The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 458

Chapter 458 The Power Of The Sword Formation

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Buzz, buzz, buzz

A radiant white lily appeared once again around her, forming a powerful defense. Even though it was a little broken, it was not something a Half God fighter can easily break.

“Come!” Yu Chan swiped her palm across her waist, taking out a fiery red ring. The spiritual pressure it released indicated that it was a top-notch middle-grade divine artifact.

The expressions of Su Yu’s group turned serious. Su Yu summoned his clone, gathering origins of ice and fire at the same time. Qin Jiuyang grabbed a bunch of his hair and tangled it around his ring finger. Gang Dalei once again revealed his shocking true formthe head of a flood dragon and the body of a humanbut he deliberately kept a divine glow in front of Yu Chan, making him seem just unnaturally big and tall. The battle between the four of them could begin at any moment!

At the side, the petite ghost stood with its arms crossed, a faint, mocking smile hanging on its lips.

“Kill!” Su Yu said, letting out a low grunt as the two parties struck!


The whole place shook with their attacks, the power great enough to shock any bystanders. But the colossal collision that was expected never happened!

This was because the attacks of the two parties were thrown in the same directiontoward the small, nimble ghost!

Yu Chan and Su Yu’s group had a common, unspoken understanding. The animosity for one another had vanished, replaced with a common goal of exterminating their enemy. Without any prior planning, they attacked the ghost together.

The mocking expression of the small and nimble ghost was replaced suddenly with surprise. It realized a moment too late that a large bundle of hair was wrapped around its ring finger.

Su Yu pushed his ice and fire origins onto Qin Jiuyang’s body. Qin Jiuyang took the brunt of the powerful attack but remained unscathed. Instead, the body of the small and nimble ghost was blasted away!

As the ghost was sent flying, the two-zhang tall Gang Dalei slammed his massive body against the ghost. Only a crack could be heardthe sound of breaking bones coming from within the ghost’s body. At the same time, a fiery red ring of light had been positioned behind its back.


The ghost shuddered violently, opening its mouth to spit out a mouthful of black blood. The white lily above Yu Chan’s head glowed, enveloping Su Yu and the group! The four of them looked gravely at the ghost, who had taken the brunt of four continuous attacks, completely silent. The ghost had crashed into the walls of the skull, its body laced with multiple injuries. Ghostly fog billowed around it.

With a soft cough, the ghost crawled out slowly. Its head was hung low, its expression indiscernible.

Suddenly, the ghost looked up with a chilling smile. Its tone was cold as ice, filled with unparalleled evil killing intent.

“Hehe,” it chuckled. “Tricked by the ants that are the human race! When did you have the chance to collude with one another?”

Su Yu calmly said, “We joined forces with Yu Chan through telepathy when the two of them were forced to come over here. But just as we formed the alliance and were about to communicate this to that fool Yang Jian, he tried to save his own life. He was too eager to kill me. To ensure that you would not be suspicious, my only option was to deal with him first.”

If Yang Jian learned about this in the underworld, how much remorse would he be feeling?

“So what if you formed an alliance?” said the ghost. “Before me, you are merely a few Immortal Realm level ants. I can kill you with the flick of a finger”

The ghost released an explosive, powerful aura. But the group of four were undeterred.

“You still keep up this pretense, even after it has come to this?” Su Yu said bluntly. “If you are indeed at the Fairy Realm, why would you need to scare us into killing each other before dealing with the last two? I was already suspicious from the start. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion does not allow for the presence of a Fairy Realm, but you are able to remain in here without any problems. That means that your cultivation level is not at the Fairy Realm! If I am not wrong, that blow just now used up most of your power. And just to scare us. You must be extremely weak now!”

If the other party was really a Fairy Realm, how could it have not noticed Su Yu and the rest using telepathy right in front of him? Furthermore, how could it not have freed itself from the body of an Asura?

But when the small and nimble ghost finished listening to Su Yu, he did not appear flustered. Instead, he let out a loud laugh. “Haha! Interesting. You are much more intelligent than I imagined! You are right! I was heavily injured back then and escaped here to avoid being killed. I had no choice but to enter the body of this Asura, but unexpectedly, my injury became worse and was sealed within the body of the Asura, unable to escape! My current abilities are merely one percent of what I was at my peak! But, hehe” The ghost’s laugh carried on for several seconds. “Even if that is the case, do you think you can stand up against me? Regrettably, I have to tell you that your calculations were a bit off!”

The ghost opened its mouth, releasing a sliver of black fog. There was a blood red token within the fog! The words “Ten Thousand” were etched onto it with human bones.

Su Yu and his group did not understand, but Yu Chan started trembling. Her eyes were filled with fear. Her voice shook as she said, “The Ghost Prison Token! How is that possible? The documents recorded that the Ghost Prison Envoy had been largely killed off during the war between humans and ghosts 100 years ago. How could you still be alive?”

The words “Ghost Prison” seemed to be so terrifying a taboo that even the calm Yu Chan had slipped into disarray.

“So, the human race still remembers usthe Ghost Prison Envoys.” The small and nimble ghost let out an evil laugh, grabbing the Ghost Prison Token with its palm.

Su Yu did not understand, but Gang Dalei took several steps back, the ball of light around his body flickering. The look in his eyes was that of shock!

Qin Jiuyang’s expression changed. “Brother Dalei, Miss Yu Chan, what is the Ghost Prison? And what is the Ghost Prison Token?”

Gang Dalei’s body shook with a fear deep in his soul. His voice trembled as he said, “The Ghost Prison is a sinister organization that appeared at Jiuzhou 100 years ago, exterminating over 90 percent of the human race in one swoop. The human race nearly went extinct! And the things that did the exterminating were the Ghost Prison Envoys. They were only 10,000 strong, but they were more powerful than you can imagine! Even the least powerful among themthe one ranked 10,000thcould have defeated my teacher with just a finger!”

Hearing this, Su Yu gasped! He did not know how big Jiuzhou was, but Gang Dalei’s teacher, the sloppy old man, would not be able to hold up against a finger of the Ghost Prison Envoy ranked 10,000th?

“Then what level of ability is that?” Su Yu was shocked beyond words.

Gang Dalei spat out two words in fear. “Divine Master!”

Divine Master!

Su Yu gasped! The small ghost before them was a severely injured Divine Master!

After he said this, Gang Dalei lost all will to fight. “We must try to escape, but we’ll be lucky if even one of us manages to survive!”


Before they could make their move, Yu Chan had already turned to flee. She had also lost her will to do battle.

A chill ran down Su Yu’s spine, and he also turned to flee.

The small ghost wore a mocking expression. “Do you think you can run after forcing me to use the Ghost Prison Token?”

The small ghost opened its mouth and spat a mouthful of blood onto the Ghost Prison Token. At that moment, the Ghost Prison Token shone with a crimson glow, and a blood-red ripple with a nauseating stench radiated from the Ghost Prison Token.


As soon as the blood ripple came in contact with it, the giant skull was instantly blasted open. Even though Su Yu and the group were running away, they could not escape the ripple!


It reached Qin Jiuyang first. He wailed a pathetic cry, and blood shot out from his pores. He instantly slipped into unconsciousness. The divine glow around Gang Dalei’s body instantly dissipated, his giant two-zhang body torn apart and forced back into his normal state. His body was bloody, slumping onto the ground, hovering between life and death.

Even Yu Chan, who had escaped first, was hit by the blood ripple. The lily veil enveloping her body resisted for a moment before it shattered. Her abilities had been countered twice over the course of the battle. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she plunged to the ground.

When the radiation dissipated and the dust settled, Su Yu and the group were on the ground, their fates unknown. They had managed to fight back against the small ghost, but just seconds later, they had been reduced to this.


With a flicker of the ghostly fog, the small ghost advanced with a cold smile on its face, its arms behind its back. “You are all too inexperienced to be battling me” But suddenly, the small ghost raised its brows, staring at Su Yu with a strange look. “Huh?”

Su Yu, who lay on the ground, clearly in a coma, was gradually turning into a ball of crimson fire, vanishing with a trace.

“It’s a clone!” breathed the ghost.

It suddenly remembered that Su Yu had used a clone when he was using his techniques just now! The ghost was shocked. The clone being here would mean that the main body was unharmed!

“Are you looking for me?” asked a cold, calm voice behind it.

The small ghost turned its head in disbelief. The red-haired Su Yu was standing right behind it! He wore black armor, and his expression peaceful, standing with one arm behind him. He was not seriously injured; only his red hair was a bit unkempt.

“You are not injured? Incredible.” Then the ghost’s gaze wandered to Su Yu’s black armor, and it drew in a sharp breath. “Hmm That armor. It is a high-grade spiritual artifact! It is made from the bones of a Divine Master and the rare Eternal Stone!” The small ghost glared at Su Yu, studying him carefully. “Who are you? Why do you have a high-grade spiritual artifact to protect yourself?”

Su Yu looked at Gang Dalei and the rest, confirming that they still had life force remaining in them. He eased his worry, letting out a light sigh. “This is for the best,” he said. “Now I can fight to the best of my ability!”

“Lad, I am asking you a question!” the small ghost said, its eyes were unable to shift away from the armor on Su Yu’s body.

Even he was tempted by this armor.

Su Yu looked at him coldly. “Someone who is about to die has no need to know!”

Hearing this, the small ghost roared with laughter. “I might be a little cautious if your partners still had some battle ability! But with only you left, how can you deal with me with that puny origin of yours?”

“You’ll soon find out,” Su Yu said.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed. A sharp iron needle suddenly shot out from the ground where the clone had dissipated. The top of the iron needle shone with an eerie glow. It was an extremely potent poison.

The iron needle shot out abruptly and without warning. Even the small ghost had not expected an attack to come from behind him! Yet, with a casual shift of its body, it effortlessly avoided the sneak attack from the iron needle.

“Hehe! You think you can deal with me with such sneak attacks?” said the ghost. “You are too naive!”

The ghost’s body flickering as it turned into a ball of black fog charging straight for Su Yu. Its figure was like an afterimage, unable to be followed!




Suddenly, there were multiple air-crackling sounds. Multiple iron needles shot out of the ground in quick succession, creating a spell formation of nine different angles from the first iron needle! Furthermore, the attack had successfully ambushed the small ghost, surrounding it.

The iron needles shot toward the ghost, turning into bolts of green afterimages. It created a web-like structure formed of the needles’ afterimages; anyone trapped within the spell formation would have been helpless to avoid them!

“Ah!” the ghost called out in surprise. “Thisthis is the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!”

Suddenly, the body of the little ghost was pierced through. It let out a fierce crynot just of pain but of fear. It seemed terrified of the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.