The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Body Of The Fairy Realm

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Su Yu shook his head coldly: “Your life is forfeited already, let alone your treasure! Forget it. I shall kill you first, so that there will be no future trouble. I will think of some ways to deal with the seal.”

Seeing that Su Yu was activating his spell again, the white-haired young man’s eyelids twitched violently: “Wait! I will give it to you. However, you must promise to not kill me!”

Su Yu pondered for some time, and nodded his head indifferently: “No problem. However, if you dare to try anything funny, don’t blame me for it.”

“It would be good if you could keep your promise! I only wish to stay alive!” The white-haired young man was extremely dissatisfied. His palm stroked the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella lightly, and a drop of blood came out from it.

With a cry, the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella returned to a state, where it had no owner. The white-haired young man raised his hand and tossed the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella over to Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes brightened up, and did not catch the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella immediately. Instead, he flicked his finger, and shot the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella to another direction, a thousand Chinese feet away.

The white-haired young man’s expression changed: “What are you doing?”

What answered him were Su Yu’s icy cold eyes: “You! Are! Looking! For! Death!”

Su Yu flicked his finger again, and a tiny bit of spiritual energy struck the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, which was a thousand Chinese feet away. At once, a layer of black liquid came out from inside the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella.

The poison in the liquid was frightening! The moment it came out, the grassland within tens of thousands of Chinese feet turned pitch-black in an instant! Those lush and green small grasses then corroded quickly, and became a black and stinky liquid.

As for the ground that the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella was on, a giant hole that was thirty inches deep was formed, due to the corrosion! With such a strong poison, if Su Yu had touched it slightly with his hands, he would definitely have turned into a pile of blood on the spot!

When the white-haired young man was extracting the seal, he secretly inserted a drop of black liquid into the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella at the same time. He had thought that no one knew what he was doing. However, little did he imagine that, with the Soul Eyes, which could see through everything, such small actions could not be concealed from Su Yu.

The white-haired young man’s expression turned ghastly pale. As his figure retreated wildly, he implored loudly at the same time: “Please give me another chance. I will not do it again”

“I have already given you a chance!!” Su Yu’s face was as cold as frost. By bringing his five fingers together, the Nine Yin-Yang Formation was activated completely.

The splendid green shadows of fragmentary threads, which filled the sky, changed into a giant net, which had no openings.


At once, the white-haired young man was cut into many pieces of flesh. Su Yu raised his hand and gestured. After that, he flicked out a fireball, and burnt the body into ashes.

After that, he used his flames again, and burnt the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella once, so as to completely burn up all the remaining poisonous liquid on it. With that, Su Yu raised his hand, grabbed the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, and held it in his palm.

At the same time, Su Yu summoned the Divine Flying Ship, and placed Gang Dalei, as well as Qin Jiuyang, on top of it quickly. After that, without hesitation, he controlled the flying ship, and prepared to fly it into the sky.

However, at that moment, a lump of frightening aura was shot over quickly from afar. The aura was so strong, that it could compete with the Ghost Prison Envoy. Looking at it from afar, Su Yu could see a head with blood hair!

Xue Ling, the leader of the group, had his hands busy, carrying an unconscious woman. She was Yu Chan, who was able to barely match the power of the Fairy Realm!

Even a strong person like her was beaten up by Xue Ling, to the point that it was unknown whether she was dead or alive! At that very moment, Xue Ling was extremely furious. His eyes were overflowing with endless murderous intents, and he flew overhead wildly.


His figure descended quickly. After sweeping his eyes past the ground on the skeleton of the white-haired young man, who had just been burnt, as well as the flying ship that Su Yu was at, his eye sockets were on the verge of tearing open.

“You have killed Xue Yan!!” Xue Ling gave a ferocious roar with a low voice. His pale eyeballs were looking at Su Yu, as if it wanted to eat Su Yu up!

Su Yu’s heart felt extremely cold. The feeling that Xue Ling gave him was completely different from the demonic technique-based martial artists that he had seen previously! When Su Yu looked him in the eye, he shuddered with fear, as if what he were facing was a frightening living being, and not just a mere human being.


Suddenly, Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang’s body vibrated abruptly. It was because of the white-haired young man’s death, that they woke up from their deep sleep abruptly.

When they examined the situation in front of them, they were still confused, even though the white-haired young man had died, another frightening Xue Ling had appeared, and was confronting Su Yu from afar.

Their bodies reacted, and they did a kip up to get up. Their expressions were unusually serious.

“Brother Black Snow, where is that white-haired young man?” Gang Dalei looked around vigilantly. The white-haired young man’s secret technique was unreasonable and strange, as it caused people to sleep deeply, and forcefully.

Moreover, dealing with Xue Ling, who was in front of them, was already extremely dangerous. If the white-haired young man was hiding secretly, how dangerous would that be?

Su Yu’s expression was extremely serious, and his Soul Eyes were locked onto Xue Ling persistently. He did not dare to shift his gaze away for even a moment, and he said in a serious voice, “He has been killed already.”

What? He has been killed?

Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang gasped coldly. The person on site, who could kill the white-haired young man, was only Su Yu!

Before they fainted, they had seen that the white-haired young man was a lot weaker, as he exhibited the secret technique. However, that did not mean that a normal person could kill him!

Exactly how much ability was Su Yu hiding? Su Yu’s eyes brightened up. He then placed his palm atop the Divine Flying Ship, made up his mind, and controlled the Divine Flying Ship to escape.

Su Yu had unleashed its speed to the maximum, and this speed could compete with the Fairy Realm. However, the strange thing was that the Divine Flying Ship actually turned one round in the sky, and flew back again!

It was out of control! No, someone else was controlling it!

“My blood is also within the flying ship!” Xue Ling took big strides over. His voice was deep, and his words sounded as if they were from the deepest underworld.

Gang Dalei had a serious expression: “We can only go all out. Since we were able to survive when we confronted the Ghost Prison Envoy, would we still die at this person’s hands?”

Su Yu’s expression changed continuously. He clapped his hands, changed the Divine Flying Ship into ten inches small, and kept it into the Cosmos Mirror, so as to prevent Xue Ling from controlling the flying ship again.

“Attack!” Qin Jiuyang exhibited his curse technique and connected Xue Ling to him.

Feeling that the enemy was unusually strong, Qin Jiuyang gritted his teeth: “I will delay him. Both of you will attack him with everything that both of you have!”

Qin Jiuyang could be seen weaving signs with one hand, and his other hand was taking down the hairpin on top of his hand. A tiny bit of ruthless expression then flashed past his eyes, and he pierced through the sole of his own foot cruelly.

The body of Xue Ling, who was taking big strides over, turned stiff abruptly. His right leg was as if it were nailed to the ground, unable to move. Upon seeing that, Gang Dalei gave a furious roar. It was a roar of the blood dragon, and it did not sound like a human being.

His big body then plunged toward Xue Ling ruthlessly, like a small mountain. Su Yu’s eyes turned serious as well. He summoned his clone, and both of them unleashed a combined attack of the Ice Origin and Fire Origin.

Both Su Yu and Gang Dalei’s attacks arrived in an instant, and they landed on Xue Ling, who was unable to move in the slightest!

He was not even able to use spiritual energy to protect his body. With just his bare body, how could he withstand the two frightening attacks of the two people?


However, what caused Su Yu’s expression to change greatly, was that both Gang Dalei’s and his attacks were like the punches of an ordinary person, which landed on an iron plate. Their attacks had merely destroyed his clothes, and only a few shallow bloodstains appeared on one layer of his skin!

Then, Yu Chan, who felt the great vibration, regained her consciousness. After realizing the scene in front of her, she cried out in fear: “Run away quickly!! His body is at the level of the Fairy Realm!”

“Hehehehe” Suddenly, Xue Ling gave a low and cold hum.

That voice was filled with extreme power and coldness: “Knowing it now is too late!”

“Open!” Xue Ling could be seen shouting with a low voice. His body, which had been frozen, shook abruptly!


Qin Jiuyang suffered an aftereffect. He opened his mouth, spit out a mouthful of blood, and his ring finger cracked with a snapping sound. As the body shook violently, Su Yu and Gang Dalei were sent flying abruptly, like a stone, and they crashed into the ground, which was thousands of Chinese feet away.

Su Yu was astonished. A body of the Fairy Realm!

“Split up and run!” Su Yu shouted quickly. With the body of the Fairy Realm, it was almost impossible for their attacks to be effective. Moreover, the person who Xue Ling wanted to pursue was Su Yu!

If they had escaped like that, Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang might be able to escape successfully. But after hearing what was said, the three of them split up again, and shot toward different directions quickly.

However, Xue Ling’s whole face was filled with a grim laughter, and he revealed an extremely white row of teeth.His figure could be seen flashing, and he pursued Qin Jiuyang first!

A scene which caused everyone to gasp coldly appeared. Qin Jiuyang, who had escaped ten thousand Chinese feet away, only felt that there was something blurry in front of him. He could faintly see a red fragmentary shadow, flashing over and disappearing the next moment. After that, he felt a heartrending and extreme pain in his abdomen.

A frightening strength had sent him flying! Gang Dalei, who had realized what was going on, could not help but look back in astonishment.

“When you are escaping, you still have the time to look around?” Suddenly, Gang Dalei could hear a cold hum!

Xue Ling, who was clearly still in front of Qin Jiuyang previously, had actually appeared in front of Gang Dalei. A gigantic fist, which allowed no explanation, then came over.

At once, Gang Dalei’s body was sent flying backward, like a cannon ball!


Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei’s body were sent flying at the same time, and they collided into one another violently. As for the place where they collided, it was the place where they had escaped from previously!

Su Yu, who had turned his head and witnessed such a scene, gasped coldly! He had clearly seen that Xue Ling’s figure had appeared in front of Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei, almost at the same time, and he sent both of them flying back to their original positions!

That was not because Xue Ling was proficient in clone techniques. But rather, it was because of the fact that he was too fast! He first appeared in front of Qin Jiuyang, and sent him flying with a kick. After that, he went in front of Gang Dalei quickly! Such an inhuman movement technique had caused Su Yu to be fearful and astonished!

Xue Ling wore a mocking smile, and looked toward Su Yu coldly: “It’s your turn now!”

His figure turned blurry abruptly, and he disappeared on the spot! Su Yu had the jitters. He then opened his Soul Eyes and observed seriously.

Suddenly, as he was seeing through everything with his Soul Eyes, a distorted air current flew over like a light shadow. The Soul Eyes had always been able to see through everything. However, at that very moment, it could only see a lump of distorted air current, and it could not see the body.

Xue Ling’s movement technique was so frightening, that it was unimaginable! With the amount of effort needed to blink an eye, that distorted light shadow outran Su Yu, and stopped in front of Su Yu’s body abruptly. A giant fist, which carried an unimaginable power, then attacked Su Yu’s chest.


The fist landed on the Eternal Stone King Armor on Su Yu’s body, and a loud roar could be heard. Su Yu’s throat swallowed something, and his body was sent flying like a cannon ball.

However, as he was sent flying, a dagger came out from his sleeves and stabbed Xue Ling’s chest ruthlessly. Xue Ling had never imagined that Su Yu could see his tracks clearly. Hence, he did not take any precautions, and he was stabbed by the golden dagger ruthlessly.

Clang, clang

However, the Golden Scale Dagger, a divine artifact which was extremely sharp, only managed to create a spark on his chest! Su Yu clicked his tongue secretly. Exactly how frightening were the abilities of the Fairy Realm?

Xue Ling’s face was filled with even thicker murderous intents. With a flash of his figure, he caught up with Su Yu, who was flying backward. He then used his palm as a knife, and swung it toward Su Yu’s head ruthlessly. With the body of the Fairy Realm, Su Yu would no doubt be killed on the spot!

Su Yu’s eyes brightened up. He weaved signs with one hand, and a tiny bit of frightening thunderbolt leaked out from the Cosmos Mirror. He could no longer hold back!