The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Disciple Of The Demon Faction

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Within Su Yu’s field of vision, two female figures were flying toward his direction speedily. One of them had a petite figure. She was as delicate as a spirit, and was unusually adorable. Who else could it be besides Qin Xianer?

As for the other person, she was cold and arrogant. Her expression was chilly yet graceful. It was Long Wuxin!

However, at the very moment, the two of them had uneasy and anxious expressions. Their bodies were weak as well. In particular, Long Wuxin also had some injuries on her body. It looked like they had realized the shocking activities at Su Yu’s location, and they flew over to avoid some kind of danger.

Su Yu had already known about Long Wuxin’s abilities a long time ago. If she unsealed her ancient small box completely, she would no doubt become the strongest female martial artist of the current generation of the Zhenlong continent. Moreover, she might even be able to go head to head with Xue Ling.

However, even a strong person like her was in dire straits! Hence, it could be seen that the person pursuing them was unusually frightening! Perhaps it might be another strong martial artist of Half Fairy, like Yang Yidao.

Su Yu’s expression changed slightly, and he wore the broken mask on his face again. Although the mask was broken, it could cover more than half of his face. Even though a part of his eyes would be exposed, it would still be extremely difficult to ascertain his identity.

“Ah! Brother Black Snow!” Qin Xianer saw the red-haired, white-shirted figure from afar, and recognized that it was Su Yu. Hence, she could not help but be overjoyed.

Looking at Long Wuxin instead, she was first surprised. After that, she was delighted, and then she became suspicious of the condition of Su Yu’s location. Lastly, her expression turned slightly serious: “We should not have come here! We would implicate Mister Black Snow, even though he did not do anything.”

While they were being pursued, they were still hundreds of miles away, when they heard the earth-shaking trembling sound. Hence, they thought that it was someone strong, and they wanted to either ask for his assistance or transfer the trouble over to him. To one’s surprise, who they saw was Su Yu, whose whole body was fatally injured, and his injuries were even worse than theirs.

“Xianer, Miss Long, what happened?” Since things had become like this, it was impossible for him to abandon Xianer, who was in danger, and to not care about her.

Long Wuxin said hurriedly: “Leave hastily, and don’t stop. He will catch up to us quickly!”

Eh? Su Yu’s serious eyes looked behind them. Even though the horizon was vast, open, and spacious, Su Yu was sharp, and he sensed that a shocking aura was approaching them continuously!

“What a strong aura” Even though his person had not arrived yet, his aura had arrived already. Hence, this person must be unusually frightening.

Yang Yidao had never given Su Yu such an oppressive feeling. Exactly who was the person who was coming?

However, without any time to think deeply, Su Yu weaved signs with one hand, and exhibited a move at his location.

Long Wuxin revealed a tiny bit of an anxious expression: “Leave quickly, don’t waste time. The other party’s movement technique is extremely frightening. If there is even a delay”

Her words ceased abruptly, and she looked shockingly at Su Yu, who took out a ten inches long warship model from his chest. As Su Yu weaved signs with one hand, the warship expanded, while facing the wind, and became a giant warship, which was a thousand Chinese feet big, in the blink of an eye!

“Get up quickly!” As Long Wuxin was staring tongue-tied, Su Yu leapt onto the warship and inserted spiritual energy into the compass quickly.

Long Wuxin regained her senses, and wore a shocked expression: “Semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!!”

She could not imagine what kind of great opportunity Su Yu had come across, such that he had managed to obtain a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! After the both of them flew up, Qin Xianer was surprised. After that, she wore a worried frown, and she was anxious as well.

After taking a glance at her, Su Yu revealed a loving expression and activated the warship without hesitation. With a whizzing sound, the warship pierced through the bright sky. Its speed had already achieved the level of the Fairy Realm!

Previously, if Su Yu had the opportunity to activate the flying ship, it would be impossible for Yang Yidao to catch up to him. However, it was a pity that they were in an intense fight, and Su Yu had totally no time to activate the flying ship.

“The speed of the Fairy Realm! What a shocking warship! Mister Black Snow, your harvest this time around is so great, that it makes us feel envious of you.”

Long Wuxin could not conceal her own enviousness in the slightest bit, and as she spoke, she heaved a sigh of relief as well. With such a speed, even if it were that pursuer, it should still be difficult for him to catch up.

“Miss Long, who is pursuing both of you, and how are his abilities?” Su Yu questioned, without even turning back.

At once, Long Wuxin’s expression turned serious, and she was a bit furious: “It’s a demonic technique-based martial artist! He is extremely strong! From what I felt, he probably already possesses the abilities of the Fairy Realm. However, he used some kind of secret technique, and managed to stay in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!”

The abilities of the Fairy Realm? Su Yu’s expression turned grave.

As Long Wuxin was the daughter of the Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance, she had extraordinary experiences, and there was a high chance that her words were not fake. However, what caused Su Yu to be serious was that, even if it were the frightening fighting capabilities that Yang Yidao possessed, there was still no right to say that he possessed the fighting capabilities of the Fairy Realm. At the very best, it was at the level of Half Fairy.

Hence, who exactly was that demonic technique-based purser?

Qin Xianer also clenched her small fists resentfully: “Humph! That bad guy is too much. I have heard that he is a disciple outside the Sanctum of the Soul Seizing Palace, and that he had pursued Sister Wuxin and myself for a few days and nights.”

A disciple outside the Sanctum of the Soul Seizing Palace? Su Yu’s heart sank. Not good!

If he did not remember wrongly, Yu Chan had said before that two teams of people from the Soul Seizing Palace had entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. One of the teams had Xue Ling as its leader, and he led the ship of people to the Corpse Grassland, where they clashed with Su Yu and his group of people.

As for the other team, there was only one person. That person was the disciple outside the Sanctum, who was ranked number ten in the Soul Seizing Palace. According to Yu Chan’s words, they still had a small chance of escaping, even though they came across Xue Ling and his group of people. However, if they were to come across that disciple outside the Sanctum, they would definitely die.

There was no doubt that Xue Ling and his group of people were strong, and Su Yu almost had perished in their hands. Moreover, in addition to a strong person like Xue Ling, there were still six more Half Gods, and over a hundred Human Kings among them. However, they still could not be compared to that one disciple outside the Sanctum!

If it were said that the disciple outside the Sanctum had the abilities of the Fairy Realm, Su Yu would not find it suspicious. What caused Su Yu to feel uneasy was that, if the warship contained the blood of that disciple outside the Sanctum, as long as he was within the range, he might be able to control the warship, and prevent Su Yu and his group of people from escaping!

At that very moment, as if it were verifying Su Yu’s uneasiness, the warship shook vigorously, and there were faint signs of it being out of control. Another person was competing with Su Yu to acquire the authority to control the warship!

His heart beat extremely fast, so much that it almost jumped out of his throat, and his expression turned serious at once. He then fed spiritual energy into the warship crazily. After that, the warship’s speed rose quickly. After leaving the range, the warship stabilized, and it was freed from the control of another person.

However, after a moment, signs of unstableness appeared on the warship again, and it was worse than moments ago! Su Yu was astonished, and he turned his head subconsciously to take a look. What caused him to shudder with fear, was that a black-clothed figure had appeared at some point in time in the horizon! Although his face could not be seen clearly, he could actually catch up to the warship, which had the speed of the Fairy Realm!

Su Yu was unable to describe the shock within his heart. As his eyes brightened up, he took out a few Frost Moon Dew Pills and held them on his palm. After raising his mouth and swallowing one, he acquired a huge amount of spiritual energy, which he fed to the compass crazily.

With a buzzing sound, the warship’s speed rose quickly again, and shook the other party off. After half a day, signs of the warship being controlled appeared again. The other party, who had clearly been shaken off, had caught up again!

As for Su Yu, who was short on spiritual energy, he had no choice but to swallow the Frost Moon Dew Pills and replenish his spiritual energy. Hence, this happened three times, and went on for three days and three nights. The other party was like a ghost, who pursued them closely, and was reluctant to let them go.

And now, the Frost Moon Dew Pills that Su Yu possessed were all used up!

Ten thousand miles away, the black-clothed figure, which had been shaken off far away, had a slightly pale and furious expression: “Damn it! Who is that? He has such a great mount of spiritual energy!” The black-clothed figure had short hair. His eye expression was as sharp, and his whole body emitted an indescribable frightening temperament.

“I was about to catch up with that Death Phoenix Body. However, an unknown strong martial artist actually appeared! Moreover, why is the Divine Flying Ship in his hands? Could it be that Xue Ling and those pieces of trash had met with mishaps?”

As he stood at his original position and looked at his black-colored jade bottle in his hands, which was now completely empty, his face glowed with a ferocious light, as well as a dissatisfied expression.

“If not for me being afraid of the rules of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, where I cannot reveal my cultivation base of the Fairy Realm, and the fact that I can only rely on elixirs to unleash my movement techniques, do they think that they can escape from my hands?” This person was a real strong martial artist of the Fairy Realm, just like the sloppy old man!

Previously, even though his cultivation base of the Fairy Realm was suppressed, he was still able to match the speed of the Fairy Realm, as he had used the power of the elixir. Thinking about it, the elixir should be extremely precious, as this person only possessed a bottle of it.

“I don’t believe that all of you can escape from me!” With his face glowing with a dissatisfied expression, he followed the direction of the Divine Flying Ship and pursued them again.

“Seems like we have successfully shaken the other party off!” Long Wuxin stretched her arms and heaved a long sigh of relief. Her face then revealed a rare relaxed and joyful expression.

However, when she stretched her arms, her skirt stretched tautly, which caused her impressive figure to become plainly visible. In particular, her plump chest was portrayed vividly.

Su Yu took a glance subconsciously, and he could not help but be embarrassed. Su Yu also heaved a long sigh of relief. If Su Yu were to fight against a strong martial artist of the Fairy Realm at that very moment, he had no chance of being victorious at all. Moreover, he was seriously injured, and it was impossible for him to fight with the strong martial artist of Fairy Realm!

After rushing for a few days continuously, his injuries relapsed, and he lacked spiritual energy as well. After holding out for half a day forcefully, Su Yu’s figure finally swayed about, and he fell onto the ground.

The Divine Flying Ship had descended amidst a swamp. After Su Yu kept the Divine Flying Ship, the three of them went into a crevice of a cracked rock hurriedly. They then made the best use of their time inside to replenish their spiritual energy, and also to recuperate from their injuries.

After taking a look within himself once, Su Yu could not help but force a smile. Although his broken internal energy channels had reconnected, he still needed an extremely long time to recover completely.

Moreover, injuries, where his bones were broken into pieces, would definitely not take a turn for the better in a short amount of time. Hence, for the next half a month, Su Yu could not use his martial arts.

Suddenly, a fragrance came over amid the air. It was Long Wuxin, who approached Su Yu. Her fair and smooth palm was holding an extremely green elixir.

“This is very effective for internal injuries. It is manufactured by Phoenix Master Qiu, and it is not inferior to the Flesh Regeneration Elixir.” Long Wuxin’s snow-like eyes were crystal clear. She smiled and placed the elixir on Su Yu’s palm.

At that very moment, Su Yu would definitely not be embarrassed. He raised his head and swallowed the elixir completely. At once, an extremely warm and comfortable energy filled his body. The energy spread toward all his limbs and bones, as well as to all the injuries within his body.

His injuries actually recovered, with a speed that could be perceived by a naked eye. Although it was not as powerful as Yang Yidao’s Flesh Spiritual Elixir, it was definitely an elixir that was difficult to obtain in the human world!

It was also a lot stronger than the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, an ancient elixir that Han Jianglin had obtained! With its rate of healing speed, he would probably require about two to three days’ time to recover fully.

Su Yu was filled with happiness. He knew how valuable the elixir was, and that it was most probably used to save one’s life. Hence, there was a high possibility that Long Wuxin did not have much of it, and he could not help but be grateful: “Thank you Miss Long for your elixir!”

Long Wuxin did not mind, and her chilly face revealed a rare kind smile, which signified that she had good impressions of Su Yu: “You have rescued Xianer and me. Compared to that, what is just a mere elixir? Moreover, you and me are not considered as strangers.”

Eh? Not considered as strangers? If Su Yu did not remember wrongly, it was the first time that Long Wuxin and he had a conversation together. Hence, how could they be familiar with one another?

However, as Su Yu looked at Long Wuxin’s face, he faintly felt that it was a bit familiar. However, after thinking over and over again, Su Yu still could not remember.

Observing this, Long Wuxin said with a true yet fake smile: “Mister Black Snow, you have forgotten about Xin Wuhen so quickly?”

Xin Wuhen? Su Yu’s body reacted, and he suddenly thought of that beautiful woman, who had entered the seabed with him to look for the Undead Herb of the Netherworld. Su Yu then superimposed their figures onto one another continuously. Although they looked a bit different, it was indeed Xin Wuhen!

“It’s you!” Su Yu was extremely surprised. That time, the person who went to the seabed with him was actually Long Wuxin!

Back then, Su Yu had yet to make a breakthrough to the Heaven Master. With that kind of abilities, when compared to Long Wuxin’s real body, was the gap merely a thousand miles?

Long Wuxin smiled: “You have finally recognized me. That day, Mister Black Snow had escaped quickly. However, my imaginary body did not have that kind of ability to escape from the hands of the Ghost King.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s expression turned slightly serious, and he could not help but take out the transparent cloak. He then laughed embarrassingly: “That day, I was swallowed by the Ghost King into his stomach, and I only managed to escape successfully by the skin of my teeth. Miss Long, I wished that I deserved your compliment. Since I have found the owner, this cloak shall be returned to you, its rightful owner.”

The invisible cloak had been of a great use to Su Yu. Hence, Su Yu was a bit reluctant to return it just like that.

“Haha, keep it with you. Since you are able to take it back from the hands of the enemies, I have no right ask for it!” she said.

After hearing what was said, Su Yu cupped his fists and thanked her. While the both of them were having a conversation, Su Yu’s expression turned grave abruptly: “Not good! He has caught up with us! We have clearly shaken him off by a million miles. How could he still catch up with us?”

Long Wuxin’s expression turned serious: “I have no idea what kind of secret technique this person is using. However, he seems to be able to sense our whereabouts!”

“Mister Black Snow, thank you for helping us along the way. Let’s split up from here onward. The people that he wants are the both of us, and this does not concern you. Please leave quickly!” Long Wuxin stood up, speaking sternly.

Is that so? Instead, Su Yu revealed a thinking expression. After muttering to himself for a long time, he looked at Qin Xianer in the end and said, “If both of you are able to trust me, please leave it to me!”