The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Secret Technique Of The Flying Sword

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“I have finally come out!” The palm-sized ghost laughed sardonically, and his laughter shook the sky.

Yu Chan’s expression changed greatly, and she shouted quickly, without hesitation, “Retreat!”

Yang Jian and the two other persons were overwhelmed with terror a long time ago. After hearing what was said, would they still hesitate?

The ghost, which was laughing wildly, gave another evil laugh, “Hehe, since you are already here, do you think that it will be so easy to leave?”

The ghost could be seen gripping something with his five fingers. A shocking ghost fog then came out from his body, forming a hundred Chinese feet big ghost claw.

The ghost claw was seething with ghost fog, and it headed toward Yu Chan and her group of people from the sky. The power that the claw contained was that of the Fairy Realm.

Yu Chan’s expression changed abruptly. “Be careful!” she urged.

The group of them became astonished, and they blocked the attack with all their might. Yu Chan’s hands weaved signs, and a magnificent white lotus appeared on top of her head. The white lotus emitted a gentle light, which became a light cover that only managed to enshroud Yang Jian, who was the closest to her.

Junior Sister Ye and Senior Brother Bai were terrified, and they revolved their spiritual energies to protect their bodies. At the same time, they stuck countless charms with considerable spiritual pressure on their bodies, in order to create a layer of protective light cover.


The ghost claw thrust downward violently, like the Milky Way in the highest heavens. The giant skull also shook violently. At once, the ghost claw burst apart, as it changed into fog waves, like tidewater, surging in all quarters.

Then, at the same place, a thirty Chinese feet long giant claw mark appeared! Within the claw mark, there was a white robe and imperial clothes, which set off two lumps of muddy flesh. Junior Sister Ye and Senior Brother Bai, who were both Half Gods, did not even have the time to give a horrible shriek, as they were turned into muddy flesh by the palm.

At the core of the palm, there was a lotus, which had fallen apart, and it was emitting a gentle light cover. Similarly, the light cover was filled with cracks. However, it still barely managed to protect the two figures within it. These two figures were Yu Chan and Yang Jian.

A tiny bit of blood streamed down at the corners of Yu Chan’s mouth, and her beautiful body was trembling slightly. The destruction of the lotus had caused her to suffer considerable after-effects.

Although Yang Jian managed to avoid death, he was extremely shocked, and his face was as pale as paper. A mere palm from the sky had almost caused four Half Gods to be completely killed.

“Oh, what a surprise. My palm attack had actually been blocked,” that small and nimble ghost commented, slightly shocked.

Yu Chan knew that she was in a difficult situation. She had already reached her limit, and knew she had no more power to withstand a second attack.

“Interesting. Come over.” The small and nimble ghost talked with a commanding tone.

Although Yu Chan hesitated slightly, she did not dare to disobey the small and nimble ghost. Hence, she suppressed her fright and obediently came over. After taking a glance at Su Yu and his group of people calmly, Yu Chan bowed down and saluted, saying, “Junior did not know that elder was here. Please forgive us.”

Yang Jian’s whole face was horrified, and he saluted while trembling with fear.

The small and nimble ghost laughed, “Let’s cut the crap. Since all of you know that you have disturbed my peace, you should know the consequences! However, looking at the fact that you were able to block my attack, I can still give you a chance.”

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan and Yang Jian were secretly elated. The small and nimble ghost wore a joking smile, and turned his eyes to look at Su Yu and his group of people, barking, “As for the three of you, looking at the fact that you have released me, I shall give all of you a chance to live!”

“Very simple, pledge your allegiance to me!” The small and nimble ghost laughed.

Pledge allegiance to him? The people on site started to think, and they could not help but hesitate.

“Greetings to Lord. I am junior Yang Jian.” With a flash of a yellow light, that Yang Jian seemed to have no hesitation at all, as he knelt down on both his knees. He had chosen to recognize the small and nimble ghost as his Master.

Yu Chan was slightly furious. However, she did not dare to show her anger. However, at that very moment, the small and nimble ghost laughed evilly, “I have not finished talking yet. Not just anyone can become my subordinate. Among the five of you, only two persons can become my subordinate.”

“As for which two persons it will be, it will depend on your talents. The two persons, who can stay alive, shall be the ones to submit to me!”

Wasn’t this asking them to kill one another?

The hearts of the group of them felt cold. They glared at the small and nimble ghost, and at once, they felt that he was unusually cruel!

“Lord, please allow me to fight first!” Yang Jian’s eyeballs revolved quickly, and he took the lead first.

The small and nimble ghost crossed his arms in front of his chest, as he laughed strangely, “Might as well. We shall start with you first. Remember, it’s only a choose of either to live, or die.”

Yang Jian stood up. His cold eyes moved as fast as lightning, and were fixed onto Su Yu, without hesitation! Firstly, Su Yu’s abilities were the weakest, and it was a person who he could kill without any suspense! Secondly, back then, at the cave entrance, Su Yu’s charm had caused him to be in a sorry state, so it was a time for him to get his revenge.

“It shall be you, then. Get out here!” Yang Jian looked imposing and overwhelming.

Against wandering martial artists like Su Yu, he did not give a damn about them. Back then, he even berated Su Yu and his group for being bumpkins.

Since things had come to this, Yu Chan could not do anything as well, and she could only pass on a message softly, “Do not be careless. The Asura, which was guarding this place, was killed by them. It is obvious that their abilities are beyond our expectations, and there is also a high chance that this Heaven Master possesses abnormal strength. Hence, you need to be extremely careful.”

After hearing what was said, Yang Jian then saw that Asura which had been blown into pieces. His expression turned cold at once, and he stopped underestimating them.

Having been chosen to fight, Su Yu was slightly stunned. After that, he regained his senses from certain deep thought, to say, “You wish to fight me? Might as well.”

The crystal on Yang Jian’s back glowed. A Crystal Sword then flew out from his back, landing on his palms. The Crystal Sword was glowing with light. Moreover, swift and fierce sword energy was revolving around the sharp edge of the sword.

“Bumpkin, this time around, without the help of the curse techniques, let’s see how you are going to block my sword!” Yang Jian gave a cold hum. The Crystal Sword then slashed the sky, creating a fragmentary shadow. After that, it attacked from the top ruthlessly.


Sounds of explosions were generated in the sky. The piercingly cold sword energy had created an indistinct floating wave.

An illusion, where Su Yu was about to be cut in half, filled his mind. Even yet, Su Yu was calm, like normal. He weaved signs with one hand, and a pale-colored ice ball spiraled on the middle of his palm rapidly.

It was the Ice Origin! With a flick of his finger, the Ice Origin created a cold fog, which came ragingly.



With a noise, the Crystal Sword and ice ball touched one another slightly. After that, a yellow-clothed figure could be seen retreating quickly, like flowing water.

It was Yang Jian, who had a surprised expression, as he exclaimed, “Ice Origin!”

The Crystal Sword, as well as his palm, which was holding the sword, was covered with frost. If he had hesitated for a moment previously, the frost would have followed the Crystal Sword, thus turning his palm into ice as well.

The eyebrows of Yu Chan, who was at one side, twitched, and she revealed a surprised expression: “Among wandering martial artists, there are less than ten percent of them able to achieve the Ice Origin. Although the cultivation base of this wandering martial artist is not high, his ice techniques have achieved a very high level. However, the gap between their cultivation bases is too huge. That sword just now was only thirty percent of Yang Jian’s power. If his talents are only as such, he is unlikely to be Yang Jian’s opponent.”

Yang Jian revealed an unhappy expression. The little kid that he thought that he would definitely be victorious against, had turned out to be harder to deal with than he had expected.

“Humph! Bumpkin, I will admit that I have underestimated you. However, that is it!” Yang Jian weaved signs with his hands, and the Crystal Sword on his palm actually floated by itself.

As Yang Jian weaved signs faster and faster, not only did the Crystal Sword emit a dazzling brilliance, it also flew around Yang Jian quickly and continuously. Without anyone controlling it, the divine artifact could actually fly by itself!

“Don’t think that you are the only one who has achieved the Origin of an element! Quick!” Yang Jian shouted.

When ice techniques were honed to their highest level, they would achieve the Origin. When a sword technique was honed to its highest level, it could also reach a certain level of perfection.

“Flying Sword!” Yu Chan’s face revealed a bit of admiration. “In terms of the achievements of sword techniques, Yang Jian has surpassed normal people. With the combination of the power of this sword, as well as the suppression of his cultivation base, there is no longer any more suspense left in this match.”

As he shouted, with a flash of the Crystal Sword, it headed toward Su Yu abruptly! The sword was extremely fast. Its body had disappeared, without any shadow, and there was only a black fragmentary thread that remained on the ground.

When Su Yu reacted, the sword had reached the front of his chest! It could be seen that the sword was about to pierce through Su Yu on the spot.

However, Su Yu’s expression was calm, like before. He slapped his chest with one hand, and a glittering dagger appeared on his palm.

That dagger was the Golden Scale Dagger from before! Without thinking, Su Yu swung the dagger in front of him, managing to hit the Crystal Sword accurately.


A scene, which caused Yang Jiang and Yu Chan to be shocked at the same time, appeared. The Crystal Sword, a middle grade divine artifact, was actually cleaved into two, from its end to the handle, by the golden dagger!

From the beginning to the end, the golden dagger was like cutting a piece of paper, and it cut the Crystal Sword into half!

“A Golden Scale Sword manufactured from gold phosphate!” Yu Chan recognized the material of the dagger, and she was slightly shocked, as she exclaimed, “According to what I know, by adding a little bit of gold phosphate, the sharpness of the weapon can be raised among wandering martial artists, but only by those first-rate wandering martial artists, who posses the rare gold phosphates. What is going on with this Heaven Master? He totally doesn’t look like a normal wandering martial artist.”


As a divine artifact that he had refined, before it was destroyed on the spot, Yang Jian opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood. Apart from being astonished, his figure also retreated wildly!

However, the thing that reacted faster than him was the Golden Scale Dagger! After cleaving the Crystal Sword in half, it did not stop at all, as it was shot toward Yang Jian quickly!

As his divine artifact was destroyed, Yang Jian became absent-minded for a moment. Hence, when he reacted, the Golden Scale Dagger was already at a distance of ten Chinese feet!

“Ah! Get away from me!” Yang Jian’s pupils shrunk, until they became needles, and he was extremely astonished. He then gave a ferocious roar, and revolved the spiritual energy in his whole body to protect himself.


However, in front of the Golden Scale Dagger, that protective spiritual energy was like paper, and it was cut open in an instant. Luckily, the spiritual energy still managed to block the dagger for an instant, and Yang Jian barely managed to escape from death by moving thirty inches away. It was an extremely intense movement to the side, which allowed him to avoid the sure-kill attack.

His chest heaved a sigh of relief. However, at that moment, a shriek from Yu Chan could be heard, “No!”

After that, Yang Jian only felt that his whole body was cold. When he lowered his head to take a look, his chest had been pierced through, and a bloody hole was created. A long ice sword had pierced through his heart, as it had passed through his body.

When he turned his head back with difficulty to take a look, Su Yu took out the ice sword expressionlessly, saying indifferently, “Please excuse me. I have allowed you to die at the hands of a bumpkin like me.”

His eyes started to darken. Before dying, Yang Jian could not believe that his life would end like this. His body turned soft. His life force depleted quickly, and he died on the spot.

After finishing all those things, Su Yu raised his hand in a gesture to retrieve his Golden Scale Dagger. He then looked at Yu Chan with a dull expression, saying, “You are the only one remaining. Seems like you have no more chance.”

After his speech, Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang took a step forward, and stood at both sides of Su Yu. Among the three of them, only two persons could survive. Hence, there would definitely be fighting between the three of them.

However, before that, they had to first get rid of Yu Chan. That was the common understanding between the three of them, which was self-evident.

Three against one!

Even that Asura was killed by them fiercely, let alone Yu Chan, who was in front of them Even though she was a bit stronger, she was not stronger than Asura.

Seeing such a situation, Yu Chan’s beautiful face changed vigorously, and she wanted to escape. However, with that ghost keeping watch from one side, would she dare to even try for an escape?

“Since this is the case, let me see the combined powers of you three wandering martial artists!” Yu Chan had no choice but to fight an uphill battle!