The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Holy Crown

When the demon students in the martial arts training institute found out how Su Yu escaped from Bai Qixiong and Bodyguard Chen, Xia Jingyu's reputation would be destroyed instantly.

Xia Jingyu was noble and extremely innocent. In order to remain innocent, she would not even allow Fang Qingzhou to touch her, even if she had to commit suicide. Yet she willingly used her jade-like body to hug Su Yu.

"Senior Xia" Su Yu was normally as calm as nature. However, his mind turned blank.

In his previous life, if he had any misunderstandings with a woman, he could use sweet words to make them happy and use the opportunity to shake them off.

However, he could not do that to Xia Jingyu, as she sacrificed her innocence to save him. If he did not have Qin Xianer as his fiance, he would have been brave and taken responsibility for Xia Jingyu. However, Qin Xianer was already his fiance. Qin Xianer had lost her father and could not afford to lose her only fianc.

Xia Jingyu wiped her red and swollen eyes. On her snow-like skin, there were still remnants of the last evening light, which was dim like an autumn lotus in a pool during winter, full of charm and cold at the same time.

No need to take it to heart. It was just an expedient measure to save Su Yu. Xia Jingyu repeated those lines in her heart, forcing herself to not think of the future.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard from the outside. "Yu-er, can father enter?"

Xia Jingyu's heart suddenly skipped a beat. She looked at Su Yu with a complicated look and said softly and helplessly, "Yes, I have woken up already."

What she had to face, she would face eventually. It was impossible for her to hide the fact that Su Yu was in the tent.

Xia Linxuan was worried that his daughter was frightened and went inside the tent in a rush. However, what he saw was a man with a shriveled face, who looked like a beggar, sitting on her daughter's bed. As Xia Jingyu's father, he felt like he had been struck by lightning!

Looking at him, he realized the boy was a young man with a very familiar face!

"Su Yu!" Xia Linxuan was surprised once again. Hadn't he been rescued by Senior Qin and gone somewhere far away from the Fenglin Empire? Why was he there?

However, he thought of another question that made him furious! If her daughter was sleeping on the bed naked, did that mean that Su Yu was with her on the bed?

His daughter was noble and innocent. Xia Linxuan strongly believed that she would not do anything that would bring dishonor to her family. Without a doubt, in order to protect Su Yu, Xia Jingyu pretended that she was asleep. However, at that moment, Su Yu was also on the bed, sharing it with her!

Xia Linxuan was extremely shocked! His daughter's innocence

After hearing the commotion, Ye Xuan and a few of the demon students rushed to Xia Jingyu's tent. When they arrived at the scene, they were stunned.

Xia Jingyu slept naked with Su Yu? The people outside Xia Jingyu's tent were dumbstruck!

Feeling that many unusual eyes were staring at her, Xia Jingyu's face started to turn red. She, who was noble and innocent, could not stand all the unusual eyes staring at her.

"All of you are to get out!" Xia Linxuan was startled for some time. His eyes were gloomy like water, as though they were like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Ye Xuan immediately led the students away. As he was clever and vigilant, he greatly emphasized to the demon students not to spread the information of Su Yu in the tent! Once Bai Qixiong noticed, he would break his jade pendant, which would cause all of them, including Su Yu, to perish together! However, it would be difficult to keep the secret for too long.

Xia Linxuan's cold eyes were filled with indescribable anger. As he looked at his daughter, he felt that what she did was not worthy. Moreover, he felt pain and anger within his heart.

In order to save Su Yu, who she had not known for that long, did she need to sacrifice something so great? Now that everyone knew that his daughter had lost her chastity to Su Yu, even though they had not reached that stage yet, his daughter's good reputation was completely tarnished!

What man would marry a lady who had slept naked with another man? When he finally glared at Su Yu, his heart was burning with anger!

Even though he was extremely angry, he understood that the matter was not entirely Su Yu's fault. Unless Su Yu had no way out, he would not have escaped into the tent.

Suppressing his anger, Xia Linxuan said with a very low voice, "Su Yu! Tell me, how are you going to settle this issue?"

Su Yu took a deep breath and said in an apologetic tone, "I will leave it to Housemaster Xia to decide how to handle this issue!"

"Understood!" Xia Linxuan thought to himself for a short while. Not allowing anyone to interfere, he said, "There is only one way to maintain the good reputation of my daughter, and that is to marry her!"

Xia Jingyu's heart felt as though it had been struck by lightning. Her face turned red and she disagreed firmly, "No, father! He"

As Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had not known each other for very long, Xia Jingyu did not have many feelings for Su Yu; she only had good impressions of him. She was not prepared to marry Su Yu.

"Hmph! Do you still have a choice? We will let Su Yu decide for himself!" Xia Linxuan glared at his daughter. He resented her for not bringing credit to herself. If he did not use this opportunity to force Su Yu to marry his daughter, would his daughter have the reputation to be able to marry other man in the future?

Of course, with his daughter's exceptional looks, there would be many men laying their eyes on her and it would not be difficult for her to get married. However, if she wanted to marry someone of the same status as her, this matter would be a stain that she could not clean off!

Su Yu opened his mouth and apologized harshly, "Housemaster Xia, I cannot agree to your proposal! Xianer is my fiance and I cannot let her down!"

Xia Jingyu's heart, which was in high spirits, gradually toned down upon hearing the rejection. She was worried that she would be married to Su Yu in this state of confusion.

She did not know why, but after she was rejected, her heart was not as peaceful as she expected. Instead, she felt disappointed. He actually rejected her.

It was difficult to ease Xia Linxuan's rage. His beard and hair started to stand, and while biting his teeth, he uttered every word with a pause in between: "Because of you, my daughter's good reputation is destroyed. If you are not going to marry her, then let me ask you, how are you going to compensate her?"

"I" Su Yu was at a loss. After being startled for some time, he paid his respects and said sincerely, "Housemaster Xia and Senior Xia, please give me some time to think. After the Holy Meet is over and after I settle my marriage matters with Xianer, I will give both of you an explanation."

Xia Linxuan was boiling with rage. This matter could not be dragged on any longer. He couldn't tolerate that once they left, Su Yu decided not to answer for his actions.

In the end, his daughter was soft and could not bear to force Su Yu to marry her. She persuaded, "Father Let's settle this matter after Su Yu has settled his marriage matters with Xianer."

Xia Linxuan was extremely furious. Even though he was fighting for his daughter's rights, she went against him!

"Su Yu! I will remember this! This matter is not over yet!" Xia Linxuan stormed off.

Xia Linxuan did not understand. The Duke of Xianyu had lost his power and influence, making it almost impossible for Su Yu to achieve anything big in the future.

As for his daughter, she possessed good qualities and looks. Moreover, he himself was a martial artist at Level Seven and could help Su Yu with his training in the future. Why was Su Yu still so persistent about marrying Qin Xianer?

When her father walked far away, Xia Jingyu said softly, "You do not need to take my father's words to heart. I do not need you to take responsibility for me, I only hope that you can take good care of Xianer."

Su Yu was moved but ashamed at the same time. "I am indebted to the Duke of Xianyu. Before he died, he entrusted his daughter to me. I cannot abandon Xianer and stop caring about her. After everything is settled, I will give you an explanation."

As she listened to Su Yu's difficulties, she realized that it was all because of his gratitude towards the Duke of Xianyu. The disappointment in her heart eased slightly and she started to sympathize with Su Yu.

Everyone thought that Su Yu soared to the top with a flap of his wings. Who would have expected him to be caught in the imperial family's fight for power, and end up in dire straits?

With a leisurely tone, Xia Jingyu said, "You can call me Jingyu. Can you tell me the situation with Xianer?"

Su Yu nodded.

After one hour, Xia Jingyu was both gratified and worried.

She was thankful that Qin Xianer was safe and sound, and had escaped to the Fenghuang Empire. It was a very strong country, no weaker than the Fenglin Empire. As such, the power of the Fenglin Empire was unable to threaten Xianer.

However, she was worried that Su Yu was determined to participate in the Holy Meet for the sake of revenge. The chances of him getting to first place were slim. Not only that, he might end up in a perilous position.

The imperial capital was the First Prince's grand territory. After the Holy Meet had ended and the Holy Seal in between Su Yu's eyebrows disappeared, there would no longer any obstacles stopping the First Prince from killing Su Yu.

In a situation where the First Prince activated all the strong martial artists in the imperial capital, even if Su Yu had achieved Level Nine, he would be full of despair.

This meant that Su Yu would be fighting with his life on the line. If he could not attain the first position, then the only path remaining for him was death.

Su Yu had also gotten a lot of information. He found out that on the day he escaped, the Duke of Xianyu was rescued by the Third Prince and did not die. However, he had lost one of his arms.

That news had caused Su Yu to be over the moon. However, there was another piece of news that caused him to be completely at a loss. In view of the Second Prince being killed by the traitors, the Duke of Xianyu's charge had been decided. In 10 days time, he would be executed!

According to the time, Su Yu deduced that the 10th day would be the day when the Holy Meet ended! Su Yu did not have any extra time. That fact had caused Su Yu to be more determined to achieve first place in the Holy Meet! He had to achieve first position, otherwise the Duke of Xianyu would die!

"For the remaining days, let me duel with you so that we can learn from one another. I hope that this will help strengthen your abilities. Otherwise, at your current level, the chances of you getting into the top 30 are slim, not to mention first position." Xia Jingyu was moved by Su Yu's persistence and gratitude towards the Duke of Xianyu. Hence, she decided to support him with all her strength.

Su Yu lightly shook him head. "No!"

"Why?" Xia Jingyu lightly bit her lips.

Su Yu said calmly: "The First Prince wants to get rid of me quickly. After I enter the imperial capital, he might send assassins to kill me secretly."

"If it is revealed that I am among you, he might kill all of you as well in order to cover up the truth! I cannot drag all of you down with me," Su Yu said slowly.

The appearance of Bai Qixiong had proven that Su Yu's words were real and not deliberately exaggerated.

Even though Xia Jingyu understood, she could not hold her words in anymore and said, "Then what are you going to do? If we cannot protect you, then who else can?"

Su Yu was a poor village boy and the most powerful person he knew was the Duke of Xianyu alone. Xia Jingyu could not think of anyone else that Su Yu knew.

"There is one more person!" Su Yu's eyes shone.

The next morning, the martial arts training institute headed towards the imperial capital as if nothing had happened. Su Yu disguised himself as a servant and blended in with the crowd. As for the Holy Seal in between his eyebrows, he covered it secretly.

After many warnings by Xia Linxuan, the demon students pretended that they did not know a thing and slowly entered the imperial capital.

Somewhere far away from the crowd, Bai Qixiong and Bodyguard Chen had been secretly observing them for a long time. Bodyguard Chen shook his head gently, "Seems that he is really not with them. We wasted our night!"

Bai Qixiong was a bit furious. "This crafty kid! Seems like he had really escaped! We will return immediately and report back to the First Prince!"

After entering the imperial capital, Su Yu stared at Xia Jingyu with mixed feelings. Xia Jingyu's snow-like eyes were trembling and she was at a loss. Feelings of grief were rolling about in her heart.

In order to prevent anyone from noticing, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu did not bid each other farewell with words. Instead, they used their eyes to send each other off. That farewell might be forever.

If Su Yu were unable to attain the Holy Crown, then it would be difficult for him to avoid death.

Taking advantage of an opportunity when no one was looking, Su Yu entered an alley and disappeared. Xia Jingyu's shoulders were trembling and her heart was full of grief.

"Why Yu-er, do you need to torture yourself like this?" Xia Linxuan was a strong martial artist of Level Seven. As such, how could he not notice that Su Yu had left?

He lightly patted her daughter's shoulders and sighed: "You could have forced him to stay. Given that he values relationships and gratitude highly, if you had used death to threaten him, he would definitely have compromised and stayed."

Xia Jingyu's eyes became complicated. "Father, let him go. I do not wish to be like the Heaven that binds him."