The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 489

Chapter 489 A Great Change Occurs Abruptly

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Without waiting for Su Yu to stabilize himself, the second lotus, the third lotus, and the fourth lotus Up until the last lotus, all the lotuses were like a chain of beads that crashed into the light beam in succession!

When the fourth Icy Cold Snow Lotus crashed into the light beam, a subtle crack appeared on it! Su Yu was shocked. Such a situation had only occurred when they faced the lightning spirits, which showed their prowess and prestige at the Thunder Emperor Mountain.

Although he had only activated the defensive power of one ball, which was inferior to that of the whole spell, Sheng Xuelian was still able to break the defense. Hence, that was enough to show that her abilities were extraordinary!

Her words were not false. When they had fought earlier on, she had really used only half of her abilities. Now, she attacked with her full strength. Hence, Su Yu felt a lot more pressurized at once!

With a shout, Su Yu swung his palm toward the sky. The Nine Yin-Yang Formation descended and enveloped Sheng Xuelin while flying in circles.

She had a disdainful expression. “This would still be useful against first-rate Half Gods. However, using it against me is the same as making a fool out of yourself in front of an expert like me!”

As she spoke, she opened her mouth slightly, and a small, nimble snow lotus flew out from it. The snow lotus then flew to the sky and exploded abruptly. The vital energy it contained spread toward all quarters and dispersed the Nine Yin-Yang Formation extremely easily. However, Su Yu was not surprised. Instead, he took advantage of the opportunity. While Sheng Xuelian was distracted, he controlled the blue ball and quickly avoided the continuous attacks from Icy Cold Snow Lotus. At the same time, he raised one hand and weaved extremely complicated signs.

In no time, his eyes closed, and his life force disappeared at once. It was as if Su Yu had died on the spot! This scene had caused the eyebrows of the three people atop the spell to twitch. Turmoil appeared in their calm expressions, and they looked both surprised and bewildered. They were unable to understand why Su Yu’s life had been instantly extinguished.

Sheng Xuelian was slightly shocked as well. She could not understand. Why did Su Yu die abruptly?

While she was surprised, all of a sudden, a heartrending pain was felt in her soul, and she could not help but give a horrible shriek! Her fair and clear face became red and distorted in pain. Clearly, she was suffering greatly.

In her loss of control, the 24 Icy Cold Snow Lotuses pursuing Su Yu fell onto the ground silently at once. The pupils of Bai Qi and Ming Fei shrank. As ghosts, both of them thought of something at once, and black ghost energy flashed in their eyes.

With their ghost eyes, they realized shockingly that a figure extremely similar to Su Yu had attacked Sheng Xuelian’s soul with a palm and a few cracks had appeared on her soul as a result!

“Soul Leaving the Body!” the two ghosts gasped coldly at the same time.

They looked at Su Yu with even more surprise. As far as they knew, Soul Leaving the Body was something that only people with cultivation bases just below Divine Master could do. How could a little brat like Su Yu, who had yet to achieve Half Soul, do it?

Su Yu was about to unleash a second palm. Suddenly, he noticed the gazes of Bai Qi and Ming Fei. He had been discovered! At once, he returned to his body. With the abilities of those two ghosts, they looked as if they were good at dealing with souls. He could not expose himself in front of them for too long.

The moment he returned to his body, his eyes glowed with a ferocious light, and he shouted, “Quick.”

The Nine Yin-Yang Formation, which had been dispersed, then turned back into a spell again and enveloped Sheng Xuelian. Sheng Xuelian was still in extreme pain due to her soul being injured, and she had no time to deal with Su Yu. Unsurprisingly, Sheng Xuelian was about to die in Su Yu’s hands.

Countless people could not believe the scene. Among them, there was a person who wore an inconspicuous smile filled with disdain. However, while everyone saw that Su Yu was about to kill Sheng Xuelian, at the last moment, Su Yu actually did not kill her. Instead, he lifted his hands and gestured. All the needles flew back as a result. Moreover, he himself also retreated wildly. He grabbed Yu Chan, flew high up into the sky, and left the vicinity of the stone forest for no reason.

Yu Chan was at a complete loss. “Why did you stop? Where are we going?”

Among the crowd below, most people were confused, but there was one person with a slightly gloomy expression.

Chou Zeming, who was within the spell, swept his eyes past Su Yu with an unpleasant expression, looking at both sides of people who had killed one another until everyone was scattered everywhere. He hummed lightly through his nostrils. “Forget it. At any rate, we’ve had just about enough killing.”

Huh? Many Half Gods gain an extremely bad premonition! Intelligent people realized that the situation was good. Hence, their figures flashed wildly and flew toward the sky!

Just as pulling a single hair could affect an entire body, their actions immediately attracted the attention of the others. Everyone flew toward the sky quickly in succession!

“Stay here!” Chou Zeming sneered. When his five fingers came together, a strange scene appeared at once! The crowd of people who had flown up to the sky quickly became like flying birds that had lost their wings. Their spiritual energy was sucked from their bodies, and they lost the ability to fly. They fell from the sky like raindrops. Some had flown thousands of feet high. They thudded against the ground, one after another, and were reduced to mincemeat on the spot!

Sounds of bodies hitting the ground after falling from the sky could be heard continuously, and what accompanied it were mournful and horrible shrieks spreading across the vast sky. More than 30 souls that had been alive moments before were either dead or mortally injured in the blink of an eye.

The scene was heartrending. Yu Chan, who was in the sky, screamed as well, and her spiritual energy was also restricted. If not for Su Yu, who was holding her, she would have fallen to her death on the spot.

“What is going on?” Yu Chan asked, astonished. When she looked in the direction of the spell of the stone forest, the remaining peopleapart from Sheng Xuelian, who was still standinghad either become corpses or masses of flesh and blood. Only a small number of people were wailing mournfully, as they were heavily injured, producing horrible shrieks as they spasmed on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding area of the stone forest became a hellish nightmare.

Through his Transparent Eyes, Su Yu saw that apart from him, the two ghosts, and the people of the Four Great Ancient Clanswhom Ming Fei had shieldedall the remaining disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands had a strange black chain connected to their bodies. This chain was difficult to perceive with the naked eye. Hence, they did not sense its presence; it had only taken effect this very moment. The black chain had restricted everyone’s spiritual energy, causing them to suffer heavy casualties in an instant.

As for the other end of the chain, it was linked to the spell within the stone forest. The chain was swallowing the blood of the dead people, and the blood fed the spell.

With Su Yu’s ability to see through everything, he realized that there was a weak layer of bloody light on the surface of the spell. It was the signal that the spell was activating!

Chou Zeming walked down the spell with big strides and flicked ten fingers continuously in succession. Ten lumps of extremely powerful vital energy seeped out from his body and killed the Half Gods who were still alive. At once, the black chains absorbed a huge amount of blood, causing the spell to glow brighter. However, it looked like it still lacked some maturity.

Chou Zeming looked toward Sheng Xuelian coldly and swung his hand to shoot over a tiny bit of vital energy. However, Sheng Xuelian’s painful expression disappeared abruptly. What replaced it was sharp determination. Her figure was extremely nimble and retreated quickly. At the same time, her 24 snow lotuses appeared together and revolved in front of her.

Thump, thump, thump

Cracking sounds resounded. The Icy Cold Snow Lotuses were shredded like paper by the lump of vital energy from Chou Zeming’s casual swing.

It was not until the last snow lotus was torn into pieces that the vital energy struck Sheng Xuelian. With a piercing cry, Sheng Xuelian spat out a mouthful of blood, and her figure was forced backward 1,000 feet. A horrifying, fist-sized bloody hole had appeared on her abdomen.

Sheng Xuelian, who was a Half Fairy was powerless against Chou Zeming!

That was the difference between a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals and a Half Fairy with only one Vital Energy Crystal! Their abilities were as different as Heaven and Earth.

However, borrowing the power which sent her flying, she took advantage of the opportunity to land nearby Su Yu, and she shot an unwilling gaze toward him. “He will not let you off. You can only fight him along with me!”

Su Yu’s eyes took a glance at her abdomen, which was healing quickly, and could not help but be slightly shocked. She still did not die, even after that! This woman had such strong healing powers! Those were not healing powers that strong martial artists of Half Fairy possessed!

After hearing what was said, Su Yu nodded his head quickly. “I think that I have no other choice as well!”

Previously, he had realized that the black chains would absorb the blood of the dead. In particular, the stronger the person, the more vigorously the black chains swallowed their blood.

Although Su Yu was not clear about the motive of the black chains absorbing blood, he knew that allowing them to absorb enough blood was definitely not a wise thing to do. Hence, he deliberately spared the life of Sheng Xuelian, who was the strongest.

Sheng Xuelian heaved a sigh of relief, and her cold eyes looked toward Chou Zeming. “Why are you doing this? Do you think that your Soul Seizing Palace would be able to bear the weight of killing all the disciples who have entered?”

Bai Qi and Ming Fei stood to one side expressionlessly. It was obvious that they had already known about the situation that would occur.

Chou Zeming walked over with his hands clasped behind his back and gave a cold hum. “That is because all of you are dumb! After fighting for so long, you actually did not realize that the other side of the transportation spell had been tampered with!”

After hearing what was said, Sheng Xuelian was shocked. “Impossible. No one was transported to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion. How could the spell which led there be tampered with?”

Chou Zeming laughed profoundly. “No one? You seem to have forgotten about that demonic woman from the Red Blood Palace!”

Demonic woman? Sheng Xuelian trembled. Her eyes were filled with fear.

“There are no signs of this woman appearing in the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. Hence, I have predicted that there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that she has been transported to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion directly. As such, she tampered with the transportation spell and caused the transportation spell on this side to not activate.”

Sheng Xuelian’s eyes were filled with uneasiness.

“These two people provided the secret technique to fix the spell. We only need a huge amount of blood of strong martial artists to break the changes that the other party had made, and we would then be able to activate the transportation spell after that! Hence, since useless trash like all of you would gain nothing even if you went to the Mysterious Heavenly Palace, why not help people like us who have more hope?”

Chou Zeming gave a cold hum, and his sharp eagle eyes shot out two rays of light abruptly. “Now, we only lack the blood of a Half Fairy like you to be able to activate the spell successfully!”

The twin rays contained a tyrannical aura with an almost physical quality. The aura bore an overwhelmingly oppressive force.

“Pupil technique!” Sheng Xuelian’s eyes went wide. All the vital energy within the only Vital Crystal Energy within her body surged and changed magically into a ten-foot snow lotus that enveloped her.


The giant snow lotus did not even pose a tiny bit of hindrance; it was torn into pieces on the spot.

Sheng Xuelian’s chest was pierced through by one of the fearsome rays. Her body was pierced through from the front to the back!

With a horrible shriek, her graceful body was swept along with the ray, and she was sent flying thousands of feet away. In the end, she crashed into the stone forest with a great force.

As for the other ray, it was shot at Su Yu! When the ray collided with the light beam, the blue light beam glowed brightly.


With a loud and clear sound, the blue light beam was broken by the pupil technique! But it was still not over. That gaze no longer had any obstacles. It was about to pierce through Su Yu’s head!

Su Yu’s heart felt cold. It was the power of a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals! That kind of oppression was stronger than any enemies Su Yu had ever encountered. Moreover, there were two Ghost Kings of the Fairy Realm who were looking on, unconcerned!

However, with his life or death hanging in the balance, he could only fight!