The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Snatching The Floating Ship

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The Human Kings silently blocked Su Yu’s path of escape.

Su Yu looked at the battleship, revealing a meaningful expression. “I will return, but I do not feel like bringing you with me.”

Hearing this, the Half God froze. He did not understand what Su Yu was saying. “Forget it!” he said. “Capture him. We’ll bring him back for Senior Xue Ling to personally interrogate him!” The Half God waved his hand as he gave the order.

This was in regards to Divine Master Tu Mo’s treasure. How could he dare to question Su Yu himself? To avoid any suspicion, it was best to hand him over to Senior Xue Ling.

The three Human Kings immediately released a powerful black vapor similar to ghost energy, though a bit different. The black vapor was filled with overbearing, violent energy unlike ghost energy.

Su Yu was shocked. “Demonic energy? A quality unique to demon technique cultivators!”

So, this was demonic energy. He did not know if things that countered ghost energysuch as Buddhist treasures or lightningcould suppress demon-based techniques.

Thinking for a moment, Su Yu took out a gold dagger. The demonic energy of the three Human Kings formed three chains, quickly binding Su Yu. They were unsurprised that they had managed to capture Su Yu this easily. After all, Su Yu was merely a Heaven Master. A Human King could easily suppress him. It would have been odd if three Human Kings were unable to deal with him.

The Half God observing from the side eased his worries after he saw how easily Su Yu was suppressed. The other party had strangely stopped in his tracks, but he did not immediately surrender. The Half God would naturally be suspicious of any tricks. That was why he had ordered his subordinates to attack, casually standing to a side himself. But in reality, he was already prepared to attack in case of any unexpected situations.

The Half God relaxed, seeing as to how the mission had been successfully accomplished. “Take him away!” he ordered, stepping forward.

Behind him, the three Human Kings pulled on the chains, bringing Su Yu toward the floating ship. But their expressions changed when they pulled on the chain. It was like pulling on a large mountain.

Su Yu did not move an inch. All three of them stumbled, nearly falling to the ground! This strange scene caused the three to grow uneasy. The Half God in front also noticed this, his heart turning cold!

But it was too late for them to react. They saw the cold smile on Su Yu’s lips. Su Yu grabbed the three chains of demonic energy and began pulling them toward him!

The three Human Kings suddenly flew toward Su Yu as though they were as light as paper. Their expressions changed, anxiously releasing the chains and attacking at the same time!

Su Yu was prepared. He shot out a frosty mist from his chest, forming three arrows that shot toward the Human Kings. The power of the frigid energy was something not even a Half God could easily defend against!

A crack was heard. The three Human Kingsstill attempting to use their techniqueswere instantly frozen. Their bodies flew toward Su Yu without slowing. What awaited them were three golden afterimages of the Golden Scale Dagger slicing through the air.

Without so much as a scream, the three frozen Human Kings were each cut in half, killed instantly!

It all happened in the blink of an eye. The Half God demon cultivator had no time to help them. Paralyzed with disbelief for a moment, the Half God finally came to his senses. Killing intent overrode his surprise and anger.

“Great!” the Half God roared. “Truly spectacular! The physical body of a top-notch Human King! We underestimated you! I did not want to attack you myself, but you do not know how to cherish your opportunities! Have you prepared for a fate worse than death after killing us members cultivating demon-based techniques?”

Demonic energy welled from the Half God, his merciless aura filling the air. He formed a giant demonic hammer with the demonic energy in hands. The demonic hammer released a violent aura, producing a great impact on Su Yu’s senses.

Facing the demonic hammer, Su Yu felt uncomfortable. It felt as though his soul was being suppressed! This weapon could sap the mental strength of its opponents. But Su Yu’s soul was unnaturally strong; he was not susceptible to the full effects of the demonic hammer. He circulated spirit energy within his body, dispelling the potential effects on his mental strength.

Seeing that Su Yu’s mental strength had barely changed, the Half God was slightly surprised. It would be reasonable, if Su Yu were a Human King, for him to be unaffected by the demonic energy. But he was only a Heaven Master!

Confused by the situation before him, the Half God became even more cautious. The person before him was unlike other Heaven Masters. Thinking for a moment, he struck down with the demonic hammer in his hand.

At that moment, an aura so violent that it disrupted the peace of its surroundings attacked Su Yu’s soul. But Su Yu was largely unaffected, slicing with his Golden Scale Dagger without hesitation.


With a barely audible sound, the demonic hammer was immediately broken!

This scene shocked the Half God. Even though the demonic hammer he had made was not as sturdy as a divine artifact, it should not have been so easily broken by a blow from a Heaven Master. But he had no time to think about it. The Golden Scale Dagger had already appeared half a zhang away from him.

The Half God let out a cold laugh. He formed seals as he retreated, shouting, “You are naive!”

The broken halves of the demonic hammer began to piece themselves back together, forming a giant demonic hammer with material qualities, assaulting Su Yu’s chest at close range. Su Yu was surprised. The scattered demonic energy could still be controlled by its master! Cultivators that practiced demon-based techniques were mysterious indeed!


But the giant hammer did not blast Su Yu to shreds. Instead, the demonic hammer shuddered, once again shattering with a bang!

A suit of pitch black armor had encased Su Yu’s body. But he immediately stored it once again. The Half God could not even register what had happened before Su Yu pressed toward him. The Golden Scale Dagger was only an inch away from his vital point!

The Half God’s face finally dropped. He let out a cold grunt. “You are too inexperienced to be killing me”

As he was speaking, a sharp arrow made of demonic energy shot out from his chest. It was faster than the Golden Scale Dagger, shooting straight toward Su Yu’s heart. To think that this demon-based technique cultivator was going to use such an overbearing technique, opting to make Su Yu perish with him!

But the Half God’s face froze, suddenly feeling heat from his back. Looking down, a fist-sized hole had burned through his chest. His heart had been reduced to ashes by a crimson figure that had appeared behind him without warning.

From the start, Su Yu had secretly conjured a clone, biding his time for this opportunity. Seizing his chance, Su Yu now sliced through the Half God’s neck with his Golden Scale Dagger, decapitating him. The severed head still harbored a look of injustice as it fell to the ground. Clearly, he had never imagined that he would be killed by a mere Heaven Master.

Su Yu grabbed the corpse, searching his body. There was only a small, pitch black hammer, aside from a few small black bottles. That must have been the divine artifact used to conjure the hammer of demonic energy. It was a normal middle-grade divine artifact.

There were only demonic ingredients, useful only to demon-based cultivators. Disappointed, Su Yu took the items anyway. Any item might still prove useful under the right circumstances. Then he burned the three bodies to ash.

Su Yu looked at the floating ship that had been parked in the sky. More accurately, it was a battleship, equivalent in size to the battleships Su Yu had seen in his previous life.

With a glint in his eyes, Su Yu took out a transparent cloak from his robes. It was Xin Wuhen’s treasure. It had landed in the hands of the shopkeeper, and now, it belonged to Su Yu. As he put it on, his figure slowly became transparent, finally turning invisible. Even his aura was hidden.


There were still 17 Human Kings and several hundred Heaven Masters on the battleship. They were neatly arranged on deck, adopting a defensive formation. The seven Half Gods were not around. They had to be careful of any enemies.

At that moment, a creaking sound was heard, and a Human King who had been deep in concentration suddenly turned to dust before everyone’s eyes. The strange scene made everyone’s spines tingle.

There was another strange sound. This time, a Human King reacted in time, shouting, “An attack from an enemy! Be prepared!” But he had barely gotten the words out before his head was ripped from his body and flung into the sky. Blood sprayed like a fountain from his neck.

“It’s an enemy!” shouted another Human King, eyes wide. “He can conceal himself! Tighten the formation quickly!”

The cluster of several hundred fighters quickly formed ten small groups, standing in circles their backs to one another. This way, the other nine groups could hone in on a direction and counterattack if one of them received an attack!


But suddenly, the centermost groupand all ten people withinwas enveloped by powerful, frigid energy that turned them all into ice sculptures!

Seeing this, the Human King commander shouted, “There he is! Attack!”

No one got the chance to strike. The group nearest the first group also turned into ice sculptures. Suddenly, the rest of the members feared for their lives.

Someone let out a wail of terror. “Run! This is the doing of the Corpse Grassland!”

They were deep within the Corpse Grassland and were already feeling uneasy, but now that they were witnessing such a strange scene, they were like startled birds.

And now that there was someone was screaming to run, their determination shattered.

“Do not fall for the trick!” the Human King commander yelled, observing the change in his subordinates.

The enemy hiding in the dark was creating chaos. The determination of these people had wavered, and the commander’s orders were no longer order effective. In the blink of an eye, close to 80 Heaven Masters ignored his orders and began fleeing from the ship. A good portion of Human Kings also opted to escape.

Seeing this, the commanding Human King clenched his teeth. His only choice left, it seemed, was to join them and flee. He had just begun to make his move when something cold touched his neck.

“Do not move!”

The commander’s heart thumped wildly. Someone had come up behind him without him realizing it! He did not dare move, watching helplessly as everyone else escaped. He was left alone.


Su Yu took off his cloak. “How do I control this battleship?” he demanded. “Speak!”

Sweat dripped from the commander’s forehead. He could see Su Yu’s reflection in the blade of the golden dagger resting on his neck. This person had been chased by two Human Kings and a Half God but had managed to return unscathed. He was terrifying indeed!

After some hesitation, the Human King said, “Will you spare me if I tell you?”

Su Yu replied coldly, “I have no use for your life. If you tell me truthfully how to control this ship, I can spare you.”