The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Ten Thousand Mile Pursuit

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A cold, shadowy thing shot into Su Yu’s forehead, quickly making its way to his heart. Su Yu turned pale, checking himself with his Soul Eyes. He found a glowing yellow spot in his heart, infused with soul powers and a shred of vital energy.

If Su Yu did not obey. The other party could use the soul powers to ignite the vital energy with a thought, making his heart explode and killing him instantly. This was a form of a seal!

Realizing this, Su Yu calmed down.

He silently activated the Great Thunder Heart Technique and pushed it into the golden seal. As long as Su Yu willed it, the Great Thunder Heart Technique could destroy the soul powers within the golden spot of light. This way, the rest of the vital energy can no longer be controlled, and the crisis could be averted.

But on the surface, Su Yu naturally showed an expression of fear.

L Chuyi observed Su Yu now that she had trapped him, her gaze falling onto Su Yu’s space ring. “You are quite decent. Stronger than the three, at least in the aspect of evasive techniques. I suspect that even with the three of them attacking you together, they might not be able to trap you.”

With a grab, the black space ring vibrated, wishing to escape from his hand!

Su Yu’s expression changed. The space ring housed many treasures that could not be shown to the world, such as the Cosmos Thunder Sword and the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal. Once this lady saw them, she would definitely take them for herself.

He balled his fist, grabbing the space ring that was going to fly out of his hands. This action was undoubtedly an act of defiance!

L Chuyi raised her brows, her gaze turning cold. “You dare to fight back? Do you want to die, or do you have my disciple’s items within the ring, which cannot be shown to the world?”

Su Yu remained silent but was flooded with thoughts.

L Chuyi expression became icy, suddenly realizing Su Yu’s considerations. She let out a laugh. “I am a Divine Master. Why would I want the treasures of a Human King? I will release you after I check for items of my disciple!”

Su Yu could not voice his troubles. Wu Aoyue was within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl; her items would not be in the ring. But there were items in the ring that spelled even more trouble for him than Wu Aoyue!

L Chuyi grew annoyed. She raised her brows as she swiped downward with her hands.


The space around Su Yu materialized, trapping him within. This was the technique she used to immobilize Bai Qi and Ming Fei.

Su Yu clenched his teeth. He was going all-out!

With a creak, a splendid glow illuminated the space around Su Yucolorful balls of light that glowed as they spiraled. They shot out five beams of light that enveloped Su Yu. At that moment, the space that imprisoned Su Yu was being forced outward.

“The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!” L Chuyi said. She did not understand the situation. She looked at Su Yu in amazement. A deep suspicion surfaced in her eyes. “What a surprise. Yue Songqun would hand the treasure that gave him his reputation to a little Human King disciple to refine!” It was clear that she had misunderstood Su Yu’s identity.

Su Yu slowly retreated as he looked at this lady with caution, “Elder, we bear no grudges against each other. Shall we stop here?” He had a cold glow in his eyes.

“Oh? Do you think that the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation can guard you against the seal I placed in your body?” L Chuyi had a faint smile.

Su Yu did not fear her. He said coldly, “You can give it a try.”

L Chuyi’s smile faded, wishing to activate the seal. But suddenly, her figure shook as pain assaulted her brain. She could not help but let out a grunt of pain. She looked at Su Yu in shock.

“You dispelled my seal?”

She did not expect this! She had never once thought that a lad like him could destroy the seal she had personally planted within him!

L Chuyi could feel her soul being torn apart by the lightning as she exclaimed in shock, “Lightning-based techniques once again! You have a deep understanding of lightning-based techniques!”

Su Yu appeared relaxed. “Elder, what do you think of my idea?”

L Chuyi was a little frustrated. “What if I say no?”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes filled with a merciless glow. “I would advise you to proceed with caution. If I guess correctly, your abilities are limited while within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, even though you are the Almighty Divine Master.”

From her string of attacks just now, Su Yu had realized that even though this lady was powerful, she had to hold back and not use powers above the level of the Fairy Realm. This meant that she must not be able to use powers above the level of the Fairy Realm.

If that was the case, Su Yu might have a chance of saving himself from this dangerous situation.

L Chuyi’s calm expression was laced with shreds of anger, and murderous intent flickered in her eyes. “You mean to imply that I cannot stop you?”

Su Yu did not speak. That was taken as consent.

“I would be cautious if this treasure were in the hands of Que Songqun,” said L Chuyi, “but you cannot even bring out ten percent of its power. You are overconfident!”

L Chuyi shook her head. A golden leaf dropped from her sleeve. The leaf was fully coated in gold, and it released a powerful spiritual pressure. The space within a ten-mile radius trembled, all life coming to a halt!

As for Su Yu, he could feel the space becoming tighter outside of the formation. It appeared this was the treasure that had allowed her to so easily manipulate space and immobilize people. Just what was this golden leaf? Why was it so ungodly?

But Su Yu had no time to think. L Chuyi pointed forward. The gold leaf spun as it approached the top of Su Yu’s head. All that could be heard was a crack. The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation felt like it was on the verge of collapsing!

The space outside the formation was covered with small black cracks. It looked like a balloon being forcefully squeezed, about to explode!

That was why the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was acting so strangely. Without this formation, Su Yu would have been compressed into a ball of mush!

Su Yu did not fret even though he saw the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation about to collapse. Instead, his expression turned cold as he let out a grunt. “I hope you will not regret this!”

Su Yu waved his sleeve. A gold ring flew out, flickering as it wished to bind L Chuyi.

“A Buddhist treasure?” L Chuyi let out a cry of shock. “It might suppress ghosts, but what can it do to me?”

A bolt of horrifying vital energy sent the ring flying. But at this moment, the golden ring that was clearly being suppressed changed its course, latching itself onto the golden leaf on top of Su Yu’s head!

The golden ring shrunk from the size of a palm to the size of a leaf, locking the leaf in place!

At the same time, the five beams of light around Su Yu scattered, suddenly enveloping the leaf. Su Yu quickly formed seals, condensing the five-colored light beams. In the blink of an eye, the leaf had been contained.

Inside, there was the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring. Outside, there was the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. The gold leaf could not escape this no matter how ungodly it might be!

The pressure exerted on the space instantly scattered. As the five-colored light beams rotated, the golden leaf landed onto Su Yu’s palm.

It was too late by the time L Chuyi realized what was happening. Her expression turned icy cold. “Your target has been my treasure from the start?”

Su Yu did not hide this fact, calmly saying, “The most threatening thing here is not you but this treasure that can control space. Which do you think I would prefer to deal with first?”

L Chuyi expression was frigid as she secretly tried to control the gold leaf. But the leaf did not budge under the restraint of the two treasures!

Thinking about how a mere lad had snatched her treasure, L Chuyi could not mask her anger. “Let’s see what you can do without the treasure to protect your body!”

She pressed forward, powerful spiritual energy enveloping her fair palm as she struck out toward Su Yu’s chest. Su Yu felt an otherworldly pressure, even though her palm had not arrived.

Su Yu strained against this skin-crawling sensation. A spiritual glow shimmered around his body as the Eternal Stone King Armor appeared.


The palm should have instantly killed him, but it was like a child’s hand striking sheet metal. The recoil numbed L Chuyi palm. And she had the physical body of a Divine Master!

Even though her palm had been forced backward, she remained unaffected. She became even more furious. “Enough is enough! How can a lad like you take out so may half-manufactured spiritual artifacts in succession?”

Be it the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, or the Eternal Stone King Armor, each was at the level of a half-manufactured spiritual artifact.

She had finally understood why Su Yu was unwilling to hand over the space ring. If she had realized that he was carrying so many treasures, she would have taken them away!

Half-manufactured spiritual artifacts were a compelling choice even for a Divine Master! She was furious for having encountered it repeatedly!

Without the restraint on her cultivation level, Su Yu would have been dead with a mere thought. But if she stepped over the restraint here, she would definitely be transported out! This was why her battle with Su Yu was so evenly matched.

Su Yu was pushed back several zhang, the blood in his body flipping wildly.

Looking down, his pupils dilated. There was a faint imprint of a palm on the Eternal Stone King Armor! An ordinary palm from that lady had created an imprint on the Eternal Stone King Armor!

Cold sweat dripped from Su Yu’s forehead. This was the first time a mark had been formed on the Eternal Stone King Armor. Thinking back, if he had taken that attack against his physical body, his flesh would have crumbled. This lady’s cultivation level was indeed being suppressed, but her Divine Master physical body was not! She could kill most early-stage Fairy Realm fighters with her physical body alone!

L Chuyi was furious. “Let’s see how long your broken armor can last!”


Another palm shot forward. How would Su Yu dare take this head-on a second time?

Without a word, he lifted his hand and summoned the Divine Flying Ship, flying away manically.

L Chuyi’s palm did not find a target, and her expression showed her frustration. She clenched her teeth. “Bastard! I shall see how far you can run!”

Without the gold leaf, coupled with her limited cultivation level, she could not teleport 1,000 miles with a step. But this did not affect her powerful physical body.