The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Dragon's Meeting

For a hundred years, no one had been able to comprehend Floating Light Shadow because it required a high level of comprehension! No one in the world, apart from the 10 Holy Talents who had extremely high levels of comprehension, were able to comprehend Floating Light Shadow.

The First Prince wanted to borrow the abilities of the 10 Holy Talents to help him comprehend the technique so that he could cultivate it, since it had been lost for years. However, every batch of the top 10 Holy Talents were invited to the Sanctuary, causing all of them to be beyond the First Prince's reach.

Bai Qixiong was the only exception. As the Holy Meet participant who had attained the 11th position, he was the only person, apart from the top 10 Holy Talents, who had the highest possibility of comprehending the saint level cultivation technique, and he was able to do so.

"Master, is it possible for me to successfully learn this cultivation technique using this comprehension?" The First Prince's eyes were burning with excitement.

The red robed old man shook his head lightly, "It is still not enough! After all, Bai Qixiong is not a real Sanctuary disciple and lacks a certain level of comprehension. His comprehension of Floating Light Shadow is not perfect and he is a step away from successfully cultivating this technique. I will go back and refine his comprehension, so that you can understand it easily and successfully master this cultivation technique."

"Thank you master!" The First Prince was excited, however his eyes immediately turned cold. "After this, Bai Qixiong would become useless! Since he has seen the saint level cultivation technique that has been passed down in the Royal Family for generations, and he tried to assassinate a Holy Seal bearer, it is about time for me to kill him!"

The red robed old man laughed sinisterly. "Leave this matter to me! A pawn like Bai Qixiong must be killed when the time is right!"

Three days passed.

The Martial Path grand event, the Holy Meet, which was held once every year in the Fenglin Empire, was about to begin! Strong martial artists, as well as people from all over the world, gathered to watch this grand event in the empire. Under the current peaceful and flourishing atmosphere, they moved towards the event hall slowly.

At the Third Prince's palace, the ambiance was becoming increasingly nervous.

At nightfall, in the pavilion...

The Third Prince felt uneasy and he continued pacing back and forth as he read his book.

"Master, the Royal Family's Dragon's Meeting is about to begin. We cannot wait for Su Yu any longer!" Lin Xiao said, as he could tell that the Third Prince was feeling uneasy.

The Third Prince put down his book and lightly shook his head. "Don't worry! There is still time."

Suddenly, wind started to blow in the courtyard. A purple shirted figure, who had the shadows of white clouds, appeared calmly in front of the pavilion. His face was as handsome; he was glowing with pride and with an indescribable charm. He had a pair of deep eyes which pierced all creations on Earth. He had black hair that flowed like a waterfall, hanging naturally behind his back. He wore a comfortable purple shirt that was lightly blown by the wind.

The Third Prince wore a smile as he walked towards him and cupped his fists, "Congratulations Brother Su! Your expression and abilities are incomparable to the past!"

"Third Prince, thank you for your help!" Su Yu clasped his hands in gratitude.

Lin Xiao looked displeased; he felt that it was not worth it for the Third Prince since he had wasted his resources. With his normal tone, he said, "Su Yu, I hope you live up to the Third Prince's kindness."

Su Yu's eyes shone and he looked at Lin Xiao. "Brother Lin, I know that on that day you were not satisfied when you were unable to match up to me. How about we have another battle right now?"

Lin Xiao's eyebrows twitched a little. He felt that if he was more vigilant, he might not have lost to Su Yu. Therefore, he had been thinking about a rematch for a long time.

Lin Xiao raised his eyes and looked at the Third Prince. The Third Prince muttered to himself for some time and nodded his head. He wanted to know why Su Yu was so confident.

Of course, the Third Prince did not believe that in a mere three days, Su Yu's abilities would increase exponentially. He only felt that Su Yu's physical strength and injuries had recovered and that Su Yu was very full of confidence.

With the Third Prince's approval, Lin Xiao was delighted. He was confident that he would not lose!

"It would be impolite for me to decline this duel!" Lin Xiao stepped forward, raised his hands and uttered, "Mountain Splitting Hammer!"

That hammer looked as though it came from Heaven, with a frightening power just like in the past! Su Yu's expression was as calm as a sunny day.

"Tempest!" Su Yu lifted his leg and gave a kick!

With his kick, cold wind started to form, snow and ice started to fall! It was as if an ice dragon had ended the world; he had entered the world of snow and ice, made an army out of the cold wind, and caused everything to freeze!

Lin Xiao gave a blood-curdling scream and retreated about seven to eight meters away! The thick and cold ice had condensed on his fists, causing them to freeze! His body was surrounded by a cold mist as though he had just walked out from a winter world, causing his whole body to shiver.

Lin Xiao gasped with astonishment. "The power of a Stage Three Upper Class medium level cultivation technique!"

The Third Prince's expression changed! Three days ago, Su Yu's Tempest was at Stage Three Lower Class. However, in a mere three days, it had actually gone up by a class! The Third Prince's eyes were filled with astonishment.

Looking back at Su Yu, he had not moved the slightest bit from his original position and he leisurely withdrew his leg. He had managed to achieve Stage Three Upper Class for Tempest. As such, he was only one step away from achieving Top Class!

Lin Xiao was astonished. However, he was dissatisfied. How could he admit defeat so easily?

The vital energy in his body started to vibrate, causing the cold mist to evaporate. He closed the distance between Su Yu and himself, and roared, "Triple Earth Splitting Pattern!"

A green flame swept across the sky with a frightening power that could burn through the Heavens and destroy the mountains and rivers, heading towards Su Yu!

The strong energy of the attack had caused the wind to flutter against Su Yu's shirt. However, the wind was unable to disrupt his eyes, which were as calm as an autumn lake!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu counter attacked leisurely!

A layer of refined thunderbolt wrapped around his fists as if it there were multiple thunder strikes, and they emitted powerful rays of light.

When the fists collided, Triple Earth Splitting Pattern dissipated in an instant! Blood started to overflow from Lin Xiao's mouth. His body ignored his orders and he was sent flying about 10 meters!

Lin Xiao's organs took a huge blow, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. He had suffered a minor injury. As though he was in a fantasy, Lin Xiao was extremely astonished!

Comparing that same Purple Star Thunderbolt three days ago and to this one, its power did not just go up by a level. In fact, it seemed twice as powerful!

As Lin Xiao pulled himself up, his eyes were full of astonishment. This time around, he was completely convinced. "Thank you Mister Su for showing mercy!"

The Third Prince's eyes shone brilliantly. Su Yu actually held back? If Su Yu did not hold back, would that fist have killed Lin Xiao on the spot? Su Yu had only spent three days training and had managed to become so strong; from being on par with a Level Five Peak, to being able to easily kill one! How did Su Yu's abilities increase so much in a mere three days?

The Third Prince combined the rumors that he had gotten from the Xianyu prefecture regarding Su Yu. A few months ago, Su Yu was just a normal silver student. However, as though he had risen like a comet, he cut open time and space, achieving the title of the Silver King with his abilities and suppressing two generations of Gold Kings. In no time, he defeated a demon student, making a name for himself as well as making the martial arts training institute a laughing stock.

Su Yu's potential was rarely seen in one's life. If he were given more time, he would become a strong martial artist who was unmatched!

The Third Prince felt that it was a pity. He then sighed depressingly, "How good will it be if I could give you another three years' time to train?"

In three years time, it would be difficult to ascertain how much Su Yu would grown. However, if he was still on the side of the Third Prince and went against the First Prince, there would be higher chances of them being victorious against him. However, it is a pity that time and tide wait for no man. The Su Yu in his current state would not be of much help to the Third Prince.

"Brother Su! The Holy Meet is tomorrow! Is there anything else that you need?" The Third Prince smiled. Before the catastrophe came, he was willing to do everything he could to help this demon student whom he was on intimate terms with.

Su Yu pondered for some time, and lightly shook his head, "Resources are temporarily useless to me. What I need now is comprehension for when I am fighting!"

Within three days, he had digested uncountable amounts of Universe's Miracle Mineral Plant, causing his blood vessels to be full of energy. The continual usage of resources would be useless as his abilities would not be strengthened by them. By experiencing more actual combat, his level of comprehension would increase, causing his body to be strengthened further.

Unable to help Su Yu, the Third Prince sighed. As he raised his head and looked at the sky, his expression gradually became serious. "Su Yu, it is time for us to meet up with them."

Them? Su Yu was confused.

Surprised, the Third Prince said, "Can it be that the Duke of Xianyu did not tell you about it?"

When the Third Prince recalled the time when the Duke of Xianyu bestowed the Holy Order upon Su Yu before his death, he felt relieved as his doubts were cleared up. In that situation, the Duke of Xianyu must not have had the time to tell Su Yu.

"There are two kinds of people participating in the Holy Meet held by the empire. The first kind of people are the students from the martial arts training institute. The training institute had scouted for all the geniuses in the empire and they are the key figures in the Holy Meet. The second kind of people represent the Royal Family in the Holy Meet. For example, you represent the Xianyu prefecture. Every Duke from the 12 other prefectures can recommend one person to take part in the Holy Meet. Aside from you, there are 12 other representatives from the 12 other prefectures."

"Moreover, in the Royal Family, each of the three princes can also recommend one person to participate in the Holy Meet. Including you, there are a total of 16 representatives from the Royal Family."

"Over the years, on the day before the Holy Meet, the 16 representatives would gather once and hold the Royal Family's Dragon's Meeting. During the meeting, the representatives would have friendly duels and learn from one another. Understanding your own level of abilities before the Holy Meet is extremely useful, so it is important for all of the 16 representatives to attend the meeting," the First Prince explained patiently.

Su Yu pondered for a moment and his eyes shone, "Will the First Prince be spectating?"

The Third Prince knew what Su Yu was thinking and nodded his head. "The recommenders of the 16 representatives will be there as well! Big brother and I will be spectating and you will be able to see him then."

"But" The Third Prince reminded, "If you want to kill him on the spot and perish with him, I would advise you not to do it. You already revealed Diabolic Sword, the secret technique of the soul, to him before. Big brother would definitely take precautions against it and it would be almost impossible for you to kill him from another dimension."

Su Yu had thought of that idea before. However, with the Third Prince's confirmation, he could only give up on the method of perishing together with the First Prince disappointedly.

"Then, let's go!" Su Yu's eyes turned cold. Ultimately, the only way for him to take his revenge was to attain the Holy Crown!

"Please wait for a moment. The person that I have recommended is still on his way." The Third Prince's eyes shone brilliantly.

Each of the three princes could recommend a person for the Holy Meet. As such, the Third Prince was no exception.

Su Yu did not feel strange at all. He had thought of using the Holy Meet as an opportunity to turn the tables against the First Prince. As a calculating and shrewd person, it was impossible for the Third Prince not to have thoughts of that as well. Naturally, he had also arranged for someone trustworthy to take part in the Holy Meet.

A few days ago, the Third Prince had said it was an "additional" bet. As of then, Su Yu understood its meaning. Behind the Third Prince, he had another strong martial artist!

After waiting for half an hour, a young man, who walked like the wind, arrived with striding steps. He was about 16 years old and he wore a blue colored robe. His figure was average and he looked normal.

He had an ordinary expression and his eyes looked indifferent, as though he disregarded all creations on Earth, giving off a cold and solitary feeling as a result.

In his eyes, he treated Su Yu and Lin Xiao as though as they did not exist, so that he would not be distracted. It was only until he was before the Third Prince that he knelt down. "Third Prince, we can leave now."

Su Yu frowned. Rather than thinking that the young man was cold and solitary, Su Yu felt that the young man gave off an air of arrogance. Other than the Third Prince, who cause him to lower his head willingly, he did not pay attention to anyone else.

The Third Prince said calmly, "Dong Lin, please stand up."

Dong Lin stood up extremely straight in his position. In his eyes, there was only the Third Prince alone, not Su Yu and Lin Xiao.

Needless to say, he definitely had the abilities to be arrogant. Even though he was 16 years old, his abilities were at Level Six Lower Tier of the Martial Path! With his unbelievable talent, he was worthy of being called frightening!

In the martial arts training institute, as far as what Su Yu knew, there was only one person who had achieved Level Six of the Martial Path. That person was the top demon student, Zheng Yilin!

Not only had he managed to comprehend the Holy Decree, he had also managed to train until he achieved Level Six Lower Tier of the Martial Path. He was a frightening demon student with a chance of getting into the top 10 in the Holy Meet!

Dong Lin, who was in front of his eyes, was comparable to Zheng Yilin!