The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 47

Chapter 47: I Am Stronger Than You

The 10 demon students were moving towards their destination. The one leading them was an 18 year old young man who was composed and had a very firm face. The muscles on his body were full of explosive power. As though he felt something, he turned back and managed to capture Su Yu disappearing into the alley.

"Shao Li, is he Su Yu, the guy who had been driven away?" The firm young man's eyes were filled with extreme anger.

Silver haired Shao Li felt his anger and instantly knew the reason behind it. The firm young man was furious as his dream lover, Xia Jingyu, sacrificed her innocence in order to save Su Yu.

Shao Li had been defeated by Su Yu and he could not bring himself to forget that. As such, at that instant, he decided to embellish the story. "Hmph! Yes, that's him! Once he managed to comprehend the Holy Decree, then he stopped paying attention to all of us. Big Brother Zheng, you managed to comprehend the Holy Decree much earlier than him; what is Su Yu compared to you? He is just a small fry who managed to climb up the ranks from being a good-for-nothing silver student!

"He had better not come across me again!" The firm young man clenched his fists. As his eyes swept passed Xia Jingyu, who had a fairy-like figure, he was unable to stop himself from being infatuated with her.

The arrogant and conceited Shao Li respected and stood behind the man because he was the number one ranked demon student in the Xianyu prefecture training institute, Zheng Yilin!

He was the only demon student who had managed to comprehend the Holy Decree in the martial arts training institute! His level of abilities greatly surpassed the rest of the demon students of the same generation, causing him to be unmatched in the training institute! At the Holy Meet, he had the highest hope of achieving the Holy Crown!

Shao Li recognized the abilities of Su Yu. However, in front of Zheng Yilin, Su Yu probably could not last beyond his first attack!


The Third Prince was born of a concubine. It was rumored that a few years back, the monarch messed around with his citizens, resulting in the birth of a boy who was later brought back into the imperial palace.

It was a pity that in the palace, the Third Prince did not have any trusted aides. Even though he treated worthy citizens with respect, which gave him a good reputation among the citizens, why was it that he did not have the power to compete with his two older brothers for the throne?

Even Duke Jiuchuan, who supported him on the surface, had his whole family beheaded by the Third Prince's two older brothers for the crime of conspiracy.

As of then, there was only a small group of powerful parties who dared to support the Third Prince. All the ministers and generals, excluding those with moderate views, were all standing on the First Prince's side.

Having experienced the Duke of Xianyu's punishment, which was an example to others, the ministers and generals with moderate views had started to lean towards the First Prince.

With that, the First Prince was awaiting the death of the monarch. With his death, the First Prince would successfully become the Fenglin Empire's new monarch and he would be in control of the big empire from then on.

The Third Prince had no intentions of fighting for the throne. Hence, he lived in the seclusion of the imperial palace to show that he was not seeking fame and wealth. Throughout the year, he quietly trained himself in the prince's palace and kept away from the world's affairs.

On that day, a young man quietly stood outside the entrance. He was wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a palm bark rain cape. He had an indescribably handsome face.

"Who are you?" The Level Four commander of the entrance guards questioned the young man vigilantly.

The young man's deep and starry eyes shone brightly and he said, "The Third Prince wishes to meet me!"

He stuck his finger upwards near the middle of his eyebrows. His plaited bamboo hat was lifted up slightly and a Holy Seal shone for a second.

The eyes of the commander of the entrance guards shone brightly and said in a low voice, "Wait here!"

After drinking a cup of tea...

An old man wearing purple clothes came out of the entrance and surveyed Su Yu's whole body with an indifferent look.

He stroked his beard, turned around and returned to the palace. Without turning his head back, he said, "Follow me."

The old man brought Su Yu deep into the prince's palace immediately. There were birds singing, flowers giving off fragrance, and calmly flowing water. The palace was peaceful with an auspicious atmosphere.

There was a magnificent pavilion standing tall and upright in the middle of a pond. Within the pavilion, there was a young man wearing a white shirt with long hair fluttering about randomly. He was holding an ancient book and was flipping through it quietly.

He was scholarly and refined, with a peaceful expression. It was the Third Prince, who did not seek fame and wealth and was living in seclusion of the imperial palace.

"Third Prince, the person you wanted to meet has arrived." The old man stood with respect.

The Third Prince raised his eyes. Even though his eyes looked dull, they were as deep as the sea and rays of wisdom would flash across them from time to time.

"Su Yu, long time no see." The white shirted young man was indeed the world famous Third Prince. A laugh from him was like a breath of fresh air.

Su Yu removed his plaited bamboo hat. With his eyes as calm as water, he said, "Third Prince!"

"I did not expect you to come to my palace" The Third Prince smiled indifferently and quietly surveyed Su Yu.

Su Yu laughed indifferently, "I did not expect you to see me so easily either."

The Third Prince shook his head gently and laughed as usual. However, his tone gradually became cold. "You are wrong. I allowed you to enter so that it would be impossible for you to escape!

"Do it!" The Third Prince suddenly turned hostile!

After a short while, three shadows who had been hiding for some time appeared from the pond surrounding the pavilion! Two of them were at Level Five Upper Tier, while the remaining one was at Level Five Peak! The three of them were holding a diamond steel net and struck at Su Yu abruptly. Given that they were so close to Su Yu, it was impossible for him to avoid the net!

With the net so huge it could cover Heaven, the three men managed to cover all the clear space around the pavilion, cutting off Su Yu's escape route.

The net managed to cover Su Yu's head. At that moment, the three strong martial artists at Level Five by subdued Su Yu so that he would be unable to move.

Su Yu was unable to resist and said coldly, "Third Prince, what is the meaning of this?"

The Third Prince had a harsh expression. "You have killed my older brother, becoming a criminal to my family. Since you come here on your own accord, how can I not kill you? Take him away!"

Having walked right into the trap, Su Yu was escorted to the Third Prince's backyard. The Third Prince followed in anger so that he could personally interrogate him. The purple clothed housekeeper's eyes shone as he bowed his head.

After escorting Su Yu to the backyard, the Level Five Peak commander who was leading the escort could not help but twitch his mouth and look down on Su Yu. "I heard that the Duke of Xianyu's son-in-law was very powerful and was even able to comprehend the Holy Decree. I did not expect him to be caught so easily, his name falls short of reality!"

However, an indifferent laughter could be heard. "Lin Xiao, you are wrong. He lives up to his name of being powerful and he deliberately got himself caught by you just now."

The Level Five Peak commander, Lin Xiao, was shocked, "He deliberately got himself caught?"

As though Su Yu was replying to the indifferent laughter from the back, he shouted with a low voice,"Purple Star Thunderbolt!"

The violent thunder arc contained a breath of extermination. The air contained a burning smell. Both of his fists moved freely, emitting a thunder-like sound.The diamond steel net could not withstand the thunderbolt and was destroyed.

The steel net was split open. With a shake of Su Yu's body, he escaped from the two hands holding onto his shoulder and managed to escape from the steel net easily!

Lin Xiao was shocked! The diamond steel net was extremely hard! If anyone below Level Five got caught in it, they would be unable to escape!

"Not good! Capture him quickly!" Lin Xiao was furious and he took action immediately!

"Stop!" An order by an indifferent voice could be heard from behind Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao looked back, confused. Su Yu turned his body. With a calm expression, he stared at the person behind Lin Xiao and laughed lightly, "Seems like I was not wrong. I am indeed the person that the Third Prince wants to meet."

The Third Prince smiled indifferently, as though his extremely cold expression a few moments ago belonged to another person!

His smile felt as though it was a breath of fresh air and the Third Prince was surprised. "How could Brother Su tell that I was putting on a show and pretending to capture to you?"

Su Yu's eyes were clear and deep. "The Third Prince needs me. He purposely captured me for someone else to see. I would guess that someone else is your housekeeper, the purple clothed old man?"

The Third Prince's eyes shrunk and praised Su Yu. "On that day at the Duke of Xianyu's palace, I felt that you were different from a normal person. I felt that you possessed great wisdom and after what happened just now, it seems that I was right.

"That purple clothed housekeeper of mine had been secretly bribed by the First Prince to observe me. If he knew that I received you joyfully, my life would be turned upside down. If I offended you just now, I hope that you could look the other way." The Third Prince treated Su Yu with modesty.

Su Yu face's was full of admiration for the Third Prince. He had deduced that the Third Prince was very calculating and shrewd. After what had just happened, it seemed that Su Yu was right.

Even though the Third Prince knew that the purple clothed housekeeper had been bribed by the First Prince to observe him secretly, he acted ignorant in order to find an opportunity to go against the First Prince. He deliberately hid his capabilities and bided his time to confuse the First Prince. In reality, he was secretly accumulating power and waiting for an opportunity to compete with the First Prince for the throne.

Lin Xiao could not believe his eyes. The Third Prince actually told that secret to Su Yu! Could it be that the Third Prince had an important role for Su Yu to play?

A group of people entered the secret room. Lin Xiao did not move even half a step. He was determined to protect the Third Prince, and he did so by glaring vigilantly at Su Yu.

"Brother Su, you took huge risks to look for me; it cannot be just for the sake for an introduction right?" The Third Prince laughed elegantly.

Su Yu drank a mouthful of tea and said, "Didn't I say before that you need me? I am here to help you!"

"What can you help me with?" The Third Prince laughed indifferently as before.

Su Yu's eyes shone. "Of course To help you fight for the throne!"

Fight for the throne! Four words. Su Yu said every word with a pause, making them so powerful they could shake the heavens! The four words shook Heaven and Earth, causing their situation to change!

Lin Xiao's expression changed abruptly. A flash of agitation and murderous intent passed across his eyes. "How dare you say these kinds of treasonous words! Kneel down now and allow yourself to be captured!"

"Stop it!" the Third Prince shouted. His eyes gradually became narrower and he glared at Su Yu. "What are you saying, Brother Su? I do not understand."

Su Yu smiled. "Both you and I understand. Since ancient times, a monarch built his success on the dead bodys of 10,000 soldiers during the fight for imperial power. After the First Prince ascends the throne, you will be a big problem to him and he will get rid of you eventually."

"Given that you are extremely calculating and shrewd, I don't believe that you have not taken any precautions!"

The Third Prince stared at Su Yu for some time and laughed loudly: "Haha Su Yu, you are good! I have made a wrong judgment of you; you are smarter than I thought! The Duke of Xianyu really found an impressive son-in-law!"

At that moment, the group of people gradually stopped laughing. The Third Prince laughed indifferently, "You are not wrong. I will not go down without a fight. However, what can you do to help me? If I wanted to, you would be unable to exit even half a step out of the prince's palace, not to mention go against my powerful older brother."

Su Yu's eyes were unfathomable. "With the help of the Holy King, all the imperial power that one possesses is as good as ants."

The Third Prince's thoughts changed and his laughter gradually stiffened. "You wish to participate in the Holy Meet and attain the first position so that you can get the Holy King to grant you one of your wishes?"

"That's right!" Su Yu said indifferently. "On that day, I swore that if I don't kill the First Prince in my lifetime, then I will never be a man!"

"I will achieve the first position in the Holy Meet and ask for one wish. That is to Kill the First Prince!" Su Yu could not suppress the hatred in his heart. "Once the First Prince dies, you will be the only prince left. If you are still unable to ascend to the throne, that means your abilities are questionable and you might as well give up on being the monarch."

The people in the secret room were startled! Su Yu actually wanted to attain the first position in the Holy Meet, even though he knew that his efforts would be in vain?

After hearing Su Yu's words, the Third Prince became silent for a moment. His bright eyes immediately became dim and he felt disappointed instantly.

From talking to Su Yu just now, the Third Prince found out that Su Yu was very experienced at socializing and he had a clear insight of the world's affairs. This had made the Third Prince feel as though he had met someone who was on intimate terms with him by chance.

However, after listening to what Su Yu said, he felt disappointed. Even though Su Yu was intelligent and powerful, he was too conceited.

He had aimed very high but if he fell, he would fall very low. He was arrogant and could not take setbacks. He would not be useful in an important role.

At the Holy Meet, all the empire's demon students were gathered. Every single one of them was brilliant among their generation. If they were placed anywhere in the empire, they would be considered geniuses who shook the world. Even though Su Yu was powerful, it would be impossible for him to compete with them.

As Lin Xiao could not hold back his laughter anymore, he laughed angrily. "You are arrogant and ignorant! Even I cannot guarantee that I can get into the top 50 in the Holy Meet. What right do you think you have to get the crown?"

Su Yu had a calm expression and he said coldly, "The reason is simple. It is because I am stronger than you!"