The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Horrifying Power

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At this moment, more black cracks were forming on the surface of the three origins. The three origins were almost completely black at this point, radiating a destructive power! They were on the brink of exploding!

Su Yu had a look of caution. Without thinking, he tossed the origins that were about to explode toward Yang Yidao. The bronze mask on his face glowed as Su Yu hid himself in the space within the mask. He also released spirit energy around his body to protect himself, despite already wearing the Eternal Stone King Armor.

Yang Yidao was immensely fearful when he saw the pitch black origin flying toward him. Without any other means to defend himself, all he could do was inject his vital energy into the purple orb.

With vital energy infused, the pillar of light that shot out from the orb became even more powerful. It was probably able to defend against an attack from a fighter from the Fairy Realm.

Just as the two finished using their defensive techniques, the three pitch black origin exploded. It shrunk to the size of a pea, then suddenly expanded to 10,000 times its original size, spanning ten miles!

The destructive power of the ice, fire, and thunder origins became a ten-mile long mushroom cloud, resulting in a violent explosion. Unstoppable, destructive power spread outward, destroying everything within a ten-mile radius and turning the ground to ash as the black mushroom cloud passed.

For 100 miles, the earth trembled, and even 1,000 miles away, the ground lightly shuddered.

This ripple of destruction shook every corner of the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. In the stone forest, the hundred-odd people who were engaged in combat all felt the trembles, stopping all at once with looks of surprise on their faces.

“Was that a strike from a Fairy Realm fighter?”

Sheng Ge watched the humans fight against each other with a faint smile, but her smile disappeared, replaced by a look of shock. She looked gravely in Su Yu’s direction. “What a powerful destructive aura. When did another Fairy Realm monster enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?” With a flicker in her eyes, she said decisively, “We wait no longer. Our plans might be disrupted! There is an unexpected danger within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!”

After saying this, she led the Four Great Ancient Clans and joined the battle within the stone forest.

At the same time, Ghost King Bai Qi, who was sitting cross-legged atop a mountain, suddenly woke. He gazed in Su Yu’s direction with a serious glow in his eyes. “What a powerful ripple! Which powerful fighter struck?”

At this moment, the elder within the painting in his sleeves had the same serious look. “Incredible I caught a whiff of several intertwining origins. Was this resulting explosion of fusing origins? If that is the case, it is unreal. While origins are not considered rare in Jiuzhou, not many have two or more origins at the same time. Even if five different people with different origins were to band together and unleash this attack, it should not reach such a power level. What is going on here?”


Su Yu and Yang Yidao were at the epicenter of the alarming explosion.

The area within a ten-mile radius had been leveled. All that could be seen was boundless, charred earth. Even the Thunder Emperor Mountain that had existed for an eternity was completely destroyed, having crumbled into stones floating in the air.

As for Yang Yidao, his body was charred like charcoal. Other than his white teeth, his entire body had become a black char. The Blue Moon Curved Knife in his hand had shattered. Even a top-notch middle-grade artifact had been completely destroyed!

Yang Yidao only had a single breath of life left within him. Even opening his eyes took too much effort.

He wore a look of fear. The explosion from fusing three origins was 100 times more powerful than he had imagined! He was almost instantly killed by the explosion. Unless someone came to save him, he was going to die here. But, looking at his surroundings, he saw he was the only one here. The initiator of the attack, Su Yu, had died by his own creation. Yang Yidao found a little solace in that fact.


But at this moment, there was a ripple from the ruins.

It was a bronze mask on the brink of shattering. The right eye of the mask had been completely obliterated. It flew shakily as its green light dulled. With a creak, a figure in black armor dropped out from within. It was Su Yu!

He wasn’t dead, but he was not far from it! He was pale as a sheet and did not have any spirit energy left within him. Blood flowed from his body under the armor, dyeing half his body red. Almost all of his energy channels had been severed. The two crystals of spirit energy in his dantian were on the verge of crumbling! If they crumbled, his cultivation level would be destroyed! He had also suffered multiple fracturessome of his bones reduced to dust.

At this moment, Su Yu lay on the floor, unable to move. He was not much better off than Yang Yidao.

Su Yu let out a bitter laugh. He had not anticipated that the fusing of his origins would be so incredibly horrifying! Even he, the person using the ability, had nearly been killed!

The Eternal Mask had been destroyed, and multiple cracks formed on the cavity on the chest plate of the Eternal Stone King Armor from the huge impact. It was only because the Eternal Stone King Armor had defended against 99 percent of the impact that Su Yu had not died immediately.

Still chuckling, Su Yu took out a bottle of elixir from the Cosmos Mirror. It was the Frost Moon Dew Pill that Phoenix Master Qiu had given him. It could replenish his spirit energy. He had never used it before, but it was finally time for it to save his life.

His fingers moved with difficulty as he took out a pill and placed it in his mouth. Even this simple task took all of Su Yu’s energy. He was in grave pain, sweat dripping down his forehead. But the pill rapidly turned into spirit energy upon entering the body, nourishing the shattering spirit energy crystal. With this quick fix, he temporarily avoided the fate of having his cultivation level destroyed!

The spirit energy nourished his severed energy channels and bones, slowly treating his injuries. He was no longer in any mortal danger.

It was only a matter of time before he fully recovered, but the phenomenon coming from this area would undoubtedly invite the attention of many.

After regaining his movement, Su Yu limped toward Yang Yidao. He took out his Golden Scale Dagger and mercilessly sliced his heart, ending the last of his life force.

Su Yu was about to leave when he stepped on a hard object. Looking down, he saw that it was the black ring from Yang Yidao’s finger!

Su Yu was excited. It was a space treasure!

It was not the first time Yang Yidao had used this treasure. The storage device of a Half Fairy undoubtedly contained many things. The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was enough for Su Yu to be excited about!

Scanning his surroundings, Su Yu found the dull purple orb nearby. He then quickly left the area. But at this moment, two figures were rapidly flying over.

Su Yu looked up. His expression changed drastically. The people flying over were on high alert, their countenances grim.