The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Battling Yang Yidao

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This person had masked his aura, making him appear as an ordinary human. His eyes were cold and sharp as blades, making them hard to look at.

This person was Yang Yidao, who was supposed to be going after Gang Dalei! He had not stepped out of the Great Thunder Hall but instead hid just for this moment.

“I had faintly sensed someone observing us from outside the barrier back at the secret chamber,” said Yang Yidao, his tone surprised as he observed Su Yu. “Combined with what Gang Dalei said, I thought the legacy of the Thunder Emperor would be obtained by someone who came earlier. I had thought that it was the lad using the curse techniques. After all, his abilities are decent, and his techniques are rather weird. But I did not expect that person to be the weakest of the three wandering cultivators, you! This is truly unexpected!”

Su Yu was surprised. This person had such strong levels of perception. He truly lived up to his reputation as a top-notch Half God who had failed to break through to the Fairy Realm. He had a level of perception not seen in an ordinary Half God.

Also, he was a very conniving person. He had clearly noticed Su Yu’s presence but had feigned ignorance, purposefully acting as if he was going after Gang Dalei. In reality, he had hidden in the Great Thunder Hall and waited for Su Yu to show himself! Now that it had come to this, words were useless. All that was left for Su Yu to do was to engage in battle.

Seeing Su Yu adopt his battle stance, Yang Yidao had a faint smile. “Are you not planning to beg for your life? I can spare you if you hand over the legacy of the Thunder Emperor.”

Su Yu said calmly, “Is that so? Would you let someone who knows about the legacy of the Thunder Emperor live?”

The legacy of the Thunder Emperor was no trivial matter. Once news of it spread, Yang Yidao would surely be confronted. Even if he could get out of here alive, the legacy would naturally belong to his faction. He could never hope to claim it for himself. Thus, whether Su Yu cooperated or not, he was not going to escape the fate of being killed.

“You are quite intelligent, but all that awaits you is death,” said Yang Yidao in a mocking tone.

Su Yu remained silent, forming seals with one hand and taking out the Nine Yin Yang Formation. At the same time, his Eternal Stone King Armor was ready to be activated.

Yang Yidao observed the Nine Yin Yang Formation, a little surprised. “An entire set of middle-grade divine artifacts. I would never have guessed that you would be able to obtain a decent set of divine artifacts despite your weak abilities. Don’t worryI’ll keep them safe for you.”

His index and middle finger formed the silhouette of a sword. A sharp knife energy appeared, releasing a powerful spiritual pressure.

Su Yu wore no expression. Su Yu had not been able to retaliate against this knife energy before. He flicked his hand outward, sending the nine iron needles above his head. The iron needles rotated quickly. At the same time, a golden glow appeared in Su Yu’s palms. The Golden Scale Dagger appeared in his palm.

Yang Yidao had a smile of disdain, slicing down with his fingers. At that moment, the knife energy rumbled as it struck. Su Yu felt the killing intent assault him. His blood and energy circulation accelerated around his body as he was put under immense pressure.

But Su Yu remained collected, slicing with the Golden Scale Dagger without hesitation. With a clank, the formless knife energy released a sound of metal on metal as it collided with the Golden Scale Dagger!

Su Yu was hit hard, his wrist jolted with pain. He nearly dropped the Golden Scale Dagger in his hand. But that knife energy did not stop. It continued its assault on Su Yu!

At the critical moment, a green glow flashed on the bronze mask on Su Yu’s face. His entire being vanished. All that was left was the mask floating in the air, as well as the nine needles rotating above it.

With a clank, the mask was sent flying by the knife energy but did not receive any damage. When the mask stabilized, it glowed as Su Yu’s figure appeared once again.

Yang Yidao was a little surprised. “The Eternal Mask? Space artifacts are naturally rare. I have to say, I have never had the artifacts you have on you now.”

Su Yu remained expressionless. “You talk too much!”

After saying this, he immediately activated the Nine Yin Yang Formation. The rotating needles turned into multiple afterimages and surrounded Yang Yidao. He was surprised at first, but then let out a cold smile. “Any treasures are useless if the abilities of the person using them are too weak.”

He did not move, allowing the Nine Yin Yang Formation to surround him. A ghostly glow flashed on the black ring on his finger. A dark blue, curved knife appeared in his palm. The curved knife was like the moon, radiating a cold glow. It was more overbearing than the knife energy just now!

Su Yu was cautious. The blue curved knife was dangerous.

“Ice Seal!”

Yang Yidao was not afraid of the Nine Yin Yang Formation attacking him, slicing sideways with the blue curved knife.

Clank, clank, clank

Crisps sounds of contact could be heard as the nine iron needles were sent flying. The Nine Yin Yang Formation had been dispelled! Yang Yidao was unbelievably powerful!

Yang Yidao let out a cold grunt. “Any other techniques? If not, it ends here.”

But Su Yu had already taken out a purple umbrella, slowly pushing it open.

At that moment, a ball of purple light fell on an area of a 100-zhang radius. The surroundings suddenly turned into a furnace, burning with an alarming purple flame.

Yang Yidao was caught off guard, instantly devoured by the terrifying fire. His white robes burst into flames!

“Xue Gui’s Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella!” Yang Yidao said, astonished. “Why is it in your hands?”

Su Yu calmly replied, “I snatched it from him!”

After he said this, he activated the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella to its full power! But Yang Yidao was not afraid. Instead, he had a mocking look in his eyes.

“As I already, the artifacts are not bad,” said Yang Yidao, “but their owner is too weak! Die!”

Yang Yidao suddenly let out a furious shout, infusing a large amount of spirit energy into the blue curved knife. The curved knife released a blue glow, illuminating a large section of the horizon.

A three-zhang wide blast of knife energy swept across the surroundings with an overbearing power. Tornadoes formed as the knife energy passed. The flames in the 100-zhang area were extinguished in the blink of an eye!

The Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella had also been countered! A single strikeone strike again!

Even a powerful fighter like Xue Ling did not dare face the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella head-on. But Yang Yidao had countered it with one strike! He was even more powerful than Xue Ling!

Yang Yidao had a cold glare. “Well? What else do you have? Take them out. I’ll let you die without any grievances!”He looked like a god of war as he held his knife in battle.

Su Yu calmly put away his Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella. At the same time, he raised his hands and retracted the scattered Nine Yin Yang Formation. A yellow-green light glowed on his hand as an imperial jade seal carved with dragons and phoenixes appeared in his hands!

Streaks of lightning flowed within the seal, releasing a fearsome aura. The crystal of lightning origin in Su Yu’s body continually turned into the origin’s energy as it entered the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

A yellow-green light shot into the sky, suddenly exploding, covering Su Yu’s face with a mysterious glow.

“If you wish to try me,” said Su Yu, “I shall grant you your wish.”

Yang Yidao’s cold smile gradually turned grave. His expression morphed into shock!

“Disastrous Thunder!” he said, his voice trembling with fear.