The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 481

Chapter 481 The Danger Spreads Secretly

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However, the situation of the battle was very worrying. Moreover, more and more strong martial artists joined the battle later on. Hence, even if it were they, it was impossible for them to observe the situation of the battle on the left and right.

At the Corpse Grassland, the cave entrance, which had appeared on the giant monster that had been quiet for a long time, had been patched up at some point in time. Within its body, the blood-colored ball, which had swallowed Xue Ling, was expanding and contracting rapidly, like a heart. Suddenly, the heart glowed, and the whole interior of its body shook violently.

Looking at it from the outside world, a snake-shaped giant monster had appeared from the ground on the vast green-colored grassland abruptly! Its whole body was silvery white in color, like metal. It was a hundred thousand Chinese feet long, and its body was a thousand Chinese feet thick! From its silvery white body surface, countless red tentacles were shot out in all directions quickly!

A hundred thousand miles away, a group of martial artists from the Soul Seizing Palace, who were scattered atop the grassland. had just escaped from the Corpse Grassland successfully. When they passed by the Heavenly Ancient Tree, dense and numerous blood red-colored threads were shot out from atop the tree abruptly.

When those threads swept past the area, the whole group of strong martial artists of Human King was cut into mincemeat on the spot, and they were completely swallowed by blood-colored tentacles.

At a historical remains a million miles away. A group of nine people was digging out a divine herb extremely excitedly, and the nine of them were all strong martial artists of Half God!

“Senior Brother Gong, after spending half a month, we have finally broken the seal. This divine herb will definitely be ours!” In particular, an eighteen-year-old young lady, with her eyes filled with adoration, was looking at a green-robed man, who had lowered his head to dig out the divine herb.

All the strong martial artists of Half God around the area also respected the green-robed man.

Senior Brother Gong smiled modestly: “This is also due to efforts of Junior Sister, as well as everyone else.”

The young lady shook her head shyly: “No, it was Senior Brother alone, who used his abilities to break the seal. All of us did nothing. Senior Brother is indeed a genius worthy of being ranked number ten among the disciples outside the Sanctum of the Bright Moon Academy. If you were not here, not mentioning arriving at this historical remains, we might have been completely annihilated when we came across Xue Ling and his team, who were from the Soul Seizing Palace just now.”

After hearing what was said, everyone wore an expression which signified that there was still lingering fear within them. After entering the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion for just a short time, they encountered the whole warship of people from the Soul Seizing Palace.

Luckily, with the abilities of Senior Brother Gong, he faced Xue Ling one to one, and managed to tie with him. Hence, this caused them to give up on a joint attack. If not, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Senior Brother Gong shook his head slightly and smiled: “The real person from the Soul Seizing Palace, who is frightening, is Chou Zeming. Although Xue Ling is strong, he might not be able to do anything to us. However, all of us can relax completely. The possibility of us encountering them again is almost zero.”

This Senior Brother Gong was a strong martial artist of a faction, and he could go head to head with Xue Ling. He was also a leader of the Bright Moon Academy, who led his team to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Also, his Bright Moon Academy belonged to a land of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

At that very moment, the divine herb was dug out successfully. However, what caused Senior Brother Gong to frown slightly, was that the root of the divine herb was bound with a blood-colored thread! Before he could understand what the bloody thread was, it changed into a fragmentary thread and disappeared abruptly.

After some time, a horrible shriek could be heard from the surrounding area. Senior Brother Gong only felt that his forehead was chilly. Then, his consciousness faded, and his body became weak. His body was being sucked, to the extent that his skeleton became non-existent at a speed that could be perceived with a naked eye!

After time, from the underground nearby, the roots of various plants shot out dense and numerous blood-colored threads, which enshrouded all the people on site. Sad, shrill, and horrible shrieks could be heard continuously, ceasing abruptly after some time.

When the blood-colored threads returned underground, apart from the bloody energy, which was left behind in the air, the location did not look unusual at all! No one knew that the whole team of people from the Bright Moon Academy had been completely killed!

Similar scenes played out within the whole seventh level of the Divine Pavilion, and groups of strong geniuses were swallowed quietly. It was not just them.

Even demonic beasts, which lived within the Divine Pavilion, did not manage to escape death by a hair’s breath. A great number of demonic beasts fled, and they escaped deep into the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion crazily.

At the Thunder Emperor Mountain, two strong martial artists of Half God stood in front of the Thunder Emperor Mountain, which looked like a piece of ruins.

“We are a bit too late. The Great Thunder Palace had been broken open by someone already!” The leader was a twenty-year-old graceful woman. Her eyebrows and eyes looked like they were drawn. On her jade face, a pair of beautiful eyes, which were as clear as the moon, emitted a dream-like luster, and were as beautiful as two gems.

She had snow-white skin, which looked like snowfall in the highlands. Her skin had a rosy complexion, which shone like snow that was exposed to the sun. It was splendid and surpassingly beautiful.

Her beautiful figure was well proportioned, slender, and curvaceous, as if it had been carved by men. She had a calm expression. Although she was not delighted or depressed, she gave others an unusual feeling of pureness and holiness, as if she was a lotus flower that appeared above the water and could not be played with.

“Auntie L, who managed to break open the Great Thunder Palace? And also destroy the Thunder Emperor Mountain until it became like this? Could it be Chou Zeming of the Soul Seizing Palace?” The person who was talking was a young man. He was inquiring carefully, and he wore a respectful expression.

The young man’s cultivation base emitted an aura that was not weaker than Xue Ling, and it was unusually shocking. However, the woman in front of her, who was close to twenty years old, was her Auntie! At that very moment, the young man was examining the graceful body of the woman inconspicuously, and he revealed a respectful, as well as an adoring, expression secretly.

The woman with a surname of L breathed out like an orchid, and she shook her head slightly: “No! There are no signs of demonic energy. Moreover, Chou Zeming does not possess such strong abilities! If I am not wrong, one of the motives of the Returning Principal Palace’s Yang Yidao and his group of people seemed to be at this Thunder Emperor Mountain. After returning, inform the Returning Principal Palace, and get Yang Yidao to come to the Moon Glowing Clear Ship to explain the situation.”

This woman spoke extremely arrogantly. She had given an order directly to get the people of the Returning Principal Palace to meet her!!

“Understood! Auntie!” The young man was unusually respectful, and he did not dare go against her in the slightest bit.

The woman with a surname of L raised her moon-like snow eyes and looked toward a ten miles vicinity of a vast flat ground. She then thought to herself: “A fusion of three kinds of Origins, eh? This is so reckless.”

After her speech, she shot her gaze toward the direction of the stone forest: “Why hasn’t Aoyue returned yet?”

After hearing what was said, the young man responded respectfully: “Reporting to Auntie. Junior Sister Aoyue should still be on her way. There are not many transportation spells in the sixth level of Divine Pavilion. Hence, the place that Junior Sister is at probably doesn’t have a transportation spell. Hence, she most likely had to make a detour to look for it.”

The woman with a surname of L frowned slightly: “All right. For the next few days, you and me will take a rest here temporarily. For you, check out the situation around the area, and do not let anyone disturb us.”

“Understood, Auntie!” The young man bowed down immediately and took his leave. He then searched the collapsed Thunder Emperor Mountain strictly, so as to prevent anyone in the vicinity from disturbing his Auntie.

Suddenly, the young man realized that, within the Thunder Emperor Mountain, the top of a cracked big stone was slightly red, as if something was growing out from within the mountain rock. The young man revealed a shocked expression, and he was about to lower his head and examine the mountain rock. However, at that moment, tens of fine red threads were shot out abruptly, and they swept past the area.

The young man was astonished, and he only had time to retreat. However, the blood-colored threads were extremely fast. They caught up with him easily, and pierced through his body in succession. The young man gave a horrible shriek, and his body was pierced through in an instant!

Having realized that the flesh and blood of his body were being sucked away crazily, the young man was extremely frightened. When he realized that an icy cold death was about to descend upon him, all of a sudden, a ray of divine light slashed horizontally and broke the tens of bloody threads on the spot.

At the same time, with a flash of a light shadow, the young man flew ten thousand Chinese feet high out of thin air. Beside him, the woman with a surname of L was frowning slightly, and she hung her head low to examine the Thunder Emperor Mountain, which was now below them.

With her eyes glowing slightly, the woman with a surname of L pointed her finger toward the Thunder Emperor Mountain casually. At once, with a booming thunder, the Thunder Emperor Mountain, which had existed for an unknown number of years, was completely destroyed into bean-like pieces!

After that, the woman with a surname of L waved her wide sleeves, and the bean-like pieces were dispersed. A lump of numerous and dense blood red threads was then revealed!

They had come out from underground, and they were passing through the dust to head toward the both of them. The green-clothed woman flicked out a finger casually. The lump of blood-colored threads then exploded on the spot, and became nose-piercing bloody energy.

The young man had escaped narrowly from death. However, the extreme pain within his body was still present, and he could not help but say with fright: “Auntie, what is that?”

The green-clothed woman thought to herself and looked toward the direction of the Corpse Grassland: “It is probably the emergence of an evil being which was sound asleep. Moreover, it is extremely strong. Since my abilities are suppressed, I am probably not its opponent! Let’s go to the stone forest. If Aoyue is still alive, she will know where to go.”

Back to Su Yu

After training for three whole days and nights, Su Yu finally mastered Thunder Escape and Great Thunder Heart Technique. On the books, there were experiences of the Thunder Emperor’s training. Hence, Su Yu only needed to add on a bit of comprehension, and he would be able to cultivate the techniques successfully.

Su Yu was delighted. However, he did not leave, but instead took out the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation again. The five balls were floating in order in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes brightened up, and a black-colored crack appeared on Su Yu’s forehead abruptly. A thumb-sized charm, which was created from thunderbolts, then drifted out.

With a leisure sound, the charm was shot into the purple ball. There was a soul seal inside the purple ball, which controlled the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation firmly.

The thunderbolt charm, which Su Yu had created, contained both soul energy and thunderbolt at the same time, and it was plunged into the soul seal ruthlessly. The soul seal contained a great amount of spiritual qualities, and it spared no effort to prevent the thunderbolt charm from entering.

However, what could be done? The purple ball’s owner was not present. Hence, it could not block the attack of the secret technique of the soul.

With a whooshing sound, the thunderbolt charm was successfully plunged into the seal. After that, Su Yu reacted, and the thunderbolt within the charm burst forth abruptly. When the tiny bit of thunderbolt was fused with the soul, it was able to damage the soul, and the soul seal was blown into smithereens on the spot.

Su Yu was wild with joy! The Great Thunder Heart Technique was indeed effective!

The seal of a ball had been destroyed. Hence, Su Yu immediately followed the same plan, and in no time, he managed to destroy the seals of the four remaining balls. After an hour, the seals of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation were completely destroyed!

At the Jiuzhou continent, within a faction that was covered by cloud and mist, a furious roar that went on for a long time could be heard! A lump of strong aura of a Divine Master was emitted across the area, which frightened all directions.

Within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Su Yu was wild with joy, and he extracted five drops of blood to refine the five balls at the same time! After some time, an unfamiliar message appeared in his mind.

“Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. When five balls are activated at the same time, its power will be comparable to that of a spiritual artifact!”

Su Yu was delighted that things had turned out better than expected. Every ball was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, and five balls were a set. When it became a spell, it would be equivalent to a spiritual artifact!

It was just like the Nine Yin-Yang Formation. Every needle was only at the level of a middle grade divine artifact. However, when it was a set, it could bring out the power of a high grade divine artifact!

“When the five balls surround a body, it can act as a defense, and it can also trap strong enemies!”

Su Yu had seen its defense. It could even block the attack of the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm! As for trapping enemies, Su Yu was filled with anticipation.

Su Yu then reacted. As its owner, he could control five balls at the same time, in order to form the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation by himself. With the formation, if he were to encounter that disciple from the demon faction again, he might not need to escape desperately anymore!

Also, his injuries had just recovered as well. Su Yu then stood up, left his secret place, flew high up into the sky, and looked around the surrounding area.

In the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he was finally left with only one task, which was to find the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl, as well as the Blood of a Real Dragon. However, the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion was so broad, and Su Yu felt that he was looking around for items in a vast place.

At that very moment, a rapid sound could be heard from far away in the sky. Su Yu lifted his eyes to take a look. It was an eighteen-year-old young lady, whose expression was ghastly pale, and she was escaping with fear.

Her figure was extremely slender. and her looks were extraordinary as well! Moreover, her whole body was emitting a matured aura, which was captivating!

Her pure white and flawless face was extremely beautiful as well. Below her arched eyebrows, was a pair of phoenix eyes, which could release coldness at any moment. The tip of her nose was pointed, her chin was slightly sharp, her red lips were like a perfect rose, and her pearly white teeth were like silver. She was really a beautiful but cold woman.

Her coldness was different than Long Wuxin. Long Wuxin was unmatched, and extremely prideful among her generation. When she was quiet, she did not like to talk much. As for the woman in front of him, her coldness came from her temperament, and her coldness was a bit heartless as well.

The woman realized abruptly that there was someone in front of her. Her phoenix eyes were shocked, and it was obvious that she did not expect to encounter the human clan at such a desolate place!

Su Yu fixed his eyes upon the woman and looked carefully. He then realized that, behind the woman, there was a group of demonic beasts. No, it was not a group. Instead, it was a beast tide, which could blot out the sky and cover the earth!

There was a beast tide which had gone out of control at both the sky and the ground! The space behind the woman was dense and dark. It was an infinite number of demonic beasts!! She was just in front of the beast tide. Once she stopped, she would definitely be swallowed by the beast tide.

Su Yu was extremely shocked. What had happened, such that it resulted in a beast tide? In addition, why was it such a frightening beast tide?

However, having no time to think, Su Yu took out the Divine Flying Ship without hesitation. He then fed spiritual energy to it and escaped via the sky. With such a beast tide, if one were to plunge into it, the logic of surviving luckily would definitely not exist.

When the beautiful but cold woman saw the warship, she was first stunned, then shocked later on: “The Divine Flying Ship of the demon faction?”

A tiny bit of an unusual expression flashed past her phoenix eyes, and she flew toward Su Yu hurriedly. She was breathing rapidly: “Please wait, and bring me along will you. I will give you a divine artifact as a present!”

Divine artifact? At that very moment, it would be extremely difficult for normal divine artifacts to catch the eyes of Su Yu, unless it was a high grade divine artifact. Hence, Su Yu refused to listen to her. He then activated the Divine Flying Ship and increased its speed.

The woman was anxious, and gritted her silver teeth: “This friend over here, I know the whereabouts of a spiritual artifact. If you were to rescue me, I will definitely let you in on the information!”

Spiritual artifact? Su Yu was attracted. He then examined the woman and nodded his head: “All right, come up.”

After stopping for some time, the woman flew onto the Divine Ship. The Divine Flying Ship then changed into the fragmentary shadow of an air current and disappeared into the horizon quickly. After one whole day, the aura of the beast tide could no longer be felt, and Su Yu became slightly relaxed.

“Miss, how did you encounter the beast tide?” Su Yu could not help but question her.

The beautiful but cold woman was slightly surprised. Su Yu actually had not asked her about the information regarding the spiritual artifact first! Spiritual artifacts were extremely alluring to a normal person. Hence, it was difficult for her to imagine that Su Yu was able to remain calm.

“I have no idea as well. I was originally picking a divine herb. To my surprise, a beast tide appeared abruptly, and I was caught up in it. Hence, I was escaping when I met you.”

Appeared abruptly? Su Yu muttered to himself for a long time, and he examined the surrounding area with narrowed eyes.