The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Thunder Divine Herb

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Su Yu’s expression changed slightly, and he took advantage of the opportunity to roll forward. At once, a rumbling sound could be heard, and the ground of the place, which he stood at originally, was smashed to smithereens.

A tall and sturdy figure could then be seen at the place that Su Yu stood at originally. It was the red-haired white-eyed Xue Ling!

Su Yu’s heart felt cold. He still met Xue Ling in the end.

“Humph, this has saved me from using cultivation techniques to find you!” Xue Ling gave a cold hum. His figure then turned blurry and, when he appeared again, he was already five Chinese feet within Su Yu.

With a cold gaze, an extremely big fist than headed toward Su Yu’s chest. With his doughty body of the Fairy Realm, it was more than enough to smash Su Yu apart on the spot.

In a critical moment, Su Yu’s figure retreated wildly, and he took out the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella at the same time effortlessly. After opening the umbrella, a frightening high temperature attacked all quarters, like tidewater.

The walls around him burnt at once and turned into charcoal. The silver metal also became extremely hot, and the surrounding air began to burn, bit by bit.

Xue Ling, who gave a punch, was taken by surprise, and he was engulfed in the fire tide, which swept across the area! At once, the hair on his body surface turned into black soot, and a stingy, as well as scorching, hot feeling could be felt throughout his body.

With a groan, Xue Ling’s figure retreated wildly, and the murderous intents on his face burst forth: “Using my Junior Brother’s brother to fight against me! You deserve to die!!”

That was the first time that Xue Ling had been forced to retreat, when they fought face to face. One of Su Yu’s hands was holding the umbrella, and his other hand took out the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring. His expression was dull, and he said: “Even though all of you kill people unreasonably, all of you do not deserve to die. Hence, even though I was just resisting, I deserve to die?” Don’t you think that it’s a joke?”

Xue Ling’s pale eyes were filled with extreme hatred: “Since you dare to kill my demon faction’s disciples, I shall tear your body into thousands of pieces!”

Suddenly, Xue Ling stopped rushing into the fire of the Purple Sun. Instead, his pale eyes shot out two rays of white light abruptly! At once, the void fluctuated, and no changes occurred.

However, with his Soul Eyes, Su Yu discovered, as his eyes shrunk, that from Xue Ling’s pale eyes, two finger-sized invisible figures had climbed out! Those figures had disheveled hair. Their expressions were filled with hatred, and their bodies were filled with resentful, murderous energy.

After climbing out from Xue Ling’s eyes, their figures extended quickly, and they became a normal grown up in the blink of an eye. However, they looked a bit blurry, and they looked as if there were signs of them dispersing.

Their whole bodies were in the void, and a naked eye could not see them at all. Only souls could detect them.

“Spirits?” Su Yu was shocked. It was the first time that he had seen a human being’s spirit leaving his body of his own accord.

Su Yu then looked at Xue Ling’s eyes, which had now regained their normal pitch-black color. Xue Ling pretended to be ignorant, and confronted Su Yu from afar.

As for those two spirits, they ignored the endless stream of flames, and walked toward Su Yu continuously. When they approached slightly, Su Yu could feel an evil coldness. Those spirits were Soul Bodies, and they were immaterial substances similar to vitality. Hence, no matter how strong was the power of the fire from the Purple Sun, it was still an attack on material substances.

Hence, they were totally not fearful of normal physical attacks. In addition, they were Soul Bodies, which could not be felt by normal people. Even if they managed to come all the way before their opponent’s eyes, their opponent might not be able notice them.

As for those spirits, once they approached Su Yu, they would probably attack Su Yu’s soul immediately. Su Yu reacted slightly, and he wore an indifferent smile, which was filled with feelings, where he was eager to test out the power of the spirits.

Su Yu then weaved signs with one hand. As a result, his soul shook continuously, left his body abruptly, and appeared in the outside world. As expected, when his soul felt the fire of the Purple Sun, it was only slightly warm, and there was not much harm done to him.


The expressions of the two spirits, which were crawling over slowly, turned serious. It was obvious that they did not expect Su Yu’s soul to leave his body abruptly.

However, in no time, their eyes became filled with feelings of hatred again. With a shout, they threw themselves toward Su Yu ruthlessly.

Looking at how strong their souls were, they were probably Half Gods when they were still alive. It looked like, before they died, they had undergone brutal sufferings and hatred. Hence, their spirits, after they died, were filled with extreme hatred. However, no matter how strong their souls were, they was still not stronger than Su Yu’s soul, which could change its state!

If the expectations were not wrong, Su Yu’s soul at the very moment was comparable to that of the Fairy Realm! Compared to their souls, which were blurry, Su Yu’s soul was almost in a state where it had formed nicely.

His five sense organs were clear, and his hair could be distinguished. Even the veins on his palms were extremely clear. In the eyes of the spirits opposite him, Su Yu’s Soul Body was exactly the same as his main body. The only difference was that it could not be seen by a naked eye.

Su Yu’s soul wore a grim laughter, and he took big strides forward. At that moment, those two Soul Bodies also launched their attacks.


A sound could then be heard. When the two spirits teamed up to attack Su Yu’s body, a sound, which only souls could hear, was emitted.

When the attacks of both of them landed on Su Yu, it was as if they had attacked an impregnable fortress. Not only did Su Yu not move in the slightest bit, both of them were forced to retreat instead!

The hatred within the eyes of the two spirits was then replaced by fright and anxiousness. With a hoarse scream, the two spirits turned around and escaped!

Su Yu’s expression turned cold, and he took big strides forward. He then punched both of them with one fist each.


The bodies of the two spirits were shattered into pieces on the spot. After that, they started to glitter, fell onto the ground, and disappeared without any traces.

Feeling that his soul was so strong, that it could suppress almost everything, Su Yu was elated. Thinking about it, how those two spirits felt when facing him, should be same as he felt, when he faced Xue Ling, whose body was that of the Fairy Realm. It was totally impossible to make up for that unmatched power.

At the very moment, Xue Ling did not realize in the slightest bit that his two spirits were dead already. Moreover, he also did not know that Su Yu’s Soul Body was laughing grimly, and flying in front of him!

In Xue Ling’s eyes, he only saw that Su Yu had closed his eyes, and that his aura was totally gone. At the same time, Su Yu’s spiritual energy stopped revolving gradually, and the fire of the Purple Sun around the area disappeared slowly.

Just as Xue Ling was about to become suspicious, all of the sudden, he felt that his whole body was in extreme pain! It was not because of his body being injured. Instead, his soul was attacked, and what came after that, was an extreme pain in his body!


With a sad, shrill, and painful roar, bean-sized droplets of sweat flowed down from his forehead continuously. His five sense organs were distorted, and his already ferocious face became unusually hideous.

In his mind, he was extremely frightened, and he did not know what had happened. Suddenly, he was shocked, and his eyes became covered with a layer of pale color again.

At that very moment, when he looked over, he discovered that his two spirits had disappeared without a trace. Moreover, a spirit, which was exactly the same as Su Yu, had taken out a fragment of soul from his body! Su Yu had actually torn out a part of his soul!!

Xue Ling was extremely astonished: “The soul of the Fairy Realm!!”

Without thinking, Xue Ling threw a punch over. However, his punch passed through Su Yu’s soul. A physical attack was totally unable to harm Su Yu’s soul in the slightest bit!

Instead, taking advantage of the opportunity, Su Yu used his big hands to tear Xue Ling’s soul, and a small part of his soul was torn out. At once, a shocking extreme pain was passed on to Xue Ling’s body from his soul, and he almost fell onto the ground.

His expression then changed wildly. How would he still dare to go head to head with the soul of the Fairy Realm? After shooting a glance at Su Yu’s body, he realized that it was still surrounded by the fire of the Purple Sun, and that he was unable to approach it.

Xue Ling gritted his teeth, and retreated wildly, with extreme dissatisfaction. Su Yu’s soul did not pursue him, as his body was not really well protected. Once his soul left and his body was killed, he would become a lonely drifting ghost.


Su Yu’s soul returned to his body again, and he kept the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella. He was extremely satisfied with the fight, when his soul left his body!

Although he had imagined that Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air would not be so simple, after really training, to the point that his soul could leave his body to fight, he saw that his soul was actually very strong!

No matter how unmatched Xue Ling’s body was, his soul was inferior to Su Yu, and he was still suppressed by Su Yu easily! However, Su Yu understood well that it was impossible for him to break through Xue Ling’s body.

Even if it were the soul, he could only tear open the soul of Xue Ling, and cause a soul injury that could not be fixed. He had still not achieved a level where he could destroy a person’s soul easily.

For this match, it could be said that it was a tie between the both of them, a body of the Fairy Realm and a soul of the Fairy Realm. Both could not do anything to one another.

After looking around to the left and right, Su Yu kept his magical treasures and flew toward another side immediately. In no time, Su Yu discovered many damaged walls, which lacked silver metals. Su Yu reacted, and looked for flesh walls which had been damaged.

Although, he was unable to accurately find the path where the flesh walls had been damaged, he was still quite confident that he was heading toward the correct direction. Suddenly, a gust of cool and refreshing wind blew over. It was carrying the fresh air of the outside world!

Su Yu’s expression turned serious. He followed the direction of the wind, and rushed over quickly. In front of a wall of an area, it could be seen that the gold-colored metal had been broken through, and a five Chinese feet tall passage, which allowed one person to pass through, had appeared. This passage was leading toward the outside world!!

Su Yu was delighted that things were better than he had expected. He then bent down and passed through the cave. Suddenly, Su Yu realized that a pink scale actually appeared in the cave again!

“Why is it here as well?” Su Yu was extremely stupefied, and he totally did not understand.

However, he wanted to leave his current location quickly. With a flash of his figure, Su Yu rushed out of the body of the monster.

As for the place within the monster’s body, where Su Yu and Xue Ling fought, Xue Ling had returned to it, after leaving previously. He had an anxious expression, and he rushed toward an area of the wall which was spacious. He then looked toward the blood red-colored pearl hurriedly.

Seeing that the pearl was still present, he had a relaxed expression: “Luckily, that little kid’s eyesight is not really impressive, and it seems like he did not realize the existence of this red ball. This is the monster’s Crystal Core. If I am able to extract this Crystal Core, the monster will definitely die. Moreover, this Crystal Core contains an unimaginable amount of energy. If I am able to bring it back to the Soul Seizing Palace, I will definitely be able to get a great reward.”

After his speech, Xue Ling flew near the red ball. His eyes were glowing with greed, and he took out a jade shovel from his sleeves: “Luckily, I have been digging for ten days, and I will be able to extract the Crystal Core soon!”

Right then, the walls around the Crystal Core were dug empty. Only a thin layer was left, and the Crystal Core could be extracted.

When Xue Ling used his shovel to dig the wall, he managed to dig out the Crystal Core. With a dropping sound, the Crystal Core fell down. Xue Ling was delighted, and he held the Crystal Core on his palm. When he was about to examine it carefully, all of the sudden, he revealed a tiny bit of an unusual expression.

The ball actually expanded and shrunk abruptly, as if it were a heart that was breathing! Within the ball, red light was spreading, which caused the whole ball to be dark red in color.

Xue Ling’s expression changed, and he knew in his mind that the situation was not good. Hence, he threw away the strange Crystal Core immediately.

However, all of the sudden, a red line, which was similar to that of a hair, was shot out from the ball, and it bound Xue Ling’s wrist.


A frightening scene then appeared! As soon as the wrist of Xue Ling, who had the body of the Fairy Realm, was bounded, a pattering sound could be heard, and his wrist was severed!

His wound was extremely neat. It was also as smooth as a mirror! That was the body of the Fairy Realm!

Half Gods could hardly injure the body of the Fairy Realm. However, at that very moment, the wrist of the very body of the Fairy Realm was severed by the red hair easily!

Xue Ling could not help but give a sad and shrill shout. His expression changed wildly, and he retreated crazily!


However, all of a sudden, over a hundred blood-colored hairs were shot out from the ball, and they bound Xue Ling. After that, a soft sound, as if bean curd were being cut, could be heard. Without there being even a horrible shriek, Xue Ling was cut into over a hundred pieces of flesh!

Those blood-colored hairs bound everything, and pulled all the flesh back into the blood-colored ball, without leaving anything behind. Xue Ling, who possessed the body of the Fairy Realm, died, just like that, within the monster.

In the outside world.

Su Yu, who had flown into the sky, felt an evil aura bursting forth abruptly, and he could not help but turn his head in surprise to take a look. However, what he could see was the grassland, which looked normal, as well as the entrance of a cave, which had been broken open.

“Brother Black Snow, it’s great that you didn’t die!” Suddenly, a delightful voice could be heard from a one hundred thousand Chinese feet high position in the sky.

It was Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang. Their hands were holding on to a jade pendant, and they were waiting patiently within the clouds. After realizing that Su Yu had come out, they were extremely elated! Su Yu smiled, and flew up to meet them.

“Black Snow, you are really fortunate! Since you stayed inside for ten days, Brother Dalei and I had thought that you were already dead!”

The two of them were as if they were looking at a monster, and they examined Su Yu continuously.

Su Yu was furious: “It’s only because of my good luck. If I did not come across some situation, I might have died in the mouth of the monster! However, this place is not a place for us to talk. Xue Ling is about to come out soon. Let’s leave quickly!”

Su Yu summoned the Divine Flying Ship with one hand, and the three of them disappeared from the sky. Within the flying ship, Su Yu asked: “Where is Miss Yu Chan?”

“She had left early to join up with her own Senior Brother,” Gang Dalei said.

Su Yu nodded his head: “This is good as well. Now, we can execute our mission. Brother Dalei, isn’t it time for you to tell us where we are heading to, and what we are looking for?”

After hearing what was said, Gang Dalei’s expression turned solemn: “Since we are already in the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion, it is time to tell both of you…”

“Master has nurtured me for the sake of allowing me to enter the seventh level of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, in order to look for a divine herb known as the Thunder Herb. This kind of herbal medicine only grows in the Great Thunder Palace, which is within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. This divine herb also contains inborn power of the thunderbolt, and it is extremely tough and tensile. Hence, if the divine herb were used to manufacture an armor, it could resist the thunderbolts of the Heavenly Disaster!”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s heart missed a beat. Su Yu had experienced the murderous intents of the Heavens, when he was making a breakthrough to the Heaven Master.

That time, he had escaped by the skin of his teeth. Moreover, at the very moment, his body still contained a lump of lightning from the punishment, and it had become a serious danger within his body. As such, all his lightning techniques had to be used to suppress the disastrous thunder, so as to prevent it from breaking out.

He was probably not too far away from making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm. The Heavenly Disaster then would only be more frightening, and it was time for him to start dealing with the Heavenly Disaster.

And, the Thunder Herb that he was about to look for, was an extremely good choice. Even the sloppy old man specially looked for it. Hence, it could be seen, how effective the herb was in resisting the lightning punishment.

“Master’s target is nine Thunder Herbs. If there are any extras, both of you can have them.” Gang Dalei seemed to know what the two of them were thinking.

Su Yu nodded his head: “Absolutely.”

“If that’s the case, let’s set off quickly. According to the records, the Great Thunder Palace is not too far away from the Corpse Grassland, and we should reach there quickly.”

Su Yu nodded his head, adjusted the direction, and headed toward the Thunder Palace quickly.

One day passed

Within a great number of surrounding emerald green mountains, there was a multi-peaked mountain floating in the void. Atop the multi-peaked mountain, there were various kinds of ancient and magnanimous imperial palaces, which stood upright quietly.

An aura indicating that the imperial palaces had experienced the vicissitudes of life, was emitted from the motley palace walls, as well as the gloomy debris of the imperial palaces. A feeling, as if the world went on endlessly and the years passed slowly, swept past the area.

Around the multi-peaked mountains, hundreds of Chinese feet of thunderbolts surrounded the area with a whizzing sound, and they emitted a tyrannical as well as destructive aura. Atop the multi-peaked mountain that was ten thousand Chinese feet away, Yu Chan had a respectful expression. She was telling a white-robed young man, who was sitting atop a green rock with his legs crossed, something.

After he finished listening, the white-robed young man opened his eyes slowly. His eyes caused the air to fluctuate, and also caused the multi-peaked mountain to shake. His eye expressions, which were clearly impervious to desires and passions, were actually swift and fierce!

“Xue Ling? I will remember this matter. After leaving the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, I will find him to settle the score myself! The people of my Returning Principal Palace are not so nice to bully!”

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan was over the moon. The man in front of her was Yang Yidao, a disciple outside the Sanctum of the Returning Principal Palace. His ranking was quite high, and his fighting capabilities were not weaker than Xue Ling by too much.

For their journey this time around, the person who led the group was Yang Yidao. During the Mysterious Heavenly Battles, his ranking was quite high, and he was allocated to the seventh level. As for Yu Chan and her group of people, they were allocated to the sixth level. As such, Yu Chan and her group of people were rushing to the seventh level to join up with him.

“However, for the matter of the Ghost Prison Envoy, is it really true?” Yang Yidao said strictly, abruptly.

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan nodded her head deeply: “It is absolutely true. I will definitely not fail to recognize the Ghost Prison Token that the ghost took out!”

Yang Yidao’s tone became serious: “This matter needs to be reported to the palace. If the matter of the Ghost Prison Envoys not being annihilated yet were to spread, it would most likely cause some uproar. Since a Ghost Prison Envoy appeared, the death of Yang Jian and the other two cannot be blamed on you. For you to come here alive, you are already very lucky.”

“Understood, Senior Brother Yidao.” Yu Chan bowed down which indicated that she agreed with Yang Yidao. After that, she said hesitantly: “However, the thing is that Yang Jian and the two other people are already dead. Since we are unable to gather five people, I am afraid that it will difficult for us to get past the level of the Five Elemental Divine Thunder.”

After hearing what was said, Yang Yidao gave a light hum: “They were merely supposed to come to form the Five Elemental Formation. Most of the people of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands were transported to the sixth and seventh level. With the reputation of my Returning Principal Palace, do you think that it would be difficult to get a few wandering martial artists to join us?”

“Even if they wanted to come, I might not even allow them to do so!” Yang Yidao gave a light hum. The death of Yang Jian and two other people had caused him to feel a bit unhappy.

Yu Chan had nothing to say. At that very moment, three figures appeared from the horizon, and they were flying toward their direction. It was Su Yu and two other people, who had kept the Divine Flying Ship.

“Eh?” Yang Yidao cast a sidelong glance, and his eyes glowed with coldness abruptly.

As for Yu Chan, she was shocked: “Why is it them?”

Yang Yidao was surprised: “Oh? Are the three of them the wandering martial artists that you mentioned, who teamed up to deal with the Ghost Prison Envoy?”

After examining them from afar for some time, Yang Yidao said indifferently: “Two Half Gods. In particular, one of them has an aura that does not belong to a normal person. Moreover, there is also a Human King, and his abilities are barely passable. However, I do not know whether they have the right to act as the Five Elemental Formation.”

“Go, get them to come over here. For your sake, consider them lucky. However, I want to roughly test out their abilities first. If their abilities are not high enough, it will be a small matter, even if they die. However, it will be a big matter, if they affect our safety!” Yang Yidao gestured, and his tone was not very polite.

Who asked Su Yu and two other people to be “wandering martial artists?” No factions and no groups. Hence, they had no one to rely on, and it was normal for them be looked down on.

Yu Chan was slightly elated: “Thank you Senior Brother Yidao, they will definitely not make you disappointed!”

In her eyes, for Su Yu and his group of people, the wandering martial artists, to be taken care of by the disciple outside the Sanctum of the Returning Principal Palace, was a great kindness. Hence, it would be also considered as her repaying her debt to them for saving her.