The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 463

Chapter 463 High Grade Divine Artifact

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After hearing what was said, the Human King hesitated for some time. After that, he led Su Yu to the bow of the ship. Inside the bow of the ship, there was a platform manufactured by crystals. Atop the platform, there was a palm print.

“By inserting a drop of blood, and putting the palm print above, you will be able to increase the speed, or adjust the direction, according to your will.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu was extremely surprised. Was it really so magical?

He bit his finger open on the spot, and dripped a drop of blood into the palm print. At once, an unfamiliar message resounded in his mind.

“Divine Flying Ship, a flying ship which is a high grade divine artifact. This flying ship requires the activation of the Vital Energy Crystal, and at its fastest, it can achieve the speed of the Fairy Realm!”

As it was a high grade divine artifact, Su Yu was over the moon. Apart from possessing semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts, the artifact of the highest grade after that should be the Divine Flying Ship!

He then used his Soul Eyes to see through everything. As expected, he discovered that at the core of the flying ship, there was a Vital Energy Crystal, which contained an abundance of vital energy that was providing energy to the flying ship continuously.

Su Yu took action, and the warship shrank hurriedly.In the end, it shrank down from a thousand Chinese feet to ten inches, and it looked like a model of a warship.

“You may leave.” Su Yu gestured with his hands, and released the Human King. After that, Su Yu expanded the ship to thirty Chinese feet, took out a jade pendant, sensed the whereabouts of his comrades and flew over quickly.

As the Human King looked at Su Yu’s back as Su Yu left, his eyes were glowing with a cruel and ferocious light: “Humph! Only demonic technique-based martial artists, like us, rob others. However, someone actually dared rob us! How reckless!”

Suddenly, a small stone was spit out from the ground of the green grassland below his feet. If Su Yu were to have been present, he would have recognized that the stone was the stone that he had thrown to examine the grassland! As such, it was extremely strange that the stone was spit out from the ground tens of thousands of miles away!

The Human King was slightly stunned. After that, he looked like he had thought of something. His face changed vigorously, and without hesitation, he flew up into the sky quickly.

As he rushed into the sky, he looked at the place where he had stood at previously, subconsciously. What caused him to gasp coldly was that, atop the grassland, those green grasses had changed into a giant human face, towering at a thousand Chinese feet tall!!

Its five senses were portrayed clearly, and it looked like it was formed by the green grass. Its, eyes which were extremely huge, revealed a cruel and ferocious smile. As for its giant mouth, it opened abruptly, and a giant and long tongue, which looked like many tongues combined together, was shot out.

The Human King did not even have time to react. He was caught by the long tongue and pulled into the mouth. As the giant mouth closed, a horrible shriek ceased abruptly, and a chewing sound could be heard after that!

After some time, the giant human face revealed a satisfied look, and looked toward the direction that Su Yu had gone with a ferocious smile. The giant human face then disappeared on the spot, and the grassland regained its fresh green color once again. It was quiet and beautiful, as if that bloody scene had never occurred.

Deep inside the grassland.

Qin Jiuyang’s hair was in disarray, many parts of his body were stained with blood, and blood also streamed down from the corners of his mouth. It was obvious that he was in dire straits.

His expression looked weak, and he could not fight for much longer. Moreover, opposite him, two Half Gods were also in quite bad shapes.

Their expressions were ghastly pale, and they confronted Qin Jiuyang with great fear. On their ring fingers, there was a layer of a shallow mark.

“Senior Brother Wu, this person’s curse techniques are really extremely evil! The moment we are not careful, the attacks that we inflict on him will return to our own bodies!”

Senior Brother Wu’s expression was grave as well. However, he could still remain calm: “No need to hurry. This person’s curse technique can only deal with two persons at max, and we do not need to go head to head with him. After the other Senior Brothers have taken care of their people, they will be able to take care of him easily.”

After hearing those words, Qin Jiuyang was anxious. He was already quite weak. If things carried on like this, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that he would be killed on the spot, before his opponents’ support came.

“I will listen to Senior Brother Wu!” The other Half God found that Senior Brother Wu’s words were logical. He then returned to being calm, and confronted Qin Jiuyang with caution.

Qin Jiuyang gritted his teeth, turned his body around, and escaped!

“Pursue him!” Senior Brother Wu shouted. The two of them then flew over to intercept him, then persistently refused to let him go.

All of a sudden, Senior Brother Wu’s eyelids twitched. A Half God’s sense of perception was extremely strong. He discovered that an inconspicuous aura was approaching them abruptly!

“Junior Brother, be careful!” After looking once around around the surroundings, Senior Brother Wu’s pupils turned serious. He then grabbed his Junior Brother’s shoulders, and moved him to the side.

As his Junior Brother was about to be moved, a golden dagger came out abruptly, almost piercing through the chest of the Junior Brother!

“Who is it? Do you think that launching a surprise attack means that you are capable? Come out, if you have the guts to do so!” Senior Brother Wu’s expression changed at once, as he gave a cold hum.

Then, in the void in front of them, a grim laughter could be heard abruptly: “That is so funny! If two against one means that both of you are capable, then, my surprise attack must mean that I am not capable?”

After his speech, Su Yu showed himself.

Senior Brother Wu’s gaze turned serious: “Here you are!”

After his speech, he thrust a palm over furiously, and he gave a cold hum softly, “Idiot!”

It was clear that his words were used to test Su Yu. To his surprise, Su Yu exposed himself so easily. However, at the moment where he thrust his palm over, his Junior Brother, who was behind him, gave a horrible shriek abruptly!

His Junior Brother’s chest could be seen being pierced through by raging flames abruptly, which caused his heart within his chest to turn into nothingness. After that, a reddish green figure, who wore an invisible cloak, appeared, took out items from the Junior Brother’s chest, and retreated quickly to the side of Qin Jiuyang.

It seemed that, when Su Yu showed himself, he passed his cloak to his clone at the same time. After attracting the attention of Senior Brother Wu and that Half God Junior Brother, he attacked abruptly, and killed the Junior Brother, whose abilities were the weakest.

After seeing such a situation, Senior Brother Wu’s eye sockets were about to tear open. However, he made an extremely wise decision, turning around and escaping!

Although that little kid was a Heaven Master, he was extremely strange. At that very moment, he had teamed up with Qin Jiuyang, and the one who was in danger was him.

However, even though he had escaped, he felt that there was an extreme pain in his abdomen abruptly! It was Qin Jiuyang, who had a mutual understanding with him. He had allowed Su Yu’s clone to attack his abdomen, which was not a vital part, abruptly.

Those raging flames, which almost caused the abdomen to be burnt open, was passed on to Senior Brother Wu’s body. The flames were actually burning within his abdomen, and he shouted violently in pain.

However, before his horrible shriek ceased, a golden dagger, which was prepared a long time ago, came and circled around his neck. As a result, his head flew into the sky.

At the same time, Su Yu lifted his hands and grabbed into the air. All the items of Senior Brother Wu then ended up in his hands. In an instant, two Half Gods were killed in succession.

The way that Qin Jiuyang looked at Su Yu had now changed completely! Previously, he had predicted that Su Yu had abilities which could kill a normal Half God. However, he did not expect Su Yu to do it so smoothly and sharply! If Su Yu were to kill him, he might even be successful in doing so!

“Big Brother Jiuyang, how are your injuries?” Su Yu walked over with great concern.

Qin Jiuyang laughed at himself, saying, “I don’t have many injuries. If Brother Black Snow had not rushed over, I might have perished here today. Hence, I feel that I am not as powerful as Brother Black Snow.”

Su Yu laughed, “It is only because of them being careless and underestimating us. Moreover, Big Brother Jiuyang is the one who contributed the most. Hence, I can only consider myself lucky.”

Qin Jiuyang said unhappily, “Stop being modest! Combined with the elders, with your abilities, if you were put anywhere in the Zhenlong continent, you would be considered to be among the top ten. The most critical thing is that you are only a Heaven Master. When you achieve Half God in the future, apart from those few Fairy Realms, you might just be the strongest person in the Zhenlong continent.”

Against Su Yu, Qin Jiuyang had given him a high assessment.

Su Yu laughed and changed the subject, saying, “Big Brother Jiuyang, these items were found from their bodies. Let’s split it by half among us.”

Qin Jiuyang was gratified that Su Yu still wanted to share the treasures with him. Hence, he shook his head and laughed: “Keep them with you. Those people were killed by you. I have been rescued by you, and I am extremely grateful to you for that. Hence, how can I ask for your items? Moreover, I still have my clan backing me up, and I do not lack resources. As you are a wandering martial artist, it is not easy for you to train alone. Hence, keep those items and use them yourself, alright?”

Having heard such words, which were filled with concern, Su Yu praised him secretly. Ever since they had gotten to know one another, Qin Jiuyang had given Su Yu quite a good impression.

“If that is the case, then I shall not stand on the ceremony.” Su Yu casually put all those treasures into his chest. He then took out the Divine Flying Ship effortlessly, and tossed it into the sky, so that it could expand to thirty Chinese feet.

Qin Jiuyang was stunned: “What is this Ah! Could, could this be that warship?”

Su Yu laughed: “What do you think?”

“Hiss~~” Qin Jiuyang gasped coldly: “You, you actually snatched this warship away from them. How did you manage to do it?” Qin Jiuyang found it unbelievable.

Su Yu could not help but shrug his shoulders: “All the Half Gods are gone, as they are pursuing us. Hence, is it very difficult for me to get this warship?”

After hearing such relaxing words, Qin Jiuyang could not conceal the astonishment within his heart. Su Yu had made it sound so easy. However, he understood that, although there was not a single Half God atop the warship, there were still over a hundred strong martial artists.

Not mentioning him, even if Gang Dalei wanted to snatch the flying ship, he might not be able to do so! Against Su Yu’s abilities, Qin Jiuyang started to look at them even more highly again.

“Junior Brother really has a lot of treasures. Hence, no better names other than Treasure Boy could be used to describe you!” Qin Jiuyang did not know whether to laugh or cry.

For the treasures that Su Yu possessed, apart from the Golden Scale Dagger, he still had the extremely strong and mysterious armor. Moreover, he also had the extraordinary magical cloak, which could make him invisible. In addition, he also possessed a flying ship, which was a high grade divine artifact!

With so many treasures with him, he could attack and defend at the same time. Moreover, he had even prepared divine artifacts to help him get away. Hence, how strong were his fighting capabilities?

Treasure Boy? The blue veins on Su Yu’s forehead twitched slightly. He still had the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, Cosmos Thunder Sword, Nine Yin-Yang Formation and the Ghost Prison Token as well.

If he had taken those treasures out as well, would he be just a mere Treasure Boy?

However, Su Yu would not reveal those items in front of others again. Previously, during the Mysterious Heavenly Battles, he had no choice but to use the Eternal Stone King Armor. However, because of that, he attracted the attention of many people. If the Nine Yin-Yang Formation and Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring appeared again, he might cause himself significant trouble.

“Senior Brother, make the best use of the time to rest. I will control the flying ship and rush over to Brother Dalei immediately. I hope that we are still able to make it in time.”

At another place.

Gang Dalei’s twenty Chinese feet giant body had already been revealed. Currently, his whole body was filled with blood, as many parts of his flesh had been ripped open.

Opposite him was that white-haired, red-eyed young man, who was a Half God with extremely strong abilities. His face was a bit pale, and his expression was extremely serious.

Beside him, two bodies, which had been ripped open into half, lay on the ground! They were the two Half Gods, who had come together with him.

Under a situation of three against one, Gang Dalei was still able to kill two of them and confront the white-haired young man.

“Yi clan! It is really unexpected that the Yi clan could actually enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!” The white-haired young man was quite shocked.