The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Five Element Divine Wood

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Looking up at the emperor-like figure, the group found it difficult to breathe. Was this the aura of a Divine Master? The pressure they felt, just from standing in front of him If he were to strike, was there any doubt that the five of them would be instantly decimated?

A voice rang out behind them. “Concentrate. Do not be swayed by its appearance!”It was Yang Yidao speaking, his expression grim. He had enveloped his voice with spirit energy, jolting the group out of their daze. Yang Yidao gazed at the Five Element Divine Thunder and added slowly, “This is not the true form of the Thunder Emperor but the Five Element Divine Thunder he left behind. It has the effect of confusing people!”

Confuse people? Su Yu understood. Now, it all made sense. If there really was a divine master here, they wouldn’t even be able to step foot into the Thunder Emperor Mountain.

Saying this, Yang Yidao shattered the Soul Suppressing Orchid in his hand. A crack could be heard just before the treasured herb containing a massive amount of vital energy shattered. At the same time, liquified vital energy welled around them, entering the five orbs of lightning. The shattered veils of light gathered once again around themten times stronger than before!

The 30-zhang figure of the emperor looked at them in disdain. The cold eyes wreathed with lightning looked down at them once again. “Humph!”

At that moment, the five colored veils of light shuddered violently. The five balls creaked incessantly, once again showing signs of shattering!

This shocked everyone present. They had sacrificed a Soul Suppressing Orchid to activate the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, yet it still showed signs of shattering. Was the Five Element Divine Thunder truly that powerful?

Yang Yidao had a serious look on his face, forming seals with one hand. The five balls slowly rotated, charging in the direction of the Great Thunder Palace. “If we charge in, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation will not last for long,” he said.

“Humph!” The emperor once again let out a low grunt, reaching out with his palm.

The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was being enveloped and pressed down on by a palm made up of five-colored lightning.


Excessive friction erupted between the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the palm. The five colored light beams could not withstand the pressure, producing a series of cracking sounds.

Su Yu was on high alert. He noticed that several thin cracks had formed on the veil of light on the blue ball beneath his feet. It was also rapidly turning dull. It looked like it would not hold much longer! Even if the emperor conjured by the Five Element Divine Thunder was not at the Divine Master level, it was definitely not an ordinary Divine Realm fighter!

A crisis was fast approaching. The five of them all shared the threat of death!

Yang Yidao grew concerned. “Not good! The power of the Five Element Divine Thunder is much more powerful than the rumors say. It is already very close to the level of Divine Master, its abilities reaching the level of a late-stage Fairy Realm fighter! Quick! Those with vital energy, inject it into the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. Otherwise Otherwise, we shall perish here!”

As he said this, Yang Yidao took out multiple elixirs and herbs containing vital energy from within his space ring. But the vital energy they contained was weak.

Yang Yidao’s words chilled the hearts of the group. They were grasping at straws. The Five Element Divine Thunder was even more powerful than imagined. Even with the Soul Suppressing Orchid powering the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation at full power, they did not stand a chance against it!


A crack resounded above them, breaking the silence. An arm-sized crack had appeared at the top of the light beams!

The five balls under their feet dulled quickly. The five colored light beams were shattering at a visible rate.

“It is over” Yu Chan said.

She turned pale, her eyes full of despair. Other than the items with vital energy in Yang Yidao’s space ring, who else would have vital energy?

Yang Yidao was also dazed, his colorless face was filled with injustice and despair.


Another crackthis time, one zhang thickappeared on the five colored light beams. The palm formed by the Five Element Divine Lightning would decimate them the next moment. They had been so close to the Great Thunder Palace! But ultimately, they had failed!


But suddenly, the five colored balls began to shine again as brightly as five shooting stars! They started to dull again almost instantly, but it was enough. With this effort, the five colored light beams once again exploded with light, buying some time against the palm that pressed down on them.

The three people who had expected to die were elated! Yang Yidao wore a look of surprise and quickly activated the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, breaking open the giant steel gate.

As the gate opened, an ancient aura assaulted them. The 30-zhang figure of the emperor gradually became transparent, disappearing with the ancient aura. The Five Element Divine Thunder that had protected the Great Thunder Palace for countless years had completed its mission with the opening of that gate, and now it disappeared from the mortal world.

The group became overjoyed. They had narrowly escaped from the jaws of certain death.

Yang Yidao had a look of admiration as he glanced at Su Yu. He flashed a friendly smile. “You did well.”

The group looked at Su Yu who held the shattered fragments of a pink crystal. At the critical moment, it was Su Yu who had taken out the vital energy crystal from his Eternal Stone King Armor, using the last of the vital energy within to activate the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, allowing them to survive the final stretch.

“I was only doing it for myself,” Su Yu said as he tossed the fragments away, a little unhappy. With the loss of the vital energy crystal, the defensive capabilities of the Eternal Stone King Armor were weakened by more than 30 percent.

“Do not worry,” said Yang Yidao. “I shall not let your sacrifice be in vain. You can have 20 percent of the items within the Great Thunder Hall!”

Previously, Yang Yidao had clearly wanted to claim all the treasure in the Great Thunder Hall for himself. Giving Su Yu 20 percent was a lot.

“It is decided, then,” Yang Yidao said. “Let’s go in. But I shall say this first: No one is to take any items for themselves without my permission. The allocation will be decided by me!”

No one objected to the point. He had sacrificed the most during this trip and was the most powerful amongst them. He had the right.

The group entered a vast hall. Stone chairs lined the sides of the hall, which led all the way into the deepest part of the palace, a one-zhang tall stage. Atop the stage was a golden throne carved with dragons. It released a strong spiritual pressure.

The throne had decomposed a great deal with the passage of time. With the opening of the giant gate, and the aura of the outside world seeping in, the throne suddenly turned to dust and scattered with the wind! The stone chairs to either side also crumbled, leaving piles of dust where they once stood.

The Great Thunder Hall, which had been preserved rather well until now, was crumbling and rotting before their very eyes. Finally, the entire hall became laced with age.

Suddenly, Yang Yidao flew toward the tall stage. He waved his sleeves and blew away the dust left behind by the throne, digging out a block of wood the length of a finger. Five-colored bolts of lightning covered the block of wood. Although it was weak, that lightning was the Five Element Divine Lightning they had just encountered.

“Five Element Divine Wood!” Yang Yidao said, pleasantly surprised. “This thunder wood is 1,000 years olda divine wood that was born here due to being surrounded by the Five Element Divine Lightning for such a long period of time! If I can use this to forge an artifact, it would be a divine artifact with a high grade. In fact, it might be able to directly create a lightning-based spiritual artifact!”