The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Gathering Of Powerful Fighters

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Oh? It’s him!

The outer sanctum disciple of the Soul Snatching Palace that was in pursuit of Qin Xianer, and Long Wuxin was after Chou Zemin!

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold. If this person had wanted to do anything to Xianer, Su Yu had to seek justice for her.

“Before he came, there were about 100 people in battle around the stone forest. There were too many people, but only one transportation spell. The battles were intense! But Chou Zeming arrived, shocking everyone here. He calmed down the battles and made everyone on guard. Then Chou Zeming suggested that they should get rid of the wandering cultivators first, leaving the spot on the transportation spell to disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands! He also ordered that the position in which you get to enter the spell would be decided based on how many wandering cultivators you killed! Only the first 50 people would have the chance to use the transportation spell and enter the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion.”

Thus, Yu Chan and the rest were surrounding and killing wandering cultivators.

Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back, looking down at the ground as if thinking about something. With Chou Zeming’s abilities, no one would be able to stop him from entering the transportation spell.

Why would he not leave? Why would he stay and suggest this massacre? What was he planning?

“Since this is a massacre, how can he even confirm how many wandering cultivators you have killed?” Su Yu asked.

Yu Chan took out a circular plate. There was a cross-like marking on the plate emanating a dull glow. “Chou Zeming used his technique and injected his aura onto the disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands. Within the seventh level, those without his aura that were killed by us would leave a mark on this specially made circular plate. This technique was used by the Soul Snatching Palace when they were asked to kill each other to train themselves, but it is now being used here.”

Su Yu was shocked by the reason behind this. He now realized the barbaric ways of the demon-based techniques. It seemed there was a good reason for the strength of a demon-based technique cultivator. The route they took was merciless and written in blood. They were destined to be more powerful than average fighters.

Thinking for a moment, a green glow flashed on Su Yu’s arms. Several identical circular plates flew out, each bearing a mark.

“According to the ratio of Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands disciples and wandering cultivators, I would say that successfully killing one wandering cultivator is enough to place you in the top 50 and get a slot in the transportation spell.”

Su Yu thought for a moment, crushing three of the circular plates, leaving only one. After which, the space ring glowed as robes from the Returning Principal Palace flew out. These were Yang Yidao’s!

When he wore the robes, there was a pattern of a burning cloud on his chest. This was the symbol of the Returning Principal Palace. After which, Su Yu took off his broken bronze mask. His hair turned from blood-red to its original silver color.

He had finally revealed his real appearance; he had kept it hidden for a long time. He was handsome, his teeth sparkling white. He had a certain charisma in his eyes, which were captivating like the stars. His smile had a faint, almost evil quality, and his smooth, silver hair extended behind him like a waterfall. A breeze blew past, picking up his silver hair. His hair was splendid in the sunlight.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu had turned from a masked, demon-based cultivator with blood-red hair to a handsome, silver-haired youth. With the faint trace of evil in his smile, coupled with the exquisite black robe of the Returning Principal Palace, he emitted an unexpectedly noble aura.

Yu Chan froze as she looked at Su Yu. She had not expected him to be so young and handsome. From the first time they met, Su Yu had given her the impression that he was older. She had thought that he was certainly over 20, but now she realized he was merely 17! He was also unexpectedly good-looking! He gave the impression of an immortal that had landed in this world.

“What are you looking at, Senior Yu Chan?” Su Yu asked with a faint smile, calling her his senior.

Now that everyone from the Returning Principal Palace except for Yu Chan had all fallen in battle, he was disguising himself as a disciple of the Returning Principal Palace! As long as Yu Chan remained silent, who would doubt his identity?

Collecting herself, Yu Chan blushed slightly. Even her ears turned red. She had an awkward expression, looking away as she asked, “Is this your real appearance?”

Su Yu nodded. “Why do you ask?”

Yu Chan was embarrassed. She had lost the heroic look she had in the past. She muttered softly, “You are quite handsome. Hmm All right, you can pose as a disciple of the Returning Principal Palace. What are you going to call yourself?”

Su Yu smiled. “Yin Yu.” He had a look of melancholy. It had been a long time since he’d used this name.

“All right, let’s go.” Su Yu waved his sleeves as he flew into the air.

Yu Chan looked at Su Yu’s back, clenching her teeth as she followed.

At the center of the stone forest, a 100-zhang wide spell was surrounded by 20 to 30 people. They were the disciples who had managed to kill off wandering cultivators.

Suddenly, the crowd looked over to the horizon, their expressions growing cautious. Two figures were flying over.

“Yu Chan of the Returning Principal Palace,” someone said. “This is no surprise.”

The crowd muttered. They were a little cautious of Yu Chan’s abilities.

“But who is the silver-haired lad beside her? Was there a Human King disciple from the Returning Principal Palace at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage?”

“Are you not noticing that the five people she allied herself with have not returned?”

The appearance of this two people incited a commotion. Many were suspicious of why this silver-haired youth would suddenly appear.

A black-robed figure stood at the center of the spell. He had short hair and sharp eyes releasing a terrifying aura. Of the tens of people there, only he sat cross-legged at the center of the spell. The rest were standing around the spell, not daring to approach him. Su Yu glanced at him sternly. Even though he had not caught a glimpse of Chou Zeming’s appearance during the pursuit, he could not forget the aura he gave off.

Chou Zeming slowly opened his eyes, his cold gaze scanning the two of them. He fixed his gaze on Su Yu for a moment, raising his brows.

“Congratulations on your success, Yu Chan!” said Chou Zeming. “There is still a space for you in the transportation spell! I wonder who the friend beside you is. He seems familiar.”

Chou Zeming observed Su Yu. He felt as though had seen him somewhere before, but he did not associate the youth before him with the Black Snow Devil King with the blood-red hair.

Yu Chan replied calmly, “He is the disciple of the Returning Principal Palace, Yin Yu.”

The rest of the people grew suspicious.

Chou Zeming’s gaze flickered. “A Disciple of the Returning Principal Palace? I do not remember him from the battle at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. Could he actually be a wandering cultivator?”

He was spot on, but Yu Chan remained expressionless. “You must be joking. I cannot think of a reason to bring a wandering cultivator disguised as a disciple of the Returning Principal Palace!”

Hearing this, the crowd raised their brows. They could not think of a reason either.

“The Soul Snatching Palace can use your techniques to send you here,” she went on. “The Returning Principal Palace naturally has our ways to send someone into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

Wandering cultivators had entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion without going through the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. Hearing this, the air of suspicion was eased, but many were still curious about Su Yu’s identity. He was a mere Human King. Why would the Returning Principal Palace care to find another way to send him into the Divine Pavilion?

Chou Zeming looked at Su Yu, deep in thought, then silently retracted his gaze.

At that moment, four other figures flew over. One of them flew past the stone forest and landed directly at the center of the spell!

Chou Zeming raised his brows. He scanned the person in front of him repeatedly, then closed his eyes again. The ferocity between his brows relaxed.

Su Yu was surprised, “Ming Fei!”

The other three were members of the Four Great Ancient Clans. Of them, Shi Jie, who had once fought Xia Jingyu. But Su Yu felt strange that Ming Fei, who had average abilities, could stand side-by-side with Chou Zeming!

With suspicion, Su Yu activated his Soul Eyes and looked over. His pupils dilated. He could faintly see a figure on Ming Fei’s body. It was none other than the Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge!

As if noticing Su Yu’s stare, Ming Fei shot a cold gaze over at him. When she noticed Su Yu, her eyes took on a strange look. She also found Su Yu to be a little familiar.

The other disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune lands did not dare strike, despite seeing the four wandering cultivators! They looked at Sheng Ge with caution.


A purple-robed figure flew over. It was Bai Qi! His figure rotated as he descended onto the center of the stage. Chou Zeming and Ming Fei looked over at him. Caution shone deep in their eyes.

Suddenly, Bai Qi looked in Su Yu’s direction. His gaze landed on Su Yu. He had a look of joy in his eyes. He had recognized Su Yu and had secretly given him a signal. Su Yu nodded subtly, a bit surprised that Bai Qi had seen through his disguise. To think that the Ghost King would recognize him! Was his signal a reminder that he had to join forces with the Ghost King when the time was rightto kill the elder in the painting and complete his end of the deal?

Many other figures also flew over, some weaker than the others. The more powerful ones had auras as powerful as Xue Ling!

Su Yu also noticed a blue-robed lady. One of the crystals in her dantian had become a crystal of vital energy. The was the level of Half Fairy and was as powerful as Yang Yidao. As if noticing his gaze, the blue-robed lady looked over, shooting him a warning look.

Off to the side, Yu Chan felt an unexpected chill. As she turned to look, her expression changed.

“Careful, Yin Yu!” she hissed under her breath. “That lady is the outer sanctum disciple of the White Lotus Faction, Sheng Xuelian. The White Lotus Faction is not on good terms with the Returning Principal Palace. Now that we are in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion together, I suspected there would be some form of friction between us. Try not to offend them! Even Senior Yang Yidao might not be able to win against this lady.”

Was that so? Su Yu made a mental note, then went on to observe the fighters at the level of Xue Ling. Most of them were leaders amongst their own faction. Soon, most of the people had gathered here once again.

Chou Zeming opened his eyes and said calmly, “Take out your circular plates.”

He took out his own circular plate as well. There were three markings on it.