The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Inside The Monster

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Even though it would mean revealing his trump card, he could no longer take that into consideration. Facing a powerful opponent, he had no choice but to use his most powerful abilities to fight. Otherwise, he would die here.

But at this moment, Su Yu suddenly felt a violent aura from the plains beneath him. A faint blood aura assaulted his face.

Su Yu’s body turned rigid, his flesh tightening, making it hard for his blood to circulate. This violent aura did not come from anything human. It was immensely powerful. He felt as though he were an ordinary human standing beside a hungry wolf.

Xue Ling stopped his furious attack, his cold face showing traces of disbelief. The powerful Xue Ling, who had suppressed all three of them just now, had astonishment written on his face. In fact, he immediately forgot about Su Yu in front of him and took to the skies without hesitation. The threat of death had filled his heart.

The aura coming from the ground made Su Yu shiver. He reacted quickly. He did not even have time to observe the movements before him. He, too, took to the skies in escape without saying another word.

Qin Jiuyang and Gang Dalei, who were 1,000 zhang away, also stood stock-still in shock. They let out a shout of fear as they flew into the sky.

“Black Snow,” said Gang Dalei. “Escape quickly!”

From their vantage point, a giant, ghostly face had appeared in the grassy plains Su Yu and Xue Ling were in! The ghost face had distinct featuresits eyes filled with a deep, ferocious lightand was releasing a terrifying, merciless aura.

There was no need for any warning; Su Yu quickly circulated his spirit energy and activated the Short Distance Wings, speeding away. At that moment, an air current blew beneath his leg. Su Yu felt the threat of death as the current brushed past him. He had only ever felt such an indefensible threat of death from one person Sheng Ge of the Fairy Realm!

The monster beneath them was at the level of Fairy Realm!

Xue Ling was in no better state than Su Yu. His expression was grave.

The ghost face suddenly let out a mocking expression, as if laughing at Su Yu and Xue Ling for overestimating their abilities. Its gaping maw opened, and a giant, cane-like tongue prodded out, sweeping across the air.

With Su Yu’s Soul Eyes, all he could only see a contorted ball of air current. The tongue was so fast that even its afterimage could not be seenmuch faster than Xue Ling.

Realizing he could not avoid the attack, Su Yu activated the Eternal Stone King Armor. A layer of black light enveloped Su Yu.


The veil of black light had been hit.

Su Yu’s eyes went wide. The defensive veil of light that had never been broken became filled with cracks. A little more power, and the defensive shield would have instantly broken. Shocked by such unrelenting power, Su Yu manically activated the vital energy crystal, releasing the vital energy within to use the full power of the Eternal Stone King Armor.

Quickly, a three-inch layer of light surrounded the Eternal Stone King Armor. It was the first time this state had been released.

The long tongue crashed into the armor once again. The layer of black light shook violently, but no other cracks formed. It had defended against the attack.

But even though the long, cane-like tongue did not swerve again for another attack, it curled in the air and enveloped Su Yu, pulling him into the ground with unimaginable force. Su Yu did not have the power to retaliate. He was pulled along violently. For a moment, Su Yu felt the world spinning. Then he was swallowed by the giant mouth.


The long tongue prodded out and swept around once again.

Xue Ling had already flown 1,000 zhang away, avoiding the tongue, but a dark yellow essence shot out from within it. It was like a chain 1,000 zhang long.

Xue Ling’s jaw dropped. He could not escape.

The chain wrapped itself around his lower thigh and dragged him down despite his furious shouts, hauled him into the giant mouth. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu and Xue Ling had been swallowed by the Fairy Realm-level creature.

While witnessing this scene, Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang had already fled 10,000 zhang into the air. They had the weakened Yu Chan in their hands.

The creature looked at them coldly but showed a shred of frustration. It appeared it was unable to leave the grassland. 10,000 zhang was outside of its range of attack. But there was still a hint of excitement in its eyes as it closed its huge mouth. Immense power erupted as its teeth clamped shut!


Su Yu was in total darkness, but he could clearly feel two rows of sharp objects closing in on each other.


The Eternal Stone King Armor let out a scraping noise of friction. Sparks erupted from its surface. Multiple cracks sounded from the black veil of light, and slits once again appeared, taking the shape of a spider’s web.

Su Yu was astounded. The protective barrier was nearly broken even though it was at full power!

At the other side, Xue Ling let out a pathetic cry. His physical body was strong, but not strong enough. Blood sprayed from his wounds under the horrifying, biting force of the mouth. Still, even though there were several external injuries inflicted by the bite, his flesh had not been punctured very deeply. It had never been clearer to Su Yu how incredibly strong the physical body of a Fairy Realm fighter was.

The giant ghost face carried a smile, but a look of pain crept across the face. It had clearly not expected the things it had ate to be so hard!

It frowned in frustration. Its mouth opened to let out a roar. But it did not give Su Yu or Xue Ling a chance to escape. It immediately took in a breath of air. Under the huge pressure, the breath compressed to create a terrifying air current, enveloping Su Yu and Xue Ling. It was trying to swallow them wholedirectly into its stomach.

Su Yu gritted his teeth. Drawing the Golden Scale Dagger, he stabbed it into the flesh of the monster’s mouth and held the Golden Scale Dagger as if his life depended on it, determined not to let go. Xue Ling let out a low grunt. He formed claws with his fingers, similarly digging in and latching on.

The giant ghost face grimaced in pain and frustration. The monster let out an angry roar, swallowing a whole section of the grasslands in one large gulp. The grasslands within a 1,000-mile radius suddenly collapsed, forming a vortex with the creature’s mouth as the center. The land swirled and plunged into its mouth.

Su Yu did his best to gain his footing. What had been a strong current now was a strong current combined with a landslide. Even Xue Ling, who had a physical body of a Fairy Realm level fighter, was shocked. He ran toward the monster’s stomach without hesitation.


A solid wall of earth came directly at Su Yu. His spine tingled as he retracted the Golden Scale Dagger, following in Xue Ling’s tracks, into the abyss. God knew what this monster was. Its throat was like a long tunnela chasm straight down.

Su Yu had been falling in midair for a long time but still had not found any footing. He plummeted for about half a tea’s time before he was able to discern the bottom using his Soul Eyes.

At that moment, the soil and debris crashed down on him like a mountain. The weight nearly flattened him.

With a glint in his eyes, Su Yu maneuvered his way to a wall, aggressively piercing his Golden Scale Dagger into it to stick to the surface of the wall.

An unending flow of soil and debris brushed past Su Yu’s body, roaring by with the strength of a waterfall. The broken veil of light of the Eternal Stone King Armor shone repeatedly, almost destroyed.

The horrifying debris disappeared as quickly as it came.


Splashes resounded from below as massive amounts of debris hit the bottom of the pit. A nasty odor rose up.

A droplet splashed onto Su Yu’s veil of light. All that could be heard was a small creaking sound before a needle-sized hole was dissolved through the veil of light. Su Yu was astonished. What a powerful stomach acid!

Collecting himself, Su Yu looked up and observed the surroundings. This place wasn’t too dark. It was not too hard to make out the surroundings. He could consider going back up if he wanted to escape, but looking closely, there was a layer of blood-red light 100 zhang from the top of the head. He had not felt the presence of this layer of light when he’d come down. He only noticed it now that he looked up.

Su Yu shot out a bolt of spirit energy, blasting it against the veil of light. A shocking scene ensued. The spirit energy was reflected back at twice the speed!

Su Yu’s heart froze. He dodged sideways.


A bloody hole appeared on the wall where he had been. What a powerful reflective force!

This layer of light allowed for entry but not exit. Anything that had been swallowed could not return.

With a glint in his eyes, Su Yu surveyed the surroundings. He noticed that the fleshy walls had holes of varying sizes etched into them like a sieve. The smallest of the holes were big enough for a person to enter. The largest was three zhang wide.

Just as Su Yu was becoming curious and was preparing to observe the holes using his Soul Eyes, a cold aura appeared behind him. Su Yu teleported ten zhang away out of reflex.


A sharp explosion erupted in the air, igniting the space where Su Yu had just been. Looking back, a red-haired figure was releasing a merciless aura as he stood where Su Yu had been standing.

Su Yu cursed. How could he have forgotten about Xue Ling? His heart sank. Now, he had to face off against Xue Ling in a narrow, combined space, rendering him unable to dodge.

“Humph! Your reaction time is fast!” Xue Ling let out a cold grunt.

His injuries had already miraculously healed by a great amount! Other than the abnormal complexion on his face, it seemed as though he had never received any injuries. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Great!” he snapped. “Great indeed! You did not die in the mouth of this monster. It means that heaven wants me to claim your life myself.”

Su Yu squinted. With a thought, he dug into the hole in the wall behind him. This was no time to be fighting for his life. He had to preserve his strength in order to find an exit.