The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Battle At The Stone Forest

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What truly shocked Su Yu was that L Chuyi was incredibly powerful. She had already broken through to Divine Master. She was deemed as the most powerful female fighter in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands!

Wu Aoyue and another youth called Wei Tao were outer sanctum disciples of the Purple Cloud Palace and had followed L Chuyi into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion to execute their mission. Su Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry now that he knew that he had intentionally aggravated two Divine Masters.

He tried not to think too much about it. No matter how strong the Divine Masters were in Jiuzhou, they were unable to influence events on the Zhenlong Continent. There was little to be worried about.

From Wu Aoyue’s words, Su Yu knew that the Mysterious Heavenly Palace was the goal of most of the fighters from the Jiuzhou Continent! The Mysterious Heavenly Palace was the most important relic in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. It was incredibly huge and had not been fully uncovered. This palace housed above 70 percent of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion’s treasures. Most of the people seeking to break through to the Fairy Realm would search for opportunities at the Mysterious Heavenly Palace.

This was an important lead for Su Yu. He could start searching for the Blood of a True Dragon and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl at the Mysterious Heavenly Palace.

“Let’s go,” Su Yu said, waving his hand and sending Wu Aoyue into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. “To the stone forest!”

Wu Aoyue was shocked. She had thought that Su Yu would silence her after he was done with his questions! Instead, she had been transported to a beautiful mountain valley.

A small white tree flew in. It was the tree of the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. At the same time, a fist-sized ball of soil emerged from the ground. The roots of the tree were within the soil.

Su Yu’s voice reverberated around the vast mountain valley. “I’ll release you when I need you,” he said. “Help me tend to the nursery and this place from now on.”

Her Divine Master elder was in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion; how could Su Yu just release Wu Aoyue?

Wu Aoyue froze for a moment. She thought for a long time as she looked at the golden soil, her expression turning serious. Gradually, her seriousness turned into shock. “The Supreme Growing Soil! The rumored Supreme Growing Soil that could be exchanged for a Fairy-level technique? There are There are several hundred pellets here. How is that possible?”

The appearance of the Supreme Growing Soil had disoriented Wu Aoyue! There were hundreds of pellets of Supreme Growing Soil here, yet even one pellet of it was considered extremely rare in the Jiuzhou Continent! If word of this spread, even those old monsters from the Purple Cloud Palace and Red Blood Palace would come out of their meditation.

With this unprecedented impact, Wu Aoyue was lost in astonishment. Under Su Yu’s control, she was isolated in the space. There was no way she could meet Qin Xianer and Long Wuxin.

Returning to his physical body, Su Yu cautiously looked deep into the ground. The blood-red web that covered the ground made him extremely uneasy.

“I have to leave the seventh level quickly!” he said.

Su Yu felt a threat descend. His figure flickered as he quickly flew toward the stone forest.

The 10,000-zhang long silver serpent on the Corpse Grassland slowly showed a layer of blood-red scales. It seemed to be evolving!


The seventh layer of the Divine Pavilion, at the end of a flickering bolt of lightning.

A set of broken heavenly stairs extended straight up to the horizon!

Lord Yi Yu looked at the heavenly stairs as she said slowly, “According to the words of the king, these heavenly stairs lead straight to the eighth level, to the place where we need to be! But the eighth level is completely different from the seventh level. Its area is not even one 100th of the seventh level. It is likely that we’ll encounter a strong fighter. The fights there are unusually intense. Our abilities might be too weak, so we should not squabble with anyone before we reach our destination.”

Hearing this, Lord Bai Luo raised his brows. “Yi Yu, it is good to be cautious, but it is not good to dampen our fighting spirit!” In other words, he was displeased that Lord Yi Yu had commented that their abilities were on the weaker side. The rest of the lords also had proud looks on their faces.

Lord Yi Yu calmly replied, “We have not met with any dangers along the path we took and have not yet encountered the geniuses of the Jiuzhou Continent. I’m concerned that you’re too careless. The abilities of the geniuses from the Jiuzhou Continent are beyond fathom!”

Bai Luo let out a soft grunt. Without saying another word, he took the first step up the stairs. The rest of the people went up the stairs arranged by their rank.


Su Yu finally arrived at the stone forest after his days of travel to find that the battle raged on.

Out of caution, Su Yu had put away his Flying Divine Ship when he was 10,000 zhang away, lying low as he carefully advanced.


As Su Yu slowly approached, sounds of colliding metal reached his ears coupled with angry shouts. There also seemed to be a familiar voice of a lady.

With a thought, Su Yu closed the distance. He saw a group of orange-robed youths, as well as a green-robed lady, joining forces against two above-average Half Gods. He recognized the lady in green robes as Yu Chan from the Returning Principle Palace! She was attacking two fighters dressed in strange robes with five other Half Gods. It seemed that the two were wandering cultivators.

Of the five Half Gods, two had top-notch abilities. With Yu Chan in the mix, that made three. Facing an absolute advantage in terms of abilities, the two top-notch Half Gods were trapped after 100 moves, their spirit energy depleted.

The leader of the orange-robed youths had white eyebrows, and his gaze was cold. “Haha! After killing these two wandering cultivators, we will have five kills under our belts. One more and we’ll have a place in that transportation spell!”

At the other side, Yu Chan kept her distance, her expression a little frustrated.

Suddenly, the youth with the white eyebrows took a whiff of the air, and his deathly gaze shot in Su Yu’s direction. “Who are you?” he demanded. “Come out!”

After saying this, a dagger flew out of his hands, striking a giant rock. With a rumble, the giant rock shattered into pieces. A figure flew out of the shards of rock. It was Su Yu.

Su Yu was slightly shocked. He had used the Cicada Cloaked Wings, yet he had been easily exposed. The geniuses of the Jiuzhou Continent were extraordinarily powerful.

“A wandering cultivator,” the white-browed youth said, freezing in place. Then he let out a ferocious laugh. “Heaven is helping us indeed!”

The other four orange-robed youths had cold expressions and immediately sealed off Su Yu’s route of escape.

“Wait! Why are you here?” Yu Chan said. She flew over in surprise, glancing furtively at Su Yu as if urging him to flee quickly!

The white-browed youth creased his brows, “Do you recognize this wandering cultivator?”

Yu Chan stared at Su Yu, choosing her words carefully. “This person is very strong. It is not wise to attack him. I would recommend looking for someone else!”

This answer dissatisfied the white-browed youth. “What a joke! Would I, Bi Yu, fear a mere wandering cultivator? Attack!”

Yu Chan’s eyes went wide. “No!”

But it was too late. The five of them attacked together, aiming to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu, who had not even understood the situation, was being attacked upon just because he was a wandering cultivator. His expression iced over.

“Insolent!” he said.