The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Seizing Slots

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With a sliding sound, the black jade ring on Su Yu’s index finger flashed, and an air current glowing with a faint purple light appeared while circulating. It then changed into a purple umbrella and was held on Su Yu’s palm. It was the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella!

The young man with white eyebrows was first stunned. After that, his expression changed abruptly. “Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella? Youyou are Xue Ling?”

When his gaze shot to Su Yu’s red hair, Su Yu’s identity was verified even further. It was the fierce and notorious Xue Ling, a disciple of the Soul Seizing Palace!

After hearing what was said, the other four people adopted fearful expressions. How would they not know Xue Ling’s reputation?

The eyelids of the young man with white eyebrows twitched, and his pursuing figure stopped moving abruptly. “Wait!” he said. “This is a misunderstanding! We have no intentions of offending you!” What replaced his pursuing figure was a figure that was retreating frantically.

However, Su Yu refused to listen, and he twisted his hands. The Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella spiraled and opened up. One of his hands was clasped behind his back, and his other hand was holding the umbrella. His expression was cold, and his blood-red hair was fluttering. Moreover, his broken bronze mask gave him a mysterious aura. From afar, he looked incredibly strange.

What was even stranger was that the sky within a 1,000-foot vicinity was abruptly enveloped in purple light. The temperature of the sky increased, and black smoke from the void rose from the soil on the ground.

Every inch within 1,000 feet was filled with thick, raging flames. The temperature was extremely high, even exceeding the heat of the flames of the Origin.

The three Half Gods only had time to give a horrible shriek before they were turned to ashes. From head to toe, only their hard middle-grade divine artifacts remained.

The young man with white eyebrows and the other first-rate Half God wore astonished expressions as they used spiritual energy to protect their bodies. Their bodies burned with raging flames, and they shouted loudly and fearfully.

“Xue Ling!” screamed the young man with white eyebrows. “You are too much!”

To that, Su Yu gave a snort of contempt. When the five of them teamed up to launch a joint attack to kill Su Yu, did they think they were too much? Toward this kind of person, Su Yu did not show any sympathy.

“Split up and escape!” the young man with white eyebrows shouted.

He rolled on the ground to put out the fire of the purple sun that was burning his body. His figure flashed wildly, and he sprinted in the direction of the stone forest where there were many people. As for the other first-rate Half God, he ran the opposite direction.

Su Yu’s eyes glowed with fury. “It is too late for you to leave now!”

With a flash of his figure, Su Yu pursued the other first-rate Half God. His index finger glowed with a dim light. Nine steel needles made up the Nine Yin-Yang Formation and rained down from the sky.

With no time to even react, the first-rate Half God was pierced through and killed by the Nine Yin-Yang Formation.

Hearing the horrible shriek, the young man with white eyebrows turned his head back to take a look. He saw the figure of the Half God collapsing and could not help but become terrified! Xue Ling was indeed as frightening as the rumors said! In his hands, even a first-rate Half God could not last longer than a few breaths’ time!

However, those few breaths had allowed the young man with the white eyebrows to escape thousands of miles away. He would be able to return to the stone forest soon. Xue Ling would probably have to think twice before attacking a location with so many strong martial artists.

However, a whooshing sound of thunderbolts was suddenly heard. A thunderbolt descended in front of him, and within the glowing light of the thunder, a figure appeared. It was Su Yu!

When Su Yu swung his palm, the Nine Yin-Yang Formation descended and encapsulated the young man. The young man gasped. Exactly what kind of magical power was this teleportation technique?

Seeing that the spell had been activated, the young man with white eyebrows trembled. He took out a small lion glowing with green light from his chest. Majestic vital energy circulated within the lion’s body. As soon as it appeared, it produced a deadly aura.

“Xue Ling!” he said. “If you continue to push me, don’t blame us for perishing together! This Light Green Jade Spiritual Lion contains an attack of the Fairy Realm. If you do not wish to die, withdraw immediately!”

Su Yu, however, remained unmoved. The Nine Yin-Yang rained down from above the head of the young man with white eyebrows. At the same time, he wove signs with one hand, and five hazy balls of light flew out, revolving abruptly. A five-colored beam changed into a cage that enveloped the young man with white eyebrows from the sky. He was trapped within the cage.

As the cage compressed, his body could not move an inch. It felt like an eternity, but only a breath’s time had passed since the appearance of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation until the moment it was exhibited.

The young man with white eyebrows knew his situation was bleak. Though he wanted to struggle free of the binding, it was already too late.

The Nine Yin-Yang Formation shot over in a flash. A mournful, shrill shriek reverberated across the sky. The body of the young man with white eyebrows was pierced through. Countless empty holes appeared all over his body, killing him instantly.

As for the Light Green Jade Spiritual Lion, it fell from his powerless hands, but Su Yu snatched it out of thin air. His hand held the Light Green Jade Spiritual Lion. When he felt the attack of the Fairy Realm within the lion, he could not help but display a surprised and delighted expression.

Originally, his plan had simply been to kill a first-rate Half God who had acted recklessly and blindly. To his surprise, however, he had obtained a treasure that contained an attack of the Fairy Realm as a result. Clearly, the young man named Bi Yu was no average person. There was a high chance that the Light Green Jade Spiritual Lion was an item that had been bestowed by his elders.

After plundering all the items from the young man with white eyebrows, Su Yu flicked a finger and burned his body to ashes. After that, Su Yu’s body flashed and returned back to the area where Yu Chan was. He took care of the remaining bodies by keeping all their remaining divine artifacts in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl without standing on the ceremony. After that, Su Yu casually stored all his treasures before the beautiful, wide eyes of Yu Chan.

Su Yu’s expression was calmindifferent to fame or gain. It was as if it were unremarkable for a Human King to kill a whole group of Half Gods. The Half Gods of a faction had been exterminated, and it had all happened within the time needed to strike a match!

When did the Black Snow Devil King become so strong? It was such a huge disparity in skill that Yu Chan couldn’t believe the scene that had unfolded in front of her! In her memories, Su Yuwho possessed two kinds of Originscould barely hold his own against a first-rate Half God. Now, with a single action, he could kill first-rate Half Gods easily!

In other words, if Su Yu were to attack her, he would not need to use much effort against her, either.

Suddenly, Su Yu evoked in her a frightening oppressive feeling. It was as if he were the undefeatable Xue Ling! She grew ghastly pale as she realized that her Senior Brother Yang Yidao’s Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation had actually landed in the hands of the Black Snow Devil King! Moreover, even Yang Yidao needed to gather five people to completely activate the five balls. Su Yu, however, could completely control all five balls alone! What did that prove? It proved that the Black Snow Devil King had successfully refined the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!

As to whether Yang Yidao was fraught with grim possibilitiesor how the Black Snow Devil King managed to remove the Divine Master Uncle’s seal forcefullythese issues were no longer important. The important thing was that she had personally witnessed the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation in the hands of the Black Snow Devil King. Hence, the Black Snow Devil King did not have a reason to let her go. There was a possibility that his next step was to kill her!

“Miss Yu Chan.” Su Yu smiled and walked over slowly. “Long time no see.”

Yu Chan’s whole body turned stiff. Her breathing became stagnant, and her heart pounded in her chest. Su Yu was clearly just giving a simple greeting, but Yu Chan felt as if she were gazing into the face of death. She managed to flash a smile, but it was even uglier than her grief.

“In just a few days,” she said, “the abilities of the Black Snow Devil King have risen so much. But perhaps not. It must be that the Black Snow Devil King kept his abilities deeply hidden!”

In hindsight, the unexplainable disappearance of the Ghost Prison Envoy that day was probably related to Black Snow. Previously, it was likely true that Su Yu was the one who had rescued Qin Jiuyang from Xue Gui’s hands. Back then, however, Yu Chan had believed Su Yu’s modest words. She had thought that Qin Jiuyang was the main fighter while Su Yu only assisted him.

An almost unbelievable notion came to her mind. She bit her lip and said hesitantly, “May I ask what became of Yang Yidao?”

“He’s dead,” Su Yu answered dully.

Yu Chan’s heart leaped. Her brown pupils shrank to the sizes of pinpricks. Her delicate body shook, and she breathed rapidly, expanding and contracting her chest repeatedly. Yang Yidao was really dead! She was unable to accept this shocking reality.

In her mind, there was a high possibility that Su Yu had resorted to trickery to steal the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation from Senior Brother Yang. At best, he must have relied on some magical treasures to injure Senior Brother Yang fatally and take advantage of the opportunity to steal his treasures. In reality, Yang Yidao had been killed by Su Yu!

After regaining her senses, Yu Chan’s face was deathly pale. Her eyes were filled with hopelessness. “Does this mean that Mister Black Snow is not going to let me go?”

He had snatched away the treasures of the Returning Principal Palace and killed its disciples. Yu Chan belonged to the Returning Principal Palace, and she knew what he had done. Clearly, there was no reason for Su Yu to let her go.

Su Yu smiled. “I hadn’t intended to do anything to Miss Yu Chan. Yang Yidao only has himself to blame, and I will naturally not vent my anger on an innocent person. Moreover, I was seen by Miss Yu Chan by accident. I am, however, still unable to let you leave.”

Neither the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation nor the death of Yang Yidao could be exposed.

Yu Chan forced a smile, then lowered her head quietly. She did not even resist; she allowed herself to be taken care of by Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded. “I’m glad I do not need to waste my breath.”

After his speech, a crack appeared on his forehead. A charm of restriction, which was formed by the fusion of thunderbolt and soul, flew out and entered Yu Chan’s body.

Yu Chan had been convinced that she was about to die. When she realized that a restriction had abruptly appeared in her soul, she could not help but be shocked.

“Soul control?” she said. “You are not killing me?”

Su Yu propped her up with his arms and questioned in reply, “What good is there in killing you? For the moment, you shall follow me. On the day when the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion comes to an end, I will naturally lift the control on you and spare your life. Until then, I hope you will not do anything that will make me disappointed.”

Yu Chan was stunned for some time, then revealed a delightful expression. Regardless of whether Su Yu would truly spare her life in the end, she had managed to remain alive temporarily, at least! Based on Su Yu’s words, it seemed that he valued relationships, and because there had been a period of time when they had fought side by side, Su Yu was unwilling to kill her.

“Thank you, Mister Black Snow, for not killing me,” said Yu Chan, her tone respectful.

Su Yu nodded, but his face grew stern. “Tell me about the matter regarding the transportation spell. What is the current situation, and why would all of you hunt and kill wandering martial artists?”

Yu Chan could not help but be embarrassed, but she also secretly rejoiced. When Bi Yu attacked, she thankfully had not acted on any reckless thoughts. If she had, she would have become ashes on the ground, too.

“It’s Chou Zeming!” Yu Chan said, looking serious.

Su Yu was at a loss. Who was Chou Zeming?

“Chou Zeming is the greatest trump card sent by the Soul Seizing Palace this time around!” said Yu Chan. “He is a strong martial of the Fairy Realm whose three Spiritual Energy Crystals within his body have completely turned into Vital Energy Crystals! However, the Soul Seizing Palace used some sort of secret technique to temporarily suppress his breakthrough. Hence, he managed to step on the line and enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”