The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Suppressing The Ghost With The Golden Ring

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In the blink of an eye, his small and nimble body was pierced through continuously. In just a short amount of time, nine empty holes were formed on his body. Within the holes, a great amount of ghost fog of a strong ghost was released, and it rose continuously.

As for the little ghost, he was roaring in pain continuously, and the ghost fog which filled his body, was trying in vain to break out of the Nine Yin-Yang Formation. However, the Sword Formation, which had no openings, caused his body to be trapped inside, and the steel needles kept piercing through his body. Thus, his palm-sized body became filled with needle holes quickly.

The great amount of ghost fog, which he had swallowed like a whale, then came out from his body endlessly, when the needles’ holes were created. Moreover, he looked less imposing as the ghost fog was released.

His overweening arrogance had also weakened to a large extent. If things went on like this, he would be killed!

At the last moment, he finally managed to react. His hands weaved signs, and he tapped his forehead. At once, a lump of extremely pure ghost fog appeared from his forehead, before changing into an armor, which covered his body.

At the same time, the Ghost Prison Token, which possessed frightening power, was taken out again. The little ghost bit open the tip of his tongue, then spit out a huge mouthful of black-colored blood fog.

At once, the Ghost Prison Token became extremely active, and a lump of bloody energy, which caused people to feel sick, filled the area again. That layer of blood light enshrouded the little ghost. On the surface of the light cover, a flittery light was glowing, like a layer of fresh flowing blood. It looked unusually bloody and evil.


The steel needle flew over again. However, when it passed through the liquid-like light cover, its speed decreased greatly. Hence, when it was shot at the little ghost’s armor, a clanging sound could be heard, which bounced off the armor.

The same thing happened to the eight other steel needles, and they were no longer able to pierce through the little ghost’s body in the slightest. The little ghost’s anxious expression became completely relaxed. His body was weak, and ghost fog was released continuously.

At that very moment, he was puffing and panting deeply. His black face also revealed a dark reddish purple color, and he was in dire straits. His eyes were filled with remnants of terror, which had not gone away yet.

“Breath So this is not the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation, and it is actually just a simple and normal Sword Formation. I have thought that it was strange. That kind of Sword Formation should have been lost a hundred years ago!” The little ghost was panting, and he had a joyful expression.

It was obvious that, after being terrified for a short while, he had finally realized that what he was facing was actually not the real Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. Otherwise, he would have died a long time ago.

After realizing that what Su Yu had used was nine steel needles, which were middle grade divine weapons, he completely heaved a sigh of relief. When the little ghost recalled that he had almost died at the hands of this little kid from the human clan, his dark reddish purple face revealed an extremely ashamed and furious expression: “For you to be able to force me to this extent, even if you died, you should still feel satisfied!”

“Open!” After the little ghost shouted ferociously, the blood red-colored flittery light changed into a spreading ripple, which attacked in all directions!

With a moaning sound, the nine steel needles, which were in a formation, were sent flying.

“I really wish to see, without those nine steel needles, what else can you do against me!” The little ghost hated Su Yu, to the point that he gnashed his teeth and had extremely strong murderous intents.

Moreover, tiny bits of fear could be felt faintly. The Nine Yin-Yang Formation previously had indeed made him extremely terrified, and had also injured him considerably. If not for him possessing the Ghost Prison Token, which protected his body, he would have suffered an unexpected failure, dying at the hands of Su Yu.


The little ghost spit out a mouthful of blood toward the Ghost Prison Token again, and ghost light soared up. After exhibiting the secret technique of the blood continuously, the little ghost’s expression became deep purple, making it was obvious that he had exhausted a great amount of his energy.

“Little kid, die!”

After roaring ferociously, the infinite amount of blood light changed into a blood-colored ghost claw in the sky. Looking at its power, it was not weaker than the the Fairy Realm’s attack, which he had unleashed previously!

The ghost claw appeared and vanished continuously. It contained destructive spiritual pressure, which was thrust toward Su Yu from the sky violently!

Before the palm print landed, an extremely strong and violent pressure could be felt from the sky. For the ground of the ruins, with Su Yu as its core, it sank more than thirty inches down ruthlessly!

Su Yu himself also felt an indescribably great pressure, and crackling sounds could be heard from the bones within his body. Tiny bits of blood then gushed out from his five sense organs!

Before the palm print even landed, it caused Su Yu to be in a situation of life and death. If the palm print landed, even with his Eternal Stone King Armor to protect his body, there would be no guarantee that he would not end up like Junior Sister Ye and Senior Brother Bai, where they became a lump of muddy flesh.

In a critical moment, Su Yu’s eyes brightened up…

“The time has come! Up!”

At the very moment, the little ghost was standing outside the palm print, grinning hideously, as if he had seen the scene where Su Yu was turned into muddy flesh! His attention was ninety-nine percent focused on Su Yu! As such, he did not realize in the slightest bit that, on the ground below his feet, a crack had appeared abruptly.

An extremely magnificent ray of golden light came out from the crack. With its sudden appearance, from the bottom to the top, the little ghost was encased within the golden light. When the little ghost realized it, the golden light was already very close to his feet.

His expression changed and without hesitation, he spit out a mouthful of ghost fog to forcefully send the golden light flying. What caused the little ghost’s expression to change greatly, was that the golden light was extremely magical. When the ghost fog touched the golden light, it dissipated on the spot!

Moreover, the golden light dissipated slightly as well, revealing its real body. Impressively, it was a palm-sized golden ring!

All sorts of Sanskrit words were carved on the golden ring, and a Buddha statue appeared indistinctly as well. At the side of the golden ring, a voice chanting Sanskrit words could be heard faintly.

As soon as the voice entered the little ghost’s ears, he started to have such a bad headache, that his head felt as if it was about to split open. The ghost fog within his body also surged violently, as it escaped from his body in succession.

“Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring! The most valuable treasure of the Fo family!!” When the little ghost saw the real body of the golden ring, it screamed again!

The golden ring also flew over in an instant. It was put over his body to the waist level, and then bound his body tightly. All the ghost fog within his body was suppressed, to the point that it could not move at all. As for the Ghost Prison Token on his palm, since he had lost his strength to hold it, it fell from the sky.

Under a situation, where no one activated the Ghost Prison Token, the red light that it was emitting disappeared, and it turned back to normal, with a blood red color. That palm print, which was heading toward Su Yu, also dissipated out of thin air abruptly.


Su Yu gestured with his big hands, as he held the Ghost Prison Token, which had fallen on his palm. He then threw it into the Cosmos Mirror quickly.

Upon seeing that, the little ghost was both surprised and furious, screaming, “Stop it!”

However, at the very moment, he was defenseless. He was using his hands to push away the golden ring with great difficulty, as he wanted to get himself out of the difficult situation. The golden light of the golden ring was twinkling. With the little ghost struggling, the golden ring expanded continuously, and it looked as though he could escape!

Upon seeing that, Su Yu weaved signs with one hand, quickly, without thinking. “Quick!” he shouted.

The steel needles, which had been sent flying, formed the Nine Yin-Yang Formation again, trapping the little ghost within it. Upon seeing that, the little ghost was so frightened, that his soul came out: “Stop! Wait, we can discuss this. If you spare my life, I will give you countless benefits!”

However, Su Yu refused to listen to him. A ferocious light flashed past his eyes, and he got the Nine Yin-Yang Formation revolving by activating it!

Whiz, whiz, whiz

Numerous piercing sounds, comparable to that of a heavy rainstorm and strong gale, submerged the little ghost’s sad and shrill shriek. Within an instant, the little ghost’s body was pierced through many times, and it festered as a result.

However, Su Yu did not stop, and the Nine Yin-Yang Formation continued to revolve. It was not until there was no longer a sad and shrill shriek, that Su Yu gradually stopped his spell.

At that very moment, was there still a little ghost? There was only muddy flesh, which filled the ground!

The Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring was filled with black-colored ghost blood. The little ghost was unable to escape from the suppression, even until death, and thus, he was turned into muddy flesh while still alive.

However, Su Yu did not have any intention of stopping. After sweeping his eyes past the pile of muddy flesh, Su Yu shot out a lump of raging flames in order to cover it without hesitation.


Suddenly, a sad and shrill shriek could be heard from the muddy flesh! A finger-sized ghost head was completely enshrouded by the flames, and it was shouting with pain. Moreover, its tiny eyes were filled with extreme hatred: “Ah! I will fight with you to the end!”

That small and nimble ghost head was actually the little ghost! He had not died! Instead, he hid himself within the muddy flesh, and tried in vain to slip away with false pretences! It wasn’t until he was roasted by Su Yu’s raging flames, that he had exposed himself!

Seeing that the ghost head had thrown himself over, Su Yu’s cold eyes brightened. The Nine Yin-Yang Formation revolved rapidly, turning the ghost head into muddy flesh in an instant. The sad and shrill roar then ceased abruptly.

At the same time, Su Yu spit out a mouthful of flames, and burnt the muddy flesh of the ghost tree into ashes. After that, he burnt all the body parts of the little ghost into ashes, so that he would be completely at ease. That small ghost had died, so much so, that it certainly could no longer die.

Seeing that the ground was filled with ashes, Su Yu’s body was exhausted. He could finally no longer conceal the paleness on his face. Be it the Nine Yin-Yang Formation, or the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, both had used up a great amount of his spiritual energy.

If not for him making a breakthrough to Heaven Master, where he managed to condense his spiritual energy into Spiritual Energy Crystals successfully, he might not have had the power to activate the two treasures. However, although he had exhausted a great amount of his spiritual energy, he finally managed to completely kill the little ghost successfully!

Suddenly, when Su Yu swept his eyes past the ashes of the little ghost, he realized that there was a pitch-black scream now coming from it. When he grabbed the void, a thumb-sized black-colored crystal appeared on his palm.

Su Yu was not unfamiliar with the item. When he had killed a Rakshasa previously, he had also obtained something known as the Ghost Crystal, which contained spiritual energy and ghost energy. However, as for this one in front of him, not only was it a lot smaller than that of the Rakshasa’s, it also contained an extremely little amoun of spiritual energy.

After examining it for some time, Su Yu became shocked abruptly, exclaiming, “Oh, this is vital energy and ghost energy”

The crystal actually contained the vital energy, which the Zhenlong continent did not possess! Su Yu was extremely delighted that things had turned out far better than he had expected. The little ghost was minimally at the level of the Fairy Realm. Hence, the Ghost Crystal within his body was definitely created by the condensation of vital energy!

Filled the excitement, Su Yu tried to extract the vital energy from the crystal. However, he discovered that, not only was the Ghost Crystal unusually hard, the vital energy within it was completely frozen, and thus, could not be extracted.

This caused Su Yu, who wanted to make use of the vital energy within the Ghost Crystal, in order to cure Ling Xiaotian completely, to be slightly disappointed.


Suddenly, a clear and sweet voice could be heard. Yu Chan was actually gradually regaining her consciousness!

Su Yu’s expression changed. With a wave of his big sleeves, he dispersed the little ghost’s ashes, while he kept the Ghost Crystal, as well as the Eternal Stone King Armor. After that, he laid down on the ground.

Yu Chan opened her eyes slowly. Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang then woke up in succession as well. Initially, the three of them were a bit confused. After that, their expressions changed wildly.

“Ghost Prison Envoy!” Yu Chan and Gang Dalei gave a cry speechlessly, and they wanted to escape the moment they got up. However, after sweeping past their surroundings, the two of them managed to calm down a bit.

Their location was in a great mess. Where was the figure of the little ghost? Moreover, if the little ghost had wanted to kill them, he would have done it when they were unconscious.

The three of them looked at their surroundings more seriously. After confirming that they could no longer feel the aura of the little ghost, they only then became completely at ease.

“That little ghost actually didn’t kill us. This is unexpected! Could it be that something happened?” Yu Chan wondered aloud to herself.