The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Duplicating Abilities

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Lightning-based spiritual artifact? Everyone was shocked!

Yu Chan also breathed rapidly: “Five Elemental Divine Wood. Could it be that it is a lightning-based material that is used to manufacture spiritual artifacts? Even though a craftsman Uncle had offered a reward for it in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands for twenty years, no one had managed to find it. Senior Brother, you have accomplished an impressive feat for the faction this time around! This item is worth a lot higher price than the Thunder Herb!”

An unexpected gain caused those who belonged to the Returning Principal Palace to be wild with joy. Having heard about the Thunder Herb, Su Yu and his group of people also started to look for it secretly.

Suddenly, they discovered that on the two corners of the big palace, on its left and right respectively, there was a water tank, each!

Yang Yidao’s expression turned serious, and he shouted loudly: “Do not touch it!”

As he spoke, he flew toward the right water tank quickly. The water tank had dried out for an unknown period of time. Hence, only cracked soil was left, and there were no spiritual herbs.

Yang Yidao’s expression changed,and he flew toward the water tank on the left. Within the water tank, there was a layer of shallow water, which allowed the soil to remain moist. Moreover, one tall and two short plants grew in the middle of the soil. Hence, in total, there were three plants, and all of their bodies contained five colors.

They were extremely similar to the weeds on roadsides. The only thing different, was that their bodies contained five colors, and they contained extremely extraordinary powers of thunderbolts.

“Thunder Herbs! Two seedlings and a full grown plant!!” Yu Chan was especially surprised, and she said, “We are really able to find the rumored Thunder Herb!”

Yang Yidao was first delighted. After that, his expression turned serious abruptly: “Is there only one full grown plant? This is extremely far from the nine Thunder Herbs that I need!”

Yu Chan gave a charming smile and said:, “Master has said before that the possibility of finding nine Thunder Herbs is extremely small. If we are able to find a full grown plant, he will help Senior Brother to integrate it into an armor. Although it is the next best thing, and it is not effective as the armor manufactured from Thunder Herbs in blocking thunderbolts, it is still extremely shocking! In addition, you still have the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. Hence, there is a high possibility of Senior Brother being able to block the Heavenly Disaster.”

After hearing such consoling words, Yang Yidao’s expression relaxed slightly: “I can only make do with it.”

As he spoke, he used a jade shovel to dig up the three Thunder Herbs, and kept all of them. After that, he looked around in the big palace again. After confirming that there were no longer any great treasures, he said, “All of you can split whatever items that remain among yourself.”

Gang Dalei’s expression turned serious. He quickly rushed toward the two water vats, and his expression turned unpleasant. There were originally a grown up plant and two seedlings. However, at the very moment, all of them were taken by Yang Yidao.

As for Su Yu, he muttered and thought to himself for some time. After that, as Gang Dalei gazed at him surprisingly, he shifted the two water tanks together. After that, he poured out all the soil within the two water tanks.

“Brother Black Snow, what are you doing” Gang Dalei totally did not understand. However, suddenly, his expression changed slightly.

Within the moist soil, there was actually still a seedling of the Thunder Herb, which had yet to emerge from the soil!


A gust of wind blew over. It was Yang Yidao, who was observing their actions secretly. When he discovered a strange situation, he rushed over quickly.

When he realized that it was a seedling of the Thunder Herb, his eyes brightened up, and he assumed a posture, where he wanted to pick the seedling. However, Su Yu opened his mouth and said, “You have said before that you would give me twenty percent of the gains as compensation. As I really need the Thunder Herb hurriedly, could you give me this seedling?”

After hearing what was said, Yang Yidao rejected Su Yu without hesitation: “Thunder Herbs are of great use to me. For other items, you can have twenty percent. However, just for Thunder Herbs, I will not allow it.”

As he spoke, he allowed no explanation, and he took the Thunder Herb that they had discovered away unreasonably. Upon seeing that, Su Yu and his group of people were extremely furious.

However, as Yang Yidao was extremely strong, they only dared be furious toward him, but they did not dare say anything.

“Eh” All of a sudden, Yu Chan discovered that, within the soil that had been poured out, there were a few items the sizes of the faeces of rats, that were small and roundish.

“It’s the seeds of the Thunder Herbs!” After Yu Chan recognized it, she was first delighted. After that, her expression became dim quickly.

Yang Yidao was also shocked at first. After that, he lost interest immediately: “For these seeds of the Thunder Herbs, you guys can have them.”

Gang Dalei clenched his fists secretly, and said to Su Yu, with an extremely unpleasant expression, “The seeds of the Thunder Herbs are common. They are not difficult to find in Jiuzhou, and are not worth a lot. The reason is that, apart from special environments like the Thunder Emperor Mountain, it is totally impossible to grow them in the outside world! At the very least, up until the very moment, there have been no experiences of someone growing the Thunder Herb successfully! All the Thunder Herbs that had been discovered all grew in the wild with special conditions. As for all these seeds, having them is the same as not having them.”

No one had been able to grow them successfully? Su Yu gazed elsewhere. After thinking for some time, he quietly dug out the seeds from the soil. There were a total of ten of them. He then placed them carefully in a jade box, and kept them with him.

After that, everyone searched the Thunder Palace once. However, there were not many valuable items.

After confirming that everything had been searched once, Yang Yidao lost interest completely, and he looked at Su Yu and his group of people: “Since this is case, we shall go our own ways now. Three of you, take care of yourself! Yu Chan, let’s go.”

After hearing what was said, Yu Chan cupped her fists in salutation toward them, and left as well. In the end, only Su Yu and his group of people were left.

“Brother Dalei, since the task is not completed yet, what should we do?” Su Yu said with a serious voice.

Qin Jiuyang was a bit apologetic as well: “Oh man, even though I am grateful to Elder Jiu for his kindness, I am unable to help him.”

After hearing what was said, Gang Dalei sighed helplessly: “Both of you are not to be blamed. The geniuses of Jiuzhou are stronger than we had expected. Hence, we are unable to do anything as well.”

“However, Master had thought of that before. Hence, he told me to go to another place to look for the Thunder Herbs. That place is not dangerous, and I will be fine by myself. Before that, I need both of you to use your abilities. With that, the agreement between us will be considered as complete.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. The agreement between him and the sloppy old man was to help the sloppy old man to find the Thunder Herbs, because there was only something that he could do. However, it was a pity that the appearance of Yang Yidao had caused Su Yu to have no time to help him.


Gang Dalei took out a pure white jade plate from his chest. The top of the jade plate was filled with complicated lines.

“Brother Black Snow, Master had said that you possess an ability to see through the essence of substances. Please execute that ability of yours once toward this jade plate.”

Su Yu was shocked. The sloppy old man had already seen through his Soul Eyes a long time ago? Although he did not understand the use of executing it, he still used his Soul Eyes once toward the pure white jade plate.

“Brother Jiuyang, please use your curse technique once toward the jade plate as well.”

Qin Jiuyang absolutely did not understand. However, he still did it anyway.

After completing that, Gang Dalei kept his jade plate. He then cupped his fists and said, “Two brothers, I need to carry out the task that my Master had given me. Hence, we shall part ways here. I hope that both of you can take care of yourselves.”

Up till that very moment, Su Yu and Qin Jiuyang were considered to have fulfilled the agreement. Hence, it was time for them to leave and find the opportunities that belonged to them.

“Understood. Brother Dalei, goodbye.”

The three of them stood high up in the skies of the Thunder Emperor Mountain, cupped their fists to bid farewell, and headed toward three different directions. After an hour, a sound, which broke the silence in the sky, resounded. It was Gang Dalei, whose whole body was a lump of light, who had returned again.

His face wore a tiny bit of shame, and he sighed lightly: “Two brothers, I’m sorry. I had no choice but to lie to both of you!”

He returned to the Thunder Emperor Mountain again, and entered the Great Thunder Palace. He then stood on the high stage, which the imperial throne was at,and he took out the pure white jade plate.

After dripping a drop of blood, Gang Dalei’s eyes brightened up abruptly. In his eyes, everything in the surrounding area could be seen through!

“Brother Black Snow’s Transparent Eyes are really extraordinary. No wonder Master said that it is a one-of-a-kind in the Zhenlong continent. It is really a divine artifact! By duplicating this ability into the jade plate, I can also borrow the use of it once, and it can last for a long time.”

His eyeballs looked all around, and finally fixed onto the high stage below his feet. With the Transparent Eyes, he saw that there was a secret path that had been hidden very deeply!

He exerted strength below his feet, and shook the high stage into pieces. A dark cave entrance then appeared. Gang Dalei was delighted, and he entered the cave quickly.

After a cup of tea’s time.

Another sound, which broke the silence in the sky, could be heard. It was Su Yu, who had returned vigilantly!

He went to the place, where he discovered the catfish, and lowered his head to take a look. As expected, the sealed secret room, which was deep underground, was still present.

His eyes were filled with a tiny bit of excitement. He then chose a secret corner, and started to dig the ground secretly.