The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Half Her Powers

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She had attacked Su Yu amongst all the chaos!

Feeling the slight pain behind her neck, Sheng Yulian was a little ashamed. She had not managed to succeed in her attack against a Human King despite her abilities, instead suffering an injury from the other party!

The looks of many fighters watching Su Yu finally changed. Before this, they had thought that Su Yu posed very little threat, managing to kill off a top-notch Half God and three ordinary Half Gods alone. But now, they grew cautious of Su Yu!

To be able to stand against Sheng Xuelian Not many present could achieve this level of ability. Even the few fighters at Xue Ling’s level looked at Su Yu with vigilance. The mysterious Thunder Escape posed a threat to them after all.

Su Yu was a little disappointed. That attack with the dagger just now would have severed the head of a normal Half God but had only managed to nick Sheng Xuelian. Her physical body was a little weaker than Xue Ling but was incredibly close.

“Humph! You overestimate yourself!” Sheng Xuelian let out a frustrated grunt, waving her sleeves as she sent white snow lotuses flying.

Nine white lotuses circled around Sheng Xuelian, each releasing a cold chill. Each one was lined with sharp blades, forming black slits in the air!

“Go!” Sheng Xuelian commanded, pointing.

The nine snow lotuses instantly turned into nine afterimages.


Pathetic cries could be heard. Wherever the nine snow lotuses passed, Half Gods were sliced instantly, the surroundings turning into a downpour of flesh and blood. Some Half Gods fighters were struck by three lotuses at the same time, instantly reduced to a bloody mist. In the blink of an eye, seven Half Gods were injured or dead. Just like that, the battlefield was less crowded.

Observing the situation, the other fighters retreated, freeing up more space on the battlefield. In the face of a Half Fairy, normal Half Gods were easily defeated! The nine snow lotuses no longer had any obstructions, turning into afterimages as they struck toward Su Yu!

At the same time, Sheng Xuelian waved her hand, tossing another three snow lotuses out of her sleeves. They circled her body, just in case Su Yu used his technique once again and attacked her using his Thunder Escape.

But Su Yu did not use his lightning-based techniques. Instead, he formed seals with one hand as a blue orb flew out of his index finger. The orb released a blue beam of light, enveloping Su Yu within.

Puuu, puuu, puuu

At the same time, multiple dull thuds could be heard. The nine snow lotuses created numerous cracks on the light beam as they collided, then were sent flying back. The light beam recovered quickly. The nine Icy Cold Snow Lotuses could not break through the defense!

This scene shocked the disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands. They directed odd stares at the blue orb. They wore looks of loss and confusion. Some of them had recognized what this item was, but they could not be too sure.

Sheng Xuelian’s expression turned rigid, her face reflecting her shock as she said, “The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!”

As the enemy of the Returning Principal Faction, the White Lotus Faction would know of this item,

While Sheng Xuelian was in shock, nine green afterimages flew out from the ground near her, forming a web structure in the air as they surrounded Sheng Xuelian. It was a sudden attack, but Sheng Xuelian had kept up her guard. The three snow lotuses surrounding her rotated, sending the nine attacking iron needles flying back. But as the needles were flying back, a beam of light attacked her. It was the blue orb under Su Yu’s feet.

Sheng Xuelian’s expression sharpened. She activated her vital energy. The vital energy welled out of her body and gathered at her fists. She shot her fists out in an attack, at the same time activating the twelve snow lotuses to strike the orb.

The blue orb suffered repeated attacks. Sheng Xuelian’s face was red, taking multiple steps back, grunting under her breath. Her clean, fair hands became lacerated from the immense friction, streaks of blood flowing out. In the face of another direct confrontation, Sheng Xuelian was at a disadvantage.

She shook her hands, her expression disdainful. “I had wished to see how special the disciple was who’d been sent in by the Returning Principal Palace via alternative means. But it looks like he is merely average. Only able to stand up against 50 percent of my full power, despite wielding a treasure like the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation.”

If she had wanted to kill a member of the Returning Principal Palace, she could have attacked Yu Chan, who had a higher cultivation level, first! It was because of Su Yu’s special identity that Sheng Xuelian had attacked him first. In reality, she had felt uneasy and wanted to test his abilities. After these few rounds, she was clear on this disciple’s abilities and background.

He had one of the orbs from the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. It looked like he really was from the Returning Principal Palace and had been given this treasure. Yu Chan must not have been lying. Still, his abilities were only average. The caution in her heart eased considerably.

Chou Zeming, Bai Qi, and Ming Fei, watching from the side, were all deep in thought. Chou Zeming and Ming Fei were not paying much attention, but Bai Qi was rather excited. Su Yu’s abilities had improved considerably since they’d first met.

The more powerful Su Yu became, the more confident Bai Qi was in killing the elder in the painting.

Waving with her hands, Sheng Xuelian recalled the twelve Icy Cold Snow Lotuses. She had lost interest in the battle. “Let’s stop here,” Sheng Xuelian said casually. “Your abilities are average. You are outmatched.”

But a faint smile crept across Su Yu’s cold face. “You haven’t asked for my opinion on the subject yet. You launched a sneak attack on me and nearly claimed my life. Now you wish to brush it all off with one sentence?”

The crowd broke out in commotion. Su Yu had already used his trump card and could only rival half of Sheng Xuelian’s power. Yet he was now provoking another battle? Was he seeking death?

Sheng Xuelian froze. When she collected herself, she let out a laugh as she studied Su Yu. “Hehe You really think you are a big deal, don’t you? You think too highly of yourself! Disappear from my sight before I get angry. Otherwise, you shall suffer the consequences!” Murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

Su Yu was silent, as if he accepted this outcome. Sheng Xuelian glanced at him in disdain, shifting her feet as she turned to leave.

She had launched a sneak attack on Su Yu and nearly killed him on two occasions, yet she wanted to end this with just a sentence? What did she take him for?

Su Yu said from behind her, “I take it that means you’re done with your nonsense?”

Sheng Xuelian’s stopped, turning to reveal a bone-chilling glare. “Insolence! I shall grant you your wish, since you asked for it!”

With a creak, she tossed her sleeves. Twelve Icy Cold Snow Lotuses flew out from each of her sleeves, totaling 24. They circled around the top of Sheng Xuelian’s head. They were crystal clear, refracting the light from the sun, accentuating her body with a dreamlike quality.

The Half Gods witnessing this all retreated. Those 24 Icy Cold Snow Lotuses were enough to dispatch at least 20 Half God fighters. This lady’s battle abilities were not to be scoffed at.

“Suffer!” Sheng Xuelian yelled.

She growled in a low voice, twirling her fingers as she formed seals. The 24 snow lotuses rained down, flying at Su Yu with blinding speed.

Su Yu did not underestimate her; he knew her abilities were not to be trifled with. Pointing down with his toe, a radiant blue light glowed beneath his leg, defending him against the attack from the Icy Cold Snow Lotuses.

Sheng Xuelian let out a smile of contempt. “It’s useless. Even though the treasure is strong, you do not even have vital energy. You can only bring out a fraction of the power of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!”

After saying this, the 24 snow lotuses turned into rotating blades, slicing the air toward Su Yu.

Judging by to the previous confrontation, this attack should be easily dispelled. But when the first Icy Cold Snow Lotuses struck, even though it could not break the beam of light, its impact was more powerful than imagined! Su Yu was sent flying back, along with the blue orb!