The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Secret Treasure In The Royal Family

"With just you?" Lin Xiao laughed angrily. "Then let me give it a try. Let me see how strong the Duke of Xianyu's son-in-law is!"

Lin Xiao's body turned into a black shadow that was shaped like a cheetah. The cheetah was vigorous, nimble and full of explosive power!

"Mountain Splitting Hammer!" Lin Xiao's body moved like a shadow. He clenched both his fists, held them above his head and attacked with a loud crash!

A thick layer of green luster covered the whole hammer. The hammer looked as if it fell from the Heavens, through vast and boundless deep space. Dim green luster followed behind the hammer and brought outshadow.

The sound of sobbing could be heard as it lingered faintly in the air.

The strong and powerful air in the atmosphere lifted the black hair hanging in front of Su Yu's forehead, revealing a pair of vast and starry eyes that seemed to shine forever like the stars in the sky.

Su Yu revealed a cold expression and his silhouette turned to that of the wind. A moment ago, he was still sitting on the guest seat. The next moment, there was only a fragmentary shadow left!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Ever since he recovered from his injuries and his cultivation base achieved Level Four Peak, his vital energy had increased, causing the power of Purple Star Thunderbolt to multiply!

It was the same Purple Star Thunderbolt that once had difficulty defeating someone of Level Five Peak. As of then, it was more than sufficient to defeat someone of Level Five Peak!

The thick and violent thunder arc was shining very brightly and sounded like thunder.


Su Yu attacked straight on!

A hammer and a punch were rumbling, resulting in the creation of fierce wind and powerful waves! The cold wind was willful and was blowing in all directions. The power of the hammer and punch were frightening!

Both of them maintained their initial position when they collided, and none of them were being pushed back!

Lin Xiao was surprised! He, who was at Level Five Peak, had been successful blocked by Su Yu! The Third Prince's dim eyes suddenly turned bright.

On that day at the Duke of Xianyu's palace, when Su Yu was struck by the Level Five Peak First Prince's one-shot sure kill attack, he suffered a fatal injury and almost died! After just a short while, he actually managed to be on par with someone of Level Five Peak!

"Not bad! However, that was still too weak!" Lin Xiao gradually withdrew his surprised look. How could he admit defeat in front of the Third Prince?

"Triple Earth Splitting Pattern!" Lin Xiao's momentum changed.

Triple Earth Splitting Pattern, the top medium level cultivation technique! At that moment, the hammer descended from Heaven, and as if it were a mountain falling from the starry sky, had a power that could smash mountains and rivers into pieces!

The thick green luster had the shape of a flame which could burn through Heaven! The frightening fist was shaped like a mountain and could extinguish a vast territory! At that moment, Su Yu's expression was as calm as water.

"The Heavenly Finger!" Facing a strong and oppressive attack, Su Yu raised his finger high up into the sky.

At that moment, his whole body was harmonizing with nature. It was as though he had became the person in the painting who had transcended into a greater entity, and did not belong to the human population.

He struck his finger downwards. There wasn't any magnificent technique, any brilliance or dazzling posture. There was only an ordinary finger. However, that finger contained indescribable secrets. The pattern of the finger mesmerized the people.

Lin Xiao felt an impressive force of nature coming towards him, without leaving him an escape route! In the dangerous situation, he switched to defense tactics.

He felt severe pain from his arms. The invisible and impressive force had forced him to retreat backwards, causing his back to knock against a stone pillar!

He tasted blood in his throat and Lin Xiao's expression changed! He had actually lost to Su Yu's counter attack!

The Third Prince's eyes were glowing with pride and happiness, so bright that nothing could compare to them. In just 10 days, Su Yu could actually match someone of Level Five Peak!

Lin Xiao was not satisfied and he made another move.

"That's it. You cannot win against Su Yu." The Third Prince gestured in admonition.

Lin Xiao was not satisfied with returning back to the Third Prince's side, which made him uneasy.

"How was it, Third Prince? Do I have the rights to participate in the Holy Meet?"

The Third Prince raised his eyes and looked at Su Yu for the first time. Su Yu's deep and profound eyes, persistence and steadfastness had moved him.

After muttering to himself for some time, the Third Prince looked as though he had made his decision and nodded his head, "Good! I will make an additional bet on you!"

Additional? Su Yu looked pensive.

"I will help you attain the Holy Crown. If you succeed, you will help me ascend to the throne!" The Third Prince said!

Su Yu looked at him and nodded, "Of course!"

"Lin Xiao, prepare the best training room, the best medicinal materials, the best teacher and the best training partner for Mister Su immediately!" The Third Prince was bolder than a normal person. He actually agreed to lend Su Yu a helping hand. Moreover, he had also provided Su Yu with the best resources.

"Bring out all the best resources in the prince's palace! If there are any things that Su Yu wants, you will bring all of them to him. If the prince's palace does not have it, you will go to the market to buy. If the market does not have it, send some men down to look for it in the capital! Do you understand?"

Lin Xiao was frightened. The Third Prince was going to entrust all his hope in Su Yu?

As the Third Prince's trusted subordinate, Lin Xiao understood his situation. If he did not become the monarch, he would be killed by the First Prince! He could understand if the Third Prince fought for any rays of hope.

However, he could not understand why the Third Prince placed all his hopes on Su Yu, a young man whom he was not well acquainted with, and who had less than top-notch abilities.

After a few hours, Su Yu shut himself out and started to train immediately!

Lin Xiao returned back to the Third Prince's side to report to him after carrying out his tasks. He could not hide his puzzled expression. "Master, do you really trust Su Yu that much? Please allow me to tell you the truth. Even though Su Yu's level of ability is above me, saying that he will achieve the crown at the Holy Meet sounds like an idiot spouting nonsense. Master, for you to put all your hopes on him, isn't it a bit careless?"

The Third Prince sighed softly, "Who said that I had placed all my hopes on him?"

Lin Xiao did not understand. "Master, if so, then what are you trying to achieve by giving him the best resources? Those precious resources can be used to cultivate a few more secret bodyguards and that is worth more than spending it on Su Yu. After all, spending all those resources on Su Yu is no different from achieving nothing in the end."

The Third Prince laughed indifferently as he recalled his past, "In my life, I have seen and met many people. I have many friends, but he is the only one on intimate terms with me."

Lin Xiao was relieved. It turned out that the Third Prince and Su Yu regarded one another highly and treated each other with respect. Both of them were more intelligent than normal people, both of them had lives full of ups and downs and both of them had reached a point in life where they had to make a huge decision!

"I do not expect him to repay me in any way. As for those resources, take it as a present from me, someone who is on intimate terms with him. If he attains the crown by luck, then all is good. If he fails to attain the crown, then so be it. For the upcoming Holy Meet, I have made other preparations, and that is my real chance to turn the tables." The Third Prince laughed in.

After practicing for 10 days, Su Yu exhausted most of his vital energy. Looking at it from another perspective, there was a slight growth in him, and he was close to achieving Level Five.

The Third Prince had given Su Yu all his best resources, using all his power to help Su Yu train. Su Yu was close to achieving Level Five! Feeling that the vital energy in his body was continuously expanding, Su Yu became very absorbed in his training!

With his body shaking, the vital energy in Su Yu's body was at its maximum, as though it was trying to destroy the obstacle between Level Four Peak and Level Five.

Half a day passed...

Su Yu felt a noise ringing in his head. Immediately after that, he breathed a peculiar kind of air into his body. His vital energy had doubled! Su Yu had made a breakthrough to Level Five of the Martial Path!

As Su Yu felt the abundance of vital energy of Level Five, he found that it was twice as strong as that of a Level Four. Su Yu then realized that for him to be able to defeat a Level Five even though he was Level Four was very impressive. If he had another duel with Lin Xiao, he was confident he could achieve a complete victory against Lin Xiao.

However, Su Yu understood his situation. His level of abilities were not high enough! In fact, they were far from enough!

It was nonsense for him to wish for the first position in the Holy Meet with his current level of abilities. There were still three days remaining before the Holy Meet and in those three days, he needed to put in all his effort and train crazily!

He had three objectives in his training.

First, Tempest, a middle level cultivation technique. It was only at Stage Three Lower Class, and there was still much room for improvement!

Second, Purple Star Thunderbolt, a saint level cultivation technique. It was only at entry level and had yet to achieve Lower Class. With every small bit of progress, its power would increase tremendously!

Last, the Holy Decree! He was unable to measure how many layers he had comprehended. However, he would continue to observe its progress like before. With every small bit of the Holy Decree that he managed to comprehend, its power would increase by a layer!

"For the next three days, he would use space-time manipulation, and he would train crazily in a time flow that was 30 times faster than the normal world!"

With three days in that time flow, Su Yu would have a total of 99 days to train, which was equivalent to three full months! Time was tight; Su Yu closed his eyes and immediately started to train!

In the First Prince's palace, a pigeon delivered a message. Seeing the letter on the pigeon, the First Prince's eyes turned cold and he emitted a deadly intent from his body.

On the right side of his face, there was a long and hideous scar which looked like a centipede. He wore an eye patch on his right eye, and he had also become more cruel and ruthless compared to in the past.

"Good job, younger brother! Su Yu is actually in your hands!" The First Prince clenched his fist and was full of hatred.

The death of the Second Prince and the pain from his disfigured face was deeply engraved into the First Prince's heart and would not dissipate easily. As long as Su Yu was alive, he would continue to feel uneasy!

However, Su Yu had entered the Third Prince's palace, making it impossible for the First Prince to assassinate him. There were strong martial artists in the Third Prince's palace. Secretly assassinating Su Yu sounded like a whimsical story. If he was discovered and if the Third Prince used the opportunity to expose his plot to the whole world, then the Sanctuary might send someone to kill him immediately. Before the Holy Meet ended, he could not make any reckless moves.

"Bai Qixiong, dispatch an order down to the imperial capital's guards. Tell them to monitor the city strictly! After the Holy Meet, the whole city should keep a lookout for Su Yu. Once he is found, kill him on the spot!" The First Prince dispatched the order coldly.

After the Holy Meet had ended and the Holy Seal had disappeared, he would kill Su Yu in front of the audience as there would not be any risks!

Bai Qixiong's body was filled with cold sweat. Su Yu had actually slipped into the imperial capital right under his eyes?

"Understood! I will do it immediately!" Bai Qixiong turned around hurriedly as he wanted to redeem himself for his mistake.

"Wait a moment!" The First Prince's face turned gloomy. "Because of your incompetence, I might be exposed! Now, I will entrust one task to you."

Bai Qixiong kneeled down with agitation. "I did not manage to fulfill the previous task, please punish me!"

"There is no need for me to punish you as I had used you to help me kill Su Yu. There will be opportunities for you to redeem yourself in the future. Now, I want you to fulfill a task!" The First Prince said coldly, "The task is to kill Bodyguard Chen, whom you had worked with."

When Bai Qixiong and Bodyguard Chen worked together to catch Su Yu, Bodyguard Chen had seen Bai Qixiong's true colors, and he knew that Bai Qixiong was the First Prince's subordinate.

Yet, Su Yu was still alive. As a precaution, Bodyguard Chen must be killed so that all the evidence could be destroyed!

"Understood!" Bai Qixiong wiped off his cold sweat.

"One more thing!" Suddenly, the First Prince said enigmatically, "How is the progress on the cultivation technique I gave you going?"

Bai Qixiong shivered with fear, took out a scroll and gave it to the First Prince with both his hands. "First Prince, this is the most recent comprehension, please take a look."

The First Prince took the scroll. As he looked at the scroll, his eyes were burning brilliantly. "Not bad, this is quite well done. Remember, do not spread the cultivation technique that you have seen before!"

Bai Qixiong bowed his head and took his leave quickly. After Bai Qixiong left, the First Prince's eyes gradually turned cold.

"Master!" The First Prince shouted lightly and bowed. A red robed old man with deep eyes descended from the rooftop as though he was a ghost. He was the First Prince's Martial Path master, a frightening martial artist who was at Level Seven Peak of the Martial Path! The First Prince handed the scroll over to the red robed old man.

The old man took a look at the scroll, which was Bai Qixiong's comprehension of Floating Light Shadow. His deep eyes shone brilliantly and he laughed with a satisfied look. "Not bad, this is indeed the last part of the comprehension of Floating Light Shadow, as expected of the Holy Talent who attained position 11 in the Holy Meet 50 years ago. He had actually managed to comprehend the saint level cultivation technique kept by the imperial family to this level!"

The First Prince laughed coldly. "Bai Qixiong might not know yet. The cultivation technique that I passed him is the cultivation technique that had been handed down through the imperial family, the saint level cultivation technique Floating Light Shadow! It is only possible for a holy genius like him, who attained position 11 in the Holy Meet, to comprehend it!"