The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Imprisoning Aoyue

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In her memories, this magical treasure was under the control of a strong martial artist of Divine Master in the Returning Principal Palace! Since Xue Ling was able control this formation completely, that was enough to prove that he had already refined the formation!

Su Yu had an indifferent expression: “You do not need to know about this.”

After his speech, Su Yu’s ten fingers revolved and he shouted a “Quick!”

The five-colored light beam tightened again, and caused Wu Aoyue’s whole body to be sealed within it. As a result, she was unable to move. Even if she were to struggle continuously, it would still be difficult to shake the light beam in the slightest bit.

Finally, the five balls came together, and the five-colored light beam bounded her to the point that she could not move in the slightest bit, and she could only open her mouth to speak.

“How excessively bold of you to snatch the treasure of an elder of the Returning Principal Palace. For this matter, even the Soul Seizing Palace will not be able to save you!” Although Wu Aoyue felt fearful, she still spoke ferociously, but she was actually timid inwardly.

Both the Soul Seizing Palace and Returning Principal Palace were located within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Their abilities were on par with one another, and there was a conflict between them. Hence, in regards to the fights between their disciples, out of consideration for their identities and faces, the elders of both sides would naturally not intervene too much.

However, with the snatching of a magical treasure of a Divine Master elder, how would it be possible for the other party to let the matter go, just like that?

“You can find me anytime to settle the score.” Su Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and a small crack appeared on his forehead. A small and nimble charm, which was created by the fusion of soul and thunderbolt, then flew out. It was the Great Thunder Heart Technique.

Wu Aoyue was shocked: “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t I say before already? I will use you to test out the secret technique that I have cultivated.” Su Yu opened his mouth calmly: “If you do not wish to die, give up on resisting. This is your only chance to remain alive.”

Wu Aoyue, who was under someone’s control, understood Su Yu’s motive instantly, and she could not help but be extremely furious: “You wish to enslave me?”

If she, who was pure and noble, were to be enslaved by Xue Ling, who was steeped in evil and deserved damnation, she knew what she would end up as, just by thinking about it.

“You had better consider again. For my journey this time around, I have come together with my Auntie L Chuyi. If you enslave me, she will definitely not let you off! No matter how strong your Soul Seizing Palace is, would it be able to raise its head in front of the Purple Cloud Palace?”

Purple Cloud Palace, L Chuyi? To Su Yu, who was utterly ignorant of the Jiuzhou continent, it was natural for him to not understand the implications of them.

“So what? When you wanted to kill me, you have never thought about it at all. Moreover, I have told you many times that I am not Xue Ling. However, you still attacked me unreasonably. Hence, I really cannot find a reason to let you go.” Su Yu’s eyes were extremely cold, and he remained unmoved.

No matter what kind of divine being L Chuyi was, since she was inside the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, her abilities would definitely not exceed that of the Fairy Realm. Hence, Su Yu did not need to be too fearful of her.

Wu Aoyue’s heart clicked. Xue Ling actually didn’t care?

Wait Wu Aoyue finally realized that something was not right, and she said suspiciously, “Could it be that you are really not Xue Ling?”

If the other party were Xue Ling, how would he not understand the advantages and disadvantages of what she was saying? Su Yu refused to listen, and one of his fingers tapped her forehead. A layer of coldness then appeared on his face: “I will say it one last time. Die or give up on resisting!”

“Wait, if you are not Xue Ling, I think that what happened just now is just a misunderstanding!” Wu Aoyue said hurriedly.

Su Yu laughed mockingly: “Forget it. When I explained that I am not Xue Ling, could it be that you have never doubted it before? One is a Human King and the other one is a Half God. No matter how I see it, there are so many doubtful points. Moreover, you would rather kill the wrong person than let me go, and this was because you were extremely confident that you could kill me easily! This is not a misunderstanding!”

Su Yu weaved signs with one hand, and a golden dagger appeared on his palm. The dagger was placed against her neck, and by revolving his palm, her head would be cut off.

Seeing that Su Yu attacked without showing pity and tender love for a woman, Wu Aoyue’s expression changed greatly: “No! I will give up on resisting!”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s fingertip moved. The charm, which was created from the fusion of soul and thunderbolt,then entered Wu Aoyue’s forehead and was inlaid deep inside her soul.

Su Yu then kept his Golden Scale Dagger. Moreover, he only relaxed the seal slightly, and he did not let her out immediately.

“Please commit suicide.” Su Yu’s eyes overflowed with chilly light.

“What?” Wu Aoyue opened her phoenix eyes big and stared at Su Yu without blinking. Her pupils shrunk gradually, signifying the anxiousness within her heart, as well as a tiny bit of fortune, which had now been extinguished.

Su Yu said coldly, “I do not like to repeat the same words twice.”

Wo Aoyue gritted her teeth. She knew that Su Yu was testing her, to check if the control was effective. If she resisted, it would prove that the control was ineffective. After that, Su Yu would kill her, and get rid of her from the world. However, if she did not resist, Su Yu would look on with cold eyes as she committed suicide!

Although there was a high possibility that Su Yu would stop her from committing suicide at the last moment, it was difficult to ensure that he was not finding someone to test out his controlling cultivation technique upon. Hence, if she did not take action, she might be forced to commit suicide.

Whatever the case was, her life and death was to be determined by a thought of Su Yu. Filled with great hesitation, Wu Aoyue gritted her silver teeth tightly and thrust her palm toward the top of her head.

She did not hold back on that palm attack. If the palm really landed, she would definitely die from the explosion of her head, and there would not be any suspense. Her eyes stared at Su Yu persistently, and she did not miss out on any single bit of expression!!

However, when her palm was about to strike the top of her head, Su Yu remained unmoved like before. His face was calm, and he had no intentions of ordering her to stop. Wo Aoyue’s heart clicked and her mood sank abruptly. Su Yu wanted to kill her!!


In imminent peril, Wu Aoyue’s palm ceased abruptly, and it was only less than half an inch away from the top of her head.

“You wish to kill me?” Wu Aoyue was furious: “I have already explained clearly. The matter between both of us is merely a misunderstanding. Why is there a need for you to kill me?”

What caused her to be stunned was that Su Yu was talking to himself in whispers: “The effects are not bad. It should have a function of restriction.”

“Why do you want to kill me” Wu Aoyue looked on furiously.

Su Yu ignored her directly and continued to talk to himself like before: “As expected of cultivation technique that is left behind by a Divine Master. The soul from the void is combined with the material thunderbolt to form a control. In particular, this is very complicated. If not for the reference to the cultivation technique, it will probably be difficult for outsiders to improve upon it.”

“Why” Wu Aoyue’s whole face was red, and she looked on furiously.

Su Yu only regained his senses after thinking about the cultivation technique, and he said ignorantly: “What is this thing about ‘why’? You seemed like you wanted to say something just now.”

His words caused Wo Aoyue to explode with fury, and she said with a pause between every word: “I have asked you why you didn’t ask me to stop!!”

Su Yu blinked his eyes and was baffled: “Oh, didn’t you stop by yourself?”

After hearing what was said, Wu Aoyue gritted all her silver teeth, and her eyes were as if they were breathing fire. Such an irresponsible answer had driven her nuts.

After taking a long time to calm down, Wu Aoyue returned back to being composed. She then got used to her current situation quickly, and she had a calm expression: “How do I address Master?”

“Master?” Su Yu stroked his chin and thought to himself slightly. After that, he gestured in disapproval and said, “It is fine to just call me Mister. Master is too offensively conspicuous, and this will attract other people’s attention.”

It was not difficult to imagine what would happen if a young man with low abilities were to bring along an attendant, who looked beautiful, in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, where geniuses came together, and where the number of strong people were comparable to the number of clouds.

It was fine, even if he encountered people who he disliked. However, if he encountered people who had bad intentions, he would encounter an unexpected calamity for no reason, and it would really not be worthwhile.

“Understood, Mister,” Wu Aoyue said submissively. However, her mind was secretly surprised at how vigilant Su Yu was.

She had originally thought that, as a young man, he would definitely yearn for vanity. However, to her surprise, Su Yu was a lot more composed that she had expected.

Su Yu then started to question her background, as well as the situation regarding the geniuses of various places of the Jiuzhou continent. After finish listening, Su Yu’s expression became a lot more serious.

The Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands referred to eighteen extremely good places to train, and they were split into two palaces and sixteen factions! Returning Principal Palace and Soul Seizing Palace both belonged to the sixteen factions. Moreover, each faction was under the control of a few elders and a Faction Master, who were all Divine Masters.

As for the two palaces, Purple Cloud Palace and Red Blood Palace, they were two big forces, which commanded the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. The sixteen factions were just the factions attached to the two palaces! It was rumored that, within the two palaces, there were frightening strong martial artists, who had surpassed the level of Divine Master and were the ones who were in control of the palaces!

L Chuyi was an Inner Sanctum disciple, who came from the Purple Cloud Palace. She had used some kind of secret technique to practice deception, and she entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion in order to find an important person.