The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Fusion Of The Origins

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Yang Yidao, who had failed to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, was shocked, and was extremely sensitive to the disastrous thunder. Seeing that the disastrous thunder was overflowing with tiny bits of disastrous thunder, Yang Yidao’s heart sank abruptly.

As Yang Yidao was trembling with fear, he weaved signs with one hand instinctively, and the five balls of different colors flew out from the ring on his finger. Among the five balls, the purple ball flew in front of him and shielded him. When Yang Yidao inserted spiritual energy into the purple ball wildly, a purple light beam appeared and enshrouded him.

It was the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. The formation required five persons to activate it at the same time. Hence, although the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was strong, it was unable to be fully activated, and only one ball of it could be activated.

Su Yu had a calm expression, and he activated the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal continuously, without stopping. With a sound of the air trembling, a charm created from thunderbolts flew out from the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

The charm had the shape of a dragon, and it was only of the size of a palm. When looked at from afar, it looked like a small, nimble, and invisible five-colored dragon. However, what was different, was that the power of the disastrous thunder within the thunderbolts had made everyone feel uneasy.

“Go!” Su Yu’s cold eyes looked on scornfully, and he gave a light shout. The five-colored small dragon then changed into a five-colored fragmentary shadow, and attacked.

Yang Yidao only had time to swing his knife once, and the dragon-shaped charm was shot to ten Chinese feet within him. The frightening knife energy, which could cut everything, appeared again!

The knife, which had sent the Nine Yin-Yang Formation and Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella flying easily, slashed the dragon-shaped charm. The charm could then be seen glowing, and it resisted the slash. A weak sound of dragon roaring could be heard from the charm, and it crashed into the purple light beam with a sudden bang.


A fine cracking sound spread widely to Yang Yidao’s ears, and a voice, which made everyone feel extremely terrified, could be heard. Close and numerous cracks could be seen appearing on the purple light beam. After that, with a sound of something falling onto the ground, the purple light beam was shattered into pieces!

Although the disastrous thunder charm became fifty percent dimmer, half of the power of the thunderbolts was still present. The dragon-shaped charm no longer had any obstructions, and it landed on Yang Yidao’s body with a bang!

With a rumbling loud sound of thunderbolts resounding in all quarters, the remaining half thunderbolt charm burst open completely. The light of the thunder glowed, and a destructive aura spread toward all directions.

Yang Yidao was drowned within the charm, and his body was swallowed by the light of the thunder. A one-mile vicinity was enshrouded by five colors in an instant, and it was difficult to look straight at it. After some time, when everything vanished completely, on the ground that Yang Yidao was originally at, a giant hole with a diameter of thirty Chinese feet had formed.

As for Yang Yidao himself, his protective spiritual energy was torn into pieces, and his clothes were torn open, with many small openings. His flesh looked blurry, and his blood filled the ground, as it flowed along his legs.

His palm, which was holding the Blue Moon Curved Knife, shook slightly, which showed that his body was injured. However, the most frightening thing was that his right hand had the most serious injury, as it was the hand that was holding the Blue Moon Curved Knife to block the thunderbolt.

His whole arm had almost turned into mincemeat. Moreover, his index finger and middle finger were nowhere to be seen. The attack had almost taken the life of Yang Yidao.

If not for him having the ball of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation to reduce fifty percent of the power of the attack, he would have already died at that very moment.

As such, he had only suffered some injuries that still were not at all light. His eyes were filled with happiness, which indicated that he had survived a disaster. However, his eyes were also filled with hatred that was deeper than the sea.

As he was spitting out blood from his mouth, he had overwhelming murderous energy: “Good! Good! Good! Having trained up till this very moment, this is the first time that someone has injured me to this extent. Even if you die, you can be proud of yourself!”

Su Yu’s expression turned slightly serious. He was still not dead, even after that?

Even with a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, he was still able to survive. How strong was that?!

According to Su Yu’s calculations, even if it were Xue Ling, who had the body of the Fairy Realm, it would be impossible for him to survive. As for Yang Yidao, a Half God, who tried to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, his abilities were totally different from normal Half Gods. He was so powerful, that it exceeded Su Yu’s expectations.

Yang Yidao could be seen giving a ferocious shout, and he took out a bottle of elixir from his chest. After taking a look at it, Su Yu’s pupils shrank: “Flesh Regeneration Elixir!”

Su Yu remembered the elixir extremely well. It could heal the injuries of people who were wounded or disabled! After raising his head and drinking the elixir completely, Yang Yidao’s broken fingers grew out again with shocking speed. His injuries were also completely healed in the blink of an eye!

Su Yu was shocked. Even if it were the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, it would require ten days to half a month’s time to treat the injuries and disabilities. Hence, how nature-defying was the fast and relaxing recovery, which had just occurred in front of him? Didn’t that mean that, as long as Yang Yidao was still breathing, he would be undefeated?

“I have used my lifetime’s savings to exchange for this Flesh Spiritual Elixir, before entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, so that I will be prepared for all contingencies, such as being injured by strong enemies. However, unexpectedly, I did not come across strong enemies, and I was heavily injured by you, instead!” Yang Yidao’s every word and sentence was filled with deep hatred, that was now leaking out.

“So, you can die now!!”

Yang Yidao could be seen taking a deep breath. After that, his temperament changed abruptly. Within the abundant and majestic spiritual energy, the fluctuation of vital energy actually appeared!

“Humph, although I have failed to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, among the three Spiritual Energy Crystals, one had already turned into a Vital Energy Crystal! I have actually concealed it up till this very moment, with the intention of surprising strong enemies. However, I did not expect to use it on you!”

That was Yang Yidao’s greatest card! He had actually hidden the fact that he had stepped into the ranks of the Fairy Realm, and had become a strong martial artist of Half Fairy!!

“Die!” Yang Yidao’s eyes moved as fast as lightning, and he inserted vital energy into the Blue Moon Curved Knife that was on his palm!

The Blue Moon Curved Knife could then be seen emitting an unprecedented amount of blue light. After that, a lump of frightening knife energy, which could steal the souls of people away, burst forth like a tsunami.

At once, Su Yu felt a great spiritual pressure. He started to breath rapidly, and his expression gradually became serious. For a magical treasure that was inserted with vital energy, would its power only increase by double?

Yang Yidao caused Su Yu to feel extremely fearful all of the sudden. If it were that Xue Ling, who went head to head with Yang Yidao, he might not be Yang Yidao’s opponent as well! Yang Yidao’s powerfulness had exceeded Su Yu’s expectation.

“Three Heaven Questioning Patterns!” An unprecedented swift and fierce divine light burst from Yang Yidao’s eyes, and he swept his eyes past the area.

The long sword on his hands then ripped out a frightening knife energy that was a thousand Chinese feet long. The giant and transparent shadow of the knife looked as if it wanted to split the horizon into half.

Su Yu felt a dangerous feeling, which signified that he could die at any moment! Without thinking, Su Yu weaved signs with both his hands. He activated the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal forcefully, and created a thunderbolt charm.

As the disastrous thunder was used previously, the disastrous thunder that was created this time around was only half of that of the first time! However, even if it were just half, it was more than enough to injure Yang Yidao fatally again!


The thousand Chinese feet knife energy swept across the area and headed toward Su Yu. With a whooshing sound, the dragon-shaped charm burst into five-colored thunder arcs on the spot, and they were exterminated by the knife energy, without leaving even a tiny bit of it!

Upon seeing that, Su Yu’s pupils shrank abruptly and his heart sank vigorously! The attack of a Half Fairy was extremely frightening!

Su Yu weaved signs with one hand and a layer of black-colored armor appeared. At the same time, spiritual energy surged within his body wildly, to create a spiritual armor to protect him.

With the Eternal Stone King Armor, Su Yu felt a lot more at ease at once. However, Su Yu felt icy cold at the giant opening at the chest area.

Instinct told Su Yu that he would still die from the knife attack! Su Yu’s eyes glowed with coldness. In this critical moment, Su Yu was determined. He could only try that move.

Su Yu reacted, and three different colors appeared on Su Yu’s body surface. Pale color, reddish green color, as well as five colors. It was the three Origins: ice, fire and thunder!

The three Origins appeared together, and became three small balls of Origins, which spiraled at the center of Su Yu’s palms. Every Origin possessed a great power. If they were to explode, even Su Yu himself would suffer some injuries that were not light, and he might even perish on the spot.

However, at that very moment, Su Yu did an extremely dangerous thing! He actually brought the three Origins closer to one another, gradually! Not mentioning the violent Thunderbolt Origin, the Ice Origin and Fire Origin were Origins which could offset one another!

Even if they touched each other slightly, there was a very high possibility of them causing an explosion! If two Origins were to explode at the same time, apart from Su Yu’s body being blown into smithereens, there were no other possibilities!

However, at the moment where the Ice Origin and Fire Origin were about to come into contact with one another, Su Yu took action, and inserted the Thunderbolt Origin between them abruptly. The Thunderbolt Origin had blocked both the Ice Origin and Fire Origin by being in between them.

The three balls of Origins then came together, into one, at once! Looking at it, it looked like a Buddha Pearl with three colors.

At the instant where the Thunderbolt Origin came into contact with the Ice Origin and Fire Origin, they would all become one. Suddenly, the three balls of Origins became dimmer, and tiny bits of black-colored cracks appeared on the balls. Tiny bits of destructive aura were then emitted in torrents!

Su Yu’s expression turned serious: “Not good! The fusion has failed!”

Feeling that the three Origins were about to explode, Su Yu had an extremely unpleasant expression. He had originally planned to fuse the Origins and create a completely new move.

However, looking at it at the very moment, the fusion of the Origins was harder than expected. At the very moment, since the fusion had failed, the three Origins would explode!

That kind of power was enough to wipe out his body and soul completely! Su Yu’s heart then beat extremely fast, and his pupils shrank, until they became tiny as a thread!

Yang Yidao, whose whole face was filled with murderous intents, also felt that various kinds of violent Origins were about to explode. When he took a look at it, he could not help but be astonished: “You are crazy! Fusing Origins. Do you wish to commit suicide?”

His face revealed a fearful expression, his eyelids were twitching wildly, and he looked extremely shocked. It was to the extent that he was more terrified at the very moment, compared to the moment where he saw the disastrous thunder!

“It is already extremely scary to fuse Origins, let alone three kinds of Origins! What a lunatic!” Yang Yidao was both furious and frightened. He withdrew his knife, which was about slash Su Yu, without hesitation, turned around, and ran away from the range of the explosion quickly!