The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 475

Chapter 475 The Legacy Of The Thunder Emperor

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Gang Dalei had exhibited those thunderbolts, when they fought the Ghost Prison Envoy in a life and death battle. After that, he never used it again, and it was extremely mysterious. However, it was unexpected that it was actually a lightning-based magical treasure.

At that very moment, Gang Dalei’s whole body was charred black, and his clothes were torn open. He had an expression, which showed that he was in dire straits, and he looked like he had been through many hardships. It seemed that the door of the secret room could not be opened so easily.

Gang Dalei charged in delightfully. At once, his eyes discovered the nine books atop the stone table and, without hesitation, he threw himself toward the nine books immediately.

However, when he had just touched the nine books, the nine books turned into dust at a speed that could be perceived by a naked eye. He had never seen even a single word of it.

It was as if those books could only be read once. After that, if they were touched by others, they would disappear.

Upon seeing that, Su Yu could not help but rejoice secretly. Luckily, he had read those books in advance, and obtained the legacy of the Thunder Emperor.

Gang Dalei was stunned, and his eyes stared blankly in front of him. After that, he looked around the secret room, up and down. He had searched all the places which could be searched once. However, he did not find anything!

His expression turned unpleasant at once: “What happened? Did I come to the wrong place? Isn’t this the place where the Thunder Emperor’s legacy is at?”

He was extremely surprised and bewildered. As he stood below the light membrane, it seemed that he was unable to see the environment outside the light membrane. Hence, he totally did not realize Su Yu’s existence.

Looking at Su Yu instead, he could observe each and every action of Gang Dalei. In his heart, Su Yu felt a bit disappointed. It did not feel good to be deceived by others.

However, Gang Dalei might have done it, as he could not help it. After all, prototype fairy artifacts were extremely shocking, and it could not be leaked to the outside world. Moreover, there was only one legacy.

Su Yu withdrew his gaze, turned around, and prepared to leave. However, at that very moment, Su Yu’s expression changed abruptly.

Another figure had appeared at the door of the secret room! It was Yang Yidao, who had a true yet fake smile!!

When Gang Dalei turned his head to take a look, he was astonished, and his expression became extremely unpleasant: “You followed me!”

Yang Yidao stood at the door, and completely kept Gang Dalei inside the secret room. He then sneered, “I knew that it would not be so simple! I did not expect you to have already known the existence of another secret room a long time ago!”

“Start talking. What is this secret room?” Yang Yidao narrowed his eyes and examined the surroundings.

Gang Dalei’s whole face was filled with fear. After struggling for a bit, he sighed with a low voice: “It’s the legacy of the Thunder Emperor!”

Yang Yidao’s face turned serious abruptly, and he said speechlessly, “What did you say?”

As Yang Yidao spoke, Gang Dalei took out a yellow and old letter. In the letter, it was written that, within the Great Thunder Palace, there existed a mysterious passage, which could lead to the place where the Thunder Emperor’s legacy was at!

After seeing it, Yang Yidao suddenly understood: “I felt that it was strange. Within the Great Thunder Palace, how could there be nothing? So there was actually another cosmos!”

At once, his icy cold gaze was shot toward Gang Dalei: “Hand them over!”

Gang Dalei forced a smile: “What you have seen is what I have seen. I have no idea who had beat me to here first.”

“Humph! This is the first time that the Great Thunder Palace had opened. Apart from you, there isn’t a second person who knows about this place. If you are unwilling to hand it over, I shall take it by myself!” Yang Yidao’s imposing manner was piercingly cold, and he attacked abruptly!

Gang Dalei wanted to cry, but he had no tears. Not only did he not acquire the legacy, he was forced to die at a corner.

“You are too much!” Gang Dalei was filled with grief, and he became furious. He had also felt that he had been inconvenienced!

The light shadow surrounding his body vanished into thin air, and he revealed his real body!

Yang Yidao was shocked: “A flood dragon of the Yi clan? No wonder I felt an inhuman aura from you. So, you are actually a flood dragon?!”

His eyes glowed with a tiny bit of excitement abruptly: “Seems like I have gained something again. It is rumored that it is common for flood dragons to have weak bloodlines of the Real Dragon. With your blood, I might be able to sense the whereabouts of the Real Dragon. Hence, if I can obtain the items that are handed down by the Real Dragon, those gains will not be less valuable than the legacy of the Thunder Emperor!”

Real Dragon? Su Yu was shocked.

His task of helping Gang Dalei to find the Thunder Herbs was already completed. His next task was to find a few ingredients to cure his eyes. He had already obtained the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, and he only lacked the Blood of a Real Dragon, as well as the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl.

With the combination of the three ingredients into a final product, a kind of Devil Destroying Silver Eyes could be cultivated successfully. Hence, he would then use the Devil Destroying Silver Eyes to resolve the injuries of the Heavenly Wrath, so that his eyes could recover. If Gang Dalei could sense the whereabouts of the Real Dragon, wouldn’t he have the whereabouts of the Blood of the Real Dragon already?

Within the secret room, Yang Yidao laughed disdainfully: “I am someone, who had attempted to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm. Although I have failed, among the Half Gods, no one can compete with me, in terms of abilities.”

“Just give up!”

After his speech, Yang Yidao thrust out a palm casually toward Gang Dalei’s twenty Chinese feet tall giant body. With a loud shout, a great strength burst forth from Gang Dalei’s body, and he attacked with his two fists.

With a flapping sound, Gang Dalei retreated slowly. After that, he crashed into the light membrane with a great force, and his face turned red.

Looking at Yang Yidao instead, his eyes were filled with contempt: “Humph, you are nothing much more than this!”

After his speech, he took a big stride, and headed toward Gang Dalei for the last time. His eyes were glowing with murderous intents. Gang Dalei was in danger!

There were no other ways to escape from his current location. Hence, how could he escape?

However, all of a sudden, Gang Dalei could be seen taking out his pure white jade plate from his chest. He then inserted blood into the jade plate crazily. With a cracking sound, the jade plate exploded on the spot.

However, with that, Gang Dalei disappeared out of thin air as well! When he appeared again, he appeared at a ravine, which was far away from the Great Thunder Palace. He had a pale expression, and his expression also indicated that he survived from a disaster: “Luckily, I have Qin Jiuyang’s curse technique. By putting a puppet as a substitute here in advance, I was able to escape in the nick of time.”

It seemed that, previously, he had left the Thunder Emperor Mountain solely for the sake of finding a secret place to plant a spell for him to escape. The spell had indeed saved his life.

After that, Gang Dalei forced a smile: “I did not manage to find a single one of the items that the old bastard needed. After returning, how do I answer to him?”

After muttering to himself for a long time, Gang Dalei sighed: “Seems like I can only place my final hopes on the Exchange Festival. If my luck is extremely good, I might be able to exchange for Thunder Herbs from someone else.”

“However, the price will definitely be huge. Hence, I need to take some risks and check out that place!”

After his speech, his figure disappeared quickly.

Within the secret room, one of Yang Yidao’s hands was holding a scarecrow, and his whole face was gloomy: “Curse technique! Humph! I have actually allowed you to escape!”

After giving a furious hum, Yang Yidao left immediately, and he looked for Gang Dalei hastily. For safety purposes, Su Yu, who had witnessed everything, felt that he should just stay behind and wait for Yang Yidao to leave.

As a Half God, who had failed in making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, his abilities should be just below the Fairy Realm! It would really be unwise if he were to go out and go head to head with Yang Yidao.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu took out a jade box. What the jade box contained were the seeds of the Thunder Herb! There were a total of ten of them!

If those seeds were planted in the outside world, it would more or less be impossible for them to grow. However, in Su Yu’s hands, that might not be the case.

Filled with a tiny bit of anticipation, Su Yu’s soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, and he came before the nursery. Su Yu made up his mind, and made a clean sweep of the weeds within the nursery. A pile of glittering soil was then revealed!

That was the Supreme Growing Soil, where even a single grain of it could not be obtained easily, even if a great wealth were exchanged for it. According to what the fox had said, the Supreme Growing Soil was a valuable earth-based treasure, and any kind of plants could be planted there!

It was unknown what kind of magical changes there would be after planting the seeds of the Thunder Herb!