The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Great Thunder Heart Technique

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Hearing this, Long Wuxin was a little shocked. “Could Sir Black Snow have a treasure that can mask auras? If you are talking about the Cicada Cloaked Wings, I must dash your hopes. The concealment ability of that item is not considered top-notch. While it can deal with an ordinary Half God, I don’t think that it would be enough to fool that demon faction disciple.”

The Cicada Cloaked Wings were merely an ordinary middle-grade divine artifact. Their use was limited.

Su Yu shook his head. “If you can trust me, let down your guard. Let me take you to a place where your auras will be cut off from the world.”

Long Wuxin considered. Even though she had been on the run with Su Yu for three full days, she had not once let down her guard. If Su Yu suddenly attacked her when she did, she might not have the time to react.

At this moment, Qin Xianer tugged on Su Yu’s sleeve. She lifted her little head and nodded seriously. “Brother Black Snow, I trust you.”

Afterward, she obediently shut her eyes, completely letting down her guard. Seeing this, Long Wuxin let out a sigh. All she could do now was trust the Black Snow Devil King. Judging by his attitude toward Qin Xianer, she doubted that he would harm them.

She slowly closed her eyes, extending her slender hand. “All right, I’m ready.”

Su Yu did not hesitate. He transported them into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with a mere thought. When the two of them opened their eyes again, they could not help but feel shocked.

Qin Xianer opened her eyes wide. “Oh! What is this place?”

Long Wuxin was confused at first, but the confusion turned to shock as she looked around. “Space treasure! To think that you are carrying such a huge space treasure with you!”

Looking back at Su Yu, Long Wuxin could not recover from her shock!

Su Yu said, “I hope that you can keep this a secret.”

If news of this item leaked out, there would be trouble waiting for him back at the Zhenlong Continent. The only people that could threaten Su Yu on the Zhenlong Continent were the three Fairy Realm fighters, but to avoid trouble, he had to give the necessary instructions.

Long Wuxin collected herself, her expression turning serious. “You need not worry. I, Long Wuxin, would not use such underhanded means.”

Qin Xianer also had a serious expression, nodding hard. “Agreed! I will not tell anyone. Not even Brother Su Yu.”

Su Yu smiled. “The spirit energy in this place is rich. You can cultivate here. I’ll release you when we leave the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

Long Wuxin was elated. “I couldn’t ask for more! If this really is a space treasure, it should be undetectable from the outside world. It is a perfect place for us to rest and recuperate.”

What was most important was that they would be able to digest the legacy they had gotten from the Fairy King Ruins. This way, Su Yu’s soul exited the Nine Jade Spirit Pearl and returned to his original body. Without thinking, Su Yu formed seals with one hand and activated the Cicada Cloaked Wings, concealing himself and leaving the cave.

A cup of tea’s time later, a figure of light descended upon this place. It was the outer sanctum disciple of the Soul Seizing Palace who pursued them! He had a doubtful expression. In his hand was a black rat anxiously pacing around his palm.

He raised his brows, incredibly frustrated. “Impossible! How did they do it? As long as that lady with the Death Phoenix Constitution is still in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, this Demon Spirit Rat would be able to sense her even if she was reduced to a corpse. Could they have used some secret technique to exit the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? If not for that mystery person, the Death Phoenix Constitution would have already been mine! Darn it!”

Looking around and confirming that he had lost the Death Phoenix Constitution, he could only give up in frustration.

“Whatever,” he said. “I have already wasted too much time on this Death Phoenix Constitution. I won’t be able to make it to the Mysterious Heavenly Palace if I am any later. That place contains the true legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Palace.”

After saying this, he made his way toward the stone forest.

Su Yu had hidden in a deserted forest atop a mountain after he escaped from the marsh. He found a secluded spot, and after ascertaining that the demon faction disciple had not followed him here, Su Yu took out a black ring. The ring seemed to have been made from a black jewel, releasing a dark glow. This item had the same function as the Cosmos Mirror. It was an effective storage item!

With a thought, Su Yu easily sent his soul within. It was a space a zhang tall and wide. In comparison, the space within this storage equipment was ten times larger than the Cosmos Mirror! Furthermore, this storage equipment did not require refining. Su Yu could use it easily now that he had obtained it.

Looking over the items in the ring, there were many divine herbs and materials, as well as a few immortal-level techniques. There were also two middle-grade divine artifacts and multiple elixirs of different colors.

Su Yu glanced past most of them, his gaze falling on the remaining four orbs. Coupled with the purple orb he had acquired, he had successfully gathered the entire set of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation! He had witnessed the terrifying defensive capabilities of this item. Now, this item was finally his.

Evaluating the item, there seemed to be a powerful imprint within it. It had not been refined using normal blood. Su Yu used his Soul Eyes to observe the orbs. There was a seal in each of the orbs! Each had been formed by someone’s soul. The normal method of cleansing an artifact would not be able to erase the soul imprints in the items.

This made Su Yu a little disappointed. It appeared he would have to gather five people to activate the formation. This artifact was useless to Su Yu, who was used to acting alone.

Thinking for a moment, Su Yu temporarily put away the formation as he continually flipped through the nine books left behind by the Thunder Emperor in his head. Previously, he had been in a hurry. Now, he finally had time to digest their contents.

A day later, Su Yu opened his eyes from his meditation. His eyes were filled with fatigue. He had spent a full day reading the nine books. He had committed the section about lightning-based materials to memory.

Of the nine books, the first three were the Thunder Emperor’s understanding and explanation of lightning-based techniques. To Su Yu, whose lightning-based techniques were self-taught, it was truly a godsend. He had enjoyed reading it.

The fourth through the seventh books were the lightning-based techniques the Thunder Emperor had cultivated, and Su Yu did not go in-depth with these. The eighth book was about lightning-based materials, encompassing the entire world of Jiuzhou.

As for the ninth book, it was an introduction to the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, and now, Su Yu finally understood just how precious it was! Each ingredient used for crafting the artifact could be used to create a high-grade spiritual artifact on its own. Its value was equal to the Eternal Stone King Armor.

The Thunder Emperor had obtained this item through fighting to the death with other Divine Masters. He had paid a hefty price of massive injuries to gain the materials. In the end, he only had time to fuse the lightning-based ingredients together and create a prototype before he died.

Su Yu was shocked beyond words to discover this and filled with anticipation about the further refinement of this prototype fairy artifact. According to the ninth book, there were three more steps needed to complete the prototype.

The second step was to temper the materials, completely refining the lightning-based materials in the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, making it a half-manufactured fairy artifact. But a unique flame called the Cosmos Divine Flame was needed to successfully temper the artifacts. This flame was incredibly rare in the Jiuzhou continent. Only powerful martial artists above the level of Divine Master would have such a flame. It was unimaginably difficult to obtain such a flame!

A prototype fairy artifact already had incredible power. Just how powerful would it be if it was successfully tempered to become a half-manufactured fairy artifact? No matter what, Su Yu had to find the Cosmos Divine Flame if given a chance.

After understanding this, Su Yu finally started to read the books on the Thunder Emperor’s techniques. The Thunder Emperor had devoted his life to lightning-based techniques. His abilities must have been extraordinary. Unfortunately, Su Yu did not find a technique suitable for him to cultivate, even after he finished reading the books.

There was a basic requirement for most of the Thunder Emperor’s techniques. He had to at least reach the level of Divine Master. Even the weakest of the techniques called for the wielder to be at a late stage of the Fairy Realm. Only then could they withstand the overbearing lightning-based techniques!

Su Yu was disappointed! The Thunder Emperor would probably not have thought that his legacy would be passed on to a small fry who had not even reached the Fairy realm. But just as Su Yu was feeling disappointed, he discovered a technique in the last book.

“Great Thunder Heart Technique”

It was a soul technique!

According to the book, after cultivating this technique, he could implant a lightning seal within the soul of an enemy as long as their soul strength was not greater than his. If the other party did not obey him, he could ignite the lightning seal with a thought, no matter the distance, instantly destroying his enemy’s soul.

Su Yu smiled. The benefits were obvious. This was a technique the Thunder Emperor had used in his youth to turn many people at the same level as him into his servants.

The requirements for cultivating this technique were not high. Firstly, one had to be adept at lightning-based techniques, at least to the point of origin. After that, the soul had to be sufficiently powerful, as the technique required the soul to be activated. If the wielder’s soul was not strong enough, he would be injured by the lightning instead.

Hearing this, Su Yu was elated. This technique was tailor-made for him! In terms of soul strength, Su Yu could compete with a Fairy Realm fighter, and he had formed the lightning origin not long ago!

Suppressing his excitement, Su Yu patiently read on. When he reached the final technique, he smiled again. “Thunder Escape” was a secret movement technique, allowing one to turn into lightning and teleport 100,000 miles away. If the wielder expanded a large amount of lightning energy in an instant, he could teleport a million miles away. It was an ability used to escape restraints.

The requirements for this technique were simple; any fighter cultivating lightning-based techniques could use it. But reading on, Su Yu realized that with the lightning stored in his body, he could use this lightning-based secret technique to teleport 100,000 miles awaybut only once! As for teleporting a million miles, it would be impossible for him.

“It sure is difficult to cultivate the techniques of the Thunder Emperor!” Su Yu licked his lips, excited to start cultivating the two techniques, especially the Great Thunder Heart Technique.

Su Yu concentrated on his cultivation for several days. At the same time, people were moving around the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. Large groups were coming out of the ruins and converging on the stone forest.

At this moment, the stone forest was filled with corpses. People from different factions were battling each other. Amongst them was the Ghost King Bai Qi and the Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge, both disguised as ordinary people, both on killing sprees.