The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Cosmos Transportation

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However, Su Yu shot a gaze which approved of Yu Chan following L Chuyi.

Filled with uneasiness, Yu Chan walked to the front of L Chuyi. L Chuyi extended her palm and placed it on top of Yu Chan’s head. She then closed her eyes and started to feel for something. After a long time, she revealed a tiny bit of gratified expression.

“Luckily,” she said, “you are still a virgin. Moreover, Vital Energy Crystals have not formed within your body yet. Hence, you are the best person to choose to replace Wu Aoyue.”

Yu Chan felt even more uneasy. It was as if this Divine Master wanted her to do something extremely important.

L Chuyi withdrew her hand and said, while nodding her broad forehead, “Follow me for a short period of time. If the task is completed, I will bring you to the Purple Cloud Palace.”

Yu Chan was wild with joy. She could hardly believe her ears. Enter the Purple Cloud Palace?

Even Chou Zeming revealed a shocked and envious expression. The Purple Cloud Palace was one of the two major forces that commanded the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! By entering the Purple Cloud Palace, her position would become like a boatrising with the level of the water beneath it. This was not something that could even compare with the Returning Principal Palace. Even Chou Zeming had no confidence that he could enter that kind of force! It could be said that Yu Chan had soared up into the sky with a single bound!

“Thank you, elder, for your great kindness!” Yu Chan reacted and thanked L Chuyi on bended knee immediately.

In her heart, she was extremely delighted. She then secretly glanced at Su Yu out of the corner of her eye. Su Yu shot a smile her way which congratulated her. He moved his lips, mouthing the words, “If I have a chance, I will remove the restriction on you.”

Yu Chan’s eyes could not help but revealed a bit of conflict. This young man whom she had not known for very long had left a deep impression on her.

L Chuyi nodded her head slightly, and her beautiful eyes swept past Chou Zeming and two other people. “As for the three of you” After pausing for some time, she raised her long and slender fingers. A cold expression rested on her face. “Massacring the disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. What you have done is excessive! From now on, all of you shall follow me as well. Whether you live or die will be left up to your own luck.”

After her speech, she took graceful steps and walked toward Chou Zeming at the front. His expression was ghastly pale. When he looked at the figure walking over, it was as if he were looking at mountains collapsing and the earth cracking up. Almost as if not thinking at all, he turned his body around and fled!

The vital energy contained in his three Vital Energy Crystals surged wildly and changed into strong wings filled with vital energy. With a flap of his wings, he disappeared without a trace, reappearing 1,000 miles away instantly.

However, what caused everyone to be shocked was that L Chuyi did not have the intention to chase after him. She was still just as relaxed as before, and she took a step forward. That step was clearly a casual step. However, she arrived directly behind Chou Zeming! It was as if the ground had retreated by 1,000 miles and she had only taken a step!

Such a magical power1,000 miles in one stepcaused Su Yu to click his tongue in awe.

Feeling that danger was close to him, Chou Zeming instinctively covered his body surface with vital energy. At the same time, he turned his head back abruptly and shot out two rays of light from his eyes! The light appeared to have a tangible, physical form. In such close proximity, who could possibly react to that?

The power of his technique was also extremely close to the level of the Fairy Realm. Even if the woman were a Divine Master, how could her body block the attack?

What shocked everyone was that she really did not do anything to block the attack. Although the two extremely powerful beams of light shot from his gazea pupil techniqueshot directly at her body, they stopped in the air an inch away from the surface of her skin. The twin beams looked as if they had frozen in midair, unable to move forward!

L Chuyi tapped her soft white hands casually, and the two substance-like gazes dispersed into the air.

“A legendary-level cultivation technique?” L Chuyi said casually. “For you to comprehend it to Stage One, you are not too bad.”

After that, she raised her finger and tapped Chou Zeming lightly. That vital energy which protected Chou Zeming’s body was nothing to her finger. It passed through the vital energy and tapped Chou Zeming’s back.

At once, Chou Zeming gave a shrill, horrible shriek. His whole body was sent flying, as if he had received an electric shock. He only stopped moving after somersaulting seven or eight times in the sky.

Chou Zeming did not seem concerned about the pain; instead, he revealed a surprised expression. “What did you do to my heart?”

L Chuyi said indifferently, “A restriction!”

After saying this, she turned her eyes toward Bai Qi and Ming Fei, who had taken advantage of the opportunity to escape. She could be seen standing still for a long time at her original position without moving in the slightest. Her five fingers reached forward!

A whooshing sound was heard. The area shook, and their two figures were transported over out of thin air from two different directions! Bai Qi and Ming Fei, who were 10,000 miles away, were brought directly to her.

They still maintained their stancesfrozen in the middle of their attempt to flee. They were like corpses locked in rigor mortis, terrified expressions on their faces.

What kind of frightening magical power was this? Freezing them from 10,000 miles away and transporting them back as though it were nothing.

Su Yu gasped coldly at the sight. The magical powers of the Almighty Divine Master completed exceeded his expectations!

L Chuyi tapped twice, casually placing a restriction on the hearts of the two ghosts. In an instant, a restriction was placed on the three demonic persons who dominated the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion and massacred all the disciples of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. They became slaves as a result, and everything only occurred in just a few breaths’ time!

After capturing the three of them, L Chuyi turned her eyes and looked toward Su Yu. Her beautiful eyebrows creased again, and she muttered, “Your body seems to have the aura of that niece of mine. Hence, you have to leave with me as well.”

As expected! Although Wu Aoyue was not exposed, L Chuyi was suspicious of Su Yu!

Almost automatically, a thunderbolt glowed ground Su Yu’s body. His whole being changed into a thunderbolt, and he disappeared from his original position.

L Chuyi had a dull expression. “Lightning techniques? Not bad” But her dull expression quickly sharpened into surprise. “That’s no normal lightning technique! 100,000 miles in an instant. Even lightning techniques of the Purple Cloud Palace can’t do that.”

After casting aside her unusual expression, L Chuyi took graceful steps. Instantly, she locked onto Su Yu! 100,000 miles away, his thunderbolt glowed, and Su Yu fell down from it. After that, without hesitation, he summoned the Divine Flying Ship.

He fed spiritual energy to the Divine Flying Ship wildly, and it took off flying. However, in just three breaths’ time, Su Yu felt a suffocating sense of oppression enveloping him. The space around his position had been frozen! She was exhibiting Space Transportation!

Su Yu gave a deep shout. The thunderbolt around his body glowed, and his figure disappeared. This time around, he only appeared 50,000 miles away. Thunder Escape required a huge amount of thunderbolts from his body. Hence, the technique became less effective with every use.

That frightening sense of oppression was already waiting for him. Su Yu frowned in despair. A Divine Master appearing in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion This was simply cheating!

Without hesitation, Su Yu exhibited Thunder Escape again forcefully. This time around, he only appeared 20,000 miles away. After fleeing for some time, that space oppression came again.

Finally, Su Yu used his remaining bit of thunderbolt to exhibit Thunder Escape and appeared 10,000 miles away instantly. However, when he reappeared, his eyes went blank in shock. L Chuyi had caught up with him. She had merely teleported to 30 inches in front of him!

Su Yu gaped in astonishment. Those fair cheeks. That masterpiece of a face. That clear skin. That pointed jade nose and those eyes that emitted the dream-like luster of gems They were all extremely close to him. The faint, sweet-smelling fragrance of her body caressed his nostrils.

L Chuyi wore a sardonic smile. Her expression was truly breathtaking as she extended a long, slender finger and tapped Su Yu’s forehead.