The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Almighty Divine Master

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At the last possible moment, a black glow flashed around Su Yu. His armor suddenly appeared.


The gaze fell onto Su Yu. A sharp sound of friction could be heard as the gaze with physical qualities created sparks, colliding with the Eternal Stone King Armor! Su Yu stepped in the air, shifting his body sideways. The gaze slid across the armor and flew off his side.

“Huh?” Chou Zeming creased his brows.

He had not expected Su Yu to be able to defend against his pupil technique! Even though his pupil technique was not his trump card, it was still a very powerful attackincredibly close to an attack from a Fairy Realm fighter. Even Sheng Xuelian, who was a Half Fairy, had been reduced to a sorry state. To think that this Human King-level lad would be able to defend himself against the technique!

“Humph! You sure carry a lot of treasures!” Chou Zeming let out a low grunt, a merciless aura circling between his brows.

Ming Fei had a glint in her eyes, surprise surfacing in her eyes. “That armor on his body I want it!”

Chou Zeming let out a grunt. “Do you think I am stupid? The quality of this armor is remarkably high!”

It was clear that both of them had recognized that the quality of the armor was uncommonly high. Hearing this, Bai Qi, who was looking off to the side, let out a cold grunt. That Eternal Stone King Armor was his!

He shifted his gaze, preparing to protect Su Yu, but the painting in his robes vibrated slightly. A surprising order from the elder in the painting surfaced in his soul. “A broken high-grade spiritual artifact? Bai Qi, obtain that armor immediately and kill that lad! Instinct tells me that this lad is incredibly dangerous!”

Bai Qi’s heart sank! Does that mean he had to attack Su Yu? His life and death were entirely decided by the elder. How could he disobey his orders? The struggle showed in his eyes as he stared at Su Yu, secretly feeling pity. Based on Su Yu’s performance thus far, he seemed to be the best candidate to kill the elder, especially since he could use a technique that allowed his soul to leave his body!

But the elder in the painting had given his order. Bai Qi could only obey! Letting out a frustrated sigh, his gaze at Su Yu flashed with murderous intent.

Whoosh, whoosh

Ming Fei and Bai Qi’s figures flew over toward Su Yustraight for the Eternal Stone King Armor!

Witnessing the situation, Chou Zeming’s gaze filled with a fierce glow. He attacked Su Yu much faster than the two of them, letting out a cold grunt as he said, “Hand over the armor!”

In an instant, three fighters at the level of Fairy Realm were attacking Su Yu in unison!

Far away, Yu Chan’s heart sank. The worst-case scenario had actually happened. Three Half Fairies with three crystals of vital energy had attacked at the same time! Even with Su Yu’s entire set of Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation as his trump card, he could not hope to defend himself against the three of them!

On the other hand, Su Yu was strangely calm, showing no fear. He looked toward Bai Qi with a bit of surprise, but his expression quickly turned cold once again. He let out a faint laugh.

“Fine,” he said. “Let’s see the abilities of you Half Fairies!”

Taking a breath, Su Yu suddenly felt immense pressure. He might be able to hold his own against one of them, but before him now were three Half Fairies. The pressure was immense. The threat of death had descended on him. It was highly possible that he would die here! But just as he was about to attack, the three advancing footsteps stopped. They looked at the horizon with a serious expression.

There were two figures flying toward them quickly! One was a woman in her twenties. Her facial features were exquisite, and she carried herself with an exceptional disposition. The other was a young woman of about 18 years old, humbly following behind the first woman.

The gaze Bai Qi and Ming Fei shot toward her was serious. In fact, it even contained shreds of fear! Chou Zeming’s expression turned grave. When he saw the face of the person approaching them, even he, as powerful as he was, shivered, his expression turning to shock and disbelief.

“L Chuyi of the Purple Cloud Palace” said Chou Zeming. “Almighty Divine Master! How could she have entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Palace?”

He had lost his voice in fear!

What? Almighty Divine Master? Bai Qi and Ming Fei’s heart shuddered, their expressions revealing their astonishment. Only Divine Masters were looked up to by Fairy Realm fighters. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was a training ground for Immortal Realm fighters, but a Divine Master that exceeded even the Fairy Realm had suddenly appeared here!

Su Yu’s heart thumped. Almighty Divine Master? Could this be the Elder L that Wu Aoyue was talking about?

Everyone presentabout to engage in a deadly battle a moment beforesuddenly stopped, shifting their attention to the arrival of the Almighty Divine Master. But L Chuyi did not look at any of them when she arrived. Instead, she creased her brows as she surveyed the flesh and blood on the ground. A moment later, she looked up at Chou Zeming and his group with displeasure

“Five Ghosts Great Transportation Spell?” she said. The method that the two ghosts had suggested to reactivate the transportation spell was the Five Ghosts Great Transportation Spell. She coldly scanned past Ming Fei and Bai Qi. “I wouldn’t have thought that two ghosts would be able to make it into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.”

In an instant, she had exposed their identities. She barely even looked at Ming Fei, but her gaze fell on Bai Qi for a much longer period of time. Finally, she glanced over at Chou Zeming.

“You are Chou Zeming? Of the Soul Snatching Palace?” she asked. “Hmm Have you seen the disciple of the Purple Cloud Palace, Wu Aoyue?”

Hearing this, Chou Zeming shivered as if he under enormous pressure. He replied anxiously, “I have never seen the disciple of your palace!”

“Did she not come here?” L Chuyi raised her brows, seemingly thinking about something. “Aoyue may be in trouble.”

Hearing this, the youth behind her had a change of expression. “Elder, what should we do? Without Junior Aoyue’s help, wouldn’t there be a delay in your plans?”

L Chuyi raised her brows, moaning for a moment before she noticed Su Yu, Yu Chan, and Sheng Xuelian to the side. She scanned quickly past Sheng Xuelian, then observed Yu Chan for a short moment. But when she observed Su Yu, her dreamy eyes revealed a shred of suspicion. She seemed to have detected an unusual aura from Su Yu.

Su Yu’s heart thumped! Could she have detected Wu Aoyue? The Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl belonged to another space entirely. This lady’s level of perception was incredibly strong if she could sense the presence of Wu Aoyue!

After what felt like an eternity, L Chuyi shook her head as if deciding she had been mistaken about something. She looked at Yu Chan once again. “You, follow me.”

Yu Chan was surprised. For a Divine Master to call on her! This was something that was unimaginable in the Returning Principal Palace. She was not even an outer sanctum disciple. The Divine Masters in the faction would not even look at her, much less call on her to do something important.

But a feeling of unease welled up within her. She was currently Su Yu’s servant. How could she agree without Su Yu’s approval?