The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate

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They were currently on a mountain range filled with greenery, but Su Yu could not see any signs of life with his Soul Eyes. It was as if every living thing had vanished without a trace!

There were scratches all over the land. Could there also have been a beast tide here, causing all the demonic beasts to flee? Just what had happened while he was meditating during the last few days?

While he was thinking, a sweet fragrance came from the mountain below him. Taking a light breath, Su Yu felt incredibly comfortable. The damaged crystals of spirit energy in his dantian showed signs of recovery! His internal injuries had more or less recovered. Only the crystals in his dantian had irreversible damage.

The cold lady also took a whiff of the fragrance, a look of joy flashing in her eyes. She seemed to be thinking about something.

“It is the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate!” the cold lady said. “It is incredibly beneficial to purifying spirit energy! This is not common in the Jiuzhou Continent and warrants a high price.”

Purify spirit energy? thought Su Yu, excited. There were records in the Thunder Emperor’s Nine Books that the purer the spirit energy in the body was when a person breaks through to Fairy Realm, the more powerful he would be when he got there. Purifying the spirit energy was like paving the way for the future.

A true genius would suppress his breakthrough and purify his spirit energy. This way, there would be a higher chance that they would be able to break through to the level of Divine Master. Furthermore, after breaking through to the Fairy Realm with purer spirit energy, one would have a purer and more expansive amount of vital energy compared to a regular fighter in the Fairy Realm. This usually translated into a massive advantage in combat.

This item was also a rare commodity in the Jiuzhou Continent. One might even have to hand over a high-grade divine artifact to obtain such an item. But there was a wild, growing Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate below their feet!

“I do not need the clue about the spiritual artifact,” Su Yu quickly said, wanting to claim this item as his own. “How about giving this item to me?”

In reality, he did not believe that this woman would so easily disclose the lead about the spiritual artifact. Even if she did tell him, she would certainly hide part of the truth. Thus, he would rather settle for second best and ask for this spiritual fruit.

The cold lady maintained her expression. “As you wish,” she said. “There are only effects the first time you use this item.” In other words, she had already used the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate to purify her spiritual energy.

Su Yu nodded, raised his hand to put away the Divine Flying Ship, and immediately traced the fragrance deep within the mountain.

Before long, Su Yu had followed the fragrance to a small lake.

The lake was crystal clear, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds like a mirror. At the center of the lake was a small white tree radiating a pure aura. Its leaves were like pure white feathers, extending out toward the sun.

Atop the small tree, a golden fruit released a tempting fragrance. It was the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. This item was beneficial for purifying spirit energy. It was also a spiritual item, which one can never have too many of.

With joy in his heart, Su Yu flew closer. He conjured a jade shovel in his palm and twirled it in the air, extracting the golden Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate and storing it in a jade box. But he noticed that there seemed to be blood-red threads intertwined on the white tree.

With a little curiosity, Su Yu activated his Soul Eyes and looked through. His eyes narrowed. The blood-red threads were not something that grew from the three; instead, they came from deep within the ground, extending into the tree through its roots!

Looking down, he wondered, why did the blood threads only stop at the tree? The entire ground had been intertwined by these threads, forming a blood-red web, hidden deep within the ground. The threads numbered in the millions. That tightly laced web, along with the horrifying quantity of the threads, made Su Yu’s skin crawl!

He glanced in another direction. His spine tingled as he realized that the ground was covered by these blood-red threads wherever he looked! It was as though he was floating atop a giant, bloody net covering the world!

At that moment, the blood threads within the white tree suddenly shot out! In such close proximity, no one could have reacted in time!

Even Su Yu was startled, but he had experienced many battles; his reaction speed was incredibly fast, even if he did not have time to use his techniques or take out his treasures.

But there was evil-countering lightning within his body. Furthermore, some of this lightning was Disastrous Thunder! In the blink of an eye, a tight web of Disastrous Thunder had covered the entirety of his body.

All that could heard was a loud creak before a pungent smell entered his nose. As soon as the blood-red threads hit Su Yu’s body, they were all turned to ash by the Disastrous Thunder.

Narrowly escaping this attack, Su Yu took to the skies without hesitation. But suddenly, a chill could be felt from his back. A formless threat had descended!

His expression changing, Su Yu did not think twice before he summoned an orb behind him.


The sound of colliding metal could be heard as the orb that he’d summoned suffered a huge impact and was sent flying 100 zhang back.

Having blocked this deadly blow, Su Yu finally had time to look back. A cold lady with a magnificent figure was holding a sharp awl, looking in surprise at the orb that had been sent flying.

The person who had launched the sneak attack was the cold lady Su Yu had saved!

“Killing to obtain my treasure?” Su Yu said, his expression darkening.

Collecting herself, the cold lady leered at him. “Who cares about your treasure! I want your life!”

Su Yu lifted his hand and beckoned. The orb flew back to him and circled above his head. His tone turned cold. “Oh? My life? When did I offend you? If I remember correctly, I was the one who saved you from the beast tide!”

The cold lady grinned fiendishly. “Hehe. You do not recognize me, but I know you!”

Huh? Su Yu’s heart thumped. She knew him? This lady was not from the Zhenlong Continent. Could he have unintentionally crossed paths with this lady in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?

“I am Wu Aoyue of the Moon Glowing Clear Ship,” she said. “As a demon technique cultivator, you must know the reason why I want to claim your life, Mister Xue Ling! Making it onto the hit list of the Moon Glowing Clear Ship, Xue Ling You must have understood that when you raped and killed the first female disciple of the Moon Glowing Clear Ship!”

Xue Ling? Su Yu was shocked. This Wu Aoyue had clearly gotten the wrong person!

“Miss,” he said, “before you attack, would you please be clear about the other party’s identity?”

Looking at the strange scene before him, Su Yu had no time to waste with this woman.

Unexpectedly, Wu Aoyue let out a cold laugh. “Haha! It was rumored that Xue Ling was arrogant and insolent! Why is it that you do not dare confirm your identity now? You truly are laughable! You can’t fool me! Who else but Xue Ling has blood-red hair and controls the Flying Divine Ship?”

Blood-red hair Su Yu was speechless. Xue Ling did, indeed, have blood red hair. Who could have thought that this would invite a misunderstanding?

“I truly am not Xue Ling!” Su Yu said in frustration. “I am merely a wandering cultivator.”

Hearing this, Wu Aoyue had a look of disgust. “Are you saying that a mere wandering cultivator can take the Flying Divine Ship away from Xue Ling? Forget it! Why am I wasting my breath with you? Even though you have the physical body of a Fairy Realm fighter, it is easy for me to kill you!” Wu Aoyue declared this proudly, unusually confident about her abilities, and attacked as soon as she spoke!

The sharp awl in her palms spiraled once again. A pitch-black glow flickered at the center of the awl.

Observing the black glow, Su Yu became cautious. “A high-grade divine artifact!”

That black glow was not a sign of a normal treasure. It had created a tear in space because of the pressure released by a divine artifact of such a high grade!

The black glow was a sign of space being torn apart! If he did not approach this attack carefully, he might die here!

The speed of the sharp awl was impeccable, reaching a zhang away from Su Yu in the blink of an eye! There was no time for Su Yu to defend himself in this situation!

At the critical moment, the lightning in Su Yu’s body flashed. A layer of lightning enveloped his body.


The sharp awl spun as it pierced through Su Yu’s body. The violent rotation tore his body apart, turning it into scattering arcs of lightning. But Wu Yaoyue had a tone of disdain.

“Lightning-based escape technique?” said Wu Yaoyue. “To think that the demon-based technique cultivator Xue Ling would be adept in lightning that could counter demon-based techniques. That is surprising indeed!”


100 zhang away, Su Yu’s figure appeared in the center of a lightning bolt, his expression cold. He had tried to explain, but the other party was being stubborn. The reason was that she felt that she could easily kill him! If the other party was a powerful fighter not weaker than Xue Ling, would she be so willing to attack?

Deciding not to explain any further, Su Yu glared and said, “All right, if this is the case, don’t blame me for being merciless! My abilities have improved over the past few days. I can test them on you!”


Five orbs flew out and circled around Su Yu’s body. With a thought, he activated the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!

Looking at the five orbs of different colors, Wu Aoyue creased her brows. She seemed to have heard about these five orbs but could not exactly remember what they were. But she didn’t waste any time wondering about this.

“Humph! Measly tricks!” she said. “Take my attack!” She pointed with her finger, and the sharp awl in her palm rotated, bringing along a wave of air as it pierced toward Su Yu.

Su Yu gave a playful smirk. “Measly tricks? That might not be so! Formation activate!”

Su Yu let out a low grunt as the five orbs took to the skies, covering the space above Wu Aoyue. A five-colored light beam descended from the sky like a jail cell, trapping her within.

Wu Aoyue froze for a moment, changing the direction of the sharp awl to attack the five colored light beam. “Break!”

But the high-grade divine artifact sharp awl only left a thumb-sized slit on the five-colored light beam before it was repelled.

Wu Aoyue’s expression changed. “How is that possible?”

Who, other than a true Fairy Realm fighter, could belittle her attack, which was complemented by a high-grade divine artifact? It was unthinkable for her attack to be so casually defended against!

“Trap!” Su Yu once again let out a cold grunt.

At that moment, the five-colored light beam started to shrink!

Wu Aoyue finally felt anxious, suddenly thinking about a famous treasure. Observing the orbs before her eyes, her expression was slowly replaced by fear. “ImpossibleThisthis is the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation! How could you be the one controlling this treasure?”