura has been detected, and she is at the seventh level of the pavilion! If that is the case, the person who Master Tianxuan wants to find is at the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion as well!”

After her speech, with a flash of her figure, the little girl left a fragmentary shadow behind, at her original position, then disappeared into thin air.

Within the Evil Ghost Valley.

The Evil Ghost Valley was filled with ghost energy. The speed of Su Yu and his group of people was not very fast. This was even after Su Yu had used his Soul Eyes to avoid many ferocious beings hidden within the ghost fog. If it had not been for this, they would have progressed even slower.

“The tunnel in front is narrow, and there are many bats on top of the cliff. All of them are at the level of Heaven Master, and there are roughly over a hundred of them. As we are unable to circle around them, we can only fight with them to the best of our abilities,” Su Yu frowned as he said this, after observing for some time.

Qin Jiuyang’s face, and words, revealed a tiny bit of concern, “We cannot stop for too long. The people behind us might be closing in on us already.”

To one’s surprise, Gang Dalei laughed loudly, “Leave this to me. The both of you need not take action. Just follow me.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu was slightly shocked. Although over a hundred bats were not very dangerous, taking care of them quickly was not an easy thing to do.

“Haha.” Gang Dalei only laughed, and did not say anything. With a shout, he placed his palms in front of his chest.


A tiny bit of noise, which Su Yu was extremely familiar with, could be heard. Between Gang Dalei’s palms, tiny bits of glittering light illuminated the dark valley.

At the same time, the ghost fog was as if it had met its natural enemy, and it retreated continuously. Su Yu was shocked. That was the thunderbolt!

Back then, when Gang Dalei took action, he never revealed his lightning powers! Su Yu was extremely shocked. After getting along with Gang Dalei for so long, this was the first time that Su Yu knew that Gang Dalei practiced lightning techniques.

“Hehe. I do not have the talent to divert my attention to cultivating lightning techniques. This is a magical treasure of the old man that was specially lent to me, and it contains lightning techniques.” The thunderbolt between Gang Dalei’s palms gradually became a lightning ball that was of the size of an eyeball, which was staring at something deeply.

The thunderbolts were extremely different from the thunderbolts cultivated from normal trainings, as they contained extremely strong spiritual energy! The small lightning ball was spiraling rapidly, and it looked like something that was alive.

“Go,” Gang Dalei said, and could be seen tossing the lightning ball toward the sky.

At once, the lightning ball changed into flashes of lightning, which were weaved into an extremely big net that enshrouded the three of them.

“All right, let’s set off quickly.”

With the electrical net enshrouding them, the three of them shuttled back and forth within the narrow tunnel. When those bats felt the auras of human beings, they became, like hungry wolves which had smelt blood and changed into continuous layers of dark clouds. As a result, dark and dense layers of clouds flew over them quickly.


However, when they touched the electrical net slightly, they turned into smoke on the spot. Even though that was the case, those bats were like they had been provoked, and they brought destruction upon themselves by crashing into the net.

As such, the electrical net on top of their heads emitted crackling sounds. It then started to appear and vanish concurrently, which showed that there were signs of it being worn away. However, the good thing was that the electrical net was not normal, so it blocked the bats’ wild attacks rigidly.

“Oh, look! It’s the bats’ nest!” Qin Jiuyang realized abruptly that there was a blood red crystal within the bats’ nest, and it was glittering continuously.

When Gang Dalei raised his head to take a look, he became shocked at once, saying, “That is the Ghost Blood Crystal, and it contains ghost energy, as well as compressed spiritual energy, which have been mixed together. Moreover, it requires thousands of years for those energies to take on the shape of a crystal. In the past, there was someone who obtained a Ghost Blood Crystal the size of a broad bean unexpectedly in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. He then managed to manufacture ten Dragon Abyss Elixirs from it, successfully, in one go.”

“This Ghost Blood Crystal in front of us is actually the size of a fist. If it is used to manufacture Dragon Abyss Elixirs, at least a hundred of them can be manufactured! This would be more than enough for all the geniuses of the current generation of the Zhenlong continent to make a breakthrough once!”

“Moreover, according to Master, the Ghost Blood Crystal is an extremely rare item, even in Jiuzhou. It has unexpected uses, and it is not only used to manufacture Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

It was so valuable? Wow, that meant that its worth would not be lower than that of a real legendary level cultivation technique. Gang Dalei lifted his hands and grabbed. A lightning flew out, sweeping the whole Ghost Blood Crystal down.

“I shall keep this item with me temporarily. We will split it equally among us later on,” Gang Dalei said, his eyes glowing with tiny bits of excitement.

It was obvious that the item was important to him. Both Su Yu and Qin Jiuyang agreed with his decision.

Creak, creak

Suddenly, those courageous and fearless bats, which were attacking them, shrieked and ran away in succession. A few small-sized ghosts, which were at the dark corners, also fled in confusion via every possible path.

In the blink of an eye, the endless tunnel was deathly silent, and there was no sound at all. Only the whistling sound of the gloomy and cold ghost wind, blowing past the tunnel, could be heard.

“Be careful, something is approaching us!” Gang Dalei’s expression turned serious, and he became extremely vigilant at once.

Su Yu was unusually careful as well. Instinct told him that there was indeed an extremely unusual aura drifting over, along with the ghost wind.

“It is no wonder that the three of them did not chase us all the way inside here, as it is probably very difficult to use that spell,” Su Yu said with a serious voice.

“Since things have come to this, we can only continue moving forward,” Gang Dalei said, as he hesitated for some time before he continued moving.

The three of them passed through the deathly silent tunnel carefully, then finally reached an area which was relatively open.