The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 471

Chapter 471 The Mysterious Secret Room

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The five balls were thirty Chinese feet away from one another, and they formed a circular formation. Under Yang Yidao’s command, the five of them inserted spiritual energy into the ball at the same time.

At once, the five balls emitted magnificent spiritual light, which changed into a five-colored light beam that enshrouded the circular formation. Su Yu and the others were within the protection of the light beam as well.


Under Yang Yidao’s control, the five balls maintained the circular formation and flew toward the Supreme Thunder Hill.

At another location.

Long Wuxin and Qin Xianer, who had not been seen for ten days, were escaping from death, surprisingly and furiously. Their bodies were in bad shape, and the spiritual light on their body surface was dim. Their auras also looked quite weak.

“Sister Wuxin, is that disciple outside the Sanctum a lunatic? Why is he chasing us so persistently, and refusing to let us go? We have finally escaped from the Fairy King Ruins ,and we have obtained quite a number of treasures as well as resources. Moreover, we were about to find a place to put all of them peacefully. However, we did not expect to come across this bad person the moment we came out.” Qin Xianer’s mind was filled with grievances.

Long Wuxin had a serious expression: “Pursuing us once might be something unforeseen. However, since he had been pursuing us tightly, and he refused to let us go twice, perhaps we might have caught his eye. I have no idea which part of us has attracted his attention.”

Qin Xianer’s jade nose frowned, and she waved her small fists ferociously: “Humph, after I have refined the legacy of the Fairy King, I will teach him a lesson!”

Long Wuxin sighed: “Let’s think about that after we escape successfully.”

At another location.

The people of the Four Great Ancient Clans had appeared in a giant stone forest. Within the vicinity of the stone forest, the whole path was filled with blood, as well as bodies, and there were a total of ten bodies.

At the middle region of the stone forest, there were over a hundred people surrounding a giant black and white spell, and they were confronting it in a disorderly manner.

Among the Four Great Ancient Clans, the beautiful woman revealed a thinking and disdainful expression: “All of you wish to go the eighth level? Hehe, it would have been fine, if it were that few first-rate Half Gods. As for normal Half Gods and a group of Human Kings, all of you are merely avaricious and insatiable. Hence, all of you are only here to dig your own graves!”

“Lord, what should we do?” Shi Jie stood at one side with great respect.

Sheng Ge sneered: “Of course we should let them kill one another first. After they have killed enough, we will then go over! Although they are disgusting trash, there are still quite a number of them. As I am now in a weak condition, it is not advisable for me to fight with them head to head.”

“At the same time, we can get some ghost-based treasures from the Ghost Crying Mountain, which can be used to treat my injuries, so that I can regain my fighting capabilities of the Fairy Realm!”

Sheng Ge’s expression was filled with a bit of hatred: “Humph! I will remember that old bastard’s kindness of giving me a palm. Moreover, there is still that Black Snow Devil King, who deserves to be hacked to pieces. He had better not come across me. If he does, I will teach him a great lesson!”

On a multi-peaked mountain a hundred thousand Chinese feet away, a purple-robed figure was standing within the whistling wind. It was Bai Qi, the Ghost King, who had rushed to his current location!

“Master, let’s head over there after they have finished killing one another. There are too many of them. If they discover my identity as an evil ghost, they might deal with me collectively, and expose Master in the end.”

After hearing what was said, a sound, signifying being understood, could be heard from the picture scroll in his chest. A crafty expression flashed past Bai Qi’s eyes. As for his forehead, a tiny bit of concern appeared by accident, and he murmured secretly, “Also, I do not know if that little kid would be able to rush to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion.”

At the Thunder Emperor Mountain.

A five-colored light beam was slowly approaching the Thunder Emperor Mountain. When it was within five hundred Chinese feet of the Thunder Emperor Mountain, a thunder arc was shot from the Thunder Emperor Mountain abruptly! Its power was not weaker than that of a Heaven Master. When it struck the five-colored light beam, not even a tiny bit of wave was created.

When it was within three hundred Chinese feet, a lightning bird, comparable to a Human King, flew over with its whole body covered in raging flames, and crashed into the five-colored light beam ruthlessly. However, with a whooshing sound, the lightning bird fell apart into subtle thunder arcs, and there were no changes to the five-colored light beam.

A hundred Chinese feet within the Thunder Emperor Mountain!

Finally, a low roar could be heard from the Thunder Emperor Mountain. A thirty Chinese foot tall lightning tiger then appeared. Its back had a pair of thunderbolt wings, and it came over, while roaring furiously.

Half God. Moreover, it was an attack of a first-rate Half God!

From the giant tiger, Su Yu felt an aura similar to Long Wuxin and Yu Chan.


While it was roaring furiously, it crashed into the five-colored light beam ruthlessly. What caused everyone to be shocked was that there were no fluctuations on the five-colored light beam like before!

Looking at the giant tiger instead, half of its body was smashed. It then changed into thunderbolt again, and returned to the Thunder Emperor Mountain!

At last, the five-colored light beam finally arrived at the Thunder Emperor Mountain, and no attacks appeared over there. When the few of them heaved a sigh of relief, Yang Yidao, whose expression was still tense, took a normal breath, and said, “Our luck is not bad. The lightning spirits of the Thunder Emperor Mountain seem to still be in a deep sleep.”

Lightning spirits? Without even thinking, one would know that it was definitely an extremely dangerous being.

From Yang Yidao’s tone, one could tell that he was fearful of the lightning spirits: “All right, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation can be kept temporarily. Before reaching the Thunder Palace, there will no longer be any dangers. Now, I need to prepare some items to enter the Thunder Palace, and all of you can move about freely. Apart from the Thunder Palace, all of you can go to the remaining places.”

After hearing what was said, the four of them split up. Su Yu locked on to the nearest imperial palace, which was currently a piece of ruins. When he entered the imperial palace, he realized that all the items within it had been completely plundered a long time ago.

It was obvious that it was not the first time, where people entered the Thunder Emperor Mountain. Within a hundred years, it was unknown how many times people had come in.

Seeing the surface of the walls, which had been scraped off, and seeing the ground, which had been dug by thirty inches, Su Yu blushed with shame. It had really been dug by thirty inches!

After that, Su Yu spent half a day’s time to enter the imperial palaces in succession. However, the results were really quite depressing. Apart from one or two spiritual herbs, which contained spiritual energy, there were no other gains.

As Su Yu looked at the rest of them from afar, he realized that all their faces were ghastly pale as well. Similarly, they had probably been angered by the digging of thirty inches of the ground.

With that, all the buildings of the imperial palaces were searched once, and there were no gains at all. Lastly, Su Yu stood in front of an imperial palace, which was quite big. After gaining nothing, he gave up on searching and prepared to return.

Suddenly, he discovered that, at the corner of the imperial palace, there was a strange living thing, which was looking at him coldly. It was a catfish. Its whole body was sticky and soft. Moreover, the top of its head had a red-colored cockscomb!

Not discussing about what the strange fish was temporarily, this fish was actually on dry land. Didn’t it need to live in water?

Su Yu reacted, and he wanted to extend his hand to catch the catfish. However, the catfish went into the ground and disappeared out of thin air, just like that!

When Su Yu used his Soul Eyes to check it out, he realized, unexpectedly, that a thousand Chinese feet below, there was an open and spacious underground secret room. It was in a state, where it was completely sealed, and there were no signs of it being opened before!!

Su Yu’s expression changed, and he revealed a delightful expression! For there to be such a secretive underground room, it must contain items of the Thunder Emperor Mountain that were extremely important!

However, at the very moment, there were many people with many eyes looking around. Hence, Su Yu would naturally not check it out immediately.

The four of them gathered again, and looked one another in the eyes. Even without talking, they knew that the rest of them did not have any gains.

“Tsk, the only place we can look forward to is the Thunder Palace. The palace is the palace of the Master of the Thunder Emperor Mountain. Due to its extremely special defense, it had never been opened before. This time around, if we are able to succeed, our gains will definitely not be small!” Yu Chan’s face was filled with a tiny bit of anticipation.

All of a sudden, Yang Yidao woke up from his seclusion. The ring on his index finger glowed with a dim light, and as if he were performing conjuring tricks, and a purple-colored flower appeared on his hand.

The flower contained an extremely huge amount of vital energy!! Although it was clearly a blue-colored nameless flower that was as rough as a finger, it made a hundred Chinese feet vicinity overflow with thick vital energy instantly!!

The vital energy was so thick, that it almost appeared as a liquefied state. By just breathing in slightly, Su Yu breathed in a large amount of the vital energy!

The vital energy was so powerful, that it was absolutely not something that martial artists of the Immortal Realm could withstand. Hence, at once, Su Yu felt painful feelings, where parts of his body had burst.

Su Yu was shocked, and held his breath with great concentration to expel the vital energy, within his body, out of his body. Gang Dalei and Qin Jiuyang had almost the same reaction as Su Yu, and they faintly revealed an astonished expression.

What flower was that? The Vital Energy Crystal on the Eternal Stone King Armor did not possess this kind of frightening vital energy.

“Soul Suppressing Orchid!! Yu Chan cried out in alarm speechlessly: “Senior Brother Yidao, this is an important treasure that you need to use when you prepare to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm. Could it be that you want to use it here?”

Yang Yidao’s eyes were glowing with seriousness, and he spoke in a stern voice, “For a hundred years, no one had been able to open the Thunder Palace. The reason is because of that Five Elemental Divine Thunder. Only by using the huge amount of vital energy of this item to activate the Five Elemental Formation to its maximum, would there then be hopes of bypassing the Five Elemental Divine Thunder and entering the Thunder Palace!”

After all, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was his Uncle’s treasure, and it had already been refined. If a huge amount of spiritual energy were not inserted into it, it would be impossible to unleash its greatest power.

Yu Chan felt extremely sorry, and her eyes could not look away from the Soul Suppressing Orchid: “This Soul Suppressing Orchid is a treasure that Senior Brother had exchanged for from the faction, using the information regarding fairy level cultivation techniques. For this, you had also offended a Divine Master Uncle! Senior Brother, giving it up just like that for the Thunder Palace is a not worth it!”

Yang Yidao was also a bit reluctant, and he said in a serious voice, “If it is possible, I do not want to use it as well. However, I have failed in making a breakthrough once. Hence, when I make a breakthrough for the second time, Master has said that there is a high possibility of me triggering the Heavenly Disaster. Hence, I need to find the Thunder Herb and manufacture an armor to avoid the lightning from it. If not, is there any use in just having the Soul Suppressing Orchid and nothing else?”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu and two other people exchanged looks. The worse situation had appeared. Yang Yidao had also come for the Thunder Herb. Later on, there would definitely be a fierce fight!

“In the outside world, a Thunder Herb is worth as much as a Soul Suppressing Orchid. Hence, if I can get two or more Thunder Herbs, I might not suffer any losses.” Yang Yidao added.

Yu Chan muttered to herself for a long time, and she said with a sigh, “I hope so.”

Yang Yidao stretched his body and stood up. He then summoned the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation again: “All of you, please come up.”

The group of them stood atop the ball again,and they were standing atop the balls that they were originally standing at. Under their control, the Dry Cloud Elemental Formation flew in front of the most magnanimous great palace, the Thunder Palace.

The Thunder Palace was completely different from other imperial palaces, which were pieces of ruins! Not only was it maintained as a whole, it was surrounded by dense and numerous five-colored gorgeous thunder and lightning!

When they stood in front of the giant palace, Su Yu had an oppressed feeling, as if he were facing giant beasts during the primeval ages. It was as if, within the big palace, there were some extremely frightening beings.

A tiny bit of ominous feeling surged in Su Yu’s heart. However, he no longer had any time to hesitate. Yang Yidao held the Soul Suppressing Orchid on one of his hands,and controlled the spell to approach the Thunder Palace.


With a loud thunder which shook the Heavens, ten five-colored gorgeous thunder and lightning appeared with a roar, and changed into ten ferocious monsters with unusual shapes!

What caused everyone to be fearful was that all of them had the aura of a first-rate Half God! With a furious roar, the ten ferocious monsters rushed over, while roaring. Finally, continuous ripples appeared on the five-colored light beam, which had no waves.

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief secretly. The ten ferocious monsters were blocked so easily?

However, at the very moment, the ten monsters changed into thunderbolts again, and combined together. At once, a lump of shocking spiritual pressure could be felt!

A frightening energy, which was close to that of the Fairy Realm, filled the air slowly! Moreover, that thunderbolt changed into a thirty Chinese foot tall giant, and looked down on Su Yu and his group of people indifferently. It then spoke the human language: “Trespassers who trespass the forbidden area shall die.”

After its speech, its giant body came over swiftly! Its oppressiveness was only possessed by the bodies of Xue Ling and Yang Yidao!

However, Yang Yidao had a calm expression, and he did not even look at the giant at all. Instead, he stared at the five-colored thunder and lightning around the Thunder Palace persistently.


The giant crashed into them. At once, the five-colored light ring twinkled, and the balls, where spiritual energy was inserted into, emitted a whimpering sound, and actually showed signs that it was about to be destroyed! During such a critical moment, all of a sudden, the five-colored thunder and lightning around the imperial palace danced about disorderly. It was as if they had been summoned by something, and they came together to combine magically into a three hundred Chinese feet tall giant!

That giant had a cloak, and it wore an imperial crown on its head. Looking at its sitting carriage, it was sitting behind the big palace in an impressive and dignified manner. A pair of eyes, surrounded by five colors, emitted the aura of a king, and it was looking down on them coldly.


With those eyes, the five-colored light beam fell apart on the spot. Su Yu and his group of people all suffered a tiny bit of aftereffects, and they had frightened expressions!

“Divine Master!” Gang Dalei gasped coldly, and he turned pale in astonishment.

That giant, which was like an emperor, opened its mouth coldly: “Since you guys have trespassed my forbidden area, how do you guys think you should be punished?”

Furious roars of thunderbolts then resounded within the hearts of everyone, like the oppressive voices of the Heaven!